Poll Driven Story: “Never Underestimate a Wizard”

A new entry! Sorry its taken so long, my health has been wobbly lately. If you’re looking for the story in its current entirety head HERE.

The room was nearly silent with only a few quiet whispers echoing through the large lounge. Looking around Emilee saw that every single person there for the party that night was now gathered around. Even the other hired guards stood in the crowd watching the game. Yet none of them, it seemed, were willing to help her.

Finally someone cleared their throat and came forward. He was a tall man who would have been attractive if not for the angry scowl that seemed always stuck on his face. He had hold of a pretty woman’s hand and was pulling her after him. It was clear by her body language that she did not want to come forward yet she showed no sign of fighting that man pulling her out of the crowd.

“We will help,” the man said, a sickeningly evil smile twisting across his lips. “And by ‘we’ I mean my young, beautiful wife here.” He pulled her forward as if displaying her as an object, not a human being.

The crowd began to murmur. This was Capatia, it was not normal for a husband to be giving commands to his wife, especially not so publicly. And these two were well known to those gathered, both younger members of prominent families that had only recently been married to cement an alliance between two great houses.

Emilee looked up at the couple, relieved but confused. It was clear the woman didn’t really want to be helping. In fact she seemed so repulsed by Emilee’s current “affliction” that she couldn’t even stand to look at her. “Why help me?”

She had spoken to the woman but it was the man that answered. “I’ll tell you why. This woman here, my wife,” he said, spitting the word “wife” out as if saying it had caused him great pain. “See, I hate her but my family forced us to marry. I had agreed to the marriage but only on one condition: that for the first year of our marriage she follows every command I give her.”

The crowd gasped. Such a thing was unheard of in these lands. And it was clear that having the agreement publicly revealed shamed the wife for she hung her head and began to sniff as if holding back tears.

“I’m using my year to make her life as miserable as possible. Oh, I have no doubt she’ll make me miserable for the rest of my life. But being married to her, that was already guaranteed. At least this way I’ll have this glorious year to look back on as I grow old and miserable at her side. But this? This is a chance to humiliate and debase her in a way she’ll never be able to forget. I hate her but I know her well. Your… affliction, it repulses and disgusts her. She was one of the ones that retched when it became visible.”

Emilee wanted to tell the man to fuck off, that she’d never help him debase his young wife this way. She didn’t want to make this poor woman suffer. But she HAD to get rid of the thing between her legs even if that meant making someone else suffer.

“Thank you,” she said, rising to her feet and keeping her hands on her crotch to try and hide her cock.

The man grabbed a nearby bench and pulled it towards where Emilee stood. He then grabbed his wife’s hand and led her to it, standing behind her and wrapping his arms around her. She seemed repulsed by his touch but didn’t pull away. “She’s not bad looking, is she?” he asked Emilee as he dipped his hands into the front of her red dress. “And her tits, well, if you like big tits these won’t disappoint,” he added, grabbing her breasts and pulling them up and out of her dress so that they plopped heavily out into the open air.

Emilee groaned as the woman’s large, wide, heavy breasts fell into the open. The thing between her legs started to swell as blood rushed into it. The feel of it getting thicker, longer, and harder was incredibly disorienting. But more surprising was the sudden compulsion she felt to grab it.

She did so, squeezing her cock. The pulse of pleasure that she felt made her moan, in pleasure and confusion. She had expected the sexual pleasure from stimulation to the dick to feel just like the pleasure she felt inside her pussy when it was entered. But it didn’t, it felt totally different. Yes, it was pleasure, but pleasure so different that she felt using the same word for the two feelings wasn’t doing either of them justice.

“I can tell you like what you see,” the woman’s husband said with a sickeningly evil smirk. “If you like her big fat tits I think you’ll like her big fat ass even more.” He grabbed his wife and pushed her down onto the bench so that she was laying face down on it. Her large breasts were pressed into it and their bulk bulged out beside her body. He then slid her down so that her ass was positioned at the end of the bench, her legs bent down so her knees were on the ground.

A moment later he threw her dress up, revealing that she wore no under garments under the dress. Like most Capatian woman she had a thick, curvy body and the ass that was revealed was as thick and well shaped as her breasts. Emilee was stunned that the sight of her ass, with her legs spread slightly so there was just a glimpse of her womanhood, was enough to make her cock harden all the way.

Emilee grabbed her dick, no longer caring that the crowd watching gasped and muttered in revulsion. Her attention was fixated on the woman’s cunt. She needed to be inside of it, needed to fuck the woman till she got off. The need for release was maddening!

She wondered if THIS was why men were the way they were. When she felt the need to get off it was a gentle driving desire for pleasurable release. But this, the need for release that was coming from her cock, was totally different. Yes, there would be pleasure when she came, she felt that. But the need to get off wasn’t about feeling that pleasure. It was a greedy, desperate need to be released from the need to cum. It was a violent, selfish thing that left her feeling recklessly not in control of her own actions.

Before she realized what she was doing she had stumbled towards the woman, one hand on her throbbing hard cock as she played with herself. The woman’s husband stepped to the side, telling Emilee to have at his wife. She barely heard his words.  As soon as she was behind the woman she moved up to her back side, leaning over her.

She grabbed one of the woman’s plump ass cheeks with one hand, partially to support herself as she leaned on her and partially to pull her ass cheeks open. With her cunt exposed Emilee then pressed into her, using her other hand to grab her cock and help it find her cunt-hole. Her movements were awkward and quick yet she quickly found what she searched for. When her cockhead found the woman’s cunt-hole she felt it was dry. Grunting in annoyance, remembering the times she’d let a man enter her when she was that dry, she pulled back, spit into her hand, then wiped the moisture on her cock before pressing back against the woman’s dry opening.

Then, her cock lubed, she pressed in. Emilee shuddered and moaned then howled in delight as she entered the woman’s cunt. The pleasure! It was like nothing she had imagined. Not better than what she experienced as a woman, but it was more intense and a more selfish pleasure. As her cock slid into the woman then back out and then back in she felt pleasure all along her cock. Felt it and cared not at all whether the woman below her was enjoying this. If anything she cared less and less about the woman with each thrust of her cock into her. All that mattered as continuing to feel this till she could get off, till she could cum and drain her balls.

And it wasn’t even about freeing herself form this curse anymore, in that moment all she cared about was the pleasure her cock felt. Paradoxically the closer she got to climax the more she both wanted this to last forever and wanted to cum instantly.

The outcome was not in question, not in her mind. With each thrust into the woman below her she felt she was that much closer to getting off. She started pounding her harder, faster, desperate to get off no matter what it meant for her partner. The woman below her was braced against the bench, gritting her teeth and trying not to cry yet Emilee no longer cared. In that moment the woman wasn’t even a woman to her, she was just an object, a pleasurable series of holes that existed to act as a cum dump for her and her cock.


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