Poll Driven Story: “Ena’s Curse”

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* * *


Ena pulled back around the tree, her heart pounding. The thing coming through the woods was massive, she could hear it shoving through underbrush and trees and as it drew ever nearer she could even feel the ground starting to shake under her feet. Her hand tightened around her sword and the muscles in her arm tensed. She knew whatever was coming would be big and her only hope fighting it alone was to get a debilitating blow in early.

For a few more moments she stood, crouched behind the tree and waiting. It seemed to be coming right towards her although she hoped that was just a coincidence. If the thing knew she was there any hope of catching it by surprise would be dead on arrival. Another moment passed and she could hear the thing’s breathing which meant it was nearly close enough to strike. Her body tensed a bit more and then she leaped out from behind the tree, ready to strike.

The sight of the creature made her pause then stumble back. She’d expected some kind of big monster, maybe a troll or Ogre, but not THIS.

Before her was a Grangdrag, one of the most feared monstrosities in all of Alaria. The creature loomed over her and was covered in layers of thick muscles and even thicker fat. It had leathery green skin with patches of hair in very Human-like places. But it had a thick mane of coarse dark green hair that covered its neck, the top of its head, and extended partially down its back.

Its face was trollish and jutting down from out the top of its mouth were two short tusks. The tusks combined with its flat misshapen nose and small beady eyes that were set deep into its skull gave the initial impression that this creature was a simple mindless beast. The huge brutish muscles and the ape-like way it walked added to the impression of the creature being a mindless beast, but Ena knew better. Grangdrags were definitely not as smart as even the most dimwitted of the greater races, but it was intelligent enough to be capable of simple speech.

In that moment whether or not the beast before her could speak didn’t matter. What mattered was that even when Ena had been at the peak of her power she would have had difficulty slaying a Grangdrag alone, and that would have only been while fully kitted out. She was then alone in the woods, armed only with a single weapon and no real armor.

Yet even though her surprise attack had faltered at the sight of the monster the thought of retreat never entered the mind. Grangdrags looked big and slow but their powerfully muscled legs could propel them forward at astounding speeds when they needed to. She knew if she turned and tried to run the thing would be on her almost at once and then all hope would be lost, for the fate of a woman captured by a Grangdrag was FAR worse than what the monsters did to males.

Grangdrags are one of the species in Alaria that are made up only of males. To breed the beasts must capture a female of another race and impregnate her. The races of monsters like this are the most feared by female adventurers, for they know if they should be defeated by them they face a fate worse than death.

Ena had jumped into sight with her weapon at the ready but faltered at the sight of the Grangdrag. Luckily for her the lumbering green beast hadn’t seen her jump out. She was able to re-gather her composure then restart her attack. As she began to rush forward she screamed out her most fearsome battle cry, realizing her best hope was to startle and scare the beast off. If it turned and retreated she’d have time to slip away and disappear into the forest.

Her scream got the Grangdrag’s attention and it turned to her, its dumb beastly face looking surprised and for a moment then afraid. It took a single step back and looked as if it were preparing to turn and flee. During that moment Ena’s heart rose and she thought she’d succeeded, but the moment of hope wasn’t long-lived.

The beast’s small, beady black eyes looked down, at first drawn to the glint of Ena’s sword. But then its gaze fell on her massive breasts. It stopped, its eyes opening wide and a hungry smile spreading across its big ugly face.

It was in that moment that Ena looked down and realized her breasts were exposed. In fact they were more than just exposed, as she dashed towards the Grangdrag they flopped and bounced about. She looked back up and saw its little black eyes following them as they loped from side to side. Her heart stopped as she saw a slight red glow appear in its eyes and knew instantly that the curse on her breasts was now activated and affecting the beast.

The Grangdrag grunted then growled, a mingled sound of sudden discomfort and swelling sexual lust. She knew what was happing to it, as it was what happened to every male that saw her breasts. Its balls would be magically filled with more cum then was normally possible in the being. At the same time their penis would grow instantly erect. Their mind would be filled with thoughts only of her breasts; filled with a driving, impossible to ignore need to fuck her tits till orgasm was attained.

At the same time the curse worked its magic on her. Her charge forward was halted as she was magically stunned. She dropped her sword and felt as though a bolt of magic had suddenly struck her weak. Her legs gave out under her and she dropped to her knees, unable to move or even speak for a few moments.

A few moments were all the huge green beast needed. It roared, a sound of savage lust that echoed through the forest, and charged Ena. In that moment of helplessness she finally looked down between the naked beast’s legs and saw its dick. Standing erect under its large gut was the hugest, fattest cock she’d ever seen in her life. It was thicker than her arm and almost as long. The massive green shaft was covered in pulsing thick veins and the disgusting swollen green cockhead was already leaking so much thick precum that it seemed almost like it had already ejaculated.

Ena screamed in terror as the Grangdrag charged her, its huge cock bouncing up and down with beads of precum flying about. It grabbed her neck with one huge hand in a smoothly terrifying motion, picking her up as if she weighed nothing and slamming her back against the nearest tree. With its other hand it reached down and grabbed the cloth that was failing to cover her breasts and tore it off of her, tossing it to the side and leaving her properly topless.

It then squatted down, slapping its monster cock onto her chest and pressing her back into the tree. At the same time if let go of her neck and grabbed both her huge breasts, pressing them up and around its cock. It started moving its hips, the ample precum leaking from its cockhead lubricating its member as it started savagely titfucking her.

A normal Human woman’s breasts would never have hoped to have been big enough for a Grangdrag to use in this manner. But her breasts had been magically enlarged so much that they wrapped fully around its massive, fat cock.

At first Ena screamed in horror as the Grangdrag pinned her to the tree and pounded her chest. But within moments the scream of terror became a scream of surprise and then melted into loud moans of forced pleasure.

Since being cursed she had done everything she could to avoid her hated breasts from being touched. Once she’d gotten away from people she’d led a completely celibate life, for she’d learned early on that any kind of sexual stimulation led to her wanting to have her breasts played with. So she’d gone without for years now, not getting off even a single time since entering seclusion. She was completely unprepared for how what was being done to her breasts would feel.

It started when the Grangdrag had grabbed her huge breasts, its big leathery hands roughly grabbing hold of them then squeezing their massive bulk around its monster cock. The rough gropes and squeezes had sent flares of sexual pleasure shooting through her body so suddenly and so strongly she didn’t properly recognize what the pleasurable feelings were at first. The monster had her pinned to the tree and was pounding her chest so ferociously all she could feel at first was terror.

The terror she felt was soon nothing compared to the immense sexual pleasure she was feeling from having her cursed breasts pressed around the huge fleshy monster cock, her soft tit-meat ground into its warm, rigid cock-flesh. By the time her mind started to process the pleasure and her screams of pain had become screams of surprise her pussy was already so wet that her cunt-juices were running down her thick thighs.

As the monster pounded her chest it pressed her tits in tighter around its cock, so tight it hurt. Yet that pain instantly and confusingly morphed into even more sexual pleasure. The world around Ena melted away as she had a powerful orgasm forced from her body by the savage titfucking. It had been years since she had cum, so long she barely remembered what sexual release felt like. But it was more than that, the curse on her tits ensured any orgasm caused by the use of her breasts would not just be stronger than a normal one but feel better in every way.

Even though the monster had her pinned to a tree, even though her weapon was dropped and gone and there was now no hope of escape, all Ena could think as she came was that she wanted more. It was a desire that wouldn’t go unfulfilled.

As soon as the pleasurable release of the first orgasm started to fade another erupted, titfucked forcefully from her plump body. And then another. And another! Soon the world was a confusing blur of pain and pleasure and it felt as though her mind was being pulled apart at the seams. She never imagined sexual release could feel so good, especially just from having her tits used in this way!

Before long the Grangdrag grunted, thrusting up hard through her breasts as its massive cock quivered. The beast began to cum, blasting a huge amount of cum up into Ena’s face. The creature’s race already ejaculated what was a staggering amount of cum by the standards of Humans, more than enough to fill a stein of ale. But thanks to the curse on her breasts this beast’s ejaculate was at least doubled in volume. It sprayed into her face like an exploding volcano, an eruption of thick cum that left her entire face drenched and dripping, and much that gooped off her face dripped down onto her breasts.

She had her mouth open and was moaning in pleasure as the beast began to cum. Thanks to this fact much of its cum shot straight into her mouth causing her to gag and accidentally swallow much of it. As the Grangdrag was pulling away, it’s massive cock starting to soften as cum dripped from it, Ena fell forward slightly, overcome suddenly with an undeniable need for more of the beast’s cum.

The creature’s cum had foul, bitter, salty taste that overpowered all her senses yet there was something about it that left her desperate for more. Soon her hands were on her face, scrapping the dripping cum covering her pretty features into her open mouth. After that she used her hands to scoop up all the cum that had spilled on her tits up into her mouth. And once she had all the cum off her face she fell down onto her hands and knees, lowering her head to the ground to lick the little bit of the cum that had fallen on to the forest floor.

Only as she lapped up the last of the cum off a fallen leaf did her mind start to clear and she remembered the danger she was in. She looked up and saw that the Grangdrag had stumbled back and was leaning against a nearby tree. It seemed to be out of breath and slightly confused by the sexual rage that had come over it. Ena saw her sword by its feet but knew going for it was hopeless. Instead she turned, starting to crawl as quickly away from the beast as she could.

But as soon as she started to crawl her massive breasts started dragging on the ground. The feel of her unnaturally sensitive breasts being dragged across dirt and roots and leaves sent a confusing mix of pain and pleasure up through her tits and into her body. She gasped and fell, rolling over onto her back and wrapping her arms protectively around her massive mounds of tit-flesh.

The sound she made led the Grangdrag to look up at her. It saw her breasts and at once the curse sparked between the two of them. Ena was stunned and the monster’s balls were refilled and its massive cock was made instantly hard. It growled with uncontrolled carnal hunger and leaped at Ena, pinning her to the forest floor as it sat on her chest, its huge frame nearly suffocating her. Within a few heartbeats the monster had her tits wrapped around its huge cock and was once more fucking them.

Once more Ena suffered through a confusing blur of forced pleasure and multiple orgasms. And once again when the monster came it shot what might have been nearly a bucket’s worth of cum onto her, covering her face and tits.

Sleepily the Grangdrag rolled off her, slumping up against a tree and closing its eyes. It was clear that the frantic curse-induced fucking was not just confusing it but tiring the beast out as well. She could hear it mumbling in heavily accented common speech, disjointed words that barely made coherent sentences.

Ena wished she had been able to take that time to escape, but she was unable to. As the thing had gotten off of her she had begun lapping up as much of its cum as she could. She sat up, lifting her huge breasts to her face and hungrily licking all the cum there that she could. As she licked the last few drops up her mind began to clear again and she realized the Grangdrag must have something in its cum that helped it breed with the females of other races, something that bound women to it. When she had first seen its massive erect cock leaking precum she had thought this was because of the curse on her, but now she wasn’t sure. If its cum was addictive then leaking so much precum would be a good way to tame women.

Yet even as she realized all of this, as she realized the need to get away from the beast she felt herself struggling to try. There was an intense hunger for the creature’s cum churning inside of her. But she wasn’t yet so entranced she was unable to try and escape. Her instinct was to attempt to crawl away again but she fought the impulse, making herself stand up. She had planned to take off running but once more the noises she made moving about made the monster open its eyes, see her hanging tits, and trigger the curse.

As it rose to its feet it grunted, “Pretty Fuck-Thing with magic tits!” A moment later it growled and lunged at her.

Ena realized there would be no escape, not now. The Grangdrag would keep seeing her breasts, keep being magically refreshed and put into an obsessive sexual rage. Feeling hopeless she simply went limp, letting the monster savage her breasts as much as it wanted, letting whatever happened next come without a fight.


* * *


Moonlight shone into the small cave the Grangdrag called home, dimly illuminating the interior. The huge beast sat on its bare ass, its back against the cave wall and its legs spread open. Its “pet” was between its legs, laying on the cave floor but pressed up against its hard cock. The pet Fuck-Thing’s huge udders were wrapped around its cock and was bouncing them up and down as she licked and slurped at the top of his cockhead, eagerly awaiting the moment she’d make him cum.

The Grangdrag lovingly stroked his pet’s hair, cooing in pleasure from the feel of huge tits and her mouth. He drooled happily, lost in what felt like a never-ending bliss of repeating sexual pleasure. Time had lost nearly all meaning for the Grangdrag but it was okay with that. All that mattered was that the pleasure continued, that the Fuck-Thing with the magic tits kept making him cum with them.

Memories of life since finding the pet were a blur of bouts of overpowering sexual lust and far too short moments of exhausted rest. It knew it had taken some time to get the pet back to its cave. How could it not have when every time it looked at its magnificent huge breasts it would lose control and need to fuck them?

At first when he had brought his prize home he had been frustrated. Never had he seen a Fuck-Thing he wanted to fuck and breed with so intensely, yet he seemed unable to put a baby in it! Even after all this time he had failed to get his cock in the pet’s proper fuck-hole even once. Her breasts were just so big and unavoidable, and as soon as he saw them he HAD to fuck them. A few times he had tried closing his eyes and flipping the Fuck-Thing over to take it from behind, but as soon as it opened its eyes to look down and find it’s fuck-hole he would see mounds of tit-flesh pressed out from under her. He’d then lose control, flip her over, and start fucking her tits.

The Fuck-Thing that was his pet had fought at first, although much less than other Fuck-Things the Grangdrag had captured before. It seemed to enjoy having its huge tits fucked even more than he enjoyed fucking them. It wasn’t long before the Fuck-Thing stopped fighting, and not long after that before it even stopped its pathetic escape attempts. Before long she wasn’t just limply laying and letting him have at her tits, she was proactively using them to pleasure him.

The Grangdrag was even aware that the Fuck-Thing had slowly been losing the “intelligence” that seemed to make other Fuck-Things think they were better than Grangdrags. Looking down at its face he could see the way its eyes seemed to have lost all intelligence, leaving it looking more animal that even the Grangdrag looked. And it now constantly had its mouth half open, drooling on itself when not licking and sucking his cock or greedily lapping up its cum.

He petted it again, sighing happily. There was a part of the Grangdrag that knew life couldn’t go on like this forever. He hadn’t eaten since finding his pet. Every time he looked at her tits he felt refreshed, but after cumming he would feel how truly weak he had become. Deep down it knew if this continued it would eventually die, yet it didn’t care. This life was perfect sexual bliss and the idea of simply getting up and leaving his Fuck-Thing pet with the huge magical tits behind was simply unthinkable.


* * *


“This isn’t boring you?” Ynara asked Baedor, looking down on the physical plane and watching Ena sink deeper and deeper into madness. The constantly forced orgasms mixed with the effects of the beast’s cum were melting her mind. “It seems our game has ended nearly as soon as it began.”

“You don’t really think that,” Baedor replied with a chuckle. “I know you’ve set things in motion, events that might soon save her. And don’t think I haven’t noticed you tugging at her reality, making it so cum is all sustenance she needs to survive. Why, I even think the pudgy little slut has put on a few pounds.”

Ynara laughed prettily, tossing her curly red hair up and out of her face as she stood and turned to face Baedor. “I’m pleased you noticed!”

“Is the change a permanent one?” he asked.

A sly smile tugged at the goddesses pretty lips. “I’m not going to tell. But what about you? Is this REALLY what you intended for her?”

Baedor shook his head. “No, this was never intended to be the end game. This is just the prologue of what she’s going to go through, a way to readjust her view on the world around her and make her understand just how much pleasure her cursed breasts can bring her and the men she interacts with.”

Ynara smiled at him then looked back down on Ena. “I suppose the real question is what happens next? We’ve both put forces into action to ‘save’ her from her current state. Will one of them find her and rescue her before the dumb beast fucks itself to death? Or maybe an even worse fate will come, something that dispatches the green monster but is in no way a savior.”

“Let us wait,” Baedor said happily, “and watch and see…”



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