Poll Driven Story: “The Rigged Wager”

A new round of play! You can find the story in its current entirety HERE, new section below the break.

He rearranged the cards in his hand then chose one, tossing it out onto the table between them. As it landed on the table Lillenna was only able to see the words on its face for a moment before there was a flash of light that obscured them.

Energy shot out from the card up into her chest making her gasp in alarm and pull back. By the time she had regained her composure the writing on the card had faded and it had floated over to the discard pile. She looked to her crystal and saw that the red energy inside of it was unchanged. “What did that card do to me?” she demanded angrily.

“Wait a few more moments and you will understand,” Mason said with a chillingly eager grin on his face.

She stared at him feeling incredibly uneasy. The magic contained in this game was immense. She’d felt it in her core as soon as he had taped the top of the stone box. It had the potential to do nearly anything to her.

Her unease increased as she felt her large, perfectly shaped breasts start to tingle. She shifted slightly then gasped, throwing her hands up to grab her breasts protectively. The slight shift of her body had caused her lacy top to ever so slightly move across her nipples. The tiny sensation had almost made her moan in pleasure and caused them to harden so fast it nearly hurt.

When her hands reached and grasped her breasts she DID moan, a surprised explosion of forced pleasure. She quickly pulled her hands away from her breasts, grinding her thighs together under the table as she felt herself moisten from sudden and extreme arousal.

“W-what did it do to my breasts?” she demanded, her face flushing as she struggled not to let on how disorienting the maddening increase in her breast’s sensitivity was. Her heart was pounding and she was trying to control her breathing. Every time she breathed in and her chest started to rise the fabric moved across her nipples. The sensation, the pleasure, was so strong it made her want to shudder with weakness.

“The card has simply made a substantial improvement to those magnificent breasts of yours, one that will last at least until the game is over although knowing how powerful this thing is you might find it’s a permanent change.” He smiled at her as he said the words. It was a smile that was all warmth and charm yet it sent cold chills running down her spine.

“I’ve one more card to play,” he said, tossing another onto the table.

It landed and slid towards her, glowing, although not enough to obscure the words on its surface. As she started to read them the cards she held in her hand tugged free of her fingers, floating up and away from her. Her eyes flew up from the unread card towards her cards. Her impulse was to reach up and try to grab them but she hesitated. Moving that much would cause her shirt to move over her breasts and she wasn’t sure she could handle that.

“Why did my cards do that?” she asked, looking down from them to her opponent. The expression he wore was totally changed from when she last looked at him. It was one she was very familiar with as the madam of brothel. It was the happy, triumphant look of a man about to have his way with a woman.

When he didn’t answer she looked down, reading the card the card before her. She read it a second and then a third time, her mind refusing to accept the words were really what they seemed.

“That’s right,” Mason said with a happy chuckle. “You won’t be able to take your turn till you’ve cum and the orgasm won’t count unless it comes from breast play. Of course I was kind enough to play the other card on you first.” He stood up and started to walk around the table towards her. Looking down she saw the magical chain around his ankle lengthen to allow him to approach her. “Thanks to that last card I should be able to help you along quickly.”

“No,” she said quickly. “I won’t allow it!”

He stopped, cocked his head to the side and smirked. “Alright, Madam Lillenna.” He turned and returned to his chair, sitting down and crossing his arms. “I’m willing to wait till you change your mind. I enjoy being here and I’ve nowhere to be for many weeks. Tell me, how long are you willing to sit at this table? Because the game is not letting you leave till you finish it and that won’t be happening if you don’t take your next turn.”

Her brow tightened into an angry glare. She looked down at the magical chain on her ankle and knew he was right. She wouldn’t be leaving this table till the game allowed her to and she was confident that even if she used the pile of blue mage stones to fuel every spell she knew none of them would have the power to break this enchanted duelist’s deck of its hold over her.

She gritted her teeth, seething with anger. “Fine,” she finally blurted out. “Do it.”

As he got back up she pushed her chair back slightly and carefully, slowly, lifted her arms up. When he got to her he grabbed her top, slowly pulling it up off her body. The feel of the soft fabric sliding up over her large breasts made her shudder and she fought to suppress a moan of pleasure.

It was now clear to her that Mason Pennywise was not the man of honor she had thought him to be. This game was not what she thought it was. But one thought helped calm her: she’d never lost a game that included any kind of skill. This game might force her to live through some indignities but she was certain she would win. Then the blue mage stones would be hers and she’d have the mana to make this Human scum suffer for whatever indecent things the game allowed him to do to him.

“Gods above,” Mason said, staring at her naked breasts as he tossed her top to the floor. “You always wear clothing that leaves very little to the imagination and that top was see-through. Still, seeing your breasts totally exposed is… breathtaking. So large and perfectly round and firm! Surely Ynara, goddess of huge tits, has blessed you?”

Lillenna heard some of her whores snicker at the comment. She turned and glared at them, making them cower in fear. She’d make the sluts pay for enjoying her humiliation.

“What are you waiting for,” she demanded. “Just get it done so we can move on.”

“It would be a crime to rush this. Besides, I’ve never beaten you in a game. How can I not take the time to enjoy this knowing it might be the closest I get to bedding you?”

He dropped down to his knees so that his face was more level with her breasts. The lust in his eyes burned so bright they started to turn orange then red again.

“I’ve found during my life,” he started to say as he reached out for her breasts, “that for many women their nipples are their weak spot. Tell me, Lillenna, was that true of you? No, never mind. Don’t answer. The last card I played makes it irrelevant.”

Gently he grabbed her breasts as if afraid they’d disappear the moment he touched them. As soon as his fingers touched her flesh Lillenna moaned and started to melt, her eyes rolling up into her head. The immense pleasure from him simply grabbing hold of her breasts was incredible. She moaned even louder as he started to firmly squeeze her breasts.

“So firm,” he muttered, squeezing and gently groping her breasts. “It’s always amazed me how different the breasts of the different races are. Human women are so varied in size and density and softness. Dwarfs so dense and heavy and squishy. Orcs so saggy and soft. Little Halfling women so plump and squishy. But you High Elfs, no other breasts are so firm and rigid.”

Lillenna was panting as she ground her thighs together. Her slit had grown so moist she could feel the moisture leaking out and dampening her thighs. What he was doing, just groping her breast so lightly, already had her rising towards orgasm.

He leaned forward and she felt his warm breath on her nipples. The feeling caused her head to fall back and she heard herself moan long and low. “Yesssssss,” she hissed, losing all self control.

A moment later he had opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out. She nearly climaxed as he started licking her nipple. Her breasts felt as if they were exploding with pleasure. He gently pressed her breasts in together so her nipples were closer and started to move from side to side, licking one then the other.

“From the way you pant and moan I assume you’re getting close,” he said, letting go of her breasts and standing up.

She whimpered and looked at him with a pathetic expression of needy desire, a look she’d seen on her most hopelessly slutty employees and had been certain would never cross her own face. “Please,” she whined at him. “I’m so close. Please!

He shifted so he stood behind her chair, stroking her bare shoulders with his finger tips. The slight touch sent chills down her spine and she felt her breasts ache for his touch again.

“Please,” she whined, pushing her head all the way back against his body and staring up at him, her eyes pleading.

“Since you asked so nicely,” he said, flashing an evil, cruel smile down at her.

His hands darted around her body and in a flash he had hold of her nipples, pinching them painfully between his finger tips. There was an explosion of pleasure that made her open her mouth to gasp but a moment later Mason yanked up on her tits, pulling them roughly up into the air by the tips of her nipples. Her gasp became a yelp of overwhelmed pleasure as the pinching tug forced a powerful orgasm from her body.

The world spun around her as his fingers remain tightly clenched on her nipples. He ground them from side to side, tugging her breasts ever upwards. He’d pulled her breasts as far up as he could and was holding them there, pulling her up off her seat slightly. Her orgasm deepened, the forced pleasure making her howl in delight. The orgasm was so strong that she wasn’t aware of the moment he let go. Her breasts had bounced down, the heavy shifting of their dense weight only intensifying her climax.

When the orgasm began to fade she slowly became aware of the world around her once more. She was leaned back in her chair, her body arched over the back of it. Her breasts were sticking up into the air, her nipples still tingling from the painful yet maddeningly pleasurable abuse they had just endured. Her arms hung limply at her sides and she was breathing heavily.

“I believe it’s your turn now,” Mason said as he returned to his chair. He voice was perfectly calm and full of confidence.

Lillenna made herself sit back up, trying to calm her breathing. Her muscles felt weak and shaky. It had been a very long time since she’d gotten off. She didn’t like to pleasure herself and it had been decades since she’d interacted with a fellow High Elf she felt worthy of spreading her legs for. She had grown unaccustomed to such sexual release and had never had it forced from her body in this manner.

Her cards floated back to her, reminding her that the game needed to continue. Still breathing heavily she grabbed hold of them, another card floating up from the deck and joining the others in her hand. She furrowed her brow and looked at the cards with determination. She had to win this game, the sooner the better.

None of her cards she held had text anything like the cards he had just used on her but that didn’t mean they were useless. She chose one and placed it down on the table. “Take that, you son of a bitch,” she snarled. It glowed and some of the energy in his crystal was siphoned out, dissipating in the air. When it was done his crystal was left only six tenths filled.

“Good play,” he replied, looking at his nearly half empty crystal. “But I wouldn’t get to confident. An early lead in this game is easily lost.


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