Poll Driven Story: “The Freeing of Otyx”

First big entry, jumping right into the steamy stuff! If you want to read the story in its current entirety go HERE.


The woods she headed out into were thick at first but the land started to slowly rise and as it did the trees began to become less closely packed together. A few times Ryvlull stopped, closing her eyes and concentrating on the winds of magic flowing through the forest. They felt… strange. Not evil, although there was an antagonistic feel in the winds. Along with the winds she could feel that there was powerful magic nearby and it felt as if it was both drawing her near and trying to repel her at the same time.

She simply shrugged, pressing forward and assuming the feeling was coming from the dungeon. She was correct, although she should have been far more worried than she was. Her senses tingled as she moved forward and soon she had put her map away. The menacing power she felt would lead her forward more directly than any map would.

The landscape moved ever upwards, but at a slow gradual climb. As the trees continued to grow less dense she failed to notice subtle changes to the vegetation around her. There were many wildflowers scattered through the woods and near the road they had been of many colors yet the closer she got to her destination the more frequent the flowers, no matter their species, bloomed crimson red. Some even had faint magical glows to them that, had she been traveling at night, would have been unmistakable. But Ryvlull failed to notice this as she was so fixated on following the trail of magical energy before her.

There were other signs that a strange magic held sway over the land surrounding the hidden dungeon. The nearer she got the more patches of bright red mushrooms were all about her. Ryvlull did notice these but she was no ranger and had no alchemical skills so she was totally ignorant of how potent the fungus was.

They were Tookabrew Mushrooms. They grew large and bright red to attract sentient beings but were frequently puffed up and full of spores. Should they be touched they often exploded and the spores they shot out in a heavy cloud would put most sentient women into a deep slumber full of powerful sexual dreams and upon waking they would find themselves incredibly horny. Men it would not put asleep, instead it would put them in an uncontrollable sexual rage where they would lose all control till they had emptied their balls. The mushrooms were dangerous to harvest but if one could collect them they could be used to brew powerful potions or ales that could make all who drank it incredibly horny.

The mushrooms had once been very rare in Alaria but that was no longer so. Alaria was a world full of change, although most that inhabited did not see this. A perverse, although not necessarily evil, force known as The Corruption was spreading through Alaria changing its people, land, plants, even the very gods themselves. The Tookabrew Mushrooms were one sing of this as they only grew in areas where that were heavily saturated by The Corruption.

Ryvlull knew none of this. She was a prodigy when it came to magic, especially her frosty elemental magic, but beyond that her knowledge was limited. She was also very young, very naive, and very sexually innocent. She was by far no virgin but so far the frequent trysts she’d had with other mages had all been soft and tender and only been with other members of her own race. As far as she knew sexuality was a tender, soft thing that came in privacy. She knew not how lewd and forceful sexuality could be.

Eventually she came to a rocky uprising, a sheer rise a few feet taller than her. From the looks of things going around would take time. Her pack had some climbing gear but the young Night Elf did not bother to pull it out. Instead she lifted her staff and began muttering an enchantment.

The air around her grew cold, her breath misting out of her mouth as she muttered the arcane words. She showed no discomfort at the sudden drop in temperature, if anything she seemed more at ease in the cold.

She took a few steps back, tracing glowing blue arcane glyphs in the air before her then drawing circular outlines around them. She took one final step back, watching the glowing floating shapes hover and bob in place then thrust the glowing blue crystal atop her staff into them. They shot forward and exploded with a flash of blue.

Her traveling cloak billowed away from the cool blast and when her eyes had recovered from the bright flash she saw icy steps leading from where she stood up to the top of the ledge. Smiling happily she began walking up them. As she went she kept one hand behind her back, the fingers spread out. The ice melted behind her and turned into sparking blue energy that flowed up into her hand. By the time she stepped up onto the top of the ledge the ice stairs were gone and most of the mana it had cost her to cast the spell had returned to her staff after travelling through her body.

She had to press through some more trees then came upon a large clearing. She had to stop and admire the beauty stretched out before her. There was a small lake and looking across it she saw a thick forest slowly rising as the ground swelled suddenly up into a mighty mountain range. Not far after the tree line ended were jagged peaks covered with white snow and she yearned to travel up into that cold. But any such journeys would have to wait for she had arrived at her destination.

To her left, filling the open ground between the edge of the forest she had emerged from and the lake before her, were crumbling ruins. The architecture was strange, the form and style not that of any civilization that still lived in Alaria.

All over the world there were ruins like this, some more intact than others, some barely leaving signs of their existence. They were all from before the Great Collapse. At one point Alaria had been full of powerful, advanced nations and empires. But some great calamity had befallen the world and civilization had nearly been wiped out. It had taken ages for it to return and most knowledge from before the Great Collapse was now lost. All that remained were the scattered ruins in the wilds that had claimed most of the world.

She had journeyed to ruins before but none had been like these. There was a raw power in the air here like she had never felt. And not just power but some driving force that was trying to alter the world around her. She could taste it in the magic flowing through the air, like two opposing wills trying to tug the world, and her, in two different directions. One force was pushing her away as if to try and keep her from this place while the other called her forward.

It was the force calling her forward that she felt most strongly. She felt it as a throbbing hum that felt like it was revealing a path through the crumbling ruins. At one time this place must have been some mighty temple or keep that stood multiple stories tall but now it was little more than a dangerous pile of rocks, shattered and fallen in on its self and worn down by time and the elements.

Yet as she followed the strange power leading her forward and climbed deeper into the rubble of the ruins she found sections that were more intact than not. There was writing on them, writing in a language none living knew but it was clear they were magical in nature for as she moved ever deeper into the ruins the ancient writing and runes started to glow faintly.

At the outside of the ruins those glowing runes and glyphs were blue or white but as she delved further into the ruins the glow slowly became more and more red. At times, when the red glow was most intense, it sparked as if the magic in it was angry and eager to be released.

Everywhere she felt magic pressing in on her and since she was so attuned to magical energy felt it more strongly than most would. Her head started to feel stuffy and her heart was pounding far faster than it had any right to be. And all through her body was a growing warmth that was making her feel an overwhelming hunger. But what her body was growing hungry for was not clear to her, not at first at least.

As she neared the center of the ruins she felt that the door leading down into the dungeon must be close. She was looking down, searching for a trap door or flight of stairs leading into the earth. Put the magic pulling her forward was not telling her to look down, it was telling her to go up. This confused her and as she turned a corner she found a perfectly intact flight of stone steps leading up.

She climbed them, moving slowly. By the time she neared the top she was panting and tugging at her clothing. She felt hot, so very, very hot. The air around her was thick and musty but as she climbed out into the open air at the top of the ruins a cool breeze was blowing up from the lake and it felt amazing on her hot skin, doing much to momentarily sooth her.

Her head was pounding and she felt dizzy and confused. And before long she was once again hot, so very hot. Barely aware of what she was doing she took her gear off and placed it in a corner along with her staff. She then started undressing, removing her traveling cloak and the tight form fitting leather outfit she wore under it.

Slowly she revealed her naked body to the cool open air. She was a Night Elf and like most of her race she was gracefully tall and thin, yet she had a plump, firm little ass and perky breasts that were a bit more than a pleasant handful.

The glowing icy lines etched into her skin were not just on her face. They ran down the sides of her neck and dove in pointed lines towards the top of her cleavage. From there more of the glowing tattoos twisted together, wrapping around under her arms and meeting at her spine. There they were etched down her back to just above the crack of her ass.

As soon as she was undressed she pulled her bed roll out and threw it on the stone ruins. She then lay down on it, resting back on her elbows with her legs spread wide open. The heat she felt through her body was so intense that she was panting and even sprawling out in the open like this was giving her no relief.

She began to twist her hands together, muttering a quick enchantment. The air around her hands grew cold and the very tips of her long, thin fingers grew slightly icy. She moved back onto her back and started to run her hands down her small, thin frame, hovering her palms an inch or two above her blue skin. The cold air radiated out form her hands, cooling her hot flesh.

Ryvlull closed her eyes when her hands reached her firm breasts. She held her hands over them, letting the coolness emanate out onto her hot flesh. Her dark violet nipples quickly hardened and grew into thick fleshy nubs from the cool air blasting onto them. She cooed and moved her icy hands closer, pinching her hard nipples with just the tips of her fingers.

The one aspect of her own sexuality she’d explored on her own was how her magic could make her hands icy cold and how much she enjoyed the feel of ice on her bare skin. It was something other ice mages had thought scandalous and she had never found a partner able and willing to use icy hands on her. The only time she pleasured herself was with icy hands. It was her one secret kink, although she had no idea how timid it really was compared to the perverse sexual desires many held hidden in their hearts.

One of her chilled hands remained near her chest, the icy air blasting from it lessening as she began to grope and massage her firm breasts. Her other hand slowly snaked down her body, the iced fingertips dancing across her blue skin and leaving a trail of frost behind. She shuddered, enjoying the freezing bite of the ice on her hot skin and then enjoying the feel of the ice melting away from her natural warmth.

Finally the wandering hand reached the split between her legs. She shifted slightly, thrusting her hips up as her hand neared her sex. For a moment she simply held her hand over her pussy, cool air blasting onto her warm, moist folds. Then she lessened the chill air, although she kept her fingertips covered in frost.

She began by rubbing her pubic mound then sliding her fingers down, massaging her outer labia. She moaned at the feel of her iced fingers on her hot flesh. Like all Elves she was hairless down there so her cold fingers were free to explore every inch of her cunt. The iced fingers wandered, massaged, and teased as she writhed and moaned in pleasure.

Slowly they worked their way not into her moist dripping hole but rather up the blue fleshy hood covering her clit. Gently she placed one frosted finger down on it and began to caress her clit, freezing the sensitive bud through the hood off flesh.

At first she was lightly and gently playing with herself. But with every moment that passed she worked her body harder and more furiously. She was cresting towards the release of climax but seemed unable to reach that peak of relief. Before long she was furiously masturbating, the only thing in the world in her mind that mattered was getting off yet it was the one thing that seemed out of reach. Even her icy fingers were not enough to push her over the edge.

Then the winds of magic blew stronger and she heard a whispered carried into her mind on the gust of magical power. A suggestion, a little hint blown gracefully into her mind. She headed the barely heard words, shifting and taking the hand that had been playing with her breasts and wrapping it around under her body then back towards her cunt.

Her hand stopped before she reached her pussy, her middle finger finding her tight, hairless, puckered asshole. As she started to finger it she found much of her pussy juices had dripped and oozed down leaving her asshole more than wet enough to be easily played with. As she furiously rubbed at her clit with one hand she started pressing a finger of the other hand up her asshole.

As soon as her finger worked in past her sphincter and plunged deep into her rectum the orgasm that had been bubbling just below the surface burst free. She howled in delight and arched her back, moaning and bucking as she continued to work her body with both hands. She rode the waves of the powerful orgasm and was only partially aware of the strange feeling that had come with it.

It felt almost like using a large amount of mana to cast a spell, yet it was not the same. There was an energy she’d never noticed before, one that had always been present in her but till that point she had been invisible to her mind. It was flowing out of her, rushing towards something nearby. As her orgasm peaked and she felt that energy nearly drained from her she heard creaking stones.

She gasped and sat up, pulling her hands away from her body. Not far away a stone wall was sliding to the side, the writing around the revealed opening glowing with intense red energy. Somehow her orgasm had powered the magic of the door and opened the way into the dungeon!

Almost immediately her head began to clear. She stood, quickly putting her cloths back on and wondering what had gotten into her. She almost never masturbated and certainly not while exploring ruins! She was slightly ashamed but since there was no witness to what she had done the shame was short lived.

As she put her pack back on and grabbed her staff she noticed something else. The energy she’d felt drained from her to open the door was coming back, as if her body was constantly making it. She wondered what the energy was and why her studies had never revealed it to her. For a moment she wondered if it was sexual energy but she dismissed this thought right away. What kind of place would have its secrets fueled by sexual energy?

Then she was ready, redressed and rearmed. The opening lead to a staircase that went down into the earth, the opening to the dungeon fully revealed to her. She took a deep breath, readied a defensive spell, and started moving down the stairs.


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