Poll Driven Story: “Ena’s Curse”

Alaria is a realm watched over by countless Gods and Goddesses. Some are minor deities whose influence extends over only a small region while others are primal forces of nature who can affect every inch of the realm. There are good Gods, evil Gods, and indifferent Gods, everyone knows this. But what almost no living mortal in Alaria knows is there is another kind of God watching over them and pulling the strings of their fate.

The Gods can mold and shape Alaria but there are even higher powers than them. One of these is The Corruption. It is neither an innately good nor evil force, although it is often antagonistic. It has only one true driving nature: sexual perversion.

The Corruption had, at one point, been contained. All of the Gods that had been tainted by it had been imprisoned, banished, or so diminished that they were no longer a concern. The ages went on and the other Gods forgot all about The Corruption. But it has begun to creep back… Those that were imprisoned or diminished once more are free and grow in power as more mortals convert to worshiping them. And those already infused with The Corruption strive to taint and convert the other Gods and Goddesses.

Baedor, God of Sexual Indulgence, was one of the first Corrupt gods to reawaken. He was the first to help the Corruption convert another deity. Through his machinations Ynara, Goddess of Purity became Ynara, Goddess of Large Breasts. Both have become incredibly powerful deities and often keep each other company, standing together in the aetheric plane that looks down on Alaria. They watch mortals, aid their faithful and often pass the time playing games with the lives of the mortals below them.

This is a story of one of those games. For Baedor and Ynara it is both an amusing way to pass the time and part of a larger plot to spread the Corruption through Alaria.

The centerpiece of their game is a Human woman named Ena Elton. The Gods are patient and have eternity to play their games and her part in this game was something both Baedor and Ynara helped set up years before the game itself began.

Ena Elton was a woman who had always had a heart filled with wanderlust and a strong thirst for adventure. As soon as she had come of age she had taken up the life of an adventurer. Soon the pretty young woman was a skilled fighter, questing for riches while battling evil in all its forms. Every year she became a greater warrior and her adventures, along with those of the party she traveled with, became renown in song.

But her career as an adventurer came to a sudden halt thanks to the unseen meddling of Baedor and Ynara. The gods, having decided to make her their plaything, saw fit that at the end of one of her adventures a powerful curse befell her. It was one never seen in Alaria, a custom creation combining both Baedor and Ynara’s powers.

Ena did not understand how the curse had fallen on her but the effects were painfully obvious. She had always been a beautiful woman with striking curves that had only barely been kept at bay by the physically strenuous life she led. Before the curse her breasts were considered large for a Human but not uncommonly so. After the curse had befallen her the young adventurer’s breasts had quickly begun to grow, tripling in size till they were unnaturally large.

That alone might not have been enough to end her career as an adventurer, although such a large bust size would have been problematic. But the curse did more than just increase her breasts to inhuman size, it also made it so any man who saw them exposed was filled with an overpowering need to fuck them. The curse also ensured that having them covered in almost any way was so uncomfortable, both physically and mentally, that Ena found wearing a top almost impossible.

She had a reputation she was proud, was an adventurer sung about in songs. Ena did not want her name to become a joke, for the songs about her to stop being grand tales of adventure and instead become bawdy tunes sung in brothels for the amusement of lecherous men. So she retired, disappearing with little explanation so as to hide her curse from those she had adventured with. She headed off to spend the rest of her life in secluded shame, hiding herself and her curse from the world.

Ena settled in a small cabin deep in the Forest of Emberstone Peak, far from any town or villages. The years passed and Ena learned to enjoy her simple life of seclusion and self-sufficiency out in the forest all alone. But years of easy living have changed her. She’s grown soft, putting on weight and growing thicker, exaggerating her natural curves even more. Her waist has grown soft and wide, her ass huge and round, her thighs thick and soft. And her huge breasts? They’ve grown even larger!

Yet she doesn’t really notice the changes in her body. In her mind she’s still a world class fighter and adventure able to defeat any foe she faces. She does not realize how soft and weak she’s become nor how much her martial reflexes have slowed.

Baedor and Ynara, however, are very aware. It’s all part of their game, just as they planned it. Baedor has always enjoyed taking powerful, headstrong women and seeing them brought low in every way before being showered with sexual humiliation.

It’s a game that Ynara has enjoyed playing too. She used her power to create the curse on Ena that has so warp her breasts. Not just enlarge them but increase their sensitive many times beyond what most Human women would even imagine possible. Ena, disgusted by her breasts, has mostly left them as untouched as possible since the curse fell on her. She does not understand how sensitive they are nor how intense the pleasure from having them stimulated would feel.

What she DOES know is that even though she has never been with child she constantly lactates. So far her breasts have only slightly leaked milk, an oddity of her curse she’s mostly been able to ignore thanks to her chaste lifestyle. She doesn’t know that sexual climax will increase her milk production and that the more full her breasts are with milk the more she’ll crave to have them “drained”.

She’s FAR more aware of how uncomfortable, even painful, having her breasts covered in nearly any way is. That, combined with what happens when a man sees them, was the main reason she went into seclusion. Most days she goes about topless, letting her titanic breasts hang free. She chose the Forest of Emberstone Peak as her new home partially because of the year-round warm climate, allowing her to remain topless at almost all times.

When she does feel the need to cover her top she uses a special garment she had made before going into seclusion. It is a large, brown cloth so thin that it can barely be felt against her body but dark enough to hide her pale skin or the dark flesh of her large nipples. It can easily be wrapped around her body, tightly around her plump midriff and lightly around her breasts then secured around her shoulders to form what looks like a shirt. The cloth is enchanted to keep her far warmer than should be possible from such a thin cloth, making it far more useful than it might look to others.

Even when wearing it she has the tendency to, without noticing, slowly pull down the front little by little till eventually her breasts hang free and exposed. It’s a habit that so far has not been an issue. But as our story starts our ample bosomed heroine will discover just how significant the habit is…


* * *


Ena whistled to herself as she hung some freshly picked herbs above the small stove in her cabin. She’d spent the morning searching the nearby forest collecting them and was proud of her haul, they’d last her a good many meals before she had to go pick more.

She was still a little out of breath form the morning’s activities. At one point in her life the idea that such a simple task could have winded her would have been laughable, but now? Now she was plump and soft and out of shape. It was a fact she pretended not to notice but reality had an irritating way of asserting itself.

When that happened she compensated by indulging in nostalgia. Today she did so by opening the chest of gear left over from her old life and taking out the skirt of leather armor she had worn on her adventures. The strips of leather that made up the bulk of the garment were decorated with coins from the many lands and kingdoms she had visited, all sewn tightly into the leather.

As she shimmied into the skirt she tried to not think about the way she’d had to alter it over the years. As her waist had expanded she’d had to expand the garment as well, cutting the leather strips in half to gain material to widen the waist. Thanks to this, and also the increased bulk of her now rather large ass, the skirt that had once gone done below her knees know barely went to her mid-upper thighs.

Still, wearing the garment made her feel like she was still the warrior she had once been. And now that she had begun to indulge in the joy of nostalgia she went all in, putting on her cloth top to feel “civilized” once more and pulling out her old enchanted short sword.

The metal was dull and dusty but she knew the edges would be as sharp as ever thanks to its magical nature. Ena decided to do more than simply hold the weapon in her hand. She left her small cabin, walking out into the bright light coming through the forest canopy and began to go for a walk. She did this often, wandering as she thought of her old life. She’d hold her sword and pretend she was on an adventure, searching a forest for long-forgotten ruins and the treasures that lay within. Often she’d spend whole days like this, slowly walking through the woods as her mind wandered through her memories.

But that day was not fated to be like others. That day was one that would put an end to her peaceful seclusion.

As she wandered, lost in her memories, the peaceful quiet of the forest was interrupted. Ena’s heart began to pound as long unused instincts kicked in. She knew this deep in the forest there shouldn’t be anything making noises like that, and that meant only one thing: danger!

Gripping her sword tightly in one hand Ena quickly moved behind the largest nearby tree, putting it between her and the approaching sound. As her heart pounded she crouched down, falling easily into old habits. Her body tensed, although what had once been firm and strong muscles were now… lacking. Still, she didn’t notice. In her mind she was the same adventurer she had once been, skilled and deadly.

She also didn’t notice the way her free hand began tugging at the thin cloth covering her massive breasts. As she peeked around the tree trying to get a glimpse of what was approaching without being spotted she kept tugging at the fabric, pulling it down little by little, inch by inch. All the way down till her gigantic, thick, heavy breasts were free and hanging out of her top. As the sound drew ever closer she was blissfully unaware that her cursed breasts hung exposed, to be seen by whatever was coming.


* * *


Ynara giggled girlishly, grabbing her own overlarge breasts as she lifted them up and squeezed them to her body. “Oh my! Look at her, poor thing doesn’t even realize how exposed she is!”

Beside her Baedor loomed, a massive hulking red skinned beast, black horns protruding from his head. “Yes, now the game will truly begin,” he said in his deep, booming voice. “As soon as her unwanted guest arrives they’ll see those monstrous hanging udders and lose all control! They’ll HAVE to try and fuck her tits and she will almost certainly not be able to stop them.”

Ynara looked up at him, grinning wide. “Just as you planned, you sly horned-devil. I don’t know what it is you have coming to disturb her peace but I’m sure it will be deliciously perverse.”

Baedor grinned down at the smaller, plump and curvaceous Goddess and grinned. “Of course! But don’t pretend you haven’t set forces in motion too. It wouldn’t be a game if there weren’t stakes. I know what I want her fate to be and you know what you want it to be. Now we play with her and the world around her till one of us has what we want!”



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