Poll Driven Story: “Never Underestimate a Wizard”

Another poll driven story back in the mix! If you need a refresher or simply want to read the story in its current entirety head HERE.



The world spun around Emilee and for a few moments everything was a confusing haze. As things started to clear she found herself sitting back at the table with Garin, naked and fully exposed. The very first thing she did was look down and open her legs. There was a brief moment of intense joy as she saw that everything between her legs was back to normal. She started to smile then stopped, realizing not all of her body was back to normal. She has to lean forward to see down between her legs because her breasts were now big enough to partially obscure the view down to the rest of her body.

Her heart stopped and she looked up, slowly taking in the world around her. She was naked and her breasts were no longer their small, petite size. They had swollen to plump handfuls now, tender and sore and feeling as though pressure was building up inside of them.

Not far to the side of the table where she sat was the cum drenched priestess, lying limp on the floor and sobbing as she muttered to her Gods, asking why they had forsaken her. The crowd was still there, but they were keeping their distance from the priestess and the pool of semen spreading out around her.

She saw no sign of the married noble couple that had “helped” her and she hoped desperately that the wife had been allowed to leave the party. Emilee could barely imagine how intense the shame and humiliation she had endured felt and for just a brief moment she hoped the wife would take the rest of her life to get her revenge on the husband that hated her so.

Her mind then returned to the game. She was once more aware of the chain of ethereal red energy keeping her bound to the table. Looking up she saw Garin sitting across from her, his arms crossed as he stared triumphantly at her. Her mind was racing. It would be her turn now and pretty much any of the cards in her hand would win her the game. She’d be free but as she stared at Garin’s face she knew what he was thinking: he’d won even in defeat. Her life would be ruined after this. She’d never be taken seriously as a hired guard and after what she had been temporarily turned into Capatian society would shun her. Her only hope of any kind of decent life would be to flee and get as far away from here as she could.

Yes, Garin would have won. But, she thought, if she could make it clear to the gathered crowd that Garin still lost the game, and maybe even reminded them that he was responsible for turning her temporarily into the abomination she had been, that they would turn on him. At least she’d be able to flee knowing he would be as shamed and mocked as she would be.

She started to open her mouth to speak to the crowd but was silenced as a blast of energy exploded out from the stone box the Enchanted Duelist’s Deck lived in. Everyone in the room blinked, their eyes readjusting after the blinding flash.

The deck was once more projecting the image of a semi-transparent and hugely enlarged card up into the air. Except it wasn’t displaying a played card this time, instead writing was appearing slowly on its face with a message for all to read.

“ANNOUNCEMENT,” it began in all capital letters. “The female player shall now suffer a penalty. Outsiders not part of the game tried to interfere, causing this item to use some of it’s magic to protect her. The scores will thus be modified!”

As the writing finished appearing all eyes turned to the two floating crystals that hovered next to each of the players. At that moment Emilee’s was completely full while Garin’s was nearly empty. The room gasped as the bubbling red energy in Emilee’s crystal began to flow out across the table and into Garin’s. They remained connected just long enough for half of her energy to be drained, leaving them with crystals both evenly filled.

Everyone in the room could see how defeated and drained Emilee was left. Her expression sank. Her body went limp and her arms fell to her sides, dangling next to her. She fell back in her chair, sliding forward slight. The game would continue, she thought, feeling as though she could not be more despondent. But it was a feeling she soon discovered she was very wrong about.

The projected image of the card still floated above the table. The writing on it began to disappear and once it was cleared away new writing was slowly revealed.

“Furthermore,” the card declared, “the female player shall undergo further penalty. Her hand shall be refreshed, all of the cards that were once beneficial to her changing into ones that aren’t.”

As Emilee’s eyes followed the proclamation’s appearance letter by letter she felt ice run through her veins. As soon as she finished reading it she looked down at the table before her. There was her hand, five face-down cards. With shaking hands she picked them up and watched as the cards that, although simple, would have either added to her score or taken away from Garin’s were wiped clean.

It was now her turn. A sixth card floated up from the deck and into her hand. She watched as all six cards began to have their blank faces filled in. Her heart sank further and further as she quickly glanced over the text on each card. Every single one, all six of them, would now make HER do something sexual to Garin when she played them.

She looked up and saw the look of triumph on his face.

Emilee wanted to scream, but she couldn’t find her voice. Emilee wanted to draw a sword and plunge it across the table and into the little shit’s neck, but her beloved weapons had been disintegrated along with her clothing. Emilee wanted to get up and flee from the room but as soon as the thought ran through her head the ethereal chain around her ankle tightened, proving that would be impossible.

She only had two choices. Sit here, refusing to play a card until she starved to death, or play one of them. Glancing at the stone box and feeling the sinister, perverse energy flowing from it, she realized its magic would probably compel her to play a card if she tried to wait for death.

Feeling utterly defeated she realized there was no choice at all. She took a deep, shuddering breath of despair and selected a card at random, feeling they were all equally repugnant, and simply tossed it out onto the table.


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