Poll Driven Story: “The Rigged Wager”

Another entry! You can find the story in its current entirety HERE.

“You’ll resist me to the very end?” he asked, looking more amused than annoyed. “Well then I suppose that means dragging the game out won’t really be all that entertaining. I suppose it’s time to end things but I won’t really be able to beat you at a card game till you’re MUCH dumber. And that is going to mean making you cum like crazy.”

Lillenna glared up at him. He was going to fuck her tits, she knew it. It would make her cum enough to leave her significantly dumber. By the time she took her next turn she’d be so dumb she’d start making mistakes and losing points. At least that was what she thought. In reality she was underestimating her opponent’s cruelty.

He grabbed both of her breasts, squeezing them in tightly together. The sudden firm squeezing was more than enough to startle an orgasm from her. She yelped in pleasure and discomfort, her muscles tightening and rebelling at not being able to move as she came.

She expected him to press up against her body and slide his cock between her breasts but that wasn’t what he did. Instead he continued pressing her breasts tighter together, mashing her nipples in towards each other till they were touching. She gritted her teeth as he started rubbing her the buds of her nipples together, convulsing as it made her cum a second time.

“What are you doing?” she said between gasps and moans. She could already feel what the orgasms were doing to her body, how they clouded her mind making her thoughts slow and filled her with a throbbing desire to let him do even more sexual things to her. After the fourth orgasm she was beginning to crave the abuse.

“I’m making sure that by the time I cum and you can take your next turn you’ll be too dumb to read your cards,” he said, happily continuing to rub her overly sensitive nipples together.

She moaned and came. Her nipples started to feel rubbed raw but the new sensation of pain only made her cum harder. Her body shook desperately wanting to curl up as orgasm after orgasm flowed in pleasurable waves through her but the card affecting her kept her locked in place. Her moans were becoming a steady howl that was a perfect mix of discomfort and pleasure. She suffered through orgasm after orgasm and soon it was just too much. She could feel it melting her mind, feel herself wanting the next orgasm more badly, eager for it to melt her mind further.

Finally he did move closer to her body, pressing his hard cock up against her tits. He kept tight hold of her breasts, keeping them mashed together, but used his thumbs to grab his cockhead and press it up against her nipples. His cockhead was oozing precum and soon the fleshy little nubs were slimly covered with the stuff.

The sensation of his cockhead being pressed between her nipples only made Lillenna cum more and her orgasms grew even more intense as he started pressing into her tits, his throbbing cockhead pushing her nipples apart. He pressed his shaft only an inch or two into her pressed flesh, using his thumbs to grind the tips of her nipples against his fleshy throbbing rod. A moment later his hips were thrusting. He was only slightly fucking her tits, mostly he was just fucking her nipples.

Lillenna was howling in delight, tears streaming from her eyes. Her brain felt muggy and trying to think felt like moving through molasses. Before long all she could think about was cumming and then cumming again. Sexual pleasure was all that mattered in the world. The simple joy sexual delight brought quickly becoming all her mind could understand.

Mason could see the intelligence draining from her. See it in her expression, hear it in her moans and gasps. But mostly he saw it in her eyes. With each orgasm they became more glazed over, more bovine in the way they looked at the world around them. He reveled in nipple fucking the intelligence from the beautiful High Elf and he saw her turn from a powerful, intelligent and independent woman into a nearly mindless sex crazed slut. Seeing this he came, pressing his cock into her magnificent breasts and ejaculating a messy load of cum into them.

He stumbled back, nearly falling over. He’d cum hard and it had left him incredibly drained. After righting himself on a nearby table he looked at Lillenna. Her body was no longer locked in place but she was barely moving. She sat hunched forward, her hands on her cum covered breasts as she pinched and teased her own nipples. She was making herself cum now, ensuring she grew ever more brainless and hopelessly horny.


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