Poll Driven Story: “Thee Rigged Wager” Ending

Here’s the end of this story. You can find it in its entirety HERE. Enjoy it while its up, as in a little bit I’ll be taking it down to include it in an Ebook.

Mason smiled. “Oh, someone you know. Someone you know very well. In fact, I think he should be arriving in just a moment.” The words hung in the air as he finished jerking off, staring at her huge breasts the whole time. When he finally came he pointed his cock down into the straw before her knees, his load landing mere inches away from her.

Loaen glared but said nothing, simply waiting for Mason’s master to arrive.

She didn’t have to wait long. A deep, boisterous voice suddenly called out to her. “Ah! The lovely, fat-titted Silver Elf that brought me such woe! How wonderful it is to see you defeated, stripped, and imprisoned by my men!”

Loaen turned, her heart pounding. She knew that voice. Her face twisted up in hatred as a fat middle aged man walked into sight. She knew him, knew his voice and knew his face. He looked almost exactly how he had looked the last time she saw him, although the clothing he wore was less decedent.

“Gervase Luckforth,” she snarled. “What rock did you crawl out from under?”

He tilted his head to the side and looked at her with humility on his face. “Why, the very rock you put me under. You remember, don’t you? I was one of the richest men in this land, a noble of the highest standings. I was able to use my money and influence to indulge in all kinds of wonderful perversions. But you and The Sisterhood put an end to all of that, didn’t you? You exposed me, exposed my private activities. Because of you I was stripped of all wealth and standing, cast out from proper society.

“The thing is,” he said, looking around the room, “I’ve found I fit in better with the low born scum I was forced to call my peers. I’ve not had to hide what I am from them. And it hasn’t taken me long to amass wealth and influence again, although I doubt I’ll ever be able to call myself a noble once more. But that’s okay, I find I like this life better.

“Some might even say I should thank you for helping me find a better life and all of these new friends. Some might say that but I won’t. I’d never thank you,” he said, turning and moving towards her quickly. His face was twisted up in hatred and he spat on her face. “I fucking despise you, you fat uddered Elf bitch! I’ve thought of nothing but having my revenge on you since the day you destroyed my life of comfort. And now I’ll have it, I’ll have sweet satisfying revenge AND it end with you helping re-earn the riches you caused to be stripped from me.”

Loaen leaned down and tried to wipe the spit on her face off onto her shoulder. “What are you talking about?” she demanded.

Gervase stood tall and stretched his arms out. “Look around you! All these fuck-cows, comely and soon their bellies will swell as will their breasts. You might not know this but there is no pussy like pregnant pussy. We’re going to fuck these women into madness and once they are all obedient little fuck-cows, only able to moo and drool for cock, we’ll take them all on the road, a traveling brothel full of pregnant fuck-cows! The novelty alone will ensure a steady flow of coin into our pockets.”

Her mouth fell open. “That’s…” She struggled to find a word. “That’s so vile it’s beyond words!”

The man shrugged. “Perhaps. But it’s their fate,” he stopped mid sentence and turned to her, “and yours as well.”

“No!” she gasped. “You can’t. I’d never—”

He lunged forward with unexpected speed. His hands shot out and he grabbed her nipples, pinching painfully tight and tugging up on her breasts.

She was a Silver Elf. That meant her breasts weren’t just over-sized but naturally sensitive to a degree the women of almost any other race would find unimaginable.  Loaen threw her head back and howled. She howled in pain and from forced pleasure, the violent pinch and tugs nearly making her cum.

The fat man let go of her nipples, watching with great joy as her huge heavy breasts plopped down and bounced prettily. “I’ve dreamed so much about what I would do to these tits of yours once I had you in my power.”

She was panting and still recovering from the abuse to her breasts, still she managed to look up, defiance burning in her eyes. “You are a sick, perverse monster that has given himself over to The Corruption. You will pay for your crimes!”

He laughed. “The Corruption? Ha! You Sisterhood sluts are so delusional. There is no dark sinister power corrupting Alaria. Sexual perversion just is. Those of us you claim are infected by this force are just acting out on the desires ALL men feel. And you women are no different, inside all of you is a needy cum hungry slut just waiting to be dominated by a man and his cock.”

LIES!” she snarled.

“Truth,” he replied calmly as he started to undress. As soon as he was naked he grabbed his cock, which was already rock hard, and pointed it at her. “Worship your new master, fuck-cow.”

Loaen glared at him, refusing to look at his dick.

“You can’t ignore your master,” he told her, taking a step closer and waving his cock before her face. “No? Still defiant? Well then, I suppose your new master will have to beat you for your disobedience.”

He then started smacking her in the face with his hard cock. He smacked her cheeks, her mouth, her nose, her forehead. He cock-slapped her over and over again, relentless meaty blows that made her shout and cry in humiliation. He stood, cock-slapping her till the mighty Silver Elf warrior was in tears from the abuse.

“Submit to my cock, fuck-cow,” he demanded.

Loaen sniffled back her tears and look up at him. She was trying to look defiant but she was failing. It was clear that she was already near the breaking point. She’d spent her life fighting against sexual perversion and now, surrounded by so much, she found herself overwhelmed by it. “I’ll never submit,” she said with a shaky voice.

“You will,” Gervase replied firmly. “You will because you are a Silver Elf and thus you have one major weakness. It’s why so many of you join the Sisterhood, deep down you know you need the protection of a chaste life less you give into your weakness.”

She knew exactly what the man was talking about. “You’re a vile pig of a man,” she muttered, arching her back and leaning forward, trying to hide her breasts.

Gervase grabbed a thick handful of the silver colored hair on the back of her head and jerked her head back. She yelped in pain then gasped as he stepped in closer, pressing his cock into her naked breasts. “No!” she begged. “Don’t, not that. Please don’t use my breasts in this way, as if they were my womanhood for you to fuck!”

“Yes,” he growled, pressing in closer to her body till his throbbing hard cock was wedged completely between her breasts. “I’m going to fuck your tits. I’m going to pound them till you cum over and over again because we both know they are sensitive enough for that to happen. I will titfuck you into submission.

“Look around you. You’ve seen my men fucking these other fuck-cows for days without stop. I’ve a mighty store of reinvigoration and healing potions. With their aid I’ll be able to fuck your fat udders for days without end. You WILL break. You WILL become a willing fuck-cow. And then I’ll impregnate you and I will take you and the rest of these fuck-cows on a tour of every land, a traveling brothel where the men of countless kingdoms and nations shall fuck you over and over again and all you’ll be able to do is moo in delight.”

Loaen didn’t have a response. She only had fear, intense fear because she knew his words would end up being true. There was no hope for her and she was doomed.


* * *


“So how did you get all your, uh, ‘fuck-cows’?” the farmer asked Mason.

The former adventurer smiled. “It’s a bit of a long story,” he replied. “The short version is I won them in a game. Of course, it was a rigged game so I knew from the start I’d have them all.”

The man nodded but it was clear he wasn’t really listening any more. He was rubbing at the visible erection in his pants as he stared at the enclosure that the traveling brothel had erected in the field on the side of the road into town.

Inside the enclosure were a large number of naked women. They were mostly Human but there were a few of other races, most notably a stunningly pretty blond High Elf and a Silver Elf with ridiculously huge breasts. They were all walking about on all fours like animals and each had on a leather collar with a big cow bell secured to it.

Men were gathered all around the enclosure. Attendants moved through the gathered crowd taking money from the men then letting them into the enclosure. Once inside the men would take their pants off and choose a woman and begin doing whatever he wanted to them. The women allowed it, most with happy enthusiasm on their faces. But instead of moaning in pleasure the women only mooed.

“What’s wrong with them all?” the farmer asked Mason.

“What do you mean?” he replied.

“Well… It ain’t normal, is it? I know whores are… Well, whores, but this ain’t normal even for them, is it? I thought they would be acting when I first heard about them but looking at them… Their eyes, it’s in their eyes. Vacant. Like they are less than a normal being. They remind me of real cows, you look at them and you can see they’ve got no soul.”

Mason shrugged. “They are fuck-cows.” It was the only reply he ever gave and the one his master had taught him to give. “So, kind ser, are you just looking today or do you want to pay to enter the pen? You can have any one of them, do whatever you want to them as long as you do no lasting harm.”

The farmer eagerly reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of coins. “Here. I’ve never been so hard, I have to go fuck one of them.” He started to move forward but stopped. “I can have any of them?”

“Oh yes,” Mason said with an eager nod. “But if you ask me I’d choose one of the two Elves. The High Elf there, she’s my favorite. I’m proud to say the baby in her huge belly, I put that there. And her tight Elf pussy, it’s only improved as her pregnancy has advanced. Most of them are going to give birth sometime in the next month or two but we plan to get them pregnant again as soon as possible. Fuck-cows should be knocked up. Besides, it makes their tits even bigger and more fun to play with. How they moo in delight when having their tits tugged or sucked on or even fucked!”

Mason watched the man as he entered the pen and undressed. He headed straight for the woman that had once been the owner of a brothel. He smiled, thinking back to the day he tricked her into playing the rigged game with him. She’d been so stupid. He even chuckled when he thought about the wager he’d put down. The pile of blue mage stones had won her over and she had never even discovered they had all been fakes.

He looked away from Lillenna the fuck-cow and saw the woman who had at one point been a mighty warrior of The Sisterhood. Loaen the fuck-cow was being fucked by a hulking Minotaur that helped run one of the nearby farms. The brute had seemed immeasurably pleased by the perversion of their traveling brothel, the idea of women turned into cows making his mighty cock hard. He’d come with his life savings and was happily spending every coin to fuck all day.

The Minotaur had one huge hand wrapped around the top of the Silver Elf’s head and held her in place as he pounded her from behind. Her huge pregnant belly hung down under her, her gigantic swollen breasts swinging widely as the beastly man savagely pounded her. She had a look of pure ecstasy on her face and was mooing loudly in delight.

“What a glorious sight, isn’t it?” Gervase Luckforth said as he walked up to Mason.

“It really is. You’re a man of true vision, it’s why I left the life as an adventurer to follow you.”

Gervase nodded. “It was my vision but you made it come true. And I’m glad you’re here with me. You don’t use your magic much anymore but it makes me feel safe knowing you could.”

“Turns out we didn’t need it,” Mason said, referring to the incident from the previous week.

“No, we didn’t. But when that group of Sisterhood troops approached I thought we would. I nearly shit myself when they said they had come looking for Loaen. But they didn’t recognize her, they were adamant no member of their organization could become what these women had become.”

“Dumb bitches,” Mason mumbled happily.

Both men leaned on the fence to the enclosure and stared happily at their fuck-cows. Each of them knew this was their happy ending and were not bothered in the slightest that it had come at the cost of a band ending for each of the women before them.

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