Poll Driven Story: “The Rigged Wager”

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“Which to choose,” Mason muttered to himself, looking over his cards. An evil, cruel smile tugged at his lips as he started to pull one of the cards out. “This one, I think.” He flipped it over and placed it on the table, turning it around and sliding it towards Lillenna.

The card was already glowing with arcane power as her eyes moved to begin reading it. The words written on the card seemed to shift and blur, quickly growing harder and harder to read.

“Card is so… dif- Uh…. Hard to re- No, what’s the word? When you look at little letters and make them into words in your… your… brain?” She furrowed her brow, looking up from the card with confusion. “What wrong with brain?” she asked, her voice slow and halting as if remembering the words she wanted to use was nearly beyond her.

Mason pushed his chair back, setting his cards on the table and rising to his feet. “Having a hard time thinking straight, aren’t you?”

“Uh……” Lillenna looked at him, her eyes large and seemingly devoid of almost all intelligence. “Brain no work right! What bad man do?”

“He played a card that has stupefied you,” he told her, starting to take his clothing off. “You are going to have the intellect of an idiot until you’ve swallowed a full load of cum.”

“Cum?” she asked. “Cumming bad. Make me dumb! No want be dumb.”

Mason laughed as he undressed down to his underwear. “No, not you cumming, you eating MY cum. You know, my semen. And you’re already dumb thanks to the card I just played.”

“Oh!” Lillenna said, her face lighting up. “Yes, me want cum! Drink it, eat it, make brain no hurt no more!”

“So you are hungry for my cum?” he asked her, pausing as he started to take his underwear off.

The stupefied High Elf nodded eagerly. “Need bad man’s cum. Need eat it, swallow it all down!”

“So you’re going to need this?” he asked, tugging his underwear down. His cock was already hard and as the garment was tugged down past it the rod of man-flesh popped up into view.

Lillenna’s eyes bugged out of her head and she leaned towards him, opening her mouth and letting her tongue fall stupidly out of her mouth as she stared at his hard member. “Cooooooooock,” she moaned, starting to drool on herself. “Need cock!”

Mason, now naked, walked around the table towards her. All around him the magically chained and gagged whores started to moan and try to scream at him. None of their muffled words were clear but Mason understood their meaning.

He paused and looked out at them. “You don’t want me getting nearer to your precious Madam, do you?” Almost all of them began to shake their heads from side to side and moan angrily at him. “I wonder, are you concerned for her well being or are you all just worried anything I do to her will lead to all of your enslavement?” They all began to moan and shout muffled words of rage through their gags. “You know what? I don’t really care. You are, after all, just whores. And soon you’ll all be mine!”

Mason then turned and continued walking towards Lillenna. She was slouched forward in her chair, turned slightly as she stared at Mason’s hard cock. Her head moved up and down as she watched his dick bobbing with each step as he walked up to her. “Duuuuuuuuuh,” she said, drooling down onto her breasts. “Bad man give me cock now? Give me cum?”

“You mean you want this?” he asked, grabbing his cock by the base and lifting it up then starting to wave it in the air before the High Elf.

She panted like an animal and bounced with excitement in her chair. “Yes! Cock! Give cock! Me want it bad!”

Lillenna started to lean forward, opening her mouth as she neared his dick. Mason took a step back, moving his cock out of reach. She leaned as far forward as she could and started to whine. She wanted his cock so bad. All she’d need to do was get up out of the chair to reach it but she was so stupefied that thought didn’t even occur to her.

“Beg for it,” he said, cruel delight in every syllable of the words he purred out.

“Need cock,” she whined, staring at it as if transfixed. “Please, bad man, please give hard cock to me! Need to suck it, need to get cum out of bad man’s balls!”

“How pathetic you are, drooling on your tits and begging for my cock. But you know what brings me the most pleasure? As soon as I give it to you your mind is going to clear so you can take your next turn. But you’re going to remember every moment of this. You’ll have a crystal clear memory of being too dumb to think straight and that will help you understand what too many orgasms is going to do to your mind. Then there is how deliciously humiliating this all is for you. Oh, you can’t understand that now but once you gulp down my cum you will!”

She simply continued to stare at his cock, whimpering in desire.

“I want to hear you beg for it again,” he told her, moving half a step closer.

Her eyes grew large as his cock came nearer to her face but it now seemed she was so dumb that forming words was beyond her. She drooled and moaned stupidly, begging for his cock with her eyes and half open mouth.

Mason moved closer, waving his cock in her face. “You want this?” he asked. She nodded and moved to take it in her mouth but he pulled it away. “No,” he said firmly. “Not yet. Let’s get you properly warmed up first.”

Lillenna’s only response was to moan and drool more on herself.

“Look at all this slippery spit you’ve helpfully drooled all over your tits,” Mason said as he stepped up close to her. He pointed his cock at one of her tits and pressed his cockhead down into its fleshy bulk. “God’s be praised, such firm fucking titties you have,” he moaned as he started to rub his cockhead around on and into her tit, the spit lubricating the movement. Lillenna moaned in pleasure and rubbed her thighs together.

He slid his cock down the bulk of her tit till he reached her nipple. The pretty little nub was engorged and hard. He started rubbing his cockhead around and over it. Mason had dragged some of her spit down to the nipple but now his cockhead was leaking a steady flow of sticky precum that was being rubbed all over her nipple.

Her nipples were so sensitive that this was enough to make her eyes roll up into her head as she began to cum. She shuddered and moaned and more drool poured wetly out of her open mouth.

Mason chuckled as he kept rubbing his cockhead on her nipple. “Uh oh Lillenna, looks like you came! Shame, now even after you have my cum you’re not going to be able to return to your full intelligence. I like the thought of that so let’s see if we can make you cum a few more times…”

He moved in closer till the underside of his cock was pressed up against her breast. He no longer needed to hold it and instead started moving his hips, humping the side of her tit. At the same time he grabbed her other breast with both hands, massaging, groping, tugging, and squeezing it. Lillenna moaned louder as she came a second time.

Mason was cackling with evil delight. As he kept humping the breast closest to him he let go of her other tit. He grabbed her body and started to turn her to face him, letting his cock slide sideways across her tit till it fell into the fleshy canyon between both her breasts.

“You still want my cum?” he asked her.

Her head lolled stupidly form side to side and she moaned and drooled, barely able to understand the world around her. Yet she managed to mumble something that sounded a lot like a “yes”.

“Good. I want you to grab these big firm tits of yours and press them around my cock. I want to fuck your tits before I cum in that pretty mouth of yours.” Lillenna adjusted her body and reached up to press her breasts in around his hard cock. “Tighter,” Mason barked as he started humping her chest, “and lean down and drool some more into your tits, I need plenty of lube.”

She did as he said and as soon as the added spit had oozed down between her breasts he started thrusting hard, the movements now silky smooth. The sounds of her gasps of pleasure made Mason grin with delight and he responded to the sound by fucking her tits harder. Before long he had hold of her shoulders and was pounding her breasts with savage abandon.

Lillenna shuddered and moaned. Her eyes rolled so far up into her head only the whites of her eyes remained. She had multiple orgasms tit-pounded out of her.

“Almost there,” Mason groaned, slapping her hands away from her breasts. His cock bounced up form between her tits and he grabbed it quickly with one hand, jerking it off while he reached up and grabbed the back of her head with his other hand. He roughly pulled her forward and down as he stood up on his toes and jammed his cock into her mouth just as he started to cum.

The High Elf moaned in delight as she started swallowing every drop of cum shooting into her mouth. Mason released a big load in her mouth, big enough that she had to swallow a few times to get it all down. With each swallow a little more intelligence returned to her eyes. By the time she swallowed the last of it she was mostly back to normal.

Her brows lowered and tightened and she glared up at Mason. She growled, his cock still in her mouth. A moment later her hands were in the air, glowing with blue energy that sent the man flying back away from her.

The magical was strong enough to have sent him flying through walls but the ethereal red chain running from his ankle to the table stopped him. For a moment he hung in the air then the chain pulled him back, slamming the naked man into his chair. He laughed nervously. “Holy shitballs! So glad this game stops you from doing any real harm to me. That blast might have killed me!”

Lillenna just glared at him, wiping as much drool form her chin and tits as she could with the back of her hand. He had been right: she remembered everything with painful clarity. What he had done to her had been incredibly humiliating and the worst part was her temporary stupefaction only served as a taste of what she might become if she didn’t keep from cumming to much.

Six times, she thought bitterly. The bastard made me cum six times through that all. She could already feel how it was affecting her. Her mind still had a fierce intellect fueling it but there was now a sluggishness to her thoughts, like a weight on her mind that slowed all her ideas that her mind tried summon. And she was aware of a strange undeniable sexual craving deep in her core. She was horny and she could tell that the level of sexual desire she felt would now be a constant for the rest of her life. This was where she’d start, arousal would only make it worse.

“Well, Madam Lillenna, now that your mind is mostly back to normal I think it’s time you take your turn,” Mason said, grinning at her happily.

A card floated up from the deck and joined her cards on the table where they had been dropped earlier. They all floated up into her hand, their magic pulling at her mind and pushing her to make her next play.


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