Poll Driven Story: “The Quest to Reclaim the Throne”

Quick note: this first chunk is a forward. The next entry will be the proper start of the story from our heroine’s perspective and there will be a proper description of her and her body at that point. Also the end of this story is not determined at this point, our heroine may reclaim her throne or her quest may be doomed, the ending will be up to you all. Finally, my intention is to have this be a dungeon crawl through the palace but the narrative these two characters have set up MIGHT take it in a slightly different direction. Even if it moves away from being a dungeon crawl I plan on keeping the narrative laser focus on the heroine and moving along at a fast pace.





The city of Gondilfrain was covered in darkness. It was night, yes, but there was a sinister cloud over the place that made the inhabitants of the city cower in their homes and board up their windows.

At least some of the inhabitants.

There were some that seemed to welcome the sinister cloud of darkness building over the once gleaming city. They were citizens who had once been the dregs of society, those that lurked down dark alleyways and hid from the light of day and the gleaming might of Lothdori Brightmane, Elven ruler of Gondilfrain.

These lurkers in the dark had always hid themselves from the beautiful, powerful Elven queen and those who followed her. The armed forces of Gondilfrain were always busy hunting these curs down, imprisoning and chasing them from the city and its lands or even killing the vilest of them.

But things had changed over the last week in Gondilfrain. The darkness had come and with it Gondilfrain’s society had been overturned. The scum who had hid in the shadows now held power and all that was good and honest and innocent had been shackled or driven from the city. The mighty queen Lothdori Brightmane had been overthrown and in her throne now sat a new monarch.

Elayna Chandler was a Silver Elf, a woman of immense natural magical powers, more powerful even than a High Elf as the former queen was. Elayna had once been Lothdori Brightmane’s most trusted adviser and the general of her armed forces. Silver Elves were known for their purity and the former queen’s trust in her had been complete. Her betrayal had been totally unexpected but once she sat on the throne of Gondilfrain she had revealed her true self: a mighty sorceress of dark powers who had given herself totally to the perverse gods of The Corruption.

The streets of Gondilfrain were full of fear and rumors. No one knew for sure what the new queen had done to the woman she had dethroned. Some said she had killed Lothdori Brightmane after a battle where each Elven woman had unleashed all their magical power and that in the end Elayna Chandler had taken the Staff of Power from the former queen. Others, who were more hopeful, said that Lothdori still lived and was simply imprisoned in the palace’s dungeons.

The former queen was stunningly beautiful, even for a High Elf, and it had long been said her beauty was immortal and everlasting. Those of pure heart that remained in the city held tightly to this belief, certain the old queen could never be killed. She had reigned for many hundreds of years and during that time countless suitors had come to try and woo her but all had failed. Yet in the final months of her reign her belly had swelled and she had declared she was with child. No one had known who the father was and she had refused to reveal his identity, not even confirming the father was a mortal man. Regardless, the child would be her heir.

Some say this was why Elayna chose this time to reveal her treachery, striking before the heir to the throne was born and while the pregnancy made the good queen weak. But even as Elayna’s full evilness had been revealed few thought she vile enough to kill a woman and her unborn child a mere month before it was due to be born into the world. This was the main reason why so many in the city believed the former queen still lived, imprisoned in the palace’s dungeons. But none of the rumors were true, although some were close to the mark.

Lothdori Brightmane still lived and she was not imprisoned, although it was unclear whether Elayna Chandler knew the woman she had deposed still lived. For her part Lothdori Brightmane hoped her foe thought she was dead. The battle they had fought had been intense and Elayna had been sure of her victory. It had taken all the power Lothdori had left to cast a spell that would both teleported her out of the palace and make it seem the killing spell Elayna had cast had struck true.

Not far from the palace Lothdori had a small safe house, a precaution she had built when she first ascended to the throne of Gondilfrain. None but her knew of it and it was there that she had been hiding the last few days. Her pregnancy was advanced and it hindered her physical abilities as well as drained much of her natural magical powers. The battle with Elayna had nearly killed her but after resting for these past few days the pregnant High Elf was as recovered as she would ever be.

Her plight was not hopeless, even though she was weakened. Even in this state of reduced physical and magical might she thought she had a good chance of winning should she be able to face Elayna one on one again as she beloved the traitor had only defeated her through treachery and surprise. And Lothdori had escaped with the Staff of Power, a potent weapon and tool worth as much as the entire Gondilfrain military.

Lothdori knew that if she was to reclaim her throne she’d need to do so quickly. If she waited too long the traitor Elayna would surely be able to tighten her control of the city and with enough time perhaps even find Lothdori in her secret hiding place. So she would act now, striking to defeat her foe while what strength she had was returned to her and while her foe was still struggling to gain full control of the city.

Her plan was simple: use her hundreds of years of living in the palace to her advantage. She’d sneak in and make her way through the place, dealing with any traitors that apposed her along the way and hoping, although not expecting, to find a few still loyal to her. She’d work her way up to the throne room and face Elayna Chandler once again, only this time surprise would be on her side.

She would begin tonight, under the cover of darkness. At that is where our story begins…



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