Poll Driven Story: “The Rigged Wager”

A new round! You can find the story in its current entirety HERE.

A card floated up into his hand and he smiled. “Things seem to be looking good for you,” he said, staring happily at his new card. “Your crystal is full and mine is nearly half empty. I’m sure you are feeling very confident.” He looked up at her. “Are you confident you’ll win?”

She glared at him. The truth was her confidence had been shaken by what the magical card game had already done to her but she refused to let that show on her face. “I am confident,” she declared, hoping the lie was as apparent as she felt it sounded. “I’ll win. The blue mage stones will be mine and I’ll make you pay for the indignities you and this game have made me suffer.”

Mason nodded. “I see. Well, since you are so confident why don’t we up the stakes?”

She furrowed her brow and felt apprehension as he picked a card from his hand and tossed it out onto the table. How could the stakes of the game get higher than they already were for him? He had a fortune that could buy an empire on the line, one he was guaranteed to lose. What else could he possibly have to offer? The answer was obvious and she realized it a moment later. His stakes weren’t being raised, hers were.

The card he tossed down started glowing so brightly she was unable to read the text on it. The brightness increased, causing her to throw her arms up and block out the blinding light.

Suddenly screams started sounding from all around her. She threw her arms back down and forced herself to open her eyes. The bright light was gone and now ethereal red chains made of pure magic were erupting out from the card, snaking quickly out all around the room.

Lillenna looked around and saw the snaking chains chasing after her whores, whipping at them and wrapping around their wrists and necks and ankles, magic shackles appearing where they were grabbed. As each whore was captured any clothing they wore dissolved and they were dragged, many screaming and clawing at the ground or furniture around them, towards the two players.

“What have you done!” Lillenna screamed as she saw all of her girls gathering around them.

Some had their arms pulled and bound behind their backs before the magic chains hoisted them up into the air, leaving them hanging from the ceiling. Many were left bound in sexually suggestive positions while others were simply bound upside down, their bodies slowly rotating around as the whores screamed helplessly.

Others were magically lashed and chained to the walls, while some were pulled down onto their knees. Many of those on their knees had their hands secured up above their heads, their wrists chained tightly to the ceiling. She saw one of her whores, a pretty Dwarf with huge breasts, wailing in pain. Two of the magical chains had erupted from the ground and shot to her nipples, piercing them with bars made of magical energy. The chain had secured to the edges of the bars pierced through her nipples then tightened, pulling her large tits painfully down.

“Help! Please, Madam Lillenna, save us!” The whores screamed and pleaded but the cacophony of helpless wails quickly began to die down. Magic gags began to form in their mouths, silencing the women.

Lillenna looked around, mortified by how her brothel had been so altered. Every one of her girls was now in the room with them, naked, bound, and helpless. The attractive gaming parlor had been transformed into something that looked more like a sinister torture chamber.

“Why?” she asked, turning to look at Mason. “Why do this? What is the point?”

He just smiled at her, looking immensely pleased with himself. “Now they are part of the wager. If you win they will all be freed. But if I win I get them all as my totally devoted sex slaves. They will remain magically bound to me and my desires for the rest of my life, compelled by an unbreakable spell to do whatever I tell them.”

Around her the whores groaned and cried, many of them trying to scream through their gags. Lillenna looked at many of them, seeing the looks in their eyes. They were terrified and pleading with her to save them.

Lillenna turned back to Mason. “You are a monster,” she spat. “I do not understand how you’ve kept your true self hidden for so long from me. You always treated my girls with more kindness then they deserved. I thought you a good man, Mason Pennywise, but nothing could be farther from the truth.”

He simply shrugged, showing her opinion of him mattered not at all. “I believe it’s your turn, Lillenna. Better choose your play carefully, there are many lives on the line now. Wouldn’t want to disappoint your girls, I doubt they’d ever forgive you if you lost them all to me. I know you’ve always worked them hard but what you’ve put them through will be nothing compared to what I’ll use them for.” A card floated up from the deck into her hand. “Play, Lillenna. I’m eager to see how the added pressure affects you.”


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4 responses to “Poll Driven Story: “The Rigged Wager”

  • Anonymous

    I love this story, it really hits a lot (possibly all :P) of my buttons. May I make a suggestion for a poll option?

    Mason plays a card that summons two magical straws that attach themselves to Lillenna’s nipples.They are transparent and extend far enough for Mason to easily suck on with his mouth. He can use these to attempt to drain away some of Lillenna’s magical abilities and permanently add them to his own. When Mason sucks on his ends of the straws, Lillenna will feel a deep, insistent tugging on this powerful piece of her identity and soul, along with an insidious temptation to give in to a breast-gasm and ejaculate away her magical abilities and knowledge through her nipples. It takes an increasing amount of concentration and willpower to resist this as she gets more horny – her breasts have a fetish for this, her conscious mind and intellect do not. Whenever she has an orgasm by any other means (or once she gets horny or stupid or dominated enough), Mason can easily overcome her resistance and trigger this effect by sucking – this manifests as Lillenna’s magic concentrating in her breasts and engorging them with a blue glow, particularly in her veins which pulse with it, her nipples extending long, hard, and fat into the tightly squeezing straws, and then they visibly contract and spurt streams of translucent blue soul-milk like little evil penises finding perverted release. While Lillenna retains most of her mental faculties, she will grit her teeth and hands and not let this go on for too long, but once she’s far gone Mason could take everything she had in one long, greedy slurp, but he likely would prefer to draw it out across a few orgasms to see growing alarm and dismay at losing one of the most important parts of herself, piece-by-piece. Also, the straws only last the duration of the game, so this also gives Mason an incentive to possibly add to Lillenna’s life near the end, once he has near-full control within the game.

    That’s way too much to put in the choice itself, feel free to take whatever you feel like and modify it however you see fit, I’d be happy with seeing your take on any form of this 🙂


    • philohunter

      Glad you’re enjoying the story!

      I like the idea but like you said it’s a pretty big option to throw in (although I could simplify). But honestly it doesn’t really fit in well with how I have the magic in this universe working. But something like this could be something put into a story with a goddess so I’ll keep it in the back of my mind.


  • Anonymous

    On a separate note, have you considered writing multiple options out in a choose-your-own-adventure style? Possibly using html links to avoid all the page flipping and making it into a game, like this wonderful gem I recently stumbled upon: http://lilysgames.com/wp/?page_id=1099


    • philohunter

      I’ve two published Ebooks like this already! They are superheroine storied not fantasy one’s though. I have a couple of new ones partially written but I’ve found that as I write them I keep coming up with more and more ideas and they just never end up getting finished and now that Inkle is gone there’s no way for me to be sharing my in progress stories like that. These poll driven stories scratch the same creative itch and lead to way more stories actually getting finished.


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