Poll Driven Story: Never Underestimate a Wizard

Content warning: Futa stuff and MASSIVE amounts of cum. And if you’re looking to read the story in its current entirety go HERE.

Harder and harder she pounded into the noblewoman. The crowd, some of whom had begun to jeer mockingly at the woman below Emilee, were all now muttering uncomfortably. Emilee had her hands on the woman’s plump ass and it was clear even from across the room that she was pressing down on her partner with all of her weight. The woman was holding onto the bench so tightly her knuckles were white and every hard thrust into her back end made her whole body shake. The expression on her face was a mix of shame, disgust, revulsion, and pain. Emilee’s cock was too big and pounding into her too hard for the woman to be gaining any pleasure from her ordeal.

“This disgusting perverse display MUST be put to an end!” a voice cried out as a priestess of the dual gods of Capatia pushed forward. She wore a tight fitting red robe that, like most women’s clothing in Capatia, had a front that was cut low and designed to show off her ample cleavage. “In the name of Pourrait and Pucella, the mighty duel gods, I shall banish this vileness!”

The fierce, beautiful, curvaceous priestess lifted her hands as they began to glow with holy light. She held them out before her, palms flat and pointed towards Emilee and muttering prayers to her gods. The yellow glow emanating from her hands intensified, growing brighter and larger and beginning to throw out a heat that made the air shimmer and forced people to back away from her.

“This abomination SHALL be cleansed!” the priestess shouted as she sent the holy light shooting towards Emilee.

For a moment the divine energy was slowed just before Emilee, red sparking magic appearing in the air to protect her. But almost as soon as it appeared it was blasted apart. The divine light slammed into Emilee and it was like her body sucked the energy into herself. A moment later, after the beam of holy light had stopped shooting from the priestess, Emilee began to glow.

She looked alarmed and confused but NOTHING was going to stop her from cumming. She still held the noblewoman pinned down and was still relentlessly pounding into her backside.

A few moments after Emilee began to glow with the light she grunted in pain. “It’s doing something to me,” she shouted in alarm. Then there was a blinding light and when the eyes of the people in the room adjusted they could see a shaft of glowing divine energy coming down from the heavens, through the building above them, and surrounding Emilee.

Emilee screamed, letting go of the woman below her and stumbling back. As she did the shaft of light followed her and her huge cock sprung up out of the noblewoman’s cunt, glistening with her pussy juices. Magical sparks began to appear around the cock that should not be, the divine energy of the beam of light gathering around it.

“Behold,” the priestess said, stepping forward, “the duel gods shall purify the perverse abomination from this woman and heal her body!” The priestess was only partially correct and the manner in which the divine power was going to try and heal Emilee was not what the priestess expected.

Emilee stood, screaming and holding her cock by the base as the holy light attempted to cure her. The deck had said she needed to drain her balls, so that was how the divine power tried to cure her. Emilee started to cum, shooting a torrential flood of semen out of her cock. It was a blast of semen thicker and more powerful than any in the room had seen by many magnitudes, a seemingly impossible amount of thick gooey spunk to come out of a mortal being.

The priestess was positioned directly in front of Emilee and the torrential flood slammed right into her, landing on her upper chest and splattering out to cover her face and breasts. She howled in surprise and disgust, cum gurgling into her open mouth, and stumbled back but the blast of semen remained aimed at her. It was her spell that was sapping the perversion from Emilee so Emilee felt magically compelled to keep her cock pointed at the priestess.

The crowd was screaming in disgust and backing away to avoid being splashed, for the violent explosion of cum seemed not to be letting up. The beam of holy light was gone but Emilee still held her glowing cock, pointing it at the priestess as the woman held her hands up before her to try and blunt the semen blasting at her, but the stream was so thick this accomplished little.

“It’s shooting out like a fountain!” the priestess screamed, pressed back by the blast of cum. “When will it end?!”

Emilee stumbled forward, the power of her stream of cum forcing the priestess down onto her knees. Only when every inch of the woman’s body was covered in thick oozing semen did the cock stop glowing and Emilee cease cumming.

For a moment there was silence. Emilee was breathing heavily, her mind temporarily shattered by the pleasure of what had just happened and her body drained near to the point of exhaustion. But at least it was over, that was the only thought running through her head.

Or was it?

The crowd began to murmur as Emilee’s head cleared and the world around her came back into focus. Before her was an oozing, dripping mound of cum. Except that wasn’t right… She blinked and realized it was the priestess, so covered in thick semen she was, at the moment, unrecognizable as a Human. The cum drenched woman was sobbing, her whole body shaking. She lifted her goo-covered arms up and started trying to wipe the thick cum off her face and body.

Looking down Emilee could now make out the curve of the woman’s overlarge breasts. She saw them, oozing with cum, and felt uncontrollable lust rise up inside of her once again. Shocked, she looked down and saw that the cock was STILL there! It hadn’t gone away, only momentarily gone limp. But the sight of the priestess’ cum covered breasts was making it swell again.

She groaned and stumbled forward, unable to control herself. The priestess had just wiped her eyes clean and saw Emilee and her once more hard cock coming for her. “No,” she said in fear, turning and starting to get up but Emilee was already upon her. She grabbed her cum soaked hair and jerked her head back, pressing her back down onto her knees. Then she moved so she stood above the kneeling priestess and shoved her cock into the woman’s throat. Grabbing her head, cum squelching through her fingertips, she held her in place and started savagely pounding her face.

There were many individuals in the crowd who were incredibly devoted and to see one of their priestess’ humiliated and now abused was too much. Some drew weapons while others came forward simply wanting to pull Emilee off the priestess. They charged, an angry uncontrolled mob. But they were unable to reach Emilee.

Magic tendrils shot out from the Enchanted Duelist’s Deck, whips of sparkling red energy that flicked many of the mob back away from Emilee. Other tendrils wrapped protectively around her, shifting and becoming a magical force field none could penetrate. The deck seemed to want the priestess to be punished for trying to stop some of it’s magic and was thus preventing her from being saved.

Emilee was still fucking the woman’s face but she was no longer holding her head in place. She didn’t need to, the woman was so overwhelmed with degradation she was now simply accepting whatever happened to her. So Emilee had reached down and tugged the front of her cum soaked robes down, allowing her large heavy breasts to spill out.

“This is your fault,” Emilee growled, grabbing the women’s breasts and shaking them. “This is your tits faults! They are so big and sexy and make my cock so hard. I can’t help myself, tits this big are irresistible! I understand now, why men prefer the High Capatians. It’s the tits, everything is about the tits!”

She jiggled the woman’s large breasts. She groped them. She grabbed the priestess’ nipples and pinched and tugged them. She smeared cum down and all over her breasts, lathering it into her skin like a lotion. And all while pounding her mouth with no concern for whether the woman could even breathe.

Finally, Emilee came, ejaculating an inhumanly large load straight down the woman’s throat. The sexual rage seemed to die instantly and she let go of the woman’s breasts, pulling back away from her.



(( Since the poll options have a max letter count (which I didn’t realize until recently) I am saying this here to save room: not matter what choice is made (with a few noted exceptions), the deck is going to declare a penalty against Emilee for outsiders trying to interfere with her, and the energy in their crystals will be evened out so they are both half empty, thus preventing her from winning on her turn.))

Choose up to 6 options form this poll:

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