Poll Driven Story: “The Quest to Reclaim the Throne”

New entry with some tentacle sex! If you’re looking for the story in its current entirety go HERE.

“Fine mess you’ve gotten yourself into,” she whispered to herself then looked back at Lothdori. A soft, wistful moan slipped through her lips, a swoon of desire that made her realize how hard she had fallen for the stunningly beautiful woman laying asleep beside her.

The realization shook her to the core. She’d always been on her own, caring about no one because no one cared about her. She’d had sexual partners, although far fewer than she’d liked. Even though Lothdori had been domineering during their sex she had been the most attentive and caring partner she’d ever been with. And that, she realized, was something special in a world where physical love between two women was so rare. Female on female love wasn’t something considered a crime in these lands but neither was it something openly acknowledged. Her impression had always been that the society around her didn’t know what to make of it so for the most part simply pretended it didn’t exist.

She’d never felt such an instant, powerful sexual connection with another person. The passion they had just shared… She didn’t have the words for it. But why? Why had this been so different? Why had fucking the deposed Elf queen made her feel so different?

Her mind wandered back to the very beginning, when they had started kissing. That was the moment it was clear to her that this was something different. Lothdori had said her spit did things to non-Elves. Could that explain everything she was feeling? There hadn’t just been uncontrollable lust, there had been overwhelming emotional bonding that left her feeling as if she would remain by this woman’s side till the very end, dying for her if that’s what was needed of her.

As the thought ran through her head she chuckled derisively at herself. “Die for her?” she whispered, barely believing she’d heard herself think such a thing. She wasn’t the kind of woman to die for someone else. She had always followed one rule: self preservation above all else.

Yet here she was, offering to aid someone who, if it was known she still lived, would be the most hunted individual in the city. And it was clear that the woman who deposed her thought little of killing those who opposed herself and there were rumors she’d do far worse depending on her mood.

It was insanity to help Lothdori. The quest to reclaim the Elf’s throne would be dangerous and almost certainly doomed to fail. They’d both end up imprisoned, dead, or worse. It was insanity not to betray Lothdori at the first chance she got. The woman had endangered The Waif simply by coming to her for aid and every minute she didn’t turn her in only increased the danger she was in.

But she couldn’t. Even just thinking about betraying Lothdori made The Waif feel sick.

The Waif shifted, looking at the sleeping Elf. She was… Stunning. The most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. She’d seen Elves before and had always been awed by them. They all looked so eternally ageless, beautiful in a way that seemed beyond mortal beauty. But this woman, she was beyond all of that.

She lay sleeping on her side with those enticing massive breasts laying one on top of the other and her huge pregnant belly filling much of the bed. She looked so peaceful, so vulnerable, so innocent. How could one look upon so perfect, unspoiled beauty and not desire to do anything it asked of you?

The Waif pulled away, silently getting up from the bed. She started to nervously pace about the dark room, her bare feet moving with perfect soundless grace on the wooden floor. “Perhaps she’s put a spell on me,” she whispered, sounding frantic and slightly mad. “Or it’s just her biology. Elves are so magical they can’t help but enchant lesser beings. Her spit… if it could do what it did to me what did her womanly juices do? I did, after all, spend quite a bit of time with my face buried between her legs.”

All of her survival instincts were telling her to run. To gather her things and slip out the door as Lothdori slept. Not just leave her but leave the city, get as far away from all of this as she could.

“I can’t,” she whispered, stopping her pacing and staring at Lothdori. “I have to help her. I…” she paused, trying to put what she felt into words. She’d never felt this before, never felt an emotion so overpowering and reckless and selfless. And then it dawned on her what it was she felt.

No, she’d never felt this before. But she knew what it was. “I can’t leave because I love her,” she whispered, the words a soft sigh of acceptance. Silently she moved back to the bed and climbed back up, moving to curl her body next to her new lover’s. She wrapped her small little limbs around the woman’s thick bulk, shivering in joy at the touch of skin on skin.

“I love you,” she whispered, knowing it might mean her doom but not caring. “And I will be by your side till the very end, my Queen.”


* * *


They slept through the day, just as they had planned. The next night, once the world was dark, they prepared as best they could then took to the dark streets. The Waif stayed protectively close to Lothdori as they traveled. The order of the new Queen was far from a perfect one and the nights had grown more dangerous. On top of that the armed guards that patrolled the streets had to be avoided as they would prove even more dangerous to them then the crime they fought to contain.

The palace sat in the center of Gondilfrain, looming over the sprawling city. Partially this was because it was so large and tall, but mostly it was because it was built onto a large rocky upraise, its lower levels partially carved out of the living stone.

It was an ancient place and no one knew who had first built it, although all agreed that it had been constructed before the Great Collapse. It had been rebuilt and added to countless times through the ages and no one living knew all of the secret passages and areas it contained, especially when it came to what lay UNDER the palace. Few even knew that the rocky outcropping it was built upon contained myriad caves and tunnels. Lothdori didn’t know all of them, she wasn’t even sure what the passages would need to be taken from the hidden entry they crawled into, she just knew it was possible to travel through the caves and up into the palace.

The Waif had been hesitant about taking this route but Lothdori had won her over, informing her of how few people even knew the caves existed. Even the royal guard hadn’t been aware of the caves. It might take them time but they WOULD find their way up through them, she was certain.

As soon as they were in the darkness of the caves The Waif pulled out an emberstone torch. She unwrapped the cloth tied tightly around the top of it, revealing a chunk of semi-translucent orange rock that glowed as brightly as a torch, only without the flickering of flame. Holding the emberstone torch up before her cast the cave tunnel they were in with an eerie, steady orange light. Cautiously The Waif began leading the way, with Lothdori close behind her.

“I never liked the glow of emberstone,” Lothdori said quietly. They had quickly found that talking too loud caused echoes. They knew there wouldn’t be any guards down here to hear them but they had no idea how far the echoes would travel. There was also the chance that the caves, although free of people, might have other inhabitants.  “I could use some of my magic to cast some mage-light and we could put that ugly orange thing away.”

No,” The Waif said firmly. “You need to save your mana. In fact, it’s probably best if you try not to use any magic yet. I don’t even think you should summon the Staff of Power unless we REALLY need it.”

Lothdori stopped, grabbing The Waif’s arm. “What do you mean? I’m… pretty defenseless without my magic and the staff is my only weapon.”

The Waif turned and looked up into the High Elf’s beautiful eyes. “I know. But I’m here to protect you. Save what you have for when I get you to the throne room, till then let me take care of things. I’m also worried if you use your magic it might give us away.”

“What? How?”

The small woman tried not to roll her eyes. She got the sense that although she was a powerful High Elf she was not immune to what the common folk called “pregnancy brain”. In their short time together The Waif had noticed Lothdori forget things she had just mentioned and saw that frequently she seemed not to know or remember basic facts that should have been second nature to her.

“If the woman who deposed you is as magically powerful as you said don’t you think she might be keeping her senses attuned to the kind of magic you use? You told me it was unique, especially what emanates from the staff. You think she believes you’re dead, but what if you are wrong? Our only chance is stealth so that means you need to hold back from using your magic unless it’s really necessary.”

Lothdori furrowed her brow and looked as if she was going to argue but she didn’t say anything. She had come to The Waif for help and knew listening to her was the best chance she had. “Fine,” she eventually said, clearly the closest she would get to admitting The Waif was right. “Let’s just get moving.”

Shortly after that they came to section of cave that split off in multiple directions. “Do you have any idea which way we should go?” The Waif asked.

“No…” Lothdori replied, clearly unhappy about how uncertain she was. “But I think if any of these passages or caves seem to lead up that’s the way we should take.”

“Okay,” The Waif said, stepping forward and pointing the emberstone torch down each path. “This way, it looks like the ground goes up slightly.”

They traveled for a time in silence, the twisting cave they took slowly heading upwards. Eventually the passage narrowed so that they were barely able to walk side by side. After ten more minutes the passageway started to widen and The Waif started to pick up their pace but Lothdori placed a hand on her shoulder and held her back.

“Wait… can’t you… sense that?”

“What do you mean?” The Waif asked in a whisper.

“There’s a… not a smell, but something. A feeling in the air, a sensation. Not magic, but something like that. A force… I’ve felt it before. It’s becoming more common in the world but I don’t know what it is. It’s not evil but it’s… I don’t know the right word. Antagonistic? And there is a perverse sexual undertone to it…”

“I don’t feel anything,” The Waif said. Regardless, she had no doubt Lothdori was picking up on something. She’d seen countless times the way magic users were able to sense magical currents and auras in ways that others could not.

She started to reach for one of her blades but Lothdori stopped her. “No. We don’t want to antagonize whatever is emanating this feeling. Let’s just press forward, quickly and quietly, and hope we pass by this thing before it takes notice of us.”

The Waif didn’t like this but did as Lothdori said, leading the way unarmed. As they moved on the passage opened up further till they were in a large, wide, tall cave that the emberstone torch was unable to fully illuminate.

“I can smell something now,” The Waif whispered, slowing down nervously. “It smells like—”

Before she could finish her thought the smell grew more intense, becoming a heavy stench that assaulted their senses like a brick wall. It hit them so hard and so suddenly that both women stumbled back, dizzy and disoriented. The two women ended up colliding into each other then falling to the cave floor, the emberstone torch rolling away from them.

It illuminating something that was slowly emerging from the darkness before them and both knew at once it was this thing that the overpowering stench was emanating from. It stood about five feet tall, a slender phallic-shaped tube of flesh about as wide around as a Human’s torso with a slightly bulbous top. At first glance this might have been mistaken as a head but closer inspection would reveal no facial features of any kind. It was propelled forward by a swarm of small tendrils that extended out from under it, countless little arms of flesh that reached forward and pulled the thing towards the two disoriented women.

The Waif rolled over, looking up at the creature moving towards them and pinched her nose closed. “The stench! It’s coming from that thing! What is it?” She turned and looked towards Lothdori but found the disorienting smell had hit her twice as hard as it had hit herself.

The High Elf was lying on her side, one hand protectively on her swollen belly. Her other hand had grabbed one of the see-through strips of cloth that kept her huge swollen breasts in place and pulled it to the side. She was now squeezing her breast and pinching her nipple in a sexual manner, causing milk to stream out onto the cave floor. At the same time she was turned so she could stare at the thing coming towards them. It looked as if the very sight and smell was causing the powerful woman to drool and play with her breast.

“Pull yourself together,” The Waif cried desperately, watching as Lothdori started to crawl towards the thing, then stopping to reach down between her legs to begin touching herself.

The Waif’s instinct was to reach for her weapons but her body seemed not to be following those instincts. To her great horror she felt herself crawling towards the thing as well, one of her hands fumbling with her clothing to open them and expose herself. She summoned all her willpower to fight against whatever this thing was doing to make her so horny and had just grabbed the handle of one of her blades when the creature stopped moving.

She looked up as a strange, loud squelching sound echoed through the open cave. Thick veiny tentacles shot out from all sides of the thing’s body, huge long tendrils that undulated and flew wildly about as they extended. Then, almost as quickly as they had appeared, the tentacles lashed out grabbing both Lothdori and The Waif.

The Waif screamed, holding tightly onto the handle of her blade. But one of the tentacles had wrapped around that wrist and was pulling her arm and preventing her from using the blade. She kicked and screamed, momentarily losing track of Lothdori as her world became just her struggle to escape the thing’s grasp. But the stupefying stench had done much to slow her body and dull her mind. On top of that the tentacles were too numerous, too strong, and to fast to resist for long. Within minutes the thing had torn her clothing off and disarmed her blade.

In near perfect unison two of the tentacles started pushing their way into her mouth and her pussy. She thrashed even harder as the fleshy things invaded her body, revolted at the taste and feel of them. The feeling of them invading both her mouth and pussy reminded her to much of when men had forced themselves on her.

She resisted, but not for long. Both tentacles started ejaculating a thick gooey fluid into her, into both her cunt and her throat. She choked and gagged on it but there was just so much of it, she couldn’t help but swallow some. The stuff started working on her body almost at once, working its evil magic on her body as it was soaked into her cunt and down her throat. It calmed and aroused her. Soon she was no longer struggling nor was she revolted form the now semi-rigid tentacle’s fucking her. She was enjoying feel of them plunging in and out of her mouth and cunt-hole.

It wasn’t long before she started moaning in pleasure that she became aware of Lothdori once again. The High Elf’s clothing had been pulled off as well and she was also ensnared by the tentacles as they fucked her, although unlike the flat chested Waif there were many tentacles wrapped around Lothdori’s huge breasts. Some even seemed to have suckers on the end and were attached to her nipples, drinking her milk!

The creature lifted the two of them up and began repositioning them. The Waif ended up before it on her back, legs pulled open so that a large, thick tentacle could start fucking her pussy. The tentacle in her mouth was removed just as Lothdori was lifted up and flipped over and placed on top of The Waif. Partially supported by tentacles, the High Elf was left sitting on The Waif, bent over so her large breasts were pressed into the smaller woman’s face.

As the thick tentacle pounded her cunt The Waif started sucking Lothdori’s tit, horny thanks to the creatures “cum” and hungry to taste her milk. The creature, its stench, the cum like fluid it had been shooting into them, it had put both women into a stupefied sexual haze and now that their naked bodies were pressed together they couldn’t help but start to fuck. The creature even let go of their hands, allowing them to grope and caress each other as the thing kept fucking them, invading both their cunts with similarly thick tentacles.

They were being fucked by the larger tentacles for a reason. Unseen to them there was a large circular bulge slowly moving up each of these thick tendrils. The thing, the Phallic Slither as it was called by those that knew of its existence, was preparing to insert an egg into each of the women. Except Lothdori was already pregnant and her body would not be able to take the Phallic Slither’s egg, which was a fact the creature was about to discover as the egg closest to insertion was the one meant for her.


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