Poll Driven Story: “The Rigged Wager”

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Lillenna read through the text on all of her cards, growing frustrated that none of them had any of the drastic reality bending affects like those her opponent was playing on her. She also became horrified when she realized she had to struggle to read a few of the larger words.

I just have to get this damned game over as soon as possible, she thought. Then she reminded herself it only FELT like she was losing. Her crystal was still full of red energy while his was half empty. The sexually depraved cards he was playing were humiliating but they were just a distraction. As long as he kept playing those kinds of cards he’d keep losing.

As all of these thoughts ran through her head the muscles in her right arm twitched. She could feel the enchanted game urging her to play a card and the longer her turn took the more compelled to finish it she felt. Finally with a grunt of annoyance she picked a card and put it down on the table, hoping it would be as helpful as it seemed.

Mason’s cards tugged out of his hand, jerking out to float above the card she had just played on the table. “What is this?” he demanded, looking shocked something bad was happening to him in this game.

“I’m trying to keep you from doing anything else distasteful to me,” she said, glaring defiantly at him. She had to look away almost immediately. He was still naked and his body was incredibly attractive for a Human. He had firmly sculpted chest muscles that made her want the foul man inside of her. She cursed under her breath, scared that even if she won the game she’d soon give in to the urge to fuck and be left dumber and hornier. Even if she won Mason might end up having bested her.

Mason’s cards floated in the air then began to shuffle themselves. At the same time red energy started to flow from his crystal into them, draining a little bit more out of it. Then, the cards freshly shuffled, those on the top started to flip over and float to the discard pile. As they did so the text on their faces was wiped clean.

“My cards! You foul Elf bitch,” he snarled. “There were so many deliciously perverse cards there!” As he berated her the cards continued to flip over and get discarded until only a single one remained. It then floated back into his hand.

He sat, staring at it. “Ugh,” he groaned, furrowing his brow. “I didn’t want to play this one. Felt boring…” He looked up and waiting for the deck to give him a new card as his turn began. He quickly read it after it floated into his hand and he was left looking even grumpier.

“Sometimes I think this game has a mind of its own,” Mason started to say sulkily. “No two games are ever the same and there are times that it feels the cards given out are chosen by committee while other times the deck seems to have a particular obsession.”

He held up his new card and looked from it to Lillenna. “You know what it gave me this turn? Another card that would affect those glorious breasts of yours. I admit, a big part of the reason I started the game was to get some quality time with them but I’m ready to be giving other parts of your body attention. We’re how many rounds in and you’re topless but you’ve still got that skimpy little bottom on. I’m ready for some Elf pussy or maybe even some Elf ass!”

Lillenna simply glared. In any other situation if a man had spoken to her this way he’d be a pile of smoldering ash. She felt the mana held in her body flowing towards her hands. A moment later her hands were heating and they had started to glow with blue magically energy that steamed as she instinctively readied a deadly spell.

Mason looked at her hands and chuckled. “Would be a waste of mana,” he smirked. “Try it if you want. Send a great big fireball or blast of ice my way. The game will make the spell fizzle out before it can reach me or any of the cards.”

“I thought as much,” she said through gritted teeth, willing the magical energy to flow back into her body as she stopped casting the spell. “What about your other card?” she asked, changing the subject.

“What?” he asked, confused for a moment. “Oh! Yes, I suppose that would interest you. If I’m not interested in playing this breast centered card then that leaves me only one other choice, doesn’t it? I’ve had this one for a while.” He looked down and reread the card. “I never gave it much thought, so many more exciting cards. But now that I give it a closer look I suppose it could lead to a lot of fun. Yes, I’ll play it.”

As he started to play the card Lillenna put her own cards down. She put her hands down on her chair besides her legs, gripping the edge of her seat. She took a deep breath, bracing herself for whatever was about to happen to her.

Her chest rose all the way and left her large firm breasts pressed out just as Mason put his card down on the table. A blast of magic shot out form the card at her, slamming into her body. Instantly she felt an icy coldness spread through her entire body, locking her muscles in place. Her body was frozen, her hands gripping the chair and her chest pressed out.

She started to scream in alarm expecting not to be able to but her mouth opened slightly and the sound of alarm and anger came out of her. Her body was locked in place but it seemed she could still move her mouth enough to talk and was also able to move her eyes. Quickly she looked down to try and read the card but its text was already gone.

“What did you do this time?” she asked. A very large part of her didn’t want to know. But NOT knowing would be worse.

He pushed his chair back and stood up just as the card shot a small blast of energy at him. Mason inhaled deeply as the magic flowed into him, looking as if it had left him refreshed. He smiled at her, making eye contact, then looking down. “The card is so helpful,” he said, staring at his crotch.

Her eyes darted down and saw that his cock was rock hard even though he’d only gotten off a few minutes before. She quickly forced herself to look away, painfully aware of how much the sight of his hard member excited her.

“I can’t take my turn if I can’t move,” she said, glaring at him. “I thought the game wanted us to finish it.”

“Oh, it does. But it doesn’t mind fun being had along the way.” As he spoke he grabbed his cock, holding it up as if he were wielding a weapon. He started walking around the table, the red ethereal chain attached to his ankle growing longer to allow him to approach her. “You’ll be unable to move till I get off. Had the game not refreshed my body that might have taken some time, I’m not as young and virile as I once was and as glorious as your body is I doubt I could have gotten hard and gotten off again so soon. But now my balls are full and my cock is hard and I feel driven to cum.”

As he neared her he stopped, barely an arm’s reach away from her. She couldn’t turn to face him and could only see him out of the side of her eyes. She had to strain to make out clearly what he was doing. He seemed to be waving his cock at her, grinning evilly.

“So how should I go about getting off so you can take your next turn? I suppose I could stand here and jerk off in your face. I’d enjoy seeing your expression as I blast a huge load of cum into your eye. Or maybe I should jerk off and cum all over those firm, pretty tits of yours? Everyone knows tits are more beautiful covered in cum.”

He paused, turning away from her. “Or maybe I should go use one of your whores. So many are bound bent over ready to be entered and used as a living cum dump.” The whores nearest him started making angry muffled sounds through their magical gags. “Sounds like they don’t much like the idea but I bet you do. If I’m using them then I’m not using you.”

Lillenna remained quiet, not wanting to respond to any of his sexually humiliating suggestions. She knew that was what he wanted and suspected that the first thing she objected to was what he’d end up doing.

Mason turned back around, taking a step closer to her. “Of course I could just take the easy way since it seems to be what the deck wants.” He moved even closer, holding his cock out before him and gently touching the side of one of her breasts. She moaned in pleasure just form the slight contact.

“If I used my cock to play with your tits some more I’d surely get off before long. Of course, so would you. And then you’d be just a bit dumber, a bit hornier.” As he spoke he started rubbing his cockhead into her firm breast, sliding it from side to side and tipping it up to rub the underside on her.

He grabbed the back of her chair with his free hand and started to turn the chair so that she was facing him. She was unable to move, unable to do anything to prevent him from turning her. As her body was rotated he kept rubbing his cock on her tit, sliding the tip down towards her nipple. He rubbed around her areola, slimy precum now leaking out and leaving a wet trail on her skin.

She was panting, her core swelling as she neared climax from the simple rubbing of his cock on her overly sensitive breast. “Don’t,” she gasped, nearly cumming. Thankfully he pulled away, grinning at her.

“Don’t what?” he asked, his tone mocking. “Don’t rub my cock all over your big firm tits? Don’t use them to get off? Why? Cause you know it will make you cum your pretty Elf brain away? That each orgasm turns into more of a bimbo? That if you cum too much you’ll be left a bigger slut then your most hopeless whore?”

“Yes,” she said quickly. Her voice was frantic and she sounded unhinged. She continued talking, so fast he barely understood her. “Please, just get off some other way! Fuck one of my whores. Hell, fuck every one of them! Use my mouth, my pussy, my asshole! Just please, don’t touch my breasts anymore!!!”

“So you are saying the very last thing you would want me to do is grab those big firm tits and pound the living shit out of them till I cum?”

She yelped in fear at his words. “By all the gods, PLEASE not that! It will destroy me!!!”

“But you are doomed,” he said coolly. “You don’t realize it but you are. You’re not going to win and even if you do you’ll be left so altered it won’t matter. You’ll never be the woman you were before you agreed to this game. Embrace your downfall. Beg for me to fuck your tits and I’ll end this game sooner than later.”

Her eyes darted from side to side, wild and full of fear and confusion. What was he saying? Was this game rigged? No, it couldn’t be! But it would explain a lot… Explain his willingness to bet such a fortune. Explain why everything seemed to favor his pleasure and that even though he was losing the game he acted not at all concerned by the score.

She was starting to panic, her mind racing back over the day’s events. She cursed that the orgasms she’d already suffered had left her brain feeling so sluggish. Then her heart stopped. She recalled the specific words Mason had used when beginning the game.

“I, Mason Pennywise, enter into this game of my own free will. Win or lose my opponent will lay claim to all the blue mage stones on the table. Should I win then my opponent shall become my complete and total sexual slave.”

She had been so distracted by the pile of blue mage stones she had only half listened to his words. If he won she would become his “total sexual slave”. At the time she had not really paid attention to the word “total”. She’d not just be his sexual slave for a night. Knowing what the game allowed him to do to her she realized that wouldn’t have been much of a reward if he won. But to become his total sexual slave? The implication was that she’d be enthralled to him for the rest of her life. And then it wouldn’t matter if she had the gems even if he won. She would be his property, his slave. What she owned would be his.

If her body hadn’t been locked in place she’d have slumped limply to the floor in despair. She was doomed! Or was she? He hadn’t come right out and said the game was rigged. He was only implying it. Perhaps he was merely trying to throw her off her game, perhaps she still had a chance.

“I will embrace nothing,” she snarled, feeling a surge of fresh determination. “I won’t beg or plead. I can’t stop you, do whatever you want to my body. Use my breasts if that’s what you desire. But you’ll not get the satisfaction of my verbal surrender to you. You’re a villain, a monster! I’ll resist you till the very end and should I win I will ensure you suffer for every moment of the rest of your pathetic Human life.”


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