Poll Driven Story: “Never Underestimate a Wizard”

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The new card seems to be the best she’s drawn so far, although she is beginning to wonder why she isn’t drawing the perverted, body altering cards her opponent is. She doesn’t ponder this disparity for long, though. She needs to play her card and keep the game moving.

As she moves to put the card down on the table she hesitates then stops, remembering what will happen as soon as she plays the card. The crowd gathered round titters and laughs, crudely explaining to any newcomers what will happen as soon as she lays the card on the table.

“We’re all waiting on you,” Garin says, grinning and looking around at the crowd.

Emilee can tell he loves the positive attention and is suddenly filled with the desire to knock him back down a peg or two. “Think you’re such a big man now, don’t you?” she says, glaring at him with open hatred. “Well, this crowd is going to turn on you as soon as you start losing. You’re always going to be the foolish, clumsy wizard they’ve spent years mocking.”

Then she slammed her card down on the table, hoping its text would shake his confidence. It glowed and drained nearly half of his crystal’s energy. That might have been enough to shake Garin except he and the crowd were instantly distracted for as soon as the card hit the table Emilee moaned and her body tightened, causing her to curl up in her seat as a powerful orgasm exploded within her.

Garin and the gathered party goers all laughed and jeered, mocking her for cumming so hard in the middle of the busy party with so many people watching her. She gritted her teeth and tried to contain her moans of pleasure till her orgasm was done then she sat up, glaring at Garin.

“I suppose it’s my turn,” he said, a card floating up into his hand. He glanced at his crystal and looked concerned when he noticed it was now half empty. “Oh my…” he mumbled. Some in the crowd were mumbling too. Just as she had predicted the crowd was beginning to turn against him as he started to lose. His crystal was half empty while hers was still complete filled.

She had been about to open her mouth to gloat when the burning in her breasts intensified. She could feel them still slowly swelling, feel an ache deep in their flesh. It was a strange pressure that was building up inside of her breasts, a need for release. And as her small breasts continued to grow her top felt more and more tight. Already the leather felt like it was digging painfully into her tender breast flesh.

“I’m going to make you pay for that last card,” Garin said, drawing Emilee’s attention back to the game and away from her uncomfortable breasts. He slammed a card down on the table with a triumphant “Ha!” The card glowed and three additional cards floated up into his hand. “And now I get to play two more cards this turn!”

“That’s not fair,” Emilee balked. “I’m not getting any cards as good as the ones you are!”

Garin shrugged. “Luck of the draw I suppose. Or do you think the game is rigged?”

Her brow tightened. Could the game be rigged? But before she could think much on this Garin played another card.

It started to glow as soon as it was placed down on the table. At the same time she felt warmth in her abdomen that spread through the lower part of her body, tingling and spreading some unknown magic deep inside of her. She reached down and grabbed hold of the area tingling the strongest, looking down at herself.

Her heart stopped.

No, she thought, it can’t be. She realized the way she was holding herself was the way a pregnant woman held a child within her. Her head flew up and she started reading the card, fearing that it had impregnated her.

As she read the words she found her fear had been wrong, but not as wrong as she had hoped. One of the nobles closest to the table guffawed and started telling the crowd what the card had done to her. “Hear this! The dumb Low Capatian slut, for the rest of the game as soon as someone spurts their seed in here, it’s going to make her pregnant! As soon as Garin here plays a card that lets him fuck her she’s as good as knocked up!”

The crowd laughed and cheered and shouted lewd and cruel abuse at her. She simply sat, protectively holding her lower belly. She didn’t want to have a baby, especially not a piece of shit High Capatian’s child!

She looked up to glare at Garin. He simply raised an eyebrow and calmly said, “It seems the stakes have risen for you.” It would have been menacing but just as he finished talking he slipped and nearly fell out of his chair.

Normally that would have been enough to cause the other nobles to mock him but not now. Someone close by caught him and helped right him, asking if he was okay. Garin looked confused for a moment then realized there would be no mockery. He smiled and turned to face Emilee. “See? They aren’t turning on me.”

“Not yet,” she growled. “Play your other card, you cursed piece of shit.”

The crowd all went, “Ooooooh,” then began to laugh at her. “She’s getting feisty! Best play another card to put her in her place, young Garin.”

He looked around, smiling at the crowd again. “A really cruel one? Something kinky and perverted to embarrass her?” They all cheered and replied that’s what they wanted. So he plucked a card from his hand and put it down on the table.

Garin kept a finger on the card as he stared at Emilee, sliding it towards her. The card started to glow and she could feel it working more of its magic on her. “Want to look down and read what it does?” he asked her. “Or should I just tell you?”

She simply glared and refused to answer, keeping her eyes locked on his.

“Alright, I’ll tell you,” he said happily, never breaking eye contact. “From this point on for the rest of the game every time you taste cum you will become a little more addicted to it. Every drop, lick, and gulp of semen is going to slowly turn you into a hopeless cum addict.”

The crowd cheered and laughed but Emilee ignored them all. She simply stared into the young man’s eyes, burning with hate. The cards he had played had already done so much to her, and some of it might affect her even after the game was over. As a card floated up into her hand she knew she had to end things soon, before he could start playing cards that would let him actually fuck her. For she had no doubt the vile game had cards like that in it.


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