Poll Driven Story: “The Rigged Wager”

New section! Looks like the story is continuing for now. If you’re looking for it in its current entirety you can find it HERE.

Grinning widely Mason returned to his seat. “I’ve as good as won,” he declared loudly to the room. The magically bound whores all around him wailed in despair.

As he sat his cards floated up into his hand and across from him Lillenna’s cards tried to do the same but the High Elf was too busy playing with her breasts. The cards started bumping into her face to try and get her attention but she simply ignored them.

“She’s too far gone,” he said, speaking to the stone box the cards had come from. “You’re going to have to finish the game for her. I know you can do it, I’ve seen it a few times now.” He looked up at Lillenna after he said this and smirked. “You’re not the first I’ve tricked with this game, although I’ve never seen it melt a woman’s mind so thoroughly. Truth now? The deck is rigged. As soon as you began the game you were doomed. It ONLY allows the owner to win.”

He paused and smiled at his opponent, watching her pinch and tweak her nipples and make herself cum what little must have been left of her mind away. “Although I suppose telling you at this point is a bit pointless, your mind is probably too far gone. Well, let’s get this game done so my ownership of you and all your whores can be official.”

Lillenna’s cards stopped colliding with her face. They shifted and floated down and took up a space in the air that made it look as though someone invisible was now playing the game. A new card floated up from the deck and joined the cards in the air. They were shuffled about and one was placed on the table.

It glowed as Mason read the words. “Oh my, what a terrible play! Really should have saved that card. Lose a turn for a bunch of energy back into your crystal? But it’s already full! Almost seems like you WANT to lose!” He then started laughing, wiping tears from his eyes as a new card floated up into his hand.

“Oh, look! Simply amazing I would draw THIS card now!” He put the new card down. It glowed and then four new cards floated up into his hand, giving him a full hand once again. “Your turn,” he said. “I wonder what card ‘you’ will play. Oh, that’s right, you played a card that gave up your next turn! So I suppose I get to play again.”

A new card floated up into his hand. “Hmmm…. Which to play? I know, THIS one.” He slammed the card down on the table. Magical energy blasted into the table, glowing cracks that burned red and almost shattered the piece of furniture. Both their crystals glowed and the energy in his started to slowly fill up while the energy in hers was nearly drained all the way out.

“Your turn, Lillenna. Better play something good, I think I’m one play away from winning.”

As soon as a card floated up to join those in the air before her one was played. It glowed and her nearly empty crustal refilled ever so slightly.

“Hmmm… I doubt that’s going to be enough. All I’m going to need to is—” Mason’s sentence was cut off as the doors to the brothel were thrown open loudly behind him. The violent bang made him jump and twist around, alarm on his face. “Who dares? The deck should have sealed the doors!”

Standing in the open door was an imposing figure. Tall and covered in red and white robes that were interwoven into heavy full body plate mail. The ornate armor was covered in glowing green gems that magical energy seemed to be seeping out of. It swirled around the figure, sparking and turning into a green mist that hung around their feet.

He blinked, recognizing at once that the figure standing at the door was a member of the Sisterhood of Righteousness, an all female order devoted to battling sexual perversion in all its forms.

The figure was unmistakably female. The form of her curvaceous body could be made out even through the heavy layers of ornate armor. This woman’s body was pleasingly thick yet her breasts made the rest of her body seem thin and narrow by comparison. Certainly her clothing and armor was constricting and maybe even hiding their true size, even so her breasts looked HUGE.

Mason suspected at once the race of the woman. When she reached her metal armored hands up and pulled the red hood that covered her face back he saw he was right. The woman had a beautiful but terribly fierce Elven face, with large pointed ears that stuck out of her shoulder-length silver colored hair.

“Silver Elf,” he said, narrowing his eyes. They were a rare sight in Alaria although hard to miss due to their almost comically over-sized breasts. But it was not their titanic breasts they were most known for. Silver Elves were perhaps the most naturally attuned of any race to all of Alaria’s various kinds of magic.

Most importantly they could sustain the presence of more magical power than most. Any one being could only handle so much raw magical power at once, making it so the most powerful artifacts would only be wielded by the most powerful beings. But this was no concern to a Silver Elf and the weapon strapped to her back proved it.

Behind her was a massive sword, the blade nearly as large as her body. It was jet black, made of ebony that glowed with power he could feel from across the room. The thing looked like it would take three men simply to lift but the imposing woman casually reached behind her and drew the massive blade with one hand.

The building shook as the power in the ebony blade came under her control. She glared at Mason and pointed the huge tip of the sword at him. “Mason Pennywise! I am Loaen Hothmoare, paladin of the Sisterhood of Righteousness. Long have I followed your trail, witnessing the perversions you have spread throughout many lands in Alaria.”

She turned slightly, pointing her weapon at the table behind him. “That cursed artifact, that Enchanted Duelist’s Deck, has been behind much of the perversion you have sowed through the world. It is a foul artifact seeped with The Corruption. The Sisterhood of Righteousness exists to protect Alaria and all who dwell here from the sinister, perverse power of The Corruption. It is our pledged duty to fight it and push back its creeping influence on this world.”

Mason looked frightened and all too aware of the fact he was naked and unarmed. He was also still chained to the table, the ethereal binding preventing him from moving more than a few paces from where he sat.

Loaen Hothmoare looked around the gambling hall, her pretty features twisting up with anger and hatred as she saw the naked women magically bound all around. “This place reeks of The Corruption,” she snarled. “I’ve no love for the women who choose the profession practiced in this establishment but even they do not deserve what that cursed item can do to them.”

She then looked Lillenna. The High Elf sat in her chair, moaning and drooling on herself as she kept playing with her breasts and making herself cum over and over again. “That poor woman must have been your opponent. I hope I’ve arrived in time to save her.”

Mason took a deep breath and stood, trying to look brave but not succeeding. “She was doomed the moment she agreed to play the game with me,” he said, his voice shaking from fear. “But I suppose you know that.”

The Silver Elf narrowed her eyes and she glared at Mason. “Oh yes, I know all about that thing behind you. I’ve come to make you pay for your crimes, but first I intend on destroying the Enchanted Duelist’s Deck so it will never harm another woman.”

“You can’t destroy it,” Mason declared, although he sounded far from certain. “Its magic is to powerful, to ancient.”

Loaen Hothmoare took a step forward, raising her massive ebony blade and wielding it with both hands. It throbbed with power that made Mason stumble back into the table. “its power is nothing compared to what is contained in my weapon. It will take only a single blow to shatter the cursed artifact and rend most of its power from it. Once weakened my power as a paladin will allow me to banish the thing for good from this world.” She started to move forward, green magical energy and mist swirling around and after her.

Mason threw himself between the woman and the cards on the table behind him, his eyes and hands igniting with flames. “You’ll have to get past me first,” he snarled, pulling a flaming hand back as a swirling fireball started to form in it. He threw the flaming ball at the paladin and it blasted towards her, growing larger and hotter with every inch it traveled through the air.

Loaen Hothmoare simply stepped to the side as she strode forward, swinging the blade of her massive sword up. The ebony blade sliced into the fireball as it neared her and the ball of fire turned into harmless wisps of black smoke.

“Your elemental magic is nothing to me,” she declared, roughly elbowing the naked man aside as she strode up to the table.

Mason landed on the ground, the wind knocked out of him. He looked up just as the paladin was lifting her huge weapon up into the air above her head. “NO!” he screamed, reaching out for the stone box and deck of cards on the table.

Loaen Hothmoare screamed in righteous fury and started to bring her blade down towards the table. It throbbed with so much power that the air around it shimmered and green lightning arced out towards the Enchanted Duelist’s Deck.

The magically bound whores in the room all screamed in joy through their gags. They were about to be saved. They could see it, feel it. The magic of the ebony blade and the paladin that wielded it was pressing the magic of the card game back. Their magic bindings started to spark and fade as her blade swung down. Lillenna blinked, letting go of her nipples. A hint of intelligence returned to her eyes.

For a few brief moments every pair of eyes in the room was on the blade and everyone was certain the magic of the Enchanted Duelist’s deck was about to be shattered. But as the arcing green bolts of magical lightning neared the components of the artifact there was a flash of red. A crackling force field made of red magical energy popped into existence around the table. The green lighting hit it and the field seemed to suck the energy up. A moment later Loaen’s ebony blade swung down into it and there was an explosion of powerful magic meeting powerful magic.

The blast sent nearly everyone in the room reeling back from the table. Mason and Lillenna flew back, the red ethereal chain on their legs preventing them from going very far. Loaen Hothmoare was knocked back onto her ass, her ebony sword flying from her hand and clattering onto the ground. “Impossible,” she snarled, already scrambling to retrieve her weapon.

Mason didn’t bother to try and get to his feet. He simple pressed himself up on one arm and reached out with his other towards the Silver Elf. A huge jet of flame shot out towards the paladin. She rolled, snarling in anger as she grabbed her huge sword and swung it up, a blast of magic blunting the flaming attack.

She leapt to her feet, thrusting the huge blade towards Mason. He tried to roll out of the way, throwing his arms up and summing a wall of flame around himself that should have prevented anything from nearing his body. But the ebony blade’s magic was far stronger than his and the flames simply parted, allowing it and the woman holding the weapon through without even as much as a singe to the billowing red robes extending from her armor.

There was a moment where the Silver Elf wore an expression of joy and triumph. Her blade was about to plunge into Mason and cut him in half. Once he was taken care of she’d be able to turn all her attention to the Enchanted Duelist’s Deck.

But the artifact had other plans. Its magic protected those playing it from all harm it did not itself inflict on them. The tip of her blade was mere inches before Mason’s chest when the shimmering red force field reappeared. As soon as the ebony blade met it there was another blast of energy that sent her flying back once more.

Mason yelped in joy, reaching up to place a hand on his chest were the blade would have impaled him. He laughed, sounding slightly insane. “You can’t hurt me!” he shouted, his flaming eyes wild. “The deck won’t allow it!”


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