Poll Driven Story: “The Rigged Wager”

Another update! If you want to read the story in its current entirety you can go HERE.

“All magic, no matter how strong or ancient can be overpowered,” Loaen said, narrowing her eyes and looking at Mason with unrestrained hatred. “Your perversion will be put to an end this day.” Both figures rose slowly to their feet, staring each other down. Loaen held her ebony blade up, ready to deflect another magical attack.

Mason held his hands up, fire burning in swirling jets around them, but he did not attack. “You Sisterhood cunts really are stupid, you know that, don’t you?” he asked, punctuation the question with a cruel laugh.

“Your taunts mean nothing to me,” she replied, circling around him and slowly closing in.

“They should,” he quickly shot back. “Because I have the upper hand here. The Enchanted Duelist’s Deck will protect me from all harm. And although you are a great warrior I can already see the strain of the battle in your face. You must know that this ends with me triumphant. Save yourself some pain, lay down your weapon and surrender.”

“Never!” she snarled, lunging forward and swinging her sword at him. Again the red force field appeared, easily blunting her attack and sending her reeling back.

Mason unleashed the fire swirling in his hands. Jets of flame shot out and snaked around the ebony blade, wrenching the weapon from the Silver Elf’s hand and pulling it away from her. She screamed in alarm as the blade was thrown to the other side of the room, far out of reach.

Loaen hopped up onto her feet, drawing two smaller blades from her sides. “I can still fight you even without my ebony sword,” she declared but without the confidence that had formally been in her voice.

“You’re free to try,” Mason said, standing up straight and crossing his arms. “Come on then, warrior of the Sisterhood. Come make me pay for my perverse crimes.”

She screamed in rage and rushed forward but once again the force field popped into existence and prevented her from getting near to him.

As she stumbled back Mason threw both of his hands up, balls of fire bursting into existence in them that spun and swirled. Fire smoldered in his eyes as he muttered an arcane incantation and just as Loaen started to right herself jets of flame shot out from the ground around her, quickly reaching up and wrapping around her wrists and neck. She screamed in pain as the magical fire enveloped her flesh. The flame did not actually burn her skin but Loaen felt it was doing so. A moment later the fiery chains around her wrists and neck pulled her down onto her knees, pulling her arms out and down as her weapons dropped to the ground.

Mason took a step towards her, grinning wildly as the Silver Elf screamed and struggled in vain to break free. “Don’t you get it? This has all been a trap to ensnare someone like you. The deck was given to me by my master so that I could leave a trail of perversion and broken women behind, a trail the Sisterhood would pick up on. I let it be known this was where I was heading next, made sure I waited long enough for you to catch up to me hoping you’d arrive while the game was still being played.”

Loaen gritted her teeth as she winced in pain. “You’ll never get away with this! The Sisterhood will come and save me.”

Mason nodded. “Oh yes, of course they will. But they’ll have to find you first. If my master was able to orchestrate you stumbling into this rigged game don’t you think they will be prepared for anything else the Sisterhood sends our way?”

“Who is your master,” she demanded.

The fire mage raised a hand into the air then slowly tightened his fingers into a clenched fist. The flaming bindings around her tightened as he did this, causing her to scream again in pain. “You’ll find out. In time.” He paused and looked around. “But now I think the game is over. Don’t you agree?” he asked, looking at the deck.

The floating crystals flared with magical energy and sent a pulse of power rippling out through the room. Lillenna and all her whores convulsed and started to float up into the air, their eyes burning with red energy. Then, all at once, they all fell to their feet. For a moment they all stood in silence, unmoving. Then, slowly, they all turned to face Mason.

“You are all mine,” Mason declared, ecstatic joy on his face and in his voice.

In perfect unison they all replied. “Yes, Master. We are yours.”

Mason turned to look at the bound warrior struggling on the floor before him. “Even you, you huge uddered fuck-cow. At least that’s what you will be once the master has their way with you.”


* * *


The large room had once been a barn, a very big one. It wasn’t cattle that now filled the room, although the cruel men tending to the figures chained and bound about the place frequently called the women held captive there “fuck cows”.

All around the room women were chained. To the walls, the ceilings, to fence like bars that divided the room into smaller sections. Most of them were the whores that Mason had delivered to this place, although there had already been some women imprisoned there.

Many of the captive women had strange glassy eyes, some spell or potion leaving them stupefied and perpetually horny. The ones who still retained their full minds were mostly gagged, so their shouts and wails not work the other captives up.

Almost all of the chained women were being fucked, some by multiple men at once. Big, strong men that fucked these captive women all day and all night. As soon as one would grunt and unload his cum in one of the women another man would approach to take his place. Lines of captive women were bent over wooden bars, all of them being fucked from behind. Others stood chained to the center floor, big men holding them up by their asses or their waists, bouncing their bodies up and down their hard cocks.

Most of the men were naked. They moved form woman to woman, fucking till they had cum then going to a far corner were a pile of reinvigoration potions and refreshments sat on a large table. They’d have a drink of water or wine or ale, maybe eat a bite of bread or cheese, and then gulp down a potion. A moment later they would feel fully refreshed, their balls full and their cock’s hard again. Then they would return to the captive women, fucking more of them.

Only a few of the men walking through the room were not naked. These men wore black leather outfits and were armed with riding crops of small whips. They would frequently stop to whip or lash one of the defiant captive women till they were obedient. Other times they would stop and reprimand one of the men.

“What’ch ya do’n?” one of the leather clad men said to a naked.

The man was sitting on a stool, leaning back to rest on the wall of the barn behind him. His legs were spread open with a pretty, black haired Human kneeling between his legs. Her arms were tied behind her back and she was bent over, her face in his lap. He had hold of her head with both hands to hold it in place while he thrust up, pounding his hard cock up into her mouth over and over again.

“I said wat’cha do’n!” the leather clad man barked, slapping his riding crop onto the wall beside the man’s head.

He jumped in his seat, his cock pushing into the woman’s mouth and making her gag. “Didn’t see ya,” he replied, still fucking the woman’s face.

“Why ya do’n it that way? Won’t be able to get her pregnant cumming in her mouth. Don’t ya know that? Or is ya simple?”

The naked man rolled his eyes. “Aw, it’ll be fine. I already came in this one twice and as soon as I’m done I’ll just drink a potion and I can do it again. It’s just this one got’s such a pretty mouth, I just had to use it at least once. Side’s,” he added quickly as the man in leather started to raise his riding crop, “she might already be knocked up! We’ve been fucking them all for days now. How am I supposed to know she still needs cum? Cunts won’t start to show they are pregnant for a couple months, right?”

“Suppose so,” the man in leather mumbled. “Just make sure after this time you put your next few loads in their cunts. The master wants them all pregnant.”

The man started to move further through the room looking at the other women being fucked. He smiled and nodded. “That’s right, boys. You fuck their pussies and fill them with cum. We want ‘em all knocked up!”

He stopped to watch two men pressing in around a single woman. She was older with a thick build and was down on all fours, her hands and knees in the straw that covered the barn floor. Her large sagging breasts hung down below her body and swung wildly as the man behind her held her big fat ass and pounded into her as hard as he could.

Another naked man stood before her, one hand holding her hair. He had his hard cock in his other hand and was slapping her in the face. “Dumb ugly old whore,” he was snarling then laughing as he cock-slapped her again. “You’re an ugly bitch but you got big fat tits and a huge sexy ass. And your face, ugh! But damn you got really sexy cock-sucking lips. No wonder you was still a whore at your age.”

He slapped her in the face harder and she screamed, tears running down her face. “No more! Please, my pussy is so sore.”

The man simply cock-slapped her in the face harder and told her to be quiet. But the man in leather came up. “None of that,” he reprimanded the man cock-slapping her. “Don’t you remember the rules? The fuck-cows say they are sore you give them a reinvigoration potion or maybe a small draft of a healing draught. The master says we are to fuck them relentlessly but we are to keep them in good health.” He pulled a potion out of a pocket and poured some of the fluid down the woman’s throat.

A moment later all sign of discomfort was gone from her face. She began moaning along to the thrusts into her back side, her insides no longer raw and sore. Now there was only pleasure. But a few moment later she looked up at the man in leather. “Please,” she pleaded, then moaned in pleasure before continuing. “Please, I’m too old. I can’t get pregnant anymore! Tell them to stop.”

“Shut this slut up,” the man in leather said.

“Happily,” the other replied, stepping closer and ramming his cock into her mouth. He grabbed her head and held it in place while he savagely pounded her face, making her choke and gag.

“We ain’t do’n this just to knock all you whores up,” the man in leather said as the older woman was fucked from both ends. “The master wants you all pregnant but the energy you is giving off as you are fucked powers some magic of theirs.”

“Ain’t the only magic of the master’s,” the man fucking her face said, grunting in pleasure as he pulled his cock out of her mouth and came all over her face.

Her features twisted up in disgust then a moment later her eyes opened wide in shock. The cum all over her face started to glow with sparking red energy. It sizzled and started to dissolve, the magical energy forcing a powerful orgasm from her body. She had been about to scream in disgust and anger from her mistreatment but the scream became a howl of surprised, forced pleasure.

“Love the spell on these whores,” the man who had just cum said, letting go of the woman’s hair. “If the semen ain’t knocking them up it forces them to cum their dumb brains out!”

Not far from them, in the center of the room, a naked figure was chained down on her knees. She was the only woman in the room that none of the men approached which was surprising. She had a body that was all exaggerated curves, with breasts that seemed too big to be real. She was bound, naked, and vulnerable but it seemed her fate was simply to watch what was happening to the women around her.

Beside the woman Lillenna was standing, bent over forward before Mason. They were both naked and her backside was to him. Mason had hold of her wrists and held her up as he pounded into her, over and over again. Her large firm breasts flew wildly about. Her eyes were rolled up into her head and she was moaning and drooling in total sexual ecstasy.

The woman bound on the floor beside them glared up at Mason. “You vile bastards will never get away with this,” Loaen snarled.

Mason turned to look down at her. “Oh really? Look around Loaen, look at the faces of the women that were already here when I arrived with you all. Who do you see?”

The naked Silver Elf looked around, taking in the faces of the other captive women for the first time. She gasped, her head darting to look back at Mason. “I know them! They are members of the Sisterhood! But how?”

“Tricked just like you were,” he replied, grunting in pleasure as he slammed into Lillenna and came deep inside of her. He sighed in satisfaction and let go of her wrists. The nearly brainless High Elf collapsed to the floor, rolling over in the hay and spreading her legs. At once she started fingering herself, noisily squelching the cum dripping from her cunt-hole back into her.

Mason stretched then turned to face Loaen. His cock was dripping cum and slowly growing flaccid. But as he stared down at her, at her huge massive breasts, the sagging stopped and he started to grow hard again. “Those tits are truly a marvel,” he told her, reaching down and starting to stroke his cock. “They look to big to exist. Hell, if you were not a Silver Elf I doubt you’d be able to stand. They each must weigh… well, more than the fattest Halfling.”

She blushed in shame and tried to move her arms to cover her breasts, but the action did little to accomplish her goal. Even if her hands hadn’t been chained to the ground her hands and arms would only have been able to cover a small fraction of her huge breast’s full bulk.

“Why have none of you touched me?” she asked, defiant. “Am I to suffer by watching you fuck these poor women needlessly? And why do you need to impregnate them? What dark purpose does that serve!?”

“So many questions,” Mason mumbled, staring at her tits and jerking off. “Gods above I want your tits. But the master has said we are not to touch you, not even to cum on you. You are to be unspoiled when they arrive.”

Fear flashed over her face but was quickly replaced with anger. “And who is this master of yours? Why have they not shown themselves yet?”



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