Story: “The Northern Outpost” (ongoing)

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* * *


Rothais stood, pulling her layers of clothing in around her for warmth, and watched the wizard slowly walk around the flat stone circle in the center of the ruins. He was muttering to himself and tapping the stone slab he circled with his wizard’s staff. The staff glowed slightly and his eyes steamed with burning magical energy.

“He’ll find the way in,” Ysmene said confidently. “Dethys has blessed us and recharged his mind.”

Rothais didn’t reply. It was true, she felt the god’s blessing on them yet she was skeptical. Dethys was the god of assassins and mercenaries, his blessing normally aiding in killing of some kind. Would his blessing really help them in this task?

Diagoras’ eyes lit up suddenly and he began muttering louder, tapping the stone slab faster. A golden circle began to glow near the edge of the stone slab, a perfectly shaped ring that ran around the entire edge. He pulled his staff up and grabbed it with both hands, raising it high into the air. Magical energy began swirling around him then flowing down into the glowing golden ring.

Rothais and Ysmene both jumped back in surprise as the ground shook and the stone slab cracked. As the wizard continued to mutter incantations the surface of the slab inside the golden ring started to shift, segments breaking apart and lowering into the ground. They watched in awe as the stone circled lowered and became a circular stone stairway, leading down into the ground below them.

As the rocks creaked into their final position Diagoras grunted, the magical energy around him bursting away from his body. He leaned on his staff and looked drained and tired. “It is done…” he muttered, his voice weak. “We can enter. But I must rest first. The enchantment protecting this place was strong. Whatever lies down there, it must have been important to the people that sealed it off.”

All three of them were so eager to find treasure it never occurred to them that the ruins might not have been sealed to protect something, but rather to keep something trapped within.

“I don’t want to stand around up here freezing my tits off all day,” Ysmene grumbled, moving towards her partner and pulling a bottle out of a pocket. The fluid inside was yellow and bubbled with dim glowing energy. “Drink some of this reinvigoration potion,” she demanded, popping the stopper and tipping the bottle to the wizard’s mouth.

As the fluid poured into him his posture instantly changed. He stood up straighter and his expression changed from tired weariness to one of total alertness. “Thank you,” he gasped as she pulled the bottle away. “I feel much better.”

Ysmene put the bottle away and looked down into the opening. “It’s dark down there,” she said, squinting. “Can’t tell how far down it goes, either.”

“I can light my torch,” Rothais said, but before she could start to move to pull it out the Wizard waved her suggestion away.

“I’ll take care of it,” he said. He held the top of his staff up to his face and cupped a hand around the crystal rammed into the tip. He whispered something to it and it began to glow. As the bright light increased he moved the staff away from his face and up into the air. A ball of bright shimmering light popped out the top of the staff and started to float above him. It bobbed and weaved as if it was alive.

“Ahead of us,” he commanded, waving his staff towards the stairs. The glowing orb floated forward, starting to head down the stairs. “Come on,” he said. “Keep behind me. I’ll search for traps or enchantments ahead of us.” He moved forward, taking a careful step into the top of the stairs. “And keep your hands on your weapons, we have no idea what is down here.”

Slowly the three descended the stairs, moving down cautiously. Soon they reached the bottom and found themselves at the entry to a long, wide hallway. At the end they stood the walls were encrusted in a layer of thick ice, but they could see that the ice that had covered the walls of the hall stretching out before them was now melted. The floor had a shallow pool of water that splashed noisily under their feet.

“I don’t understand,” Rothais said, reaching out to touch the ice that remained on the wall. “It feels even colder down here than it did above. How is all of this ice melting?”

“Magic,” Diagoras whispered. “Strong magic. I can feel it, taste it in the air.” He pointed his staff towards the end of the hall. “It’s coming from there.”

The ball of illumination moved out before the wizard, lighting the way before them. It revealed the end of the hall, a flat door-less wall.

“This hall doesn’t seem to lead anywhere,” Ysmene said, stepping up beside the wizard. Rothais joined them, standing on the other side of the wizard and staring down the hall with them.

“It does lead somewhere,” Diagoras disagreed. “There is something there… a doorway, a magical one. It just isn’t open.”

“Can you get it open?” Ysmene asked, looking at her partner.

“Yes,” he said, taking a step forward and pointing his staff at the end of the hall.

“Wait,” Rothais said, but it was too late.

A blast of magical energy shot from the tip of the wizard’s staff, slamming into the wall at the end of the hall. There was an explosion of light that made all three of them throw up their arms. When they looked again swirling purple energy filled the space where the wall had been. Its center began to part, growing larger until an opening to the other side was revealed.

They saw a stone hallway. The seams of strange bricks that made the walls and floors all glowed with purple light as if the structure was being held together by magic.

“It’s a gateway,” Diagoras said. “I’ve seen this kind of magic before. It’s ancient and there are none living that know how to create it. It usually allows people to cross over great distances, connecting one place to another as if their halls were connected.”

Rothais took a step back, feeling certain that opening the portal had been a terrible mistake. “We shouldn’t go through,” she said.

Ysmene scoffed. “Hold yourself together, girl. Look at that place! It glows with magic. I can feel the power there. We’ll be able to find more treasure than we can carry.”

“I agree,” Diagoras said quickly, already starting to stride confidently towards to portal. “It’s calling to us. We were meant to find this place.”

Rothais held back and nervously watched her two companions start to move towards the portal. She felt the same thing they were feeling, an impulse to move forward and discover what was hidden on the other side. It was an enchanting call she felt deep in her core yet something about it felt wrong. But if she didn’t go with them she’d be giving up any claim to the treasures they would almost certainly find on the other side.

“Shit,” she mumbled, quickly following after them.

By the time the three reached the portal it had opened all the way and it looked as if the end of the hall was simply a continuation of the hall they stood in, leading into the strange place before them. Together they all stepped through the portal.

The hall on the other side felt very different. The air was far warmer, so much warmer that they were all soon opening their heavy layers and wishing they weren’t dressed so warmly. The air also tasted differently. There was a musky, sexual smell to it and it left them all feeling gradually more and more aroused, although none of them mentioned this to each other.

As they pressed forward they realized they were no longer underground. The hall they were in curved and as they turned the curve they found a small window. Looking out it they could see that they were in giant castle of some kind that was built into the side of a massive mountain. Below and stretching out as far as they could see were more snow covered mountains. What lay below their peaks was hidden under thick clouds.

“Where is this place,” Rothais asked looking down. There seemed to be no path that led up to the castle they were in, although she realized she was only looking out on one side of it.

“I think,” Diagoras said slowly, peering over her shoulder, “that we have been transported high into the World’s End Mountains.”

“Why do you say that,” Rothais asked.

The wizardly merely shrugged. “It’s just a… feeling.” For a moment they all stood in silence looking down on the frozen mountains below them. “Come on,” Diagoras said, “we should press on. I want to find some treasure. And I don’t think we should linger here for long.”

Both women nodded in agreement and together the three of them turned and pressed forward.

The hall continued to curve although there were no more windows. Eventually they found a door. It was made of wood but just like the stones around them the space between the planks glowed with faint purple energy.

Ysmene stepped forward and pressed the door. It creaked open revealing a large empty room with a number of other doorways, all open and seeming to lead into passages much like the one they had just left.

They all moved in, looking around. The place was totally empty yet they could all feel a presence there, something oppressive that seemed to be watching them with great interest. As they reached the center of the room the door they had entered slammed shut. Jumping in alarm, they all spun around. The door glowed with purple energy then shifted, disappearing as stone bricks replaced it.

“That can’t be good,” Rothais said, starting to reach for her sword. Before she reached it she screamed as something shot up from the floor and slithered quickly around her wrist, pulling her arm away from the sword’s handle.

Ysmene screamed too and Rothais saw smooth purple tentacles shooting up from the floor around the woman, wrapping around her limbs. Just as many were shooting up from around her, wrapping their warm appendages around her limbs to. Both women yelled and struggled against the purple things but there were too many of them and they had struck too fast.

They had gone after Diagoras last, giving him enough time to raise his staff and mutter a few quick words that sent a blast of magical energy out in every direction around him. It forced the tentacles that had been coming after him away, giving him an opening.

Instead of helping the two entangled women he turned and ran as fast as he could down the nearest open passageway. He looked back over his shoulder and saw the women being pulled down onto their knees, tentacles wrapping around their necks and constricting tightly to silence their screams.

The sight only made him run faster. He soon found himself at a meeting of four passageways and turned left, running as fast as he could. “Have to get to safety,” he said, huffing heavily. He found a large double door and slammed his body into it. The doors flew open to reveal what was obviously a throne room only the throne before him was like none he had ever seen.

It was a mass of octopus-like purple tentacles that gently writhed and moved about under the figure that sat upon it. The woman was tall and slender with pale gray skin that had a slight purplish tinge to it. She was dressed in a skin tight black leather outfit that pressed her large, round breasts up prominently.

She was sitting with one leg crossed over the other, her hands resting on the armrests of her tentacle throne. She smirked as the wizard stumbled into the room, her eyes glowing with pink intensity as the doors slammed behind him. “I’ve been waiting for you,” she said, her voice deep and husky yet carrying a lyrical magical undertone.

Diagoras raised his staff and began to cast a spell but the woman simply waved and arm before her causing the staff to fly out of his hand.

“There is no need for that,” she said, smoothly rising from her throne.

The wizard was trembling, sweat pouring down his face. The energy he felt emanating from this woman was so powerful. It seemed to be coming at him from every angle, oppressing his mind and body. With every step closer it felt more overwhelming till finally he dropped to his knees, crying out in defeat.

“Do not be afraid,” she said as she stepped up to him. She reached down and placed a single finger under his chin, lifting up so and forcing him to stare into her glowing eyes. “Such a simple, selfish man you are, Diagoras Trentin.”

He gasped, suddenly hit with a powerful odor emanating from her body. It was thick and potent, a heavy musk of sweat and female arousal. It made him shudder as his cock hardened painfully in his pants. He realized suddenly that this frightening, powerful woman was the most sexually pleasing thing he had ever seen. He wanted her. No, he wanted to be hers. To worship her and service her, sexually and in any other way she wanted.

She laughed, smiling down at him. “Men are so easy,” she said, pulling her finger from under his chin then running the back of it down his cheek. Diagoras shuddered then groaned in pleasure as he came in his pants. “Putty in my hands.”

Then she grabbed his face with both hands and leaned down, kissing him. His eyes opened wide as her tongue darted into his mouth. As she continued to kiss him his eyes rolled up into his head. They started to glow with the same pink energy that burned in her eyes.

When she finally pulled away from him his pupils were gone, only glowing pink light remaining. “Rise, my new pet,” she said. He got to his feet, no longer cowering in fear. “We’ll have no more need for these clothes,” she said, waving a hand before him. His clothing all dissolved, leaving him standing naked with only the collection of charmed necklaces hanging around his neck.

“Come, my new pet, we have your friends to attend to. It’s literally been ages since I had pretty little females to play with…”


* * *


“Coward!” Ysmene screamed as Diagoras blasted the tentacles from around him and turned to run away. “You bastard! Come back and save us!” she snarled as she thrashed about, trying to break free of the swarm of purple tentacles wrapping around her and pulling her down to the ground. She opened her mouth to scream again but one of the tentacles slithered around her neck and tightened, choking her.

Beside her Rothais grunted and thrashed as well. Both women’s screamed hoarsely through their choked throats as the things began ripping their clothing off. Soon both of them were mostly naked, only a few ripped strips of cloth left covering their body.

Rothais shuddered in revulsion at the feel of the tentacles on her naked skin. They felt thick and fleshy in a way that was disturbingly familiar. Then as the tip of one of the purple tentacles came into view Rothais realized why. The tip, although purple, was unmistakably the head of a cock. Looking at the writhing shaft that extended down from it she realized the appendage was simply a long, prehensile penis. She could now even see throbbing cock veins running down its length.

“God’s above, they are dicks,” he bellowed hoarsely as the tentacle wrapped around her through slightly loosened its grip.

She turned to Ysmene and saw that the redheaded woman had already discovered this.  One of the cock-tipped tentacles was thrusting in and out of her mouth, making her gag and choke. She was unable to pull her head away as the one wrapped tightly around her throat held her in place, it’s cockhead oozing cum down onto her chest.

The things had her down on her knees, her arms held out and down and her legs spread open. One of the cock-tentacles had slithered up around one of her thighs and had pressed into her womanhood, vigorously fucking her.

Rothais felt the cock-tentacles wrapping around her own legs slithering around and up, approaching her own exposed cunt. She started thrashing about harder, trying desperately to break free but the things had too firm a hold of her. She shuddered in revulsion as she felt one begin to press into her, aware the cockhead that tipped the thing was leaking a steady stream of cum that it was now being thrust into her.

She opened her mouth to scream in horror but she was immediately silenced as one of the cock-tentacles invaded her mouth. The end of it hardened and grew rigid in her mouth as it started pumping in and out of her face.

It didn’t press down into her throat and gag her which she was thankful for, but only momentarily. Soon it felt like the thing was cumming constantly in her mouth, a steady blast of strong, bitter tasting semen. The thing was so girthy that it just barely fit into her mouth and this made it so she was unable to spit any of the cum out. As her cheeks ballooned and more of the jizz filled her mouth she had no choice but to start swallowing.

Both women began to thrash about less. Their eyes rolled up into their head and their bodies started to grow limp. The cum being forced down their throats was subduing them, leaving them calm as the tentacles fucked and pumped even more cum into them from all holes, even their asses.

After a few minutes of this the tentacles fucking them pulled out of their various holes. Both women sagged forward, their eyes glassy and their mouths hanging open as cum started leaking out. They were completely limp and were only held up on their knees by the tentacles wrapped around them holding them up. The tentacles wrapped tighter around them and turned them to face the hall Diagoras had fled down.

Their heads were swaying side to side as The Nameless Dark Queen strode into the room, the naked Diagoras shuffling behind her. His eyes glowed pink and he moved as though he were a mindless zombie.

“Such pretty little things,” the Queen said with a cruel laugh, the tentacles responding to her words by tightening tighter around their captives. As their necks were choked both women gasped for air and were left looking a little less dazed, although neither was able to speak.

She stepped closer, bending down and getting in each of their faces. “A simple, plain beauty here,” she said to Rothais before stepping sideways to Ysmene. “Here, though, much more striking. Less youthful but a much more unique allure.” She used the back of a finger to stroke the large scar running through her ruined eye. “Your face has the look of evil yet I sense your heart is more good than most realize.”

“But,” she said, standing back up and taking a step away, “such disappointingly little titties on both of you. I prefer them big. The bigger the better. So let’s improve you both before I start really having some fun with you two.”

The Queen raised her hands into the air. They started to glow with purple energy and a moment later both tentacle bound women’s breasts began to glow with the same energy. Slowly their breasts started to grow, gradually swelling larger and larger. The moaned and wiggled in response, their eyes rolling up into their head as they panted and drooled on themselves. Their breasts grew till they were big then swelling larger till their size was huge and heavy enough to cause both of them to hunch over slightly from the weight they were unaccustomed to carrying on their chests.

“What a stunning improvement,” The Queen said, her voice a husky purr of pleasure. “Yet we could do better. Let’s see…” She raised a hand to her face and started tapping a finger on her chin, tilting her head to the side and pondering the sight before her.

“How about a little of this,” she said. More purple penis-tentacles rose up from out of the floor and twisted to point at the enlarged breasts. Their ends hardened and a moment later they all started cumming on their breasts, big thick loads of spooge that left their huge breasts covered with oozing cum.

“Very nice, but we can still do better.” The tentacles already wrapped around the two women began dragging them forward and then turned them together till they were face to face. They then lifted them both up off the ground and pressed them into each other till both pairs of magically enlarged breasts were smashed together.

“Oh yes, I’m liking this,” the Queen said and laughed happily. “I need more though! I want to see those big cum covered tits put to use.”

Small tentacles rose, no cockheads on their tips. They wrapped partially around each woman’s breasts, pressing them in. At the same time a cock-tipped tentacle more than twice as thick as the others started to rise up between them.

It pressed up between their two bodies, wiggling and writhing till it reached the bottom of their breasts. It then grew rigid and hard and thrust up, the cum oozing over their pressed breasts lubricating its upward thrust. The tentacles holding the women together pressed their chests in tighter, pressed their breasts in around the large cock-tentacle as it began fucking both their tits at once.

Both women moaned and drooled, their heads lolling first to one side then the other. Their eyes moved down becoming transfixed by the sight of the large purple cockhead popping and out from between their breasts. The cum that had stupefied them had left them both hungry for more. The both opened their mouths wider, sticking their tongues out in anticipation.

The cock thrust up one last time, hard and fast. It quivered and then a torrential flood of semen blasted up into the two women’s face. Much shot into their open mouths, but more drenched their faces and hair.

The Nameless Dark Queen cackled in delight as the large cock pulled back down through their tits and lowered back into the floor below them. “Such a delicious show! Making me so hot. I’m ready,” she said, waving a hand down her front. Her black leather outfit dissolved leaving her standing naked. “Come to me, my new toy,” she said, looking over her shoulder, back at Diagoras.

Before her more tentacles swarmed up from the ground as the two women were pulled down, Rothais on her back and Ysmene on her stomach. Cock-tipped tentacles came at them from all angles, their cockheads leaking cum. Every one of their holes was invaded, the things fucking them vigorously. They moaned, shuddering occasionally as orgasm’s were pounded out of them, the cum being forced into their many holes priming their bodies for easy orgasms.

The Nameless Dark Queen spread her legs and leaned forward slightly, lifting her firm ass into the air. “Come, pet, mount me from behind.”

Diagoras’ cock was rock hard and visibly throbbing, still dripping semen from when the Queen had magically made him cum earlier. Obediently and without saying a word he stepped up behind her, grabbing her ass and sliding his manhood into her cunt. He slid in with ease, his cum and her flowing juices making the entry amply wet.

Her head pulled back as she purred in pleasure, reaching up and groping her large, firm breasts. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned as he shifted his hands up to her hips and started fucking her. “Yes, a warm mortal cock deep inside me. It’s been far too long.” Her eyes burned with magical energy, ensuring Diagoras remained hard and preventing him from cumming. He would not feel release till she was willing to allow it.

Ysmene and Rothais were being savaged by countless cock-tentacles. They came in them, pulling away only to be quickly replaced by another. Others slithered over their bodies, fucking their magically enlarged tits. The helpless women came over and over, still more cock-tentacles simply pointing at their naked bodies and spurting more cum on them.

But the orgasms they were suffering through were having an effect beyond forced pleasure. Each time they came their minds cleared some of the cum induced stupefaction that had so addled them. Ysmene turned to look at Rothais lying on her back being fucked from every angle. The adventurer returned the look, fierce determination in both their eyes. Ysmene twitched her head, signaling nearby with her eyes.

Rothais looked and saw their tattered clothing and gear was pilled around them. Suddenly she realized their weapons were within reach. The tentacles that had been holding their arms bound had pulled back long ago, both women too stupefied to try and escape. Rothais gave Ysmene one final look and nodded slightly.

Together they both reached for the nearest weapon. Rothais was able to grab her sword while Ysmene managed to grab both of her curved short swords.

The Nameless Dark Queen hissed between her teeth. “They are fighting my control,” she snarled but made no move to pull away from the man fucking her. “Yes, I can feel the blessing of a god coursing through them, fighting against my power.”

Even as she spoke both women were slashing at the tentacles around them. They sliced the things with ease, freeing themselves quickly. They both felt the blessing of Dethys coursing through them, leading their strikes and giving them speed and power. As they stood severed purple things writhed and fell from their various holes, leaking out of them. But the magical stupefying semen no longer held any power over them. The purple tentacles pulled away in fear, slithering back into the floor.

Soon they stood, naked and dripping cum but armed and fierce. For a moment they turned their wrath on the Queen but as they took a step towards her she sent a powerful glare at their way, breaking their momentary bout of courage. They turned and fled, the door they had entered through reforming and flying open before them.

Diagoras grunted, pounding into the Queen’s cunt from behind. “You are letting them escape?” he asked, confused.

She watched as they fled down the hall, turning out of sight. “Yes,” she replied, grinning eagerly. “I am letting them escape. It was my plan all along. I have you, that was the prize I desired. They were only a happy, momentary distraction. But you, you will need to be stronger. And I will need you bound to me forever.” She looked back over her shoulder, grinning evilly at him. “Cum, my new pet. Cum and be sealed to me in servitude forever.”

She felt his hands tighten around her waist and felt him shudder as he slammed his dick deep into her. As his cock exploded moisture into her and his soul was open to her. She took that moment to pour her magics into him, binding him to her.

He groaned in pleasure and pulled out of her, stumbling back. His eyes glowed brighter, steaming with magical energy. “What are you doing to me?” he called out, grabbing his head as pain flared through his mind.

She stood and turned to him, his cum leaking out of her cunt and running down the inside of her thighs. “Preparing you to be touched by Eczotl and to be remade in his image.”

Diagoras collapsed to the floor, tentacles erupting out around his body and catching him. The Nameless Dark Queen strode past him, her black leather outfit reappearing on her body. As she strode towards her throne room the tentacles carried the wizard behind her.

He writhed and screamed in pain until he had been carried to her throne of tentacles. The small cock-tentacles that carried him let go and slithered back into the ground. As they did the larger, thicker tentacles of the throne reached out, the suckers on them attaching to his body tightly. He continued to scream as they pulled him into their undulating mass, enveloping him until he was gone from sight and his screams silenced.

The Queen stood, smiling. “Be reborn, my new toy.”


* * *


Rothais and Ysmene ran as fast as they could, following the curved hall till they found the portal. It was slowly closing. They ran faster, diving through it and landing in the hall on the other side just as it closed behind them.

Panting, lying sprawled naked on the floor, they turned to see the portal close all the way, leaving a blank wall behind as near darkness enveloped the passageway. The warmth that had filled the room started to fade and even as they rose to their feet the melting ice at the far end of the hall was freezing back over, crackling ice spreading towards them.

Shivering, they quickly moved down the hall, looking back one last time and barely able to see thick ice reforming down the length of the wall. They stumbled up the stairs, the cold growing more intense with every step.

“Thank the gods we left most of our gear behind,” Ysmene said, her teeth chattering. They climbed the stairs as quickly as they could and found their small camp undisturbed. Both women quickly wiped as much cum from their body as they could before it froze then dressed in the spare clothing they had left behind. They would not be as warm as they had, but there were enough layers for them to hopefully survivor the freezing temperatures.

“We have to get to safety before we freeze to death,” Rothais said, shivering. “The green mage fire can help keep us warm when we camp. With its aid we should be able to survive the journey back to…” Her voice trailed, not sure where they should head.

“We should make for the Ranger’s outpost. It’s not far from here and I think I remember the way,” Ysmene said, already breaking down the small camp and repacking her gear for the journey. “And we have to tell them what we saw! I don’t know who that woman was but she was evil.”

Rothais nodded. “They will know what to do.” She thought of the Ranger she had spent the night with and was confident him and his compatriots existed to protect the borders of Vulfrellia from threats just like this.

“Fuck!” Ysmene swore. “Look,” she quickly added, pointing towards the World’s End Mountains. Dark clouds rose above them, hiding the tops of the peaks. And under the clouds was a white haze. “A blizzard! I’ve never seen one so big. Look, it stretches in every direction.”

Rothais crammed the last of the supplies into her pack and hefted it onto her back. She looked at the approaching blizzard with apprehension. “We need to try and cover as much ground as we can before it reaches us. It will be nearly impossible to travel in. Maybe if we reach the Ranger’s in time they can send a group to rescue your friend.”

Ysmene stood, staring at the approaching wall of white. “No,” she said slowly, “he wasn’t my friend. And he isn’t worth saving. I knew him well, or well enough. He was not a good man.” She shivered then but not from the cold. “I have a terrible feeling that we shall meet him again and that it will not be pleasant.”

They then turned and began striding into the Frozen Wastes. They had a long journey before them, one neither of them were confident they would survive. They didn’t speak. Both felt terror in their hearts knowing, somehow, that this was just the beginning and that soon no one would be safe from the perverse malice they had felt emanating from that frightening woman.


* * *


Anneyce stood on top of the rocky rise she had climbed up and stared out over the trees of the Great Northern Forest. Beyond the snow covered pines she could see the vast Frozen Wastes. Beyond them she should have been able to see the World’s End Mountains but they were obscured by a massive blizzard. It stretched from horizon to horizon, by far the largest storm she’d ever seen blow down from those ominous mountains.

She climbed back down and called out to her partner. “Ilvuna! Where are you?”

The cleric of Ynara strode out from behind a tree, the sight of the woman making her angry. She barely had enough clothing on to be considered dressed, her massive breasts barely held in check with small strips of white cloth. How was the woman not freezing to death?

“A storm is approaching,” Anneyce said, hopping down into the knee deep snow. “It will hit in a day or two. It’s the biggest I’ve ever seen. I think we need to move towards shelter. Even with enchanted mage fire it could be the death of us.” As she spoke the final sentence her eyes darted down to the woman’s massive breasts and she frowned in disapproval.

“You mean you don’t think I will survive such cold,” Ilvuna replied. There was no anger in her voice, but there was frustration. “Have you not seen that my goddess’ blessing keeps me warm? I stand here knee deep in the snow and I am as warm as if I sat by the biggest, warmest hearth.”

Anneyce strode past her, not making eye contact with her companion. “Your goddess is perverse and you should feel shame worshiping her openly,” she declared sulkily. “And the way you display your body, it will cause nothing but distraction and trouble with the other Rangers.”

She stopped, turning back to glare at the cleric. “Women should hide their breasts, especially if they are so indecently sized! They cause needless distractions, especially amongst military men. I’ve seen how the Rangers back at the outpost stare at you. You NEED to cover yourself. And how can you fight like this without those disgusting mountains of flesh held in place?”

Ilvuna stood in total calm, peaceful serenity spread across her pretty face. “I can fight as well as you,” she declared. “And what do you base this assumption of how one’s breasts can hinder them in combat on?” As she said this her eyes darted down to the other woman’s chest and she smirked. “Perhaps you speak from personal experience?”

Anneyce blushed furiously and turned back around, starting to stride forward again. This wasn’t the first time the cleric had implied she knew the truth of what lay bound and hidden under her layers of clothing. “It just seems that without being held tightly in place their bulk would get in the way or maybe throw you off balance during an attack.”

“They don’t,” Ilvuna said confidently. “Maybe they would do that to a woman who is not blessed by Ynara, but not me. All the strength I have comes from the goddess of large breasts. My breasts are how her power flows through me, they are the source of all my might.”

Anneyce scoffed. “Might? Ha! You look like a whore. The first time we face a foe you’ll be lucky to survive, and it will only be because I save you. You—”

She stopped, cocking her head. “Did you hear that?”

Ilvuna turned and listened. “Yes,” she whispered. Her hands fell to the silver war hammer that hung from her belt. She quickly drew it, wielding it with two hands and taking a combat ready stance.

Next to her Anneyce drew her bow and nocked an arrow with blinding speed, muttering a quick enchantment that made the point of the arrow light with fire. She took a step back closer to Ilvuna, pointing an arrow into the trees before them. They were close together and the thick snow that covered their branches made it hard to see very far into the forest around them.

It was nearly silent, the birdsong that normally filled the air absent. There was only a quiet gust of cold wind blowing in from the north. Both women tensed their grips on their weapons as they heard a distant, low growl followed a moment later by a bestial howl. The howl came at them like a sudden gust of freezing air, shaking the snow from the branches around them.

“Ice Wolf,” Anneyce hissed. A moment later two more howls sounded, blasts of cold coming at them from two more directions. “Fuck! Three of them.” She stepped closer to Ilvuna. “Well, cleric, it looks like we’ll soon see if all your bragging is true. If I die because I was forced to babysit you out here I’ll make sure my ghost haunts the other members of your religious order from now till eternity.”

Ilvuna pulled closer to the archer, shifting so they stood back to back. “You shouldn’t speak such blasphemy before a battle,” she said reprovingly. “But I am confident when we are done you will understand the power of Ynara.”

Low growls sounded from all around them, growls that shook the trees and sent snow cascading down all around them, momentarily obscuring their view beyond a few feet. The falling snow quickly started to clear, the first thing they saw was glowing blue points of light in the falling snow and as it cleared it became clear that the points of blue lights were eyes.

The snow finished falling, revealing the massive hulking forms of three Ice Wolves equally spaced around them. They were shaped like a wolf, only more thickly muscled and FAR larger. On all fours they stood taller than either woman. The beasts were snarling and slowly approaching, their gray fur covered in hoarfrost and patches of jagged ice that seemed to be growing up from their hides.

For a time the Ice Wolves simply kept their distance, slowly circling the two Rangers. The largest snarled and lifted its head up. As it growled ferociously at them intense blue light flared from down its throat and they felt a blast of ice blow towards them that made both women shiver.

Anneyce acted first, letting her flaming arrow fly directly between the hulking beast’s eyes. It acted with supernatural speed, roaring a blast of ice that snuffed out the flame on the arrow and sent it flying away from it, encrusted in ice.

The other two Ice Wolves snarled and lunged forward. Anneyce had another arrow knocked and on fire as she spun to the side, sending it flying as the beast leaping towards her. It slammed into the thing’s neck with enough magical force to cause it to fly back, whimper of pain as it landed and slid into the snow.

At the same time Ilvuna’s silver war hammer had begun to glow red. She leapt up into the air as the second wolf lunged at her, swinging the hammer up. Its head slammed up into the underside of the Ice Wolf’s snout, an explosion of blue and red energy as hammer met fur. The Ice Wolf went flying back through the air, its head shattering apart as if made of ice. Its huge body landed in the snow, motionless and dead.

Anneyce had twirled around with a new flaming arrow nocked, hoping she was fast enough to fire it at the wolf she had heard attacking Ilvuna. She was amazed when she saw the headless beast land in the snow, Ilvuna landing gracefully down beside it. Her leaping attack had carried her impressively far and killing one of the creatures, even one of the smaller ones, with a single blow was nearly unheard of.

But they were in battle and there was no time to wonder if she had been wrong about the cleric or her god. The Ice Wolf she had shot at was already back on its feet and the massive alpha was now charging at them.

Anneyce spun back around, leaping back and letting her arrow fly as the first Ice Wolf lunged at her again. Her arrow slammed into the side of the things head knocking it back again but from the angry snarls erupting from it she knew it had survived once again. She knew, though, that she had bigger worries in the next few moments. She turned as she drew another arrow to face the largest Ice Wolf and leapt back further, her fur cloaking billing around her as she sailed through the air.

All of her battle instincts flared and the world seemed to move in slow motion around the archer. The hulking alpha was mid leap, it’s massive front paws out before it. Its huge claws were bared for an attack, thick crystalline ice forming around them. For a flash she was aware that she wouldn’t be able to fire her arrow in time and that the wolf would be on her, its massive ice claws tearing her open and freezing her insides even as they spilled out of her.

But as the moment of dread flashed past radiant red light shone from beside the Ice Wolf. Ilvuna flew into view, her war hammer out before her as if the glowing weapon was pulling her through the air. It slammed into the side of the massive Ice Wolf and in an instance its huge form cracked as if made of ice and shattered as Ilvuna flew through the shards of ice and fur.

As Anneyce flew back and landed back first in the snow she turned, sending her arrow fling at the third and final wolf. But she hadn’t had the time to properly line the shot up and the arrow flew past the beast as it leapt not at her but at Ilvuna as she landed in the snow.

Its ice encrusted claws tore into the cleric’s side making her scream in pain. There was a momentary blast of red as her skin was ripped open but the magic in the beast’s claws froze the spilling blood almost at once.

Anneyce sat up, drawing another arrow as she did and sending it flying at the final Ice Wolf as it snarled and rose to continue its attack on Ilvuna. This time the arrow hit true, slamming into its neck with a flash of flame. The beast fell, yelping in pain.

Ilvuna winced in agony but managed to stay on her feet, spinning and bringing her war hammer up then down on the Ice Wolf’s head. The hammed struck down and the beast’s head shattered, the rest of its body twitching then falling dead.

The cleric stumbled back in the snow, dropping her weapon and moaning in pain as she grabbed her side. Anneyce leapt to her feet, quickly stashing her bow on her back and rushing forward as she started to try and locate one of the precious healing potions she had with her.

“I won’t let you die,” she said rushing towards her. “Not after you proved me so wrong.”

Ilvuna reached an arm out and leaned against a nearby tree for support. Her other hand was on her side and she winced in pain when she touched the frozen blood coming from the wounds the beast’s claw had left in her side. “Ynara protected me,” she said weakly, “and she’ll see fit to heal me.”

“No, I will heal you once I can find the damned potion,” the archer said, coming up to the cleric and helping support her.

Ilvuna shook her head. “No, save it for yourself. I’ve something better but it wouldn’t work on you.” She grabbed a bottle from her belt and popped the top. “Help me stand while I apply it,” she said. As soon as the archer was fully supporting her Ilvuna used her free hand to pull aside the strips of cloth that barely covered her nipples. Her massive, wide, heavy breasts fell free.

“What the hell are you doing?” Anneyce yelped, scandalized and confused that the cleric was exposing herself.

“It has to be applied to my breasts,” Ilvuna said, tipping the bottle over and pouring thick, white fluid onto each of her tits.

Anneyce stared at the oozing fluid that has come from the bottle. “What is that? God’s above! Is that what it looks like?”

“Yes,” Ilvuna said, beginning to rub the semen over her breasts. “Man’s seed. The seed of the male Rangers back at the Northern Outpost.”

Anneyce was disgusted and let go of the cleric, pulling away in revulsion and not caring if it meant the woman would collapse. Only she didn’t. The cum on her breasts was glowing with red sparking energy and her wounds were healing, quickly disappearing from sight. Ilvuna stood a few moments later, smiling and looking as if she had never received the wound.

“That’s disgusting,” Anneyce snarled. Yet she’d never seen a healing potion work as fast or so thoroughly, especially against a wound that had inflicted magical damage.

Ilvuna stood tall, her naked breasts pressed out and a prideful look on her face. “It isn’t,” she declared confidently. “Ynara is the goddess of large breasts. Her magic must be worked through one’s breasts. And she finds sexual pleasure that comes from the use of one’s breasts most pleasing. I used my breasts to milk my fellow Rangers of their seed and make that potion. And now you know I’m as mighty as you in a battle,” she added. “I killed two of them where you only killed one.”

Anneyce looked away, ashamed. “You are right,” she muttered. “You’ve proven your worth as a fighter, a cleric, and as a Vulfrellian Ranger. I shame myself by speaking so derisively of you.” The shame she felt sounded in every word she spoke but when she was done she looked up, determination on her face. “But I still say your goddess is perverse and I’ll take no part in worshiping her.”

Ilvuna replied with a smug, knowing smile. “We’ll see. I can feel Ynara sees you. She rarely sees those who will not one day serve her.”

The archer turned her back on the cleric and raised her hands to her chest protectively. She didn’t like what the cleric’s words implied especially since she knew the goddess of large breasts had reason to notice her.

She took a deep breath then turned back to Ilvuna. “We should move on. There might be more of the Ice Wolves around and that blizzard is still headed our way. There’s a hermit that has a home not far from here. We often stop in on him to shelter from storms. He’ll give us a place to hold up while the blizzard passes.”


* * *


“You don’t think he’s suspicious,” Oda Smallburrow whispered to Rirhi Zavin as they closed the small door that led to the front of the carriage.

“No way,” Rirhi whispered back. “He’ll think us true, just in need of a nap.”

The two young Rangers climbed through the supplies piled inside the carriage housing till they reached one of the small beds built into the side. Rirhi sat, leaning back and grinning happily at the small gnome as she came and knelt between his legs. “You sure you really want to do this?”

She looked up at him with large, eager eyes. “Oh yes. I’ve always wanted to do this to one of the bigger folk. I want to see if it’s as big as they say and if I can fit in my mouth.”

“Okay,” Rirhi said, grabbing his pants and hopping up as he pulled them down.

The two had been leaning together and stealing kisses for the last hour behind the back of the dour Minotaur driving the carriage. As Oda had giggled and whispered that she wanted to suck him off he’d started to grow hard in anticipation. As his pants were tugged down past his cock it bounced up, fully erect.

Oda gasped, throwing her little hands to her mouth, her large eyes growing even larger. She started giggling nervously. “Holy shit, it IS huge.”

Rirhi grinned madly. He knew he was averaged sized for a Human but very much enjoyed being told his cock was large. “It’s really not that big,” he mumbled quietly.

She looked up at him, her eyes still wide in shock. “Oh, sure, for a Human. But compared to most Gnome cocks? It’s huge, trust me. Just thinking about how that monster would feel in my pussy…” Her voice trailed off and she shuddered in pleasure at the thought. “But I’m not ready to try that yet… Today I just want to see if it fits in my mouth.”

He smirked. “It will.”

A sultry, hungry smile spread across her little green lips. “Let’s find out.”

She placed her hands on the bare skin of his thighs and moved in closer, bending down and sticking her little tongue out. She licked at the tip of his cockhead, running her tongue around it in circles as she slid her hands up his thighs. Then she used her tongue to lift his dick up and wrapped her hand around the base of his cock.

Rirhi moaned in delight as he saw how huge his cock looked in her little hands. They were barely able to wrap around his shaft. He moaned again as she started to squeeze him, opening her mouth at the same time and moving her head down to take him into her.

For a moment they both thought she wouldn’t be able to fit his cock in her mouth. But she stretched her jaw wide and managed to get it passed her teeth. Once she was passed his cockhead she started sucking in, sealing her lips around his shaft. She started bobbing her head up and down his shaft, noisily sucking and slurping as drool leaked out around her lips and started to run down his shaft.

She pulled away, gasping for air, her little hands still holding his cock tightly. “It’s so fucking big! I can’t fit even half its length in my mouth,” she said, looking up at him. Her greenish cheeks were flushed and her face was sweaty. “How am I doing?”

“You’re doing great. And you don’t need to go all the way down,” he whispered. “Use your hands. Stroke the half of my shaft you can’t fit in your mouth.”

She grinned, her eyes sparkling, then leaned back over and inhaled his cock. As she went back to sloppily sucking the top half of it she started stroking the bottom half with her hands. All the drool that dripped down helped lubricate them and soon Rirhi was leaning back with his head on the wall and moaning in delight. Her head bobbed up and down as her hands pumped tightly around his shaft.

“Azel be praised,” he mumbled, praying to the cock god.

Oda heard him mumble something but couldn’t make out the words. She started working his cock more vigorously. She wanted to see how fast she could make him cum.

Rirhi wasn’t sure if this was the best blowjob he had ever received but he was certain it was the most enthusiastic one. He wanted it to last but she was working his cock with too much vigor. He felt himself quickly rocketing towards release and muttered that he was about to cum.

The Gnome doubled down, sucking his cock more intensely. It was clear she wanted him to finish in her mouth so that’s what he did.

As he groaned she felt his cock pulse in her hands and then there was an explosion of bitter, salty fluid in her mouth. She automatically started swallowing, a little overwhelmed by how much of it there was, at least twice as much as a Gnome would release when he came.

She pulled away from his cock and scrambled up onto the bed next to him, needing to kiss him. She pinned the larger man down, shoving her face against his. As soon as they began kissing she forced her tongue into his mouth, wanting him to taste his cum in her mouth.

They pulled apart slightly, both gasping for breath. “You’re marvelous,” Oda said, wrapping herself around him.

He leaned his face against hers, glowing with joy. “How can I return the favor?” he whispered to her.

She kissed him on the cheek then giggled bashfully. “I don’t want anything more than to lay here and cuddle with you for now, although you should probably pull your pants back up.” She shifted away as he did this and pulled his legs up onto the bed before Oda cuddled back up against him. “We’re going to have plenty of time together, on the road and at the Northern Outpost. I won’t be there forever but it will probably take a few seasons for the new keep to get built and I’ll need to oversee it all. I really like you, Rirhi. I want to savor this thing between us, take it slow.”

“Okay,” he said with a quiet laugh. “Whatever you want, you pervy little smudge.”

She sat up and punched his chest with one of her little fists, giggling. “That’s a racial slur!” She fell back onto him, sighing happily. “Never thought being called that would fill me with such joy.”

“I still don’t really get why they are building a new keep there,” Rirhi whispered, wrapping his arm around Oda and starting to stroke one of her long pointed ears.

She cooed happily. “It’s because of the King’s seer. She had a vision and told him the Outpost needed to be refortified.”

Rirhi shivered. “That woman is spooky. Have you ever met her?”

“No,” Oda said. A moment later her eyes opened wide and she looked at him. “Wait. You’re a noble. Did YOU get to meet her?”

“Yeah, once,” he said as though the matter was barely worth mentioning. “My father was throwing this huge feast and she was one of the guests. I didn’t talk to her, I was too afraid. She’s blind and has this scary metal plate secured around her eyes. Yet she moves about like she can see. They say it’s because she’s seen so much of the future she has the events happening around her memorized. It’s kind of terrifying.”

“Is it true what they say about the metal thing she wears?” Oda asks.

“I don’t know, what do they say?” he asked, pretending he had no idea what she meant. “Probably,” he added quickly, laughing when she punched him in the chest again. “I don’t know what kind of metal it’s made of but it looks strange. And it’s covered in runes that glow and pulse. And when she turns and faces you, you feel this thing… Like she’s looking at you, but not with eyes. It feels like being seen by more than sight.”

“You must have met so many important people,” she said, sounding awed by his life. “I wish—” She stopped mid sentence and sat up. “Hey, we’re not moving any more. How long ago did the carriage stop?”

“I don’t know,” Rirhi said, sitting up as well and looking concerned. “It shouldn’t be time to stop of lunch already.”

“Rirhi! Oda!” Oenteer bellowed from outside, sounding like he was far away from the carriage. “Come now, and come armed. The Rangers of Vulfrellia are needed!”


* * *


Oenteer’s ears twitched and he snuffled his snout as he drove the reigns of the cart. “It’s finally happening,” he muttered, fighting the urge to look behind him. He knew that would be pointless, the two were smart enough to close the small door that lead from the back seat into the housing the carriage pulled.

The memory of the two letting out exaggerated and obviously false yawns before declaring they were both sleepy and in need of a nap made him chuckle. “They think they are so sly,” he muttered happily. “Let them think they’ve tricked me. I won’t embarrass the two by letting on I know they’ve begun rutting like they are in heat.”

At least they were being quiet, that he could be thankful for. And they weren’t doing anything that made the carriage rock, although he supposed it was sturdy enough and weighted down by enough heavy supplies to prevent that. He’d give them their space and privacy and not let on he knew what they were up to.

Even though he thought their romance could cause problems down the road he was happy for them. Let them find joy while they could, he knew the hardships that came from living and serving on one of Vulfrellia’s border outposts would leave little time for such pleasures.

The Minotaur was so lost in his thoughts that he barely noticed the figure stumbling out into the road ahead of him in time to pull on the reigns and make the draft horses come to a stop. “Ho!” he yelled, trying to both stop the carriage before the figure collapsed onto the road while keeping it from veering dangerously to the side.

As soon as the horses were stopped he hopped down from the carriage’s driver seat and rushed towards the figure lying in the road. Something was very wrong and he wanted to discover just what as soon as he could.

The figure was a woman, a High Elf by the looks of her slender yet curvaceous body. She was naked and covered in dirt but what he noticed most was her breasts. They didn’t look right. They seemed too big and the way she had fallen forward as she stumbled out into the road made it seem she wasn’t used to their weight on her body.

“Ho! Greetings,” he called out as he dashed to the woman, kneeling down beside her as soon as he reached her. “Tell me what is wrong,” he said but as soon as she rolled over to look at him he pulled back.

Her face was all wrong. One of her eyes was wide open, the pupil fully dilated while the other eyelid sagged down, the eye hidden under it red and bloodshot. She was practically foaming at the mouth and she had a wild, confused look on her face. She mumbled incoherently up at him and rolled over to face him better, revealing that her breasts were red and swollen, obviously newly enlarged in some magical manner. Her wild eyes darted down and she mumbled a single word as she stared madly at his crotch. “Cock.”

Oenteer stood up and jumped back. “Desire plague,” he muttered darkly, recognizing the ailment the woman was suffering. Even as the words left his mouth he sniffed at the air, smelling and tasting the alluring sexual musk heavily radiating from the woman. He felt his cock hardening and his heart racing as the miasma of sexual plague threatened to overtake him.

He was breathing deeply, trying to keep control of himself. Luckily he’d faced an outbreak of this disease before and knew what needed to be done. Even as the powerful musk of the woman filled him with the overpowering need to bury his mighty cock deep in her cunt and pound her till he filled her with his seed he knew that was the last thing he should do. The plague would start to spread to him once he was inside of her, taking control of his body and making him do the one thing that was certain to infect him.

Looking down at the Elf’s swollen breasts he cursed the gods for the way the vile disease changed a woman. Once a woman was infected her breasts swelled, growing large as they filled with more and more milk. Once a man gave in and started fucking an infected woman he’d be driven to start sucking on her engorged breasts, the milk leaking from them sealing his fate and fully infecting him. And once a man was infected his semen, which his body would them be making at a pace that would quickly drain his life energy, would be all that was needed to infect other women.

It was a deadly disease that could devastate towns or even who regions if not stopped soon enough. But there WAS a cure, even for those in late stages of infection. A man would need every drop of semen milked from his balls, but it would need to be done without ingesting or getting any of the fluid in the person doing so.

As for infected women their cure seemed easier. They need only swallow a big enough load of cum from an infected man. Simple yet incredibly hard to accomplish. The miasma of pure sexual lust that hung about an infected woman (something that happened to a much smaller degree to infected men) was very hard to ignore. The drive to pin the infected woman to the ground and fuck her cunt while sucking on her milk engorged tits was nearly impossible to ignore.

But Oenteer had faced this before. His will was strong and even though his huge Minotaur cock was painfully hard and throbbed with intense desire to be inside the naked elfling he fought the temptation.

She had rolled back over onto her stomach and started crawling towards him, dragging her enlarged tits in the dirt under her. She looked up, madness on her face, and reached for him. “Cooooooock,” she moaned as she pulled herself ever closer.

Oenteer’s cock stood painfully hard and erect. He wore a skirt of leather lappets that his massive cock had simply pushed aside and risen out of as it grew erect. Huffing and flexing his muscles as he tried to maintain control he took a step closer to the infected woman. He had to save her. He had to prevent the disease from spreading any further and that meant she’d need his cum.

He lunged forward, falling upon her and grabbing her narrow Elven body with his massive hands. He flipped her over and sat down on top of her, letting his huge cock slap down on her chest. She started writhing and struggling under him, grabbing at his hips and trying to pull him down as she spread her legs for him. He kept her pinned and denied the urge to give her what she wanted.

Instead he leaned forward and spit on his cock then grabbed her swollen, enlarged tits and wrapped them around his huge cock. A moment later he was humping her chest, groaning in pleasure. It shamed him how much he enjoyed fucking the diseased Elf’s swollen breasts but there was no other choice. This was the easiest and safest way to get himself to cum.

She looked up at him, one eye larger than the other as she drooled and foamed from the mouth. “Cock,” she muttered over and over again. “Cock! Cock! Cock!”

He fucked her tits hard and fast, concentrating on how good it felt to try and cum as fast as possible. He felt himself building towards climax. He pounded her chest harder. He was squeezing her tits so tight infected milk was streaming out of her swollen nipples, running down her tits and getting all over his cock. The added fluid only helped lubricate his cock and helped him cum sooner.

The moment he felt his orgasm begin he let go of her breasts. He grabbed her head with one hand and his cock with the other. Then, with one smooth motion, he rammed his cock into her mouth. It was so thick and girthy that it didn’t fit all the way in, but that didn’t matter. The tip of his cockhead was in her mouth as he groaned and came inside her.

Minotaurs let loose far more cum than almost every other race in Alaria. His blast of semen ballooned her cheeks. He kept his cockhead pressed tight against her mouth, not giving any room for her to spit even a drop of the cum out. She gagged then swallowed.

He pulled away, the miasma of sex around her already starting to dissipate enough to allow his cock to start to soften. The woman sat up, gasping for air. Her eyes began to right themselves. She breathed heavily, reaching up to wipe her mouth clean. Then she grabbed her breasts, hugging them protectively as she looked around, fear on her face.

“What happened to me?” she asked, looking up at Oenteer. “There was a woman. She came up to me on my farm. Something was wrong with her… The air around her was so cold. She reached out. Her arm was… It was like she was a ghost, not really there. She touched me and then… then…”

Oenteer scooped the woman up and told her she was safe now. He stood and looked around. There was a farm in the direction she had stumbled from. “Calm,” he told her soothingly. “I’ll take you home. Once I know you are safe me and my companions will search for this apparition.”

As he started to carry her towards her home he looked back at the carriage. “Rirhi! Oda! Come now, and come armed. The Rangers of Vulfrellia are needed!”


* * *


Oda sat atop the short stone wall that ran around the farmhouse the young Elf maiden was recovering in. She held a small crossbow in her tiny hands, looking about nervously. She felt relieved when she saw Oenteer and Rirhi striding out of the nearby woods towards her. Both of them were holding their impressive weapons at the ready but it didn’t look as though they had been used.

“Did you find anything,” she called out as she hopped down off the wall.

“No,” growled the Minotaur. “Nothing. I found where the poor girl claimed she met the apparition. I could make out the Elf’s foot prints but there was no sign that anyone else had been there any time recently.”

“Well, there was something,” Rirhi said, looking nervous.

Oenteer’s ears twitched and he snorted. “The boys right, although I don’t know how important it is. There was a smell in the air, something neither of you would pick up.”

Rirhi grinned, elbowing the huge Minotaur. “But your great big snoot picked it up, didn’t it?”

Oenteer growled and glared down at the Human. “This is no joking matter. We’re very lucky I was the first one to stumble upon her. Desire Plague can spread fast and if you’re not familiar and prepared for it it’s far too easy to succumb to the disease.”

“But if she was infected doesn’t that mean there’s an infected man running around somewhere nearby? I don’t understand how the female apparition could have spread it to her. I thought it could only be passed between the genders.”

Oenteer grunted. “It’s a magical disease. It can, and usually is, started by magical means. If the elfling’s story is true then the woman who infected her might have been a magical projection, something sent by a powerful sorcerer. We’ll need to stop at the small town up the road and send a raven back to the capital and let them know about this. This was an attack.”

“But who could have been behind the attack?” Oda asked, looking about nervously.

“I don’t know. Perverse cultists. Agents from one of the kingdoms Vulfrellia calls enemy.” He stopped, obviously having more to say but looking hesitant.

“But that’s not what you think, is it big guy?” Rirhi said, staring intensely at the Minotaur.

“The plague could have spread from here, but if that’s what you wanted you would have targeted someone in a more populated area. Plague would have spread faster and been harder to get under control. And the chances that she would stumble out in the road just as we were passing seem too incredible. I think it was a trap meant for us.”

Rirhi and Oda looked shocked.

“What does this mean?” the Human asked.

“It means someone might not want us getting to the Northern Outpost,” Oenteer replied.


* * *


The Nameless Dark Queen gasped and stumbled back. The glow in her eyes was faint and for a moment she looked as if she might collapse. She stumbled to the nearest wall and leaned against it for support, breathing heavily.

“Took almost all I had in me to send my essence that far south,” she muttered. “And it didn’t even work.” She glared at the ground, sulking in her defeat. “The more of the Rangers at the outpost the harder things will be for me. I need more time. I need allies.”

She looked up at the swarming mass of thick tentacles that normally was her throne. “Allies,” she repeated, standing up as her power slowly returned to her. “It’s time for allies.”

The Queen strode towards the throne, her eyes glowing more intensely with every step. She raised her hands above her head and they too started to glow. “It’s time, my pet. Show me the gifts Eczotl has bestowed upon you!”

The tentacles began to twist and writhe, pulling back and revealing a shadowed figure bent over. As the tentacles receded the figure stood and stepped out of the throne.

“Beautiful,” The Queen hissed, seeing what the man known as Diagoras Trentin had become.

He was no longer a man, at least not a Human one. His skin was purple and his body was more muscular. His arms and legs were longer, as if they had been stretched out, and his fingers were inhumanly long and narrow with claw like nails on them.

The biggest change was his head. Nothing remains of the man he used to be except maybe his eyes. But those were hard to see now, sunken deep in a large misshapen head that looked more squid than man. His head was bald and a bony ridge ran out from the edges of his face around his head. There was no sign of a nose or mouth. Instead the bottom of his face was covered with a series of small tentacle like tendrils.

“I am reborn, my Queen,” he declared, the tendrils where his mouth should be wriggling as he spoke.

He was naked and a frighteningly large cock hung limply between his legs. But more disturbing was his chest. All of the magical amulets and talismans the wizard had worn when the throne of tentacles had consumed him were now fused into his body, each glowing with power.

“You are reborn indeed, Diagoras,” The Queen said, looking at him with pride on her face. “You shall be the first of my new subjects and as my power grows so shall yours. Eczotl shall bless us both as we do his will. He hungers for this world and we shall serve it to him as a feast.”

She waved a hand before him and a green robe appeared on him, sleek and heavy with a flared collar that could be pulled in around his head to hide the hanging mass on the bottom of his face. He raised a hand and a sleek purple staff appeared in it, shaped as though it were a single large tentacle whose tip wrapped tightly around a glowing stone.

“What is your first command, my Queen?” he asked.

The Nameless Dark Queen pondered the question. “I’m not sure yet, my pet. But I have faith I will find a use for you sooner than later.” She smiled, her mind already drifting back south. Others would soon fall to her power and be reborn. And those that couldn’t be turned would be dispatched, of that she was certain.

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