Poll Driven Story: “Never Underestimate a Wizard”

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He placed the card down on the table face up and turned so Emilee could read it with ease. For a moment she kept eye contact with the young man and the evil smile on his face as he stared across the table at her sent chills running down her spine. She broke eye contact and looked down at the card just as those nearest to the table pressed in to read the card as well.

Some who could see the card clearly began to chuckle. Others leaned in to those standing beside them and started whispering while others still talked at a normal conversational tone. Through it all two words were spoken more often than others: “breasts” and “milk”.

Emilee read the card then reread it as it started to glow with red energy. As the card glowed intensely she felt her chest start to tingle. The feeling intensified, filling the core of her small breasts with throbbing warmth. She wanted to reach up and grab her breasts protectively but she felt so many eyes on her and knew the nobles watching were looking for evidence of what the card said would happen to her. She refused to give them the satisfaction.

“What did the card do to her?” someone called out. “I can’t read the card from way back here!”

One of the closest party goers leaned over the table and started to paraphrase what the card said as he reread it. “The card is going to make the dumb Low Capatian’s breasts slowly start to grow and fill with milk! It also says eventually they will need to be drained, which will help shrink them down some but the milk will only start to build up back in her.”

Emilee’s face burnt. She hated having so many people talking about her breasts and could feel all of their eyes on her chest.

As if confirming this thought one of the nobles yelled out at her. “Oi! Dark hair, take your top off! We want to see your tiny little pathetic Low Capatian titties growing and filling with milk!!!”

She wanted to bark a threat at the man but knew she couldn’t, so instead she ignored him. She also tried to ignore the strange sensation in her small breasts but that was far harder to do. It was a burning, throbbing intensity that was leaving her breast flesh tender and sore. She was also aware of a tightness in her top that had not been there a minute ago. She could feel her breasts swelling as they filled with milk and knew that it wouldn’t be long before she’d have to do something about how tight her leather top was getting.

Her thoughts were interrupted when a floating card bumped into her hand. She blinked and looked down and saw that the card that had affected her breasts was now blank and sitting atop the discard pile while a new card was trying to push into her hand. She plucked it from the air and started reading her cards. She needed to win this game, and fast. And she needed to do it by playing as few cards as possible because every single one was going to make her cum.


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