Poll Driven Story: “Never Underestimate a Wizard”

New entry. You can find the story in its current entirety HERE.

Slowly Garin put the card down on the table, face up. Still looking confused Emilee looked at the card, reaching out and turning it around so she could read the text more easily. As her eyes moved along the words they grew bigger and bigger.

She laughed nervously. “This is a joke, right?” she asked, looking up at Garin. “This is what the game is, some kind of jape at my expense?”

Garin’s face looked pale, as if all the blood had drained out of it. “I’m sorry, no, this is no jape. The deck’s magic is powerful and I assure you what the card says WILL happen.”

She laughed again. “No it won’t,” she declared confidently, looking back down at the card. “It says that every card I play for the rest of the game will…” She stopped and leaned in across the table and whispered to him so the few people nearby idly watching their game couldn’t hear her. “It says every card I play will make me cum.”

“The cards will do what they say,” Garin said seriously. “I’m sorry. Especially because it is your turn now.”

As soon as he said the last sentence the card he had played started to glow with red magical energy. A moment later the glowing energy shot out into Emilee. She shouted in alarm, pushing her chair back as she hopped out of her chair. “What did it do to me?!” she asked, scared and alarmed as the text on the card faded and it floated over to form a discard pile.

Garin just looked at her with sadness and pity on his face. “I told you. The card told you. It’s no jape. This… this artifact is apparently not what I thought it was. I’m starting to see why the merchant who sold it to me was so eager to be rid of it. Honestly, she seemed kind of scared. I just thought she knew what family I belonged to…”

“Riiiight,” Emilee said, sitting back and regaining her composure. It was a jape, a joke at her expense. It had to be. That or Garin had been the one to create the deck and being such a terrible wizard had messed the thing up. Yes, that was it, she was sure of it. And now that the text of the game was appearing all wrong he was telling a tale of buying the game from someone else so he would not be as embarrassed.

She was confident the game would soon be over. If Garin had created it as she now believed she figured its magic would falter and fail after a few more rounds of play. Happily she waited till the next card floated up into her hand. She barely paid attention to what the card did as she put it down.

As soon as the card was played down on the table it started to glow. Then two things happened at once. First, a bit of red energy was drained from Garin’s crystal, leaving it about nine tenths full. But Emilee barely noticed that because of the second thing that happened.

She yelped in alarm then moaned, grinding her thighs together and bending over the table as she moaned in pleasure and confusion. As soon as the card had begun to glow she had cum. It was a small orgasm, but it came so suddenly that it had a very strong effect on her.

Emilee was curled up into herself, her head pressed into the table and her whole body tight as the orgasm’s pleasure warmly flowed through her body. She was very aware of how loudly she was moaning and then aware of the few party goers that had been watching laughing and calling others over.

She sat up, her pretty face flushing brightly. She looked around and saw nobles gathering around the table, whispering and pointing and laughing at her.

“You see? The card made her CUM. Just like that,” a man said, snapping his fingers.

A woman laughed in response. “Really? Who would be stupid enough to agree to play a game with Garin Chevalier? Oh wait, look: black hair, tiny breasts. She’s a Low Capatian,” the woman said, speaking the words “Low Capatian” as if they were an insult that also explained her stupidity.

Others were gathering and chattering excitedly. “This should be good,” one woman said eagerly. “I always love to see those low born fools suffer.”

Another man stepped up to Garin and slapped him on the back. “Good work for once, boy! Show this dumb Low Capatian slut what she’s worth. Embarrass her, make her suffer! It will be the highlight of the season and everyone present will be telling this tale for years to come! Those who did not choose to attend your family’s party will regret it.”

Garin looked at the man with his mouth hanging open. He had never, not once, been the center of attention for any reason other than mockery. But here was a gathering crowd that was literally cheering him on to play his next card. He looked from the crowd to the cards in his hand than over to Emilee.

For a moment their eyes were locked.

The reality of this game, the implication of the first card played against her and what that meant the rest of the game would be, was settling on her mind. Her heart was racing and she was very aware of the ethereal chain keeping her at this table. There would be no escape, not till someone had won the game.

She stared into Garin’s eyes and she saw something change. He had seemed to sincerely feel terrible that the game was what it now appeared to be. She believed he hadn’t known. She believed he’d been as mortified as she was once she knew the card played against her did what it said.

But the sympathy he had felt for her was gone in an instant. She saw the moment in his eyes. Could see him thinking about the smiling, cheering crowd around him. She saw the exact moment the clumsy, unpopular noble decided being cruel to the one woman who had been kind to him would help improve his standing.

A smile tugged at the corner of his lips and the look on his face changed, ever so slightly. “It’s my turn,” he said, his voice full of eager malice. A card floated up into his hand and he looked down at it then looked back up at Emilee. “It’s my turn and I’m NOT sorry this time,” he told her as he started to play a card.


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