In The Pipeline and Shrinking My Digital Footprint

Some of you may have noticed that my digital footprint has become smaller over the last week. I’m not going to go into why, but I was a choice I felt I had to make.

  • My Tumblr is gone and I have no plans of returning to that platform as a content creator. If any of YOU use Tumblr and want to share my stuff you’ll get no complaints from me, but I no longer wish to be there directly.
  • Most of my presence in the Erotic Mind Control community is ended. Even though mind control is the biggest tool I use in my stuff I never really felt like I fit in there well. I definitely view mind control as pure fiction and was always really uncomfortable around those who practice/buy into its use in the real world. The kind of kinky art I make didn’t really fit besides those people’s work and the community they have build, which is probably amazing for them, is not something I wish to be part of anymore (nor am I particularly welcome there anymore anyways).
  • I love interacting with my fans. But let’s face it: there is a LARGE portion of even the kink/erotica/porn community that finds some or all of the kinky art/entertainment I create offensive in some way. I want to interact with my FANS, not the public at large. With that in mind I need to stay to places where I feel comfortable doing what I do without worrying who it will piss off, which means most social media type platforms aren’t going to be a good fit for me. I’d rather my energy go to creating then dealing with whoever I’ve offended this week. Experimenting with Discord was fun, but it took my focus away from the fan base who support me financially at Patreon, which is where my focus should be centered on. Tumblr and various forums did the same thing, taking my focus away from what makes my core base of supporters the most happy.
  • I am primarily a writer, but large chunks of my fan base did not seem to view me that way or even know I put out written stuff. I’ve various health issues and my brain is frequently in a place where I am not able to work on proper pros writing. But over the last year I had put more and more of my energy into creating visual works, even when my health was decent. A big part of why that was happening was that the visual stuff was bringing in more eyes and more Patreon supporters. But I started realizing that every time I’d take a break form my visual stuff to concentrate on writing those fans who were supporting me primarily for my visual works would quickly become unhappy. I think way less people are going to be disappointed if I keep my focus on my written work. When I DO make something visual I won’t be sending it out into the world like I was (I accepted anything visual was going to be pirated so I’d simply try and put it out to places on my own to try and “maintain control”). Any 3D stuff will get posted to my Patreon feed, and I will continue to use the Hypnopics Collective (almost entirely because Terra is the kindest and most supportive person I think I’ve ever encountered), but that will be about it.
  • Speaking of my 3D stuff everyone should expect a whole lot less of it. I was never prolific, and even after a year of heavy use I still looked at myself as a beginner. But mostly over the last few months I’ve been feeling the limitations of the medium/software. Daz3d is an amazing program but it has HUGE drawbacks. Creating images with it is VERY time consuming, both posing figures (which I find very tedious and have never enjoyed much) and rendering. Right now the market is moving away from the 3Delight render engine and towards iRay. There are plenty of technical differences but the only one that really matters between those two is render time: on my rig a render that takes about 5-10 minutes in 3Delight takes anywhere from a half hour to 3 hours in iRay. For the kind of stuff I was doing, which tended to have many panels, that just doesn’t work. That means most of the newer assets are unusable to me, and that’s a BIG problem. One of the constraints of the medium was already the fact that for user like me, who is not creating any custom asserts, you are limited to creating things out of the figures/clothing/scenes you can purchase. Add in how expensive new asserts are, even older stuff, and things get really limited. I’ve realized that for me its much easier creative wise to just write a story, where the only limitations are my imagination.
  • There’s another reason I feel I need to pull back from the 3D stuff: I’ve had a REALLY hard time keeping my enthusiasm up to finish any project that’s more than just a handful of panels. Yes, finishing projects is an issue I have with ALL my stuff, but I feel it was worse when it came to the visual stuff. I really, REALLY, REALLY want to get better at finishing projects and stepping back from visual stuff (and keeping anything new I do make simple and short) will help that.


So, going forward, for the time being, if you are looking to consume what I’m creating the best place is going to be on Patreon as a supporter (you can get access to everything in the feed except actual Ebook files for just a dollar). I will be posting everything written I make there and any 3D stuff I do as well (but don’t expect a ton of that). After that the next best place is going to be here, but this site is now going to be strictly for written stuff, where I won’t really be mentioning any visual projects after this. Beyond those two places you will be able to find my Ebooks on Amazon or Smashwords.

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