In the Pipeline… September 2018

Good hello all! As you might have noticed I’ve just released a new “Choose Her Peril” story. I’ve really been enjoying working on that am am planning on plugging away at the few other books in that style I’ve got partial finished, so as far as writing wise that’s what I’m going to be working on this month.

If you’re interested in getting an early peak at that you should think about becoming a backer on my Patreon. You can back for as low as one dollar a month and that will get you access to almost everything in feed, including samples from whatever Choose Her Peril story I’m currently working on (at the moment it’s “The Defeat of Jungle Goddess”).

I’ve also been getting tons of work done on 3D comic style stuff. Right now there’s something new posting to the Patreon feed every other day. Most of it is superheroine stuff, but there’s a few other things spread in among them. Those pictures/stories will be exclusive to my Patreon backers for about a month before being posted elsewhere (right now just my new Tumblr and eHentai). But there’s reasons to become a Patreon backer other then just getting early access to that stuff. I engage with my backers a lot through polls or direct questions and as a backer you can help me decide what to work on next.

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