Poll Driven Story: “The Freeing of Otyx”

A couple of notes to keep in minds as we start this story: My intention is to be writing shortish quick paced entries with plenty of hot action. I want to keep the narrative simple and straight forward.

The big bad at the end of the dungeon is going to be one of the Corrupt perverse gods who has been imprisoned for many ages. As you can see by the title his name will be Otyx. Beyond that and his gender I am leaving open what he is the god of. It might be determined by a poll but more likely I’ll choose something that fits with the sexual choices made along the way because although he is imprisoned when the story begins his power will be influencing the dungeon and the land around it.

A cloaked female figure strolled down the forest path whistling happy and with a bounce in her step. She threw the hood of her traveling cloak back to reveal that she was a young, pretty, blue skinned Night Elf. Her features were narrow and pointed like most of her race, with her ears long and pointed and sticking out well past her long grayish-blue hair. Her cheeks had a slight purple hue to them and her full lips were light purple in tone.

Most striking, other than her youthful beauty, were the glowing tattoos on her face. They were angular, pointed lines that were etched into her skin. They glowed and pulsed with icy blue energy and her eyes also glowed with the same blue light, all a sign that she was a powerful elemental mage given to the study of ice and frost.

She was dressed as an adventurer, covered in gear with a short sword hanging from her hip and her mage staff in her hand. Even though she was currently using it as a walking stick the air around it was cool and hoar frost covered its length except where her dainty blue hand held it.

The Night Elf slowed as she approached a crossroads. Where the roads met there was a large stone in the center of the path. The rock jutted out of the ground and stood a foot taller than her. Carved into a large flat side was a twisting spiral and as she approached it began to glow with blue magical energy.

Once she was within reach of the stone she came to stop, still whistling happily. Words that glowed blue began to appear in the air, floating and bobbing before her. She read them nodding happily. The stone was warning her which way not to head for there was great danger nearby.

“Thanks, stone,” she said with a happy, pretty laugh that echoed through the forest. She then waved the floating words away and spoke to the stone. “But even though your warnings are dire I will not be heading them this day! For I, Ryvlull Thostrull the ice mage am in search of treasure and I know the dangerous dungeon ahead has yet to be looted!”

The glowing spiral on the stone sparked as if in response to her words and then the magic blue glow quickly faded, leaving only cool lightless stone behind. Soon she’d need to leave the well trod road to find the dungeon. She stopped, pulling out a folded map form her pocket. She unfolded it and turned it about till she was able to locate her surroundings.

Looking up she smiled. “Yes, just through there,” she said happily, pointing ahead. “Just a little further and then I can delve into this ancient dungeon and loot it of all its treasures!”

She thought back to how everyone at the adventurer’s guild had told her not to try and tackle this dungeon. They had said other adventurers more seasoned then her had tried and failed. She laughed at the thought. So what if she was inexperienced? She was one of the most naturally skilled and powerful ice mages that had graduated from the college of magic she had attended. She was confident that whatever monsters or traps guarded the treasures hidden in this dungeon would be no danger to her.

Turning form the road she pressed on, eager to reach her destination.


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