Poll Driven Story: “The Freeing of Otyx”

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The stairs went down and down, deep into the earth. The light from above was starting to fade and Ryvlull was just thinking about stopping to get a torch out when the way before her lit up. As flickering green light began to illuminate the way ahead she could see sconces on the walls, green mage flame igniting in them. As she pressed forward she would soon discover that the lights of the dungeon came to life as soon as she was in sight of them.

When she finally came to the bottom of the long stairs she found herself in a hall that stretch-out out far before her. Green mage light illuminated much of the vastness before her but beyond where the torches were lit there was only darkness and it was impossible to tell how far the hall went on.

As she started moving cautiously down the hall the first thing she noticed was how well preserved this place was. The dungeon looked as if it had been built mere months ago and there was no sign of dust or dirt on the floors or walls. She knew the place was ancient, as ancient as the crumbled ruins above, yet down here it was perfectly preserved. There was powerful magic here, a magic that was protecting this place from the ravages of time.

She soon found doors leading off from the main hallway. She stopped to explore each, finding some smaller halls that lead to even smaller rooms or simply dead ends. None of the side passages or rooms she explored had anything of value or even noteworthiness in them.

Most rooms were small and simply empty although all of the walls, no matter where she went, were covered in writing and glyphs she could not read. Much of it glowed faintly with red magical energy. Pressing on she started to get the sense that this place had once been a temple of some kind. The unreadable imagery and layout of the side rooms seemed vaguely religious to her, although as she worshiped no god or goddess she admitted to herself that she might not be the best judge of such things.

Ever forward she moved, finding all the doors leading off form the main hallway led to dead ends. It was slow going as she was on the lookout for traps or guardians or even the monsters that seemed always crawl and dig their way into places such as this.

At one point the main hall widened and the side passages stopped appearing. Beautifully carved columns lined the walls of the wider hall and she slowed even further as she admired the art and glyphs carved into them. As she went on there was less and less writing on them and more and more stylized art. At first she found the style so unfamiliar she had a hard time understanding what was depicted but with each column she looked at she started to be able to make out the images with more ease.

Eventually as the things depicted became clearer to her she felt her cheeks start to burn and found herself having a hard time stopping to concentrate on the now clear details. The things they were depicting… they were very lewd. Sexual acts and depictions of male and female figures with exaggerated anatomy. There were carvings of men with penises nearly as big as the rest of their body and women with breasts so big they looked comical in their size.

Soon the depictions of male figures lessened then disappeared all together. For a time the artwork depicted only women and there was a definite emphasis on their breasts. There was still a sense that this was a temple of some kind but she began to wonder just what kind of temple it must have been to be so openly sexual in nature. There was also the odd layout of the place, the hall went ever forward, straight and at a slight decline so that it moved deeper and deeper into the earth as if what lay at the end was buried deep and the halls were simply a way to get to the hidden thing.

Moving forward she picked up her pace, hoping to move past this section where naked women and huge breasts were displayed all around her. It made her uncomfortable as she was unaccustomed to public displays of sexuality.

The artwork had also begun to make her feel a bit self conscious. Her breasts were not tiny but they also weren’t large. They had always felt more than adequate but the huge breasted women displayed vivaciously all around her was making her feel her own breasts were inferior.

She picked up her pace further, pressing on at a near run. With one hand she held her staff and the other hand been held up holding back defensive spell. But as there had so far been no sign of any traps a couple of hours after exploring she let the spell sizzle out. She just wanted to be past this section and all its huge lewd breasts.

Ryvlull didn’t notice at first when her free hand went to her tight leather top and started tugging at it. At one point she grunted in discomfort, pulling at the clothing. It was digging into her skin, almost painfully so and after a little while longer the discomfort was too much to ignore. She stopped, throwing her cloak back and looking down at her top to figure out what was going on.

She blinked, not understanding what she was seeing. Her free hand moved up, cupping one of her breasts and squeezing it. She blinked again. This wasn’t right. Her breasts… they were too big! So big that her leather top was painfully digging into her bulging blue breast flesh.

Ryvlull didn’t understand. She was confused. So confused that she failed to notice how unnaturally muddled her mind had become. It was a subtle thing, worked by the magic of the dungeon. It had slowly been dulling her wits, casually and gently so that she would not even notice herself growing dumber.

The Night Elf adventurer didn’t understand why her breasts were bigger. What she did understand was that they were continuing to increase in size and that her tight top was growing ever more painful. There was only one thing to be done so she did it.

She wiggled out of her pack and dropped it to the ground then took her traveling cloak off and let it fall. Almost without thinking she placed her staff down on the ground near her pack then stood, fumbling with the thick leather cord that ran interwoven through the front of her top, holding it closed in place around her breasts. She began to loosen it, the leather fabric opening and exposing her ever expanding cleavage. But instead of giving her relief this only worsened things as the rate her breasts were growing seemed to increase now that they had more room. There was no choice, she had to completely open the top up. And since that left her ever expanding breasts hanging free she simply took the garment off and tossed away.

Now that she was topless her breast grew at a much faster rate. She stood holding them protectively as they swelled and grew in size. Her flesh was hot and sore as it expanded and the feeling was leaving her feeling drained and unable to move on, so she simply stood and held them as they got bigger and bigger.

Eventually the growth slowed then stopped completely. Her blue colored breasts had grown so big that each was now larger than her head. They were wide, thick, breasts that hung heavily down her small torso. Holding them up and looking at them she could see that her small little violet nipples had been stretched out. The nubs were now large fleshy buds each as big as her thumb and her areolas were stretched out so each was almost as big as the palm of her hand.

She was fascinated by her breasts. She grabbed one with both hands and lifted it up so she could see her nipple better. She leaned down, her heavy breathing making her nub harden. Overcome she opened her mouth, lifted her breast to her face, and leaned into her tit as she took her own nipple in her mouth. Her breast was so big now she could easily suck on her own nipple and she found that doing so felt incredible.

Ryvlull dropped to the floor, leaning over and burying her face in her breasts. She licked and sucked on her nipples, first one and then the other then back to the first. It felt amazing, she had no idea a woman’s nipples could be so sensitive! She couldn’t stop, it felt too good. And she found that although her breasts were still tender that squeezing and massaging the dense meat felt nearly as good as sucking on her nipples.

Her moans grew louder and louder, echoing through the hall around her. The green flickering light of the mage flame danced across her naked breasts as she mauled them. Soon one of her hands had slipped away from her breasts and wandered down to slide into her pants. Barely even aware of what she was doing she started to masturbate as she kept playing with and sucking her big blue tits.

Soon she was lying on her back, mauling her tits with her mouth and hand while her other hand was down her pants. She was furiously fingering herself, using two fingers to pound her dripping wet cunt-hole. She’d never been so horny, never felt so lost in the ecstasy of sexual bliss. The heat inside her swelled and soon an orgasm exploded from within.

She would have screamed in pleasure but she couldn’t stop sucking on the tit shoved into her face. Instead she simply moaned into her tit-meat as her tightening vaginal muscles forced her fingers out of her cunt.

Then, after the explosion of pleasure, she collapsed. She lay limp, breathing heavily. The pleasure of the orgasm had further dulled her sense and her mind was so addled now she didn’t even realize it was strange her breasts had grown and that she’d stopped to play with herself in the middle of a dungeon delve.


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