Poll Driven Story: “Never Underestimate a Wizard”

New section with an interesting twist! I don’t write a whole lot of futa stuff so I’d be interested in knowing if this ends up hitting the right button for people into this. If you want to read the story in its current entirety you can go HERE.

Emilee looked down and read her card then yelped out a laugh of pure mirth. She looked up at Garin, not bothering to hide any of the joy she felt. “Looks like your fun is going to be over pretty damn soon,” she told him as she laid the new card down.

Before he had a chance to read it the card popped up into the air and begun to spin. As it twirled around the energy in Garin’s crystal was siphoned out in a steady flow of glowing red mist. Garin simply stared open mouthed as his crystal was drained till only a sliver of barely visible energy remained. The card then dropped to the table and slowly slid across the surface to join the discard pile.

Emilee barely noticed the forced orgasm she suffered after playing the card. She had been too ecstatic to care or be embarrassed. Garin had been to shocked to notice. And the crowd? The crowd was angry. They didn’t want the fun to end and it was clear by the look on her face that Emilee only needed one more turn to win.

Just as she had predicted the crowd of nobles turned on Garin in an instant. At first there were disappointed mutterings then some began to whisper that this should have been expected. Others followed suit loudly proclaiming that only Garin Chevalier could fail so quickly and ruin such promising entertainment. Many bemoaned that now they’d never see Emilee’s breasts swell and fill with milk while others were angry they hadn’t gotten to see her become addicted to cum. Soon they weren’t just grumbling. They began to shout angrily at Garin, some even throwing things at him.

Garin threw his arms up to protect his face and glared daggers at Emilee. “You’ve ruined everything!” he balked like a petulant child. His eyes narrowed and he looked at her with so much hatred it actually shocked Emilee. “I’m going to make you pay for this,” he said coolly.

Emilee just laughed. “No you’re not! My next play will knock out the remaining energy in your crystal. Unless you’ve got a card in your hand that will win the game for you this turn I think we’re just about through here.”

A new card floated up into his hand. For a moment he continued to glare at her then he looked down at it. She watched his face closely. She wasn’t as confident as she seemed and she was very much afraid the deck, which seemed to have it out for her, would give him a card that would allow him to flip things on her. But the emotions she saw play across his face were unexpected and confused her. Garin at first seemed surprised, then disgusted, then repulsed. He started to move to shuffle the card to the back of his hand to hide it from sight but then he stopped, reading the card again. Once again he seemed repulsed but then his eyebrows popped up and he looked at her, then back at the card, then back at her.

Her heart sank. “Don’t,” she whispered, fearing the car that had so shocked and revolted him.

The crowd was still shouting abuse at him. He sat up and called for them to be quite. “I’m not out of the game yet,” he declared, holding the card up so the crowd could see only the back of it. “This card I was just dealt, it’s vile. It’s… it’s unnatural, is what it is. It shall create an unnatural perversion we’ve only heard tales of in Capatia, something that just thinking about makes me want to retch.

“Normally I would refuse to even think about playing this card,” he continued then suddenly turned and pointed at Emilee. “But SHE is ruining all of our fun by winning! Right now I’ve no card that can stop that, but I can certainly make her suffer before she gets her next turn. I may end up losing but the perverse humiliation she is about to endure will MORE than make up for it.”

The crowd was silent. Looking out at them Emilee could see that they were skeptical of his boasts, yet hopeful he was not going to disappoint them. Emilee, however, had no doubt that the card the accursed and perverse deck had dealt him would live up to his threats. She gripped the edge of the table and braced herself for whatever was about to happen to her.

Emilee turned back to look at Garin. He stared at her, a cruel smile on his face. “Take THIS,” he barked, slamming the card down.

As soon as it touched the table a blast of sparking red energy shot out towards Emilee and hit her with enough force to knock her back out of her chair. But instead of flying back and onto the ground the beam of energy remained locked on her body, holding her up in the air. She floated for a moment then was lifted further up and turned upright so her legs were left dangling under her.

The crowd all stepped backed and gasped in excitement. None of the Enchanted Duelist’s Deck’s magic had been so extreme or flashy yet and their expectations were now raised.

Emilee tried to move but the beam of magic was holding in place. It pulsed and her clothing was blasted off of her, disintegrating into steam behind her and leaving hanging naked in the air. Her instinct was to raise her hands and try and cover her slightly swollen breasts but as soon as she tried to move her arms they were pulled out to her sides and a moment later her legs were pulled open.

Then the beam moved. It had been aimed at her center mass, just below her breasts. But now it moved down, lower and lower till it was shooting into her crotch. She screamed in terror as she felt her pussy start to warm as magical energy flowed into her privates. The crowd moved closer, wanting to know what was happening to her but unable to see as the beam of red energy was too bright to see through.

They couldn’t see what was happening to Emilee but she could feel it. The words Garin had said played over and over again in her mind: “It shall create an unnatural perversion we’ve only heard of in Capatia.” Those words could have meant a great many things but what she felt happening to her privates, she understood their meaning instantly. She knew the exact perversion he had meant because she felt her body being twisted into it. She’d heard of it but like most Capatians she thought it only some insane legend out of distant lands, didn’t believe it could be real. But what she felt growing between her legs left no doubt that all the tales were true.

She howled in rage and disgust and shame as she felt her body changing, mutating. She felt herself changing down there, felt like her flesh was melting together then pooling up and growing into something new, something long and phallic shaped. The thing growing between her legs just kept growing, longer and thicker till she felt it hanging down past her knees. And then, as it stopped growing longer, she felt a swelling at the base, felt a sack filled with two strange balls growing then hanging limply down.

The beam started to fade. For a few moments its magic was faint enough for all in the room to see what it had done to Emilee as she remained hanging in the air. Her pussy was gone. In its place was a HUGE flaccid dick, one that was indecently and inhumanly long and thick.

Gasps erupted from the crowd and some nobles leaned over and retched. A few even fainted. For a society that was so matriarchal this was the most offensive perversion of the female form imaginable: for a woman’s cunt to be replaced with a man’s cock. This perversion was an affront to all their society thought right and decent in the world yet here it was, on full display for all to see.

With a final flash the beam of magic disappeared and Emilee fell to the floor with a heavy thud. Everyone pulled back away from her muttering apprehensively. Most were repulsed yet they remained, watching with great interest to see what happened next. For her part Emilee simply curled into a ball, trying to hide as much of her naked body as possible. At that moment all she wanted was for the ordeal to be over and she didn’t care in what manner the relief came to her.

But the game was not over and her ordeal had only just begun.

When the beam stopped shooting from the card it had fallen to the table, the writing on it shifting and changing. The card now projected a semi-transparent image of itself into the air ten times its normal size that slowly rotated around so that all in the room could read it. As the crowd began to mummer about what was written Emilee was forced to uncover her face and look up to read the card.

She had thought things couldn’t get worse but as she read the words projected into the air she realized how very wrong she had been. The card declared that Emilee would not be able to take her next turn till the new balls hanging from her huge cock had been fully drained. Till then she would not be able to even approach the table to try and take her next turn.

Emilee sat up, crossing her legs and using her hands to cover the freshly grown shame there. She looked up at Garin and started to open his mouth but before she could get a word out he shook his head.

“Oh no,” he said firmly, “I’m not going to help you. You’ve become an abomination! I’ll not so much as touch you till the effects of this card have been removed. No, if you want to take your next turn you’ll need someone else’s help or you’ll have to do it yourself.”

As he finished speaking text was added to the projection of the card in the air declaring that she would be unable to cum through self pleasure. Only through someone else’s aid would she be able to get off. That, at least, didn’t make Emilee feel worse. She didn’t want to even think about the thing between her legs so she definitely didn’t want to masturbate with it!

Garin laughed after he read the new words. “I guess you won’t be able to help yourself after all.” He stood, looking around the room and grinning madly. “Is there someone here willing to help this…. Well, she’s no woman any more. But by the looks of those tits we can all see slowly swelling up with milk we can’t rightly call it a man either. Is there anyone willing to aid this abomination? Anyone either debased or perverse enough or just eager to see the game continue who will come and help it empty its unnatural balls?”

Emilee was struggling to hold back tears. She sat on the floor, her legs crossed and her hands in her lap as she looked around the room, hoping someone would be willing to help her.


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