Poll Driven Story: “The rigged Wager”

A new round! Also from this point I’m going to be taking out options that no longer make sense narrative AND taking out the least voted options. I’ll probably still be adding two or three new options each time a poll comes up, but hopefully this will slowly start narrowing the story into more sex and start moving it towards the end game.

If you want to read the story in its entirety you can find it HERE.

As Lillenna started to move her cards about in her hand Mason could see the added pressure already affecting her. She was beginning to sweat and her face had lost the calm composure that he’d always seen on it. She placed a card down that lowered a little bit more of the energy from Mason’s crystal but did nothing else.

“You’re turn,” she practically growled at him. “Your crystal is now half empty and mine is full. You’re going to lose.” She was trying to sound confident but he could hear the worry in her voice. She’d seen how unpredictable the game was and knew anything could still happen.

A new card floated up into Mason’s hand and he smiled across at his opponent as he tucked it into his other cards, pull up one that had already been in his hand. “I’ve actually had this one since the first turn but I held back on playing it. But as you’ve pointed out I’m losing. I think I need a little help.”

He placed the card on the table. It glowed, the magical energy from it stretching out towards Lillenna. She gritted her teeth as the energy entered her body, feeling something inside of her changed but not knowing what.

“What did it do to me?” she demanded, refusing to look down and read the card. The card’s surface had already been wiped blank and a moment later it floated over to the discard pile.

“Potentially nothing,” Mason said as a new car floated into his hand. “But most likely quite a bit. From now on every time you have an orgasm you’re going to find yourself a little more horny and little less smart.”

She furrowed her brow. “And when this foul game is ended I will return to normal?”

“What?” he asked, looking confused then he laughed. “Oh, no, win or lose this is something that will affect you the rest of your life! From now till the day you are buried every single orgasm will make you a little more hopelessly slutty at all times and a little less intelligent. It’s wonderfully devious, isn’t it? Every time you cum you’ll become sluttier and dumber which will only make you want to fuck and cum more which will only make you even DUMBER and sex crazed. I imagine that before long you’ll become little more than drooling cock hungry slut, barely able to form words and always wanting to get off.”

Her jaw fell open and she stared at him, horror on her pretty face.

He simply smirked. “I suppose if you can live the rest of your life only getting off only a few more times you MIGHT be able to avoid becoming a dumb sex crazed bimbo. Perhaps that’s even something you could accomplish with as unwilling as you are to spread your legs. But first you have to win the game and do so without cumming too much.”

Mason paused and looked down at his cards. “My, such choices I have!” He looked back up at her. “I’ve six cards in my hand right now. How many will lead to you cumming and getting just a little dumber, just a little more horny at all times?”

Her face was a mixture of fear and anger. She didn’t speak. She simply sat, breathing heavily, waiting to see what his next card did to her.


Choose up to 12 options from this poll:

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