Poll Driven Story: “The Reign of Vogur, High Priest of Azel”

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A couple of notes:

First, this is a MASSIVE section of story, just around 20,000 words. Honestly I think that’s longer then the majority of Ebooks I have published. I’m fucking loving this story and I hope you all will enjoy this chunk, I just wanted you to be warned its pretty long before you sit down to read it.

Second: the poll for what they are using the women to breed ended up being a mess. The top voted answer was “next top voted creature plus Minotaur breeding his young in one” but then the second place was “all of the above”. So I think for now what I will do is have them experimenting with ALL the creatures and throw polls up as the creatures each appear and see if you want to see more of them, all while the Minotaur prepares to choose the mother of his young.

Also the winner for when the heroines are captured and impregnated was “one at a time” which I am going to try and stick to cause it’s what most of you want to see. The problem is the story right now has a bunch of potentially self contained little arcs that I have thrown individual polls up for, so depending on how those turn out more than one (or no) heroines might end up captured in the next chunk (which almost certainly will be near this length).

Anyways, on to the story! And always I appreciate any and all feedback you feel like giving me.



* * *


Gretel stared at her feet, nervously shuffling them from side to side. Her skin was pale white but she was blushing so furiously that nearly her whole face looked red.

“I really do mean it,” Vaytesh said softly, moving a step closer to the small woman standing nervously before him. He reached up and gently grabbed hold of her should with one hand, using his other to place a finger under her chin and push her head up so that he could make eye contact with her. “We can wait. I do not mind and will not be angry. You are a beautiful flower and I am willing to take an eternity to experience the joys of feeling you flower around me as we join together as one.”

“Such pretty words,” she replied. Then she moved in close to him, wrapping her arms around his thin elven frame and standing up on her toes to kiss him. As their lips met her arms tightened around him, pulling his body in closer to hers. They kissed, deeply and passionately and in a manner that made it clear the shy mage had done this before.

When she finally pulled away from him Vaytesh looked happily surprised. “You really AREN’T a virgin, are you? I had thought you were just saying that so I…” He trailed off, obviously embarrassed he had thought her untrue.

“No, not a virgin,” Gretel said, her voice so quiet it was nearly a whisper. She looked back down at her feet, kicking at the floor of the rented room nervously. “Not a virgin yet not nearly as experienced as you.” She looked up, her pretty eyes suddenly full of fire. “But I AM shy and as much as I want this it makes me nervous. I’m Human and you are a Half-Elf. We’d be able to make a child nearly as easily as if we were both the same race. And I’ve not been keeping good track of my moons… and… and I don’t want a child! The thought of being pregnant, of growing another being in me? It terrifies and repulses me!”

“Well then, I think it’s time I give you a little gift I had been saving,” Vaytesh said, smiling mischievously.

“A gift?” Gretel asked, watching the young, dark-skinned Half-Elf move across the small room and begin rummaging through the gear he had brought with them. “When have you had time to buy me a gift? We’ve not been out of each other’s sight for more than a few minutes since we began our journey here!”

He looked over his should as he continued to dig. “Oh, I bought it before we left. I always intended to give it to you as a thanks for journeying with me. But then there seemed to be such good chemistry between us… Well, I was afraid you’d think the gift implied I expected a certain something in return. But you’re already about to give me that so…” he trailed off again, shrugging.

Gretel furrowed her brow, looking confused. “I don’t understand.”

“You will once you see what it is,” Vaytesh said. “Ah! Here it is.” He stood up and turned to her, holding up a necklace that had a faintly glowing charm attached to it.

Gretel’s eyes opened wide as she understood, her glasses making the wide-eyed expression look slightly comical. “It’s a pregnancy ward!”

“Yes,” Vaytesh replied, walking to her and placing the necklace in one of her hands. “You should put it on now. Within a few minutes its magic will be working through you. As long as you have this on you need never worry about, well, you know.”

She smiled, her face glowing as she put the necklace on. Again she got up on her toes and leaned in to kiss him, but this time she did so on his cheek. “It’s perfect,” she said. “YOU are perfect.” Then she grabbed his hands and began pulling him towards the bed. “Come. We’ve already waited far too long. I’m ready, I truly am.”

They were almost to the bed when she stopped, letting go of his hands. “Maybe I’m ready…” she whispered, once more staring at the floor. “No, I’m not,” she said, louder and more confident. Then she growled in frustration. “Garh! I don’t know!” She turned her back to him, wrapping her arms tightly around her chest and curling in on herself slightly.

“Hey,” he said, placing a hand on her shoulder and turning her back around. “It’s okay. No pressure.”

She looked up at him, her pretty face twisted in anguish. “I’m being difficult,” she said, on the verge of tears.

“Nonsense,” he replied, pulling her in for a comforting hug. “You know,” he began slowly, running a hand soothingly through her black hair, “there are things we could do to ease into it. We need not go all the way tonight or any night soon. Yet we would be able to bring great pleasure to each other’s bodies.”

She buried her face in his chest. “I think,” she said, her voice slightly muffled, “that I would like that.”

He continued running his hand through her head and holding her close. “Then that is what we shall do. We’ll undress and just cuddle first, grow accustomed to the warmth of our naked bodies next to each other. And then I’ll show you what I’m talking about.”

They pulled apart and turned their backs to each other as they undressed. Vaytesh had a narrow, tall frame but that was covered in tight, firm muscles. When Gretel turned around and saw his naked, hairless body she gasped, taking a step close to him and reaching out to place a hand on his chest. As her fingers felt how firm his muscles were she pulled them back, giggling nervously. “You have a really pretty body,” she said, blushing and looking away as she wrapped one arm around her small firm breasts and placed her other hand over her crotch.

“And what about yours?” he replied, stepping closer. He was perfectly comfortable being naked but it was clear she was not.

He gently grabbed hold her hands and pulled them away from her body. Gretel allowed him to do this but she looked down and away from him as his eyes drank in the sight of her naked form.

She was short and thin, although her ass was plump and she had thick, soft thighs. Her breasts were a little more than a large handful, yet perky and perfectly round from her extreme youth. She had small pink nipples with almost no areolas around them. They were rock hard from the cool air flowing through the room and stood erect, two tiny beads of engorged flesh that were begging for attention.

“You are stunning,” Vaytesh whispered, pulling in close and sliding around her body so that he stood behind her with his arms wrapped around her. He pulled her in close, pressing his naked body up against the back of hers.

She was still staring at the ground but she leaned back, lifting her head up towards his. Slowly she turned and looked up, her eyes large and full of youthful innocence. “You like what you see?”

“Yes,” he said, running his hands slowly down her sides, his fingertips caressing and tickling her pale, soft flesh. As his hands reached the curve of her hips he moved them forward, allowing them to follow her natural curves and approach her vulva.

Gretel reached down and stopped his hands. “You don’t mind that I have… hair down there?” she asked, looking back at him with huge eyes.

“No,” he said, pushing past her hands till his fingertips began to press into the thick jet black hair of her bush. “Honestly, I think it is sexy. Elves and Half-Elfs, we are all smooth and hairless below the neck. There’s something so… sexually Human about it,” he said, moving his fingers further into her bush and inching closer to lips of her sex.

She leaned back further into him, sighing happily as his fingers reached their destination. Her legs started to grow weak as he began to caress her there, rubbing and massaging her pussy and gently teasing her clit.

Slowly he began to move back, holding her close and pulling her back with him as his fingers explored more of the curves and valleys of her most intimate part. Soon they were on the bed together, laying side by side, his arms wrapped around her and his hands still between her legs. They shifted slightly so he could finger her better.

“That feels incredible,” she whispered, moaning ever so slightly. Then, as he dipped a finger all the way into her cunt for the first time, she gasped, her legs instinctively tightening around his hand. This only caused his finger to plunge deeper into her, making her moan, a deep animalistic purr from deep in her chest.

“More?” he whispered in her ear.

“More,” she said, pressing back harder into his body and opening her legs so he could finger her with even more ease.

His nimble half-elven fingers danced around and into her sex, working her body with skill that left her breathless. He worked her pussy slow and gently at first but as her breathing grew heavier so did his hands. Soon he had two fingers knuckle deep in her moist cunt-hole, pounding her as he rubbed her clit with the other hand. They shifted so he was sitting on his knees between her open legs facing her, her on her back with her legs spread wide open.

Vaytesh leaned down, still fingering her with great vigor and skill. But as his face neared her pussy he stopped playing with her clit, making way for him to bury his face in her vulva. When his tongue darted out of his mouth and she first felt it flick over her clit she arched her back, reaching up and grabbing two handfuls of his short hair to pull his face in closer to her.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she whispered quickly. “Like that, with your mouth! But keep using your fingers. Don’t stop, please, don’t stop!”

He did just as he was told, eating her out as he finger-pounded her cunt. She ground her pussy up against his hand and face, still holding onto his hair as she started to breathe in quick desperate gasps. Soon those gasps were quiet burst of moaning pleasure that quickly became long loud moans that threatened to be heard through the inn’s wooden walls.

Then, her body reaching climax, she let out a long yawl of pleasure while she wrapped her legs around Vaytesh’s back, pressing his face further into her cunt as she came. Her vaginal muscles tightened around his fingers and much of the moisture in her insides squelched out around them.

Then, with a long shuddering gasp, she let go of his hair and her body went limp, her legs falling from around him. “Gods be praised,” she whispered, her eyes barely open as she luxuriated in post orgasmic bliss.

Vaytesh sat up, grinning proudly at how hard he had made her cum and wiping the vaginal juices on his face away with the back of his hand. “I did a good job?” he asked, his expression making it clear he knew he had.

She looked up at him with sleepy eyes. “Yes,” she said. “But you had promised there would be cuddling. Come, cuddle me now pretty Half-Elf.”

So he moved to lie besides his, wrapping an arm under her neck so they she could press into his body and rest her head on his chest. For a time they just laid there in silence, enjoying the feel of their warm, sweaty flesh pressed together. Vaytesh ran his fingers through her black hair and she leaned in, inhaling his masculine scent.

“You smell so good,” she whispered. “Not the way perfume smells good. It’s a natural, musky smell of a man and I love it.” She shifted then, moving her face down his chest, stopping every few inches to kiss him. When she reached his belly button she turned her head to the side, looking at his manhood. It was erect and resting just below her face on his body. She inhaled deep, shivering slightly. “The smell here is so much stronger. It’s heady, pungent, yet… sweetly enticing. A heavy musk that hangs about your manhood that makes me want to be closer to it.”

Then she did move closer to it, shifting her body so that her face was just above the underside of his cock. Gently, she kissed his cockhead. Then she stuck her tongue out and started to run just the tip down the center of the underside of his shaft. When she reached his balls she pressed her face into them, inhaling the scent of them as she licked and lapped at them and enjoying the salty taste of the sweat that covered them.

“The smell is… intoxicating,” she mumbled as she pulled slightly away, her eyes closed and her cheeks burning red. She paused to reach up and press her glasses back on her face then leaned back down and began licking his balls again, hesitantly at first but then more confidently. A moment later she opened her mouth, gently sucking one of his testicles into her mouth. She sucked and ran her tongue all around it then let it fall from her mouth.

She sat up, grabbing his cock by the base and holding it up as she looked at him with the serious expression she wore when cracking open a tome filled with knowledge unknown to her for the first time. “I’ve read about how this is done,” she said, sniffing haughtily with pride in the extent of her book learning. “Read about it in many books but never been daring enough to try it myself. I want to try, want to use my mouth to bring you the same kind of pleasure you just gave me.”

Vaytesh was trying not to laugh. “You’ll hear no objections from me,” he told her, putting his hands behind his head and laying back to relax and let her do as she would. “Please, conduct your scholarly researching by trying some of the techniques you have read about so many times.”

She lifted her head and closed her eyes, sniffing in indignation. “You are making fun of me,” she declared. “But I don’t care! I’ll show you why I was able to graduate so soon. I need only ever read a book once to remember and internalize all of the knowledge it had to offer.”

He chuckle then. “Please, show me these impressive oral skills you’ve gained from so many books but without any real world practice. Prove your boastful words!”

With a dismissive sniff she turned her attention back to his cock, leaning down close to it as she used the hand gripped around it to point it at her mouth. Again she ran her tongue up the underside of his cock, but this time she started from the base and ended at his cockhead. Once there she opened her mouth, using her tongue to pull his dick into her mouth. Gently she started sucking on his cockhead, still gently holding the base of his cock. She pointed it straight up in the air, allowing her to take it deeper into her mouth.

She sucked and slurped noisily, much of the saliva in her mouth leaking out of her lips and down his shaft. Each time her head bobbed down his shaft she took him deeper into her, slowly inching down till her lips touching his balls.

Vaytesh had sat up slightly and now reached down to hold her head. She had far more skill than someone who had never done this had any right to and seemed to already know how to suppress her gag reflex. Yet her technique was far from perfect. He used his hands to lead her, helping her suck him off in the manner most pleasing to him. Before long his eyes were closed and he was moaning in pleasure as her head bobbed up and down in his lap.

He started to mutter something, a barely audible whisper that had the rhythm of a prayer. Gretel was unable to make out the words, his voice was too soft and the sucking and slurping sounds she was making too loud.

What she could tell was that he was reaching completion, the tensing of his body under her made that clear. The sweaty pungent smell of his manhood was still assaulting her sense, making her feel dizzy and faint. The smell intoxicated her and prevented her from pulling away from his cock. Suddenly, as she felt his body quiver under her, she was filled with an overpowering need to taste his seed.

She sucked her lips tighter around his shaft, bobbing her head up and down vigorously. She cupped his balls in her hand and fondled them, doing all she knew how to push him over the edge.

Her efforts were quickly rewarded. Just as he finished the prayer he had been muttering she felt his cock pulse in her mouth. His balls seemed to bounce and then there was a wet explosion in her mouth. As soon as he was finished she pulled away, sitting up and tilting her head back as she moved the thick goopy man-seed around in her mouth. She savored the strange texture of it, concentrated deeply on the powerful, bitter taste. Then, feeling as though it was the right thing to do, she swallowed it.

It felt as though it stuck and clung to her throat. And then she felt a strange warmth in her insides, a warmth that reminded her of the feel a magical potion would have as one drank it. Idly she wondered why many women refused to drink a man’s seed. In that moment she felt there was nothing else she’d rather drink ever again.

Then the strange thought was gone as fast as it had come, disappearing as the warmth from the swallowed cum receded.

She opened her eyes and saw that Vaytesh was still hard. Her eyes felt like they couldn’t be drawn away from his cock, as if it was the center of the world and was the most important thing that existed. And there it was, waiting to be worshiped.

Vaytesh said something to her, but they words were simply background static in her mind. She got up on her knees and got on top of her Half-Elven lover. She straddled him, sitting on his hard cock. She adjusted till her pussy was on top of it, adjusting more till she felt his thick warmness wedged in the moist valley of her sex.

She reached up, bracing her hands on his firm abs. Then she started to move her hips, sliding her wet pussy up and down the underside of his cock as it was pressed down between their bodies. His cock was still wet from all the saliva her messy blow job had left on it and she found that her pussy was practically leaking her juices. She was able to slide herself up and down his shaft with smooth, pleasurable ease.

Gretel kept her eyes closed, reaching up once to adjust her glasses so they didn’t fall off face. But then her hand was back on Vaytesh, her soft hands reveling in how firm his body was. She rubbed up against his cock, luxuriating in the feel of it sliding between her wet pussy lips. She made sure to keep her eyes closed tightly for she wanted to concentrate on how this felt, on how great his cock made her feel. In that moment it was the only thing she cared about.

Then, overcome with the need to bring his cock the most pleasure possible, she lifted up off of him reached down between her legs. She grabbed his throbbing manhood firmly in her hand, amazed at how warm and thick it was. She needed it, needed to feel it inside and filling her. Slowly she lowered her body back down, holding his cock and lining it up with her wet opening. Then she pressed down harder, slamming her body down so that his cock quickly impaled her.

She threw her head back, arching her back wailed in pleasure as she began to cum the instant he entered her. The world around her became a blur of pleasure as she started fucking Vaytesh, bouncing up and down on his cock. It felt so good in her, making her feel as if she had not been complete without a cock in her cunt.

Vaytesh was saying something but the words were unintelligible to her. Her mind was a jumbled mess of ecstatic pleasure and thoughts of cock. Perfect, holy cock. Strange words floated through her mind, a prayer she had never heard. A prayer to cock, to all the holy glory that was every cock in Alaria.

“Azel be praised,” she whispered as she felt Vaytesh’s dick quiver inside of her, a moment later her insides filling with his seed.

Gretel blinked, feeling as though she had just woken from a fever dream or a vision sent by the gods. Her body was covered in sweat and she felt sleepy, drained, and at total peace. She was lying next to Vaytesh, holding him tightly and cooing from the feel of him running his hands through her hair.

“Sleep now,” he whispered.

“That was… incredible,” she whispered back. “It felt almost like a holy revelation.” She didn’t know sex could be so powerful.

Vaytesh simply shushed her, caressing her as she fell asleep. Within minutes she was in a deep, peaceful slumber. For a time Vaytesh kept petting her hair until he sensed moving wouldn’t wake her. Then, slowly, he slid out from under her. She moaned slightly at the absence of his body but didn’t wake. Carefully he got out of the bed, smiling down at her.

“Such innocence,” he whispered, watching her small firm breasts rise and fall as she breathed peacefully. “And so much powerful knowledge stored in that excellent mind of hers, yet too stupid and trusting to see what is happening to her. So naïve it’s impossible not to take advantage of her.”

Slowly he strode across the room, raising his hands over his head and stretching. As his tight muscles stretched a tattoo that had moments ago been unseen on his chest appeared and started to glow. The symbol was that of a stylized erect penis, the symbol of Azel.

He stepped to the window and opened it, looking out at the small frontier town stretched out before him. All was dark and quiet outside, only a few windows lit with the flickering light of an occasional candle or torch. In the distance he could make out the shadow of the palisades that surrounded the city and he saw the distant flicker of a few torches as a handful of town guards patrolled inside the walls.

The cool night air drifted in, spreading goose bumps across his naked flesh. He smiled out at Wood Creek, thinking about all the small town had in store for it. Then he turned back, looking at Gretel sleeping so peacefully on the bed.

He had enjoyed finally bedding the young Human woman and was glad he had been patient and waited till she was ready. Taking her would have been less enjoyable. Yet as he thought this a sinister smile tugged at his lips. She’d given herself willingly to him tonight, yet Azel had still helped.

The strong male musk of his cock that had so infatuated the young mage was not, as she thought, natural. It was but one of many blessings the god of cock had bestowed on his faithful follower. It had assaulted and befuddled her senses, filled her with the drive to worship cock as Azel’s faithful do. And his whispered prayers to his god had helped him control and direct her desires.

His mission was to continue working the powerful yet naive mage like this, slowly filling her with Azel’s holy light. Converting her to cock worship night by night, all without her realizing what was happening to her.

Vaytesh was to continue this way, making sure she did not discover or interfere with any of the other plots that were in motion around her while not revealing what he really was. Then, when new orders came from the High Priest, he would do as he was told. Till then he would wait, slyly manipulating the woman and enjoying the pleasures her young body had to offer.


* * *


Earlier that evening, after the two young mages had excused themselves, the conversation at the tavern table below had continued. But before long General Outbridge and Eva Sunpride had risen, both saying they were tired and ready to retire to bed.

As they disappeared up the stairs that led to their rented rooms the front door of the inn had opened, a tall man with striking white hair that hung down to his shoulders walking in. He had scruffy, dark stubble on his narrow face and was dressed in sturdy clothing clearly made to keep him protected during long journeys in the wilds. There was also a dirtiness to him that gave the impression that he too had only recently ridden into town.

The two adventurers that still sat at the table drinking happily watched as the man made his way to the where the innkeeper stood behind the counter that doubled as the ground floor tavern’s bar.

“Might be another adventurer,” Celeste said, nodding to the man.

“Maybe,” Laurette replied, appraising the man. “A ranger by the looks of him. Although I think I may have seen him earlier. Yes! He was on a horse by the gates into town and seemed to be waiting for someone.”

The man turned, a mug in hand, and saw the two women looking at him. He smiled and approached them. “Ho!” he called, waving to them. “May I join you two fine looking ladies?” He flashed a charming smile at them that did much to wash away the gruff, sinister look that seemed to cling to the man.

“Sure,” Laurette said, “plenty of room at the table now.”

The man sat and introduced himself as Friedburt Elhers. After a few minutes of light, pleasant conversation the two women discovered the man was, in fact, a ranger. But he made clear he was no adventurer. He told them he had come to Wood Creek to help the fledgling town as it established itself. He was vague on what exactly this meant, but neither of the women took offense at his subtle evasiveness. They were strangers and he had the right to keep his business to himself.

When Laurette and Celeste revealed they were adventurers and had come to town hoping to make some coin his eyes lit up. “I’m very glad to hear that,” he said, looking relieved. “I actually have been tasked with finding someone such as yourselves to take care of a concern out in the wilds.” He pulled a pouch of coins from his pocket and dropped it on the table, the metal inside making a sound that made both the adventurers’ eyes light up with greed. “Whole pouch is yours if you can do the job.”

“We’ll do it,” both women said in unison.

“Just like that?” he asked, amused. “Don’t even want to know what the job is?”

“Nope,” Laurette replied happily. “We’re pretty confident we can handle anything lurking in these woods. And we are actually in pretty desperate need of coin. We weren’t actually sure how we’d pay for another week here in this inn once what we paid in advance was used up.”

“What is the job?” Celeste asked, still staring at the pouch.

Friedburt grabbed the bag, returning it to his pocket. “Let’s not worry about that tonight. In the morning I’ll fill you in on the quest. Tonight let us drink,” he declared, standing up. “Next round’s on me!” Both adventurers lifted their mostly empty mugs and smacked them together, cheering.

While he was procuring the new drinks Laurette leaned in and whispered to Celeste. “He’s not bad looking, in a rough around the edges way. And I’ve still to bed a man in this town. Think I can get lucky tonight?”

Celeste chuckled. “Perhaps! There are few men that can resist your charms. And should they manage to resist you always have that,” she said, nodding to the bard’s harp. Since she was a bard a tune played by her could literally be enchanting.

Laurette waved the notion away, grinning guiltily. “I don’t charm men into bed with me with my bardic magic.” Celeste stared at her, blinking dumbly. “Okay,” Laurette said, rolling her eyes. “I don’t do it OFTEN.”

Soon Friedburt was back and the three were drinking and telling tales of adventure. Although not an adventurer Friedburt had many stories to tell that were incredibly similar to theirs.

As the conversation continued Laurette smiled and laughed and flirted with the ranger, but it quickly became obvious he had his eyes on the big, dumb blond barbarian. It wasn’t often a man chose Celeste over her, as most men were turned off by her muscular physique, so Laurette pulled back, letting the man focus on Celeste.

Celeste, however, was far from being the most observant woman in the world and it wasn’t often that a man flirted with her. The bard quickly realized the man was not being direct enough to make Celeste realize he had interest in her. So Laurette decided to play a tune and sing a song, subtlety infusing the melody with bardic magic that would push her friend to warm to the man’s interest.

Once the song had worked its magic Laurette finished her drink then excused herself, saying she was finally ready to bed. As she walked away she saw Celeste leaning in, reaching out to grab hold of the man’s hand. By the dumb grin and blush in the barbarian’s cheeks she knew before long the two would be heading up the stairs as well, although not to separate rooms.

“Hopefully Celeste is a good enough lay that Friedburt will slip a few extra coins into our payment,” she muttered, her eyes glinting slightly with greed. Tonight her traveling partner would be with the man and hopefully he would find that pleasing. Then tomorrow, when they discovered the quest he had for them, hopefully they would both impress him with how fast they would be able to finish it. Laurette really was confident that there was nothing in the wild, untamed woods that surrounded Wood Creek that the two of them couldn’t handle.


* * *


Once General Serfine Outbridge was alone in her room she let the weariness she felt from the long day that hung behind her overcome her. Her vibrant, glowing white hair dulled, the radiance almost gone. As the glow to her hair faded the tall, prideful stance she stood in slackened as well.

Then, feeling tired and wanting just to be in the bed that sat so near, she began taking her armor off. Normally she had some kind of squire or attendant to help with the task but she had come to this place alone, the cleric that had traveled with her simply having been going to the same place at the same time.

As she slowly went about the tedious work of taking the obsidian armor off piece by piece she thought how strange it was that she had decided to come to this place alone. She was Capatia’s highest ranking general, a leader of armies. What had possessed her to come here alone?

Thinking back on the days before she had left the capital she found her memories jumbled and confused. The queen had insisted on her coming, she knew that. Yet when she tried to remember the meeting when the command had been given she found the memories of it slipping from her mind as if they were fog drifting slowly away from her.

And hadn’t there been others that had encouraged her to come? Yes… There had been a dinner with the nobles of an influential family and there had been priests there. Yet as she fought to bring the memories of that night into the front of her mind she had a hard time picturing these priests. In her mind they seemed… strange. There was a feeling in her heart that these had not really been priests of the duel gods.

She shook her head, letting go of the failing battle to remember these things with any clarity. She was just tired and was confident that after a long night’s sleep her mind would feel less muddled.

Finally she peeled the last of her armor off. Quickly she took the clothing she had underneath off as well. Like nearly all Capatians she felt most comfortable when naked, although it was a drive she fought harder than most to deny.

After undressing she stood naked except for her chest. Her upper torso was wrapped in strips of tight white bindings that left her breasts compressed and made it so she was totally flat chested.

The armor she wore was a holy relic that had been crafted, legend said, by the duel gods long ago. If it had been crafted for a Capatian it hadn’t been a female one, for the breast plate was flat and left no room for a woman’s breasts, especially not the over-sized bust of a full blooded High Capatian woman.

Most who served under her didn’t realize Serfine WAS a pureblooded High Capatian. Because of her gods’ blessing her hair was platinum, not the red of other High Capatians. And nearly all the world thought she was a completely flat chested woman, for even when she was not wearing her armor (which was rare) she still wore her chest bindings out of habit.

But when she was alone, and especially when she slept, she took those bindings off. The bed was calling to her, but her breasts ached and she HAD to remove the bindings she hoped for any kind of restful sleep.

She found where the end of the cloth binding was tucked in to the wrapped mass and muttered a quick magical phrase that would allow the enchanted cloth’s magic to be ended for the day. The end of the fabric fell loose and she began the tedious work of unwrapping herself, unwinding the long string of cloth around and around her body.

With every second that passed her breasts were compressed less and less. It wasn’t just how tightly the bindings were wrapped around her body that helped flatten her them, no, the bindings had a powerful enchantment that allowed them to do far more than mere compression would have allowed.

As she unwrapped herself it looked as though the formally flat chested woman’s breasts were growing, bigger and bigger. At first it was just a slight swelling in her chest but quickly her breasts grew ever larger, their real size being revealed as the bindings were removed.

When they were finally off she stood hunched over slightly. Her breasts were, in fact, gigantic. Huge even by High Capatian standards, making even Consular Sauvanne Chevalier’s impressively sized breasts look meager in comparison. They pulled down heavily on her chest, each breast hanging down to her waist. And they were as wide as they were long, their bulk forward far greater than the torso that supported them.

She sighed a deeply, having her massive breasts free finally a relief, yet she never relished feeling their true weight and size pulling her down. In many ways they were a menace and she’d have little hope of being an effective combatant if she didn’t keep their size and true weight suppressed and absent from her body at most times.

Wrapping her arms around them protectively, wishing the bindings didn’t leave them so sore and tender, so shuffled to the bed. She climbed up and got under the covers, already feeling sleep pulling heavily at her eyelids. As she tried to get comfortable she lay on her back, but the sheer weight of her breasts were too uncomfortably on top of her, and she hated the way their bulk shifted down to her sides when she lay like this. So she rolled over onto her side only to immediately groan in frustration. Her breasts were so large that even laying that way was uncomfortably, although slightly less than when she lay on her back.

She accepted this was as good as it was going to get and closed her eyes, letting sleep finally overtake her. Her final thought was a depressing one: when she woke she’d need to put the magic bindings back on, knowing she could barely function with them in their natural state. But by the end of the day the bindings would leave her breasts painfully tender and sore. And the next day it would all be repeated, again and again…


* * *


Eva Sunpride was in the room next to General Outridge, praying as the General had slowly undressed. The plump Night Elf knelt beside her bed, her own armor already off and placed on a nearby table. She was naked, having used a washcloth and a basin of cold water to wash her body before she began her nightly prayers.

Once she finished her prayers to the duel gods she stood, making her final preparations before bed. But as she did so her mind too wandered to the days before she had left the capital. She had had a vision, the goddess Pucella appearing before her. She had been dignified and composed as she always was, a paragon of divine composure and perfection. Yet she had appeared alone. Eva had thought this strange as the duel gods of Capatia ALWAYS appeared together.

Pucella had communicated with Eva without using any spoken words, informing the cleric that her presence was needed out in the wild frontier that was the Tronahar Forest, specifically that she was to travel to the town of Wood Creek. Her goddess had not revealed why the cleric’s presence was needed there but gave the impression that the reason why would be revealed in time. She had woken from the vision, a divine drive burning within her to go where her goddess had commanded her.

But that had been days before she had left. She tried to remember what had transpired during the time after the vision but before she left the capital. Eva felt as if she was sifting fine sand through her fingers, impossible to grasp no matter how hard she tried. The memories were just too disjointed and foggy.

Feeling as though her struggle to grasp the memories had failed she felt her attention drawn to her traveling pack. Naked, her fat heavy breasts swaying above her plump belly, she walked to it and followed the strange impulse that seemed to be driving her actions. The feeling didn’t alarm her for she was a cleric and was used to feeling the whims of her gods flow through her, simply went with the impulse from outside herself that she felt and didn’t question it.

Opening the pack she and pushing her hand into it she found her fingers drawn to a package, wrapped in soft leather and having shifted to the very bottom of the pack during her journey here, all but forgotten till this moment. She pulled it out, bringing it with her to the bed and sitting down on the edge. For a long time she sat, the sole candle lighting the room flickering and spreading uneven illumination as she looked down at the package in her hand.

A priest had given it to her, she remembered that although only vaguely. The man had known of the journey their goddess was sending her on and insisted the package would be essential for what the goddess intended of her. But the man had stressed that she wasn’t to open it till she arrived in Wood Creek. It was strange, though, that she seemed to have forgotten about the item as soon as it was in her pack and that only had she recalled it existed.

She could feel some kind of divine enchantment on the hidden item within. Yet the energy felt strange… alien, as if it came not from either of the duel gods she was pledged to. But that was impossible! A priest of the duel gods had given it to her, it MUST be blessed by them.

After staring at it for a long time she finally began to unwrap it, untying the leather cords around it then gently opening the soft leather to reveal what hid within. Once the relic was revealed she felt even more perplexed. The item held in her hands was like none she had ever soon. It was a perfectly smooth stone rod about the length of her hand, one end perfectly flat and the other rounded with a slight point to it.

She abandoned the leather wrapping and held the item directly in her hands. There was power in the thing, immense, divine power that hummed from the relic as if it were a living thing. Yet the energy felt so unfamiliar to her. She could feel the thing’s magic radiating up through her hands and arms then down into the core of her body. The item was speaking to her, subtle words of magic that pulled at her mind and filled her body with a perplexing hunger for… something.

The item was drawing her attention in, making the world around her fade. She was only vaguely aware that the nipples of her fat wide breasts had painfully hardened and that the slit of her womanhood had begun to moisten to the point that a wet patch was growing on the bed under her.

Feeling led by the powerful blessing on the item she pulled back further onto the bed, getting up on her knees and lifting herself up. She closed her eyes, letting the item lead her. Still gripping it in both hands she lowered it till it was between her legs, then she flipped it over so the smoothed tip was pointing up at her sex.

Slowly she began to lower herself down till she felt the rounded tip of the item pressing against her womanhood. She gasped when it first touched her moist flesh, a flash of pleasure shooting out from the point of contact.

With her eyes still closed and her mind in the muddled fog of a holy revelation she started to press the relic into her pussy. A little at first, letting the ample juices dripping from her cunt lubricate the tip. Then out then back in, a little deeper this time. Out and in, out and in, over and over again till the item was pressed as deep inside her as it could go.

At that point she let go of the relic, spreading her legs out and pressing down so the bed below her kept the item pressed inside of her. Eva then began to move her hips, pressing against the relic and cooing in pleasure from the feeling of it filling her insides and grinding up against her vaginal walls as the item radiated warm magic that brought waves of delight flowing up through her body.

Soon the pudgy, pink skinned Night Elf was grinding against the bed and moaning like a cat in heat. She reached up and began grabbing her plump, wide breasts. She groped and caressed them then began pinching and tugging at her nipples. And all the while her mind was fixated on how good it was to have her cunt filled by something rigid and long, by something cock shaped.

Cock. The word ran through her mind. Memories of every man she had ever been with flooded in, the memory of each of their cocks so clear she felt as if they were in the room with her. In her hand. In her mouth. Deep in her pussy.

She ground against the bed, moaning and feeling herself rocketing towards orgasm. Eva didn’t understand what was happening to her, it made no sense yet she leaned into it, confident this was what her goddess wanted. She would continue until she came and then she would lie back, pulling the relic out of herself and licking her own juices clean from the item. Then, hugging the relic as if it was precious to her, she would fall into a deep dream filled slumber. Those dreams were filled with the divine beauty that was cock and all the pleasures they could bring her.

Eva Sunpride was watched over that night by the goddess that had sent her to Wood Creek. But it wasn’t Pucella’s power that flowed through the relic and so heavily influenced the cleric. No, it was another god. And as Pucella thought of him, and how could she not with his presence soaked into the world around Wood Creek, she shuddered.

The goddess was ashamed that she had sent her loyal cleric to this place, having seen dark glimpses of what was in store for her here. But she hadn’t had a choice.

In the divine aether the gods existed on, a plane of existence that overlapped Alaria and hung above it, she watched her cleric and knew the woman would be lost to her before long. Then the goddess shuddered again as she felt another divine presence stepping into being beside her.

She turned her back to it, not wanting to see him. She wrapped her arms protectively around herself, feeling suddenly alone and realizing how weak she felt in this place. She was standing on the very edge of the faith that radiated up from those that worshiped her, the faith at this distance barely nourishing her divine light.

“Why have you come to me?” she asked the figure looming behind her, not turning to face him.

“I wanted to ensure you are holding up your end of our bargain,” the male voice replied.

The sound of it made her shiver in fear and she longed for her brother, for Pourrait to be there with her. It had been ages since they had been this far apart and she felt lost without him. They were strongest when together and he had not understood why she wanted to be apart from him, even for a short time.

“I still hold to my pledge,” she replied to the other god. “But I detest doing this to one of my faithful. The torments that pour woman will soon be enduring…”

The god behind her stepped closer, the miasma of his power pressing against her back. Only now, when she was so far away from the fount of faith that flowed forth from Capatia into her, did she feel how truly powerful this other god had become. It seemed to her that it was just yesterday that this god had reappeared in Alaria. She could feel how many had turned to worshiping him since his reappearance and felt how much more powerful than her and her brother he had become.

“It will not be torment,” the other god said, a purr of carnal joy in his voice. “It will be delight, unending sexual pleasure.”

Pucella felt the god reach out towards her but she pulled away, not wanting the thing to touch her. There was something in his essence, something alien and invasive. She felt it radiating off of him, felt it trying to seep into her divine being and change her.

“I care not for the delights you have to offer,” she snarled.

She felt his hand pulled away, felt him stepping slowly away from her. “You do this thing and I shall hold up my end of the bargain,” he said, clearly sensing that he was not wanted and starting to disappear into the astral filament away from her being.

“I do this and my brother will be safe?” she asked before he was totally gone.

“Yessssssss,” the other god hissed, his presence seeping away from her. But even as the word flowed past her she felt something there. It wasn’t a lie, no, it something more subtle. As she was left alone she worried and felt foreboding, as if she was walking willfully into some sinister trap.

A single tear began to form in her eye then gently slide down her perfect, pretty face. “Oh my dearest brother, I long to return to you. But I can’t, not till I know you are safe.”

She turned then, her presence drifting away from the cleric below. But she didn’t go far, for events drew her ever to this small hub on the edge of her domain. She stayed but longed to be back in Capatia with her brother, hoping soon she would be but fearing it might never happen…


* * *


Celeste was a big, dumb brute of a woman. It was true she had a pretty face but most weren’t able to see past her unfeminine muscles to see that beauty. It wasn’t often a man showed such intense interest in her and as the door closed behind her and Friedburt the powerful barbarian suddenly felt nervous.

She turned her back to him, feeling self conscious. “You really want me here with you tonight,” she asked, her heavily accented voice low and full of self doubt.

“Yes,” Friedburt said, stepping up behind her. He grabbed hold of her, turning her around to face him. She was blushing like a maiden, an almost comical sight on such a brutish woman. “I like you,” he said, looking up into her eyes. He grabbed her waist, running his hands down to her hips and around behind her to grope her firm ass. “I like your body and want to experience the delights it has to offer.”

She looked away, averting her eyes to the floor and blushing deeper yet she didn’t pull away from him. “Most men do not find my muscles attractive,” she muttered.

He slid his hands up her body, feeling her stone hard abs through her clothing. “I like your muscles,” he insisted, slowly moving his hands around her body then pulling her towards him. As he did he leaned up and kissed the barbarian. He was a skilled kisser but she was clumsy and messy, awkwardly sticking her tongue into his mouth and accidentally letting some drool leak from their lips. When they pulled apart she wiped her face clean with the back of her mouth and apologized.

“Don’t,” he said firmly. “I like things messy. And, again, I like your muscles. In fact, I wouldn’t mind if there were more of them.”

For a moment Celeste simply stared down at him, slowly trying to puzzle out the meaning of his words. Then, finally understanding, her eyes opened wide. She pushed him away from her and took a step back, looking shocked. “You mean you want me to use my barbarian rage and… grow stronger? Bigger?”

“Oh yes,” the man said, his eyes suddenly intense and his voice sounding greedy. “The bigger the better. But before we begin I think it would be best if we undressed. I’d like to see every inch of your body as you grow mightier. I expect the sight will be incredibly arousing and want to be able to take you as soon as my body yearns for you.”

As he told her what he wanted the carnal greed in his voice only increased. There was tinge to his tone that made it seem as if he didn’t see her properly as another living being but rather as an object that existed solely to bring him sexual pleasure. These subtleties, however, went unnoticed by Celeste. Whether it was because the accent of the locals was far harder for her to understand than hers was for them or because she was just too dumb wasn’t clear. Either way she simply took his words as sincere flattery and began undressing.

Friedburt undressed as well, revealing a muscular but heavily scarred body. He had an impressively large penis for a Human, something Celeste noticed as soon as it was revealed.

The sight made her smile with anticipation. She enjoyed the feeling of being filled when a man was inside of her. She also had discovered that when she grew larger so did her pussy, meaning it was harder for a man to fill her when she was bulked up. But looking at his cock, even though it was now flaccid, she knew he’d be able to give her the feeling she desired and she told him so.

Before long she too was naked, her face blushing intensely as she stood before the man, letting him admire her body. Her muscles were thick and bulky in a way only a barbarian could be. She had fair sized breasts, although they seemed small with all the Capatians about. They were firm and perky, her nipples small and pink.

“You are stunning,” Friedburt told her. “So desirable, but I think you can get even hotter if you try.”

She looked away, wrapping her strong arms around her waist and hugging herself. “I’ve never done this in front of someone to get them turned on,” she muttered.

“I’m honored to be the first. Now please, begin,” he said, pulling a chair out from the small writing desk in one corner of the room and sitting in it. He leaned band and spread his legs, letting a hand fall into his lap so he could start playing with his cock.

“Alright,” Celeste said, starting to grow more comfortable. She let her arms fall to her side then clenched her fists, all the muscles of her body tensing. Her brow twitched then her face twisted up into a fierce snarl as she tapped into the rage that always lay simmer just under the surface. She started breathing deep, loud angry huffs that made her whole body rise and fall.

Then she raised her clenched fists slightly looking as if she were preparing to fight someone in hand to hand combat. As she did so her eyes shimmer and pulsed with magical energy. She let out a low, long growl and then, slowly, she began to grow. Stronger. Taller. More powerful. Her muscles swelled as her whole body bulked up and increased in size.

But it wasn’t just her muscles that were growing. Her firm, round breasts began to swell and grow as well. It was an aspect of the barbarian’s rage that most women found inconvenient but by the pleased look on Friedburt’s face it was something he had clearly been eagerly awaiting.

As Celeste’s body continue to swell and grow so did her breasts, but they quickly started growing at a pace far faster than the rest of her body. Soon her breasts had doubled in size, then tripled. Yet as they grew they quickly lost their perfect firm roundness, quickly sagging and drooping down her front, looking as though the larger they got the less dense they became.

Friedburt’s cock was hard and he was happily stroking himself, his eyes drinking in the sight of the woman who now stood towering above him. She’d grown by at least a foot and a half and looked as muscular as a Minotaur, although her breasts were now massive and hung softly down her front nearly to her waste. They weren’t unpleasantly saggy, at least not to Friedburt, but they were far from firm or perky.

Still huffing heavily Celeste shifted, no longer clenching her fists or looking so angry. “This is as big as I can get without being in an actual fight,” she said, her voice noticeably deeper.

“It’s fantastic,” he replied, letting go of his cock and standing up. It stood tall and erect before him, a large, hard rod of man flesh that seemed to point eagerly to the naked barbarian. Celeste looked down at it, realizing that with as big as she had grown it would now feel small inside of her.

Friedburt seemed to understand the disappointment on her face. “You like big cock that fills you, yes?”

She nodded, trying not to seem disappointed in his manhood.

“Well, I’ve a surprise for you,” he replied. “One that I think might make you very happy.”

He muttered something under his breath than ran a hand over his chest. Once his hand had passed over his chest a glowing tattoo was revealed, one that had previously not been visible. It glowed and pulsed, revealing stylized glyph of hard cock. She had seen the symbol before and knew it was the sign of Azel, the cock god.

Celeste then noticed that the hand that had passed over the glowing tattoo was itself now glowing. He moved it to his dick, grabbing hold of it by the base. Her eyes opened wide in astonishment as his hard cock started to grow, longer and thicker, his balls growing in size with his shaft. She gasped when he let go, staring at the biggest cock she had seen on a Human, bigger than she imagined possible. She marveled at how thick it was, excited by the sight of the swollen veins pulsing up and around its length. The sight did plenty to get her heart racing and make her moisten.

“Come,” Friedburt said in a commanding tone, “kneel before me. Use your mouth to stoke the fires of my desire then I will enter you.”

Happily Celeste moved forward, dropping to her knees before the man. But she was now so large that even on her knees she had to lean down to get her mouth near his cock. Her breasts were also so large that when she was up on her knees they sagged nearly to the ground and as she leaned down towards his cock they were lowered to the floor of the inn’s rented room, the soft flesh pilling up there.

As Celeste drew towards the massive, throbbing, magically enlarged cock before her she was hit by a wall odor. His cock reeked, a smell so strong it was like a heavy miasma she could almost feel in the air around his penis. At the odor first hit her senses she was repulsed, having to fight not to gag. But with every breath the cock stank seemed to be become more sweet, more delicious to smell and taste on her tongue.

The odor was so overpowering that it made her head spin. For a moment she teetered, nearly falling over. But then she focused back in on the massive cock before her and felt as though doing so grounded her to the world. A heartbeat later it was as if that cock was the only thing outside of her that existed.

She moved closer, her mouth hanging stupidly open and her tongue lolling from her mouth, saliva dripping down out of her mouth onto her enlarged breasts. She inhaled deeply, the scent muddling her mind even further and causing her eyes to roll up into her head.

A thick bead of precum had begun to form on his cockhead and it was towards this that Celeste moved her open mouth, driven suddenly to taste it as she continued to inhale the powerful stank of the cock. But before she reached it Friedburt grabbed his cock by the base and then pressed it onto her face, rubbing his swollen cockhead from the side of her nose down her cheek and then back again, smearing the precum over her pretty features.

Celeste made a sound of displeasure that Friedburt quickly responded to, pulling his cock away from her face then smacking her with it. There was a moist “thwack” as more leaking precum splattered on her cheek. He then pulled his cock away and slapped the other side of her face.

The cock blows made her moan in confusion and her eyes rolled further back, leaving only the whites showing. She was drooling a steady flow of saliva down onto her tits, the wet mess slowly oozing down her enlarged breasts.

“Dumb bitch,” he growled, smacking her face with his cock again. “Can’t believe you were dumb enough to think my interest sincere. Were it not for the way your tits grow when you use your powers I’d have taken no delight in this mission bed you so that you can be controlled. But seeing them now, sagging grossly down onto the floor, I am VERY happy it was me tasked with taking care of you. And now that you are thoroughly cocknotized and under my control I want to see them grow larger. NOW.

Her expression remained nearly the same, her eyes rolled up into her head and her mouth hanging out as she drooled on herself. But her brows twitched slightly in anger and then she started to grow larger, her already massively sized breasts swelling till they were two inhumanly sized mounds of soft tit-flesh piled before her, resting on the ground like two large sacks.

“That’s big enough,” he said with a chuckle. “So physically powerful right now yet I bet you’d require nearly all that muscle just to stand under the weight of all this tit-meat.”

As he spoke he rubbed his throbbing cock on her face some more then slid it down into her open mouth, cramming it in. It was so thick that his girth pressed her mouth open, making her groan in discomfort. His cock just barely fit in her mouth and only because her mouth had grown in size with the rest of her.

He grabbed two handfuls of her long dusty blond hair and held her head in place as he started roughly fucking her face. She choked and gagged, huge slimy strings of saliva half vomited up around his massive cock leaking out and dripping down to make a bigger mess on her over-enlarged breasts. Yet she didn’t fight to pull away, she simply knelt there, a mindless plaything for this man.

It wasn’t long before Friedburt groaned in pleasure, quickly pulling his over-sized cock out of her mouth. Once her mouth was empty she sat up straight, leaving the top of her enlarged tits level with his cock as it bounced then exploded a huge blast of cum into her cleavage.

“Azel be praised,” he moaned as he came, marveling at how much cum came out of him. It looked like it would have filled a mug of ale, and all in one load! “Truly Azel’s divine attention is on me in this moment,” he muttered as he finished cumming, his cock remaining just as hard and large. “I’ve never been able to grow my cock so easily nor control a woman’s mind so fully with Azel’s stench.”

He looked down at the beautiful sight of so much blessed cum leaking and oozing into her grossly over-sized breasts. He grabbed his throbbing cock by the base and pressed its mass into the cummy mess, down in between her tits.

“Squeeze them around me,” he commanded. At once Celeste lifted her arms, wrapping them around her breasts. They had grown so large that she wasn’t able to connect her hands around their bulk. She grabbed as much of the mountains of flesh as she could and pressed them in around him.

Friedburt placed his hands on her shoulders and leaned against her then started humping the mountains of tit flesh his cock was buried in. He grunted, slamming hard into her breasts, cum squelching messily out. Celeste simply knelt, drooling as her head fell limply to the side.

After pounding her tits for an enjoyably long time he groaned in pleasure again, shooting a second huge load of cum in between her breasts. He pulled away, breathing heavily and admiring the cummy mess that her enlarged tits had become, his cock still hard and dripping cum onto the floor.

He grabbed himself, taking a step back, starting to stroke and using the cum on his cock as lube. “Sit up higher,” he commanded. She did so. “Now rub that cum into those monster tits of yours. All over, I don’t want an inch of your breasts left clean.”

She moaned, her lead lifting for a moment then falling to the other side. She placed her large hands on the top of her breasts, moving them down and dipping them into the valley of her cleavage where most of the two loads of cum had oozed and mixed together. Her hands slipped down through the thick cum and she worked much of it down and under her breasts, then back up around their sides.

Her hands glided across her breasts, sinking into the mass of soft pliable flesh. It shifted under her hands, oozing to one side then the other. Slowly she slathered the cum over every inch of her breasts, an act that took a while. The whole time Friedburt stood before her, jerking off to the sight.

When her task was done she let go of her breasts and sat back up, obediently waiting for her next command. Friedburt moved to the bed, sitting down on the edge with his legs spread wide open and his huge cock firmly in hand.

“Crawl to me,” he told her. “Do so on all fours, as low to the ground as you can. I want you to drag those sacks of tit-flesh on the ground as you come to me.”

She did as he said. As she got down her hands and knees Friedburt saw her tits were so large that they filled all the space between her body and the floor. As she started to crawl forward she lowered her body further down, pressing her mass of breasts into the floor. He imagined it couldn’t have felt good. Part of the floor was covered in a filthy, coarse rug and the rest was bare wooden planks. As if confirming this she began to groan in pain, a sound that made a wide evil grin spread across his face.

Looking behind her he saw that her tits were also leaving a slathered wet trail of cum behind her, the sight making him picture the woman as a slug. “Slug,” he said with a chuckle. “Pathetic huge titted slug. Not a woman. Not a thing of worth beyond the pleasure it can bring a man’s divine cock. This truly is how all women are meant to be.”

He started jerking off again as she approached, enjoying her groans of discomfort. “Yes, slug, you are not my better as a woman. The fact the Capatians think that is an affront to the natural order of things! I was so happy when Azel saw fit to bring me in contact with Vogur, I feel he is the first true High Priest of this age. It disgusts me when I see female followers of the cock god on equal footing with men. They should not just worship cock but be servants to ALL men. And THAT is something Vogur sees and he works through Azel’s will to try and set the world right.”

The man was speaking to Celeste but it was clear he knew the cocknotized woman wasn’t really hearing his words. But saying the words out loud was giving him a sexual thrill. Finally the world was moving towards what it always should be, men in their proper place and these things known as women rightly and fully subjugated under them.

By the time Celeste had crawled all the way to Friedburt and got back up on her knees before him he was almost ready to cum again. This time he pointed his cock at her face, sending a third equally large blast of semen straight into her open mouth. A lot of it hit its target, making her gag. But there was much that sprayed into the area around her mouth, leaving her face a cum drenched mess once he was done ejaculating.

He sighed, grinning madly. “Still hard! My balls already feeling refilled,” he added quickly. “Azel truly blesses me this night. Come closer you nearly useless slut. Pick up as much of those tits as you can and press them into my lap around my cock. I want to hump those mounds of tit-flesh again. I feel as though I could go for hours and cum countless times before I am finished.”

Soon her over-enlarged breasts were pressed into his lap. He grabbed huge handfuls of soft tit-meat and pressed it in around his cock as he started humping up into it. He muttered a prayer to Azel then let his head fall back letting out a long, low sigh of contentment.

When he lifted his head back up there was a fresh fire in his eyes. “Oh yes, Azel will allow me to do this all night. But it is more than a reward for my loyal worship of him. No, Azel has plans for you. Yes, I am going to fuck these engorged tits till they are sore, red, and raw. And while I do so YOU shall worship the cock god as I continue to pleasure my cock with these big fat saggy tits of yours. And me? I will enjoy it but I will also be telling you some things, things you will do when the time is right.

“Of course when this night is over, after we are both cleaned and our bodies back to normal, you will forget all that has occurred. Instead you’ll remember a pleasant night of gentle, passionate lovemaking. You’ll want to be alone with me again, and soon. And the commands I’ve programmed into that your stupid mind will remain there, hidden from you till they are to be acted on.”

He paused, groaning in pleasure as he continued to fuck her tits. “Now, let us begin your instructions.”


* * *


At the same time, far from Wood Creek in the heart of the Tronahar Forest and down deep in the labyrinthine dungeons built into butte the hidden temple of Azel sat upon was Lucriece. She was naked, a black leather collar tight around her neck with a chain leading from it and attached to the wall of the large dungeon room she now called home. The chain was long enough to allow her to reach almost any part of the room but she almost never left the pile of soft pillows that served as her bedding.

She was sitting on them, her back against the stone wall and her legs stretched out before her. She had her hands resting protectively on her swollen belly. It was huge and round, looking as if she were less than a month away from giving birth to a child. Yet she had only been held prisoner in the temple for a few short weeks.

The thing that gestated inside her grew fast.

She felt it move and her hands pulled away from her stomach in revulsion. She hadn’t noticed where they had been and she was disgusted she had shown even a fraction of affection for the thing growing inside her. It moved again, making her want to turn and retch. The thing inside her did not belong there and just thinking about it filled her with despair.

Soon it would be out of her, or at least that’s what the perverse Azel worshipers who held her captive told her. She wasn’t sure if she should look forward to the birth or dread it. To have the thing out of her, that she wished for. Yet birthing it… she was unsure what to expect and when her mind wandered to the birth it filled with the worst things she could imagine.

Lucriece shook her head, trying to chase the thoughts away. She decided to stand and walk about her dungeon room. She knew the exercises was good for her, but a few laps around the room was the most she hoped for most days before she was too tired and needed to sleep. The thing growing inside her sapped her body of almost all it had to give.

Getting to her feet was no easy task, even with the aid of the wall behind her for support. Her stomach was huge and heavy and the thing in her had grown so fast she’d not really had time to adjust to the bulk it added to her body. Then there was the fact that the pregnancy, if you could rightly call it that, had affected her body in the “normal” way a pregnancy affected a woman, only unnaturally fast and seemingly in exaggerated intensity.

She had gained much weight, adding to her already thick curves. Her ass had gotten fatter, her legs and arms thicker. But she felt as though she’d gained the most weight in her breasts. They had been large before but now, swollen, tender, and beginning to engorge with milk, they hung drooping down over her full belly at nearly twice their original size.

And it wasn’t just the size of them that had changed. They had been fairly firm for their size before but now they sagged immensely. She was disgusted by this but knew the Azel worshipers found the natural sagging of her now overly heavy breasts incredibly pleasing. Her nipples had seemed to stretch as her breasts swelled and they had darkened significantly so, another thing she disliked but that the men of the temple found pleasing.

Finally there was the way they felt. Swollen. Tender. Sore. And now that she was beginning to lactate there were times when they felt so engorged she HAD to milk herself less the intense pressure she felt in them drove her mad.

Even now as she slowly waddled around the room, the metal chain attached to the collar on her neck dragging noisily behind her, her nipples leaked drops milk. They were almost full to bursting again. It seemed that each time she drained them they refilled faster and more fully.

Continuing her meager exercises she tried to remember how she had gotten here. She couldn’t, and at time that terrified her more than anything else. She had had a life before this yet the memories only came to her in brief, fragmented flashes. She’d been a farmer and had a husband… She had no idea what had happened to her man but was certain he was no longer among the living.

She suddenly stopped walking, grinding her thighs together and moaning in surprise. Her pussy tingled and ached, craving cock. “Shivers of Azel” the worshipers called it. The need for cock was momentarily overwhelming. She wanted cock in her pussy, in her mouth, her hands, even her asshole. It was a craving so strong it pained her.

Then, as quickly as the shivers had overcome her, they were gone. She stumbled to the nearest wall, leaning on it for support and sweating profusely. The shivers were gone but the after effects on her mind were as intense as they always were. She felt muddled, not just confused about where she was but who she was.

Slowly her fractured mind reformed, at least partially so. She was Lucriece, a young High Capatian women. She was in a temple dedicated to Azel the cock god and her body was being used to gestate and birth…. Something. Something the cock god desired many of. And she existed to serve the god of cock.

“No. That’s not right,” she muttered weakly, one hand on the wall next to her as she leaned bent over, her huge swollen breasts hanging down and dangling beside her pregnant belly. “At least I wasn’t always this thing, this servant. I used to be more,” she said, feeling lifted by the thought this hadn’t always been her life.

“You are wrong,” a voice declared confidently behind Lucriece. She forced herself to stand and turned to see the priest called Ondarian standing in the open doorway into her dungeon room. There was no door on the doorway since the chain stopped her from leaving the room.

He was dressed as he always was, in the priestly robes that left the front of his body from the waist down revealed. She could see that his cock was already swelling at the sight of her and instantly knew why he was here.

She started to back away as the man stepped into the room. “I’m tired,” she said, looking at him with a weak defeated expression. She knew how this would play out, her desires would not matter.

“That is because your body is busy working to help the thing within you grow,” he replied, slowly moving closer to her, staring at her huge swollen breasts and licking his lips hungrily. “Most of the other women we took, they were barely alive at this point. But you, Lucriece, you seem to be made of stronger stuff then I had thought the day I came for you. It’s true, your mind is weak and at this point nearly fractured past the point of repair, but your body!”

As he said the word “body” he stepped up to her, reaching up and placing his hands on the top of her chest above the swell of her breasts. He ran them down onto the bulk of her swollen, milk engorged breasts, caressing them.

Lucriece wanted to pull away from the man in disgust but she couldn’t. His touch, as much as she hated it, felt amazing. Her skin tingled where his fingers touched her and already her legs were growing weak and her pussy starting to grow wet in anticipation. There was no denying these men what they wanted of her, especially if a cock was in sight. Cock simply made her meek and obedient as if it’s very presence suppressed her free will.

Ondarian continued to caress her huge breasts, moving to behind her so that his body was pressing into the back of hers as he started playing with her nipples. She moaned and leaned her head back onto his shoulder, enjoying the way he rolled their hard nubs between his fingers then pinched them lightly before tugging slightly on them.

“You always make such good use of my breasts,” she said, breathing heavily. She pressed back into him further, enjoying the feel of his cock pressing up into her ass cheeks as it hardened.

He pinched her nipples harder, tugging on them and making her gasp. There was pain, but it was pain that brought pleasure.

Then he let go of her nipples, flattening his hand on her swollen breasts and gently squeezing them. Almost instantly she felt a little bit of milk start to leak from her nipples, the slight release of the pressure she felt in her breasts making her moan happily.

“It feels like you are in need of a milking,” he whispered in her ear, licking it then nipping her earlobe as he slid his hands up under the curve of her heavy breasts.

“Yesssssss,” she sighed, forgetting she hadn’t wanted this man touching her not long ago. “Please, milk me dry.”

Ondarian grabbed as much tit-meat in his hands as he could then squeezed tightly, moving his hands down the length of her sagging breasts. Thick streams of milk shot from her nipples, whit jets that shout out onto the floor of the dungeon cell and left a growing wet stain there. She moaned in pleasure, leaning back further onto his body for support. He squeezing her tits over and over, pressing out as much milk as he could.

As he did this he started moving his hips and soon his hard cock became wedged in the valley of her fat ass. The precum leaking from his cock quickly mixed with the swampy sweat in her ass crack to lubricate his member and it slid up and down between her cheeks with smooth ease. She reveled in the feel of it, whisper praise to Azel and thanking him for letting a cock touch her body.

The milking continued as Ondarian humped her fat ass. He moved his lips back to her ear and he whispered a question. “What are you?” he asked.

She moaned in delight then gave the answer she knew was expected. “The servant of Azel. My body a fuck toy for his faithful and a vessel to be used to grow his army.”

“Good girl,” he whispered into her ear, thrusting hard up through her ass cheeks as he began to cum. She felt it shoot up her back, arcing wetly on her skin. Ondarian let go of her tits then and pulled away, the string of cum on her back already oozing down into her sweaty ass crack.

She turned to him and gave him a begging look. “So horny,” she moaned, reaching down under her huge belly to touch herself. The milking had NEARLY gotten her off and that had left her desperate to cum. “Please, ser, fuck me and make me cum. I know Azel can make you hard again!”

Ondarian shook his head. “No, not today, Lucriece. I was here simply to get you warmed up and prepare you for what comes next.”

He took a step back, bowing to her then turning as the doorway into to the dungeon room was suddenly filled. The hulking figure of Vogur, High Priest of Azel, was there. The Minotaur was so large he had to bend down and pull his arms in to get through the doorway. His massive, naked feet slapped onto the ground with loud fleshy slaps that echoed through the room. Ondarian bowed to him and quickly moved past him without saying a word, leaving through the doorway and disappearing from sight.

For a long time he simply stood looming before her, staring down at the pregnant woman. She could feel the power of Azel radiating out through the High Priest. It was oppressive and seemed to be forcing her back from him. Her eyes darted from his eyes to his cock and back again, over and over again.

His eyes were so intense, an amazingly Human feature on a nearly completely inhuman face. Yet they glowed faintly with steaming red energy and his gaze felt like a physical thing that could be wielded like a weapon. She vaguely remembered that at one point she had tried to escape, somehow managing to get free into the halls of the temple. Vogur had been the one to discover her. He had simply appeared before her and glared, the look sending her reeling back onto her ass and leaving her feeling like the hulking Minotaur had back handed her.

Vogur’s huge, monstrously sized cock was just as oppressively powerful as his eyes. She had never seen another Minotaur but knew they were said to have impressively large cocks. But fat meaty slab of dark skinned cock that hung between Vogur’s legs was undoubtedly unnaturally large even by Minotaur standards.

Power radiated form his cock more intensely than it did form his eyes, only this power could not be seen. It could be felt and smelt through, a heavy miasma of intense male musk that made her feel stupid and cock hungry and always left her so wet between the knees she felt as though she had peed herself.

After what felt like an eternity of the massive High Priest standing and staring down at her, his power oppressing her mind and body, he spoke. “You have proved to be made of hardier stock then the others of your kind we have captured.” His voice was deep, each word a booming growl that echoed around them. “Most were near death at this point,” he continued slowly, “and only a few survived the birthing process. And those that did were left too weak to be of further use.”

He paused, cocking his head slightly to the side. “Yet you flourish even as the thing grows inside, desperate to leach every ounce of life from you. It is clear to me that you are a gift from Azel, meant to be used in great ways in his machinations. But if that is to happen you must truly give yourself to him.”

She stared at his gigantic cock, speaking more to it then to him. “I give myself wholly to Azel, to all cock,” she said, her voice slow and nearly emotionless. With his cock so close to her she had become transfixed by the sight and smell of it.

“No,” Vogur replied slowly, “not really. We’ve used many of Azel’s gifts to get you to this point. Filling you with the need to worship cock, to follow our orders. We’ve controlled you and forced you to give yourself to Azel. If Azel truly does have greater things planned for you than you will need a true conversion.”

He took a step forward, his presence assaulting her suddenly and forcing her down onto her knees with a gasp of surprised terror. He moved even closer, grabbing his mighty cock. It started to swell, growing half erect so that it was engorged yet still soft and bendable.

Lifting his cock he placed it on top of Lucriece’s head. It was nearly as wide as her head and the section resting on her was less than a third of its length. A moment later she started to drag his floppy half erect cock down the front of her face, his huge cockhead leaking a trail of precum so ample it equaled a normal man’s full ejaculate.

“With Azel’s greatest instrument of faith I wipe this woman’s mind clean of all charms, spells, and curses. Let her true self return to her so that she can face the ordeal of true conversion.”

As he spoke the words he slowly rubbed his cock down her face, reaching her chin as the last word was spoken and his cock flopping down into the top of her swollen, milk drained breasts. He took a step back, staring at the precum he had smeared on her face. It started to glow with sparking red magical energy that consumed the liquid. As it dissipated Lucriece’s eyes rolled up into her head and she started to convulse. Her deflated tits bounced and shook through the spell, the sight making Vogur grin happily and making his cock grow more fully erect.

And then the precum was gone. Lucriece stopped convulsing. She blinked, looking around and up at Vogur, for a moment acting as if his presence had no effect on her. She blinked again and remembered, remembered everything.

Her face twisted in anger and she looked up at the High Priest and snarled at him. “You fucking sick bastard. You foul, twisted demon spawn!” Then she looked at his cock which now stood fully erect, looming menacingly above her. She snarled and spit on it. “Curse your fowl penis. Curse your fowl cock god!” She looked up at him, defiance burning in his eyes.

Vogur stared back at her, the expression on his bull-like face unreadable. “You are unwise to curse a god in a temple that flows with his divine energy. Most other beings would have been struck with a powerful curse for such words. But I think Azel intends great things for you. You need only sincerely convert to his worship to discover them.”

Lucriece replied with a derisive laugh. It was a dark laughed filled with anger and disgust. “No, you sick fucking beast, I will never willingly convert to your foul, perverse god. You can use your tricks and spells to alter my mind but I’ll never willingly give myself to Azel. I’d rather die.”

“Oh no,” Vogur said, “should you fail the ordeal of conversion you will not die, at least physically. No, either you submit willingly to his might or your mind shall be broken into a million pieces and you shall be left a brain dead husk.”

“Never,” she snarled. “I’ll nev—”

She was cut off mid word. With supernatural speed Vogur was there, his body pressed up to hers. His cock was rammed into her mouth, the over-sized thing seeming to magically change size so that it just barely fit into her. But even though its girth had temporarily shrunk none of its length had. Lucriece gag as her lips touched the Minotaur’s huge hanging balls while she felt his cock bend and press further down her throat then she thought possible.

Her eyes were wide open and she was struggling to breathe as Vogur grabbed her head with one massive hand and easily held her in place. The massive slab of cock-meat down her throat was causing her to constantly gag, yet there wasn’t a millimeter of space around his cock for her to choke anything up past its overwhelming girth. Her eyes began to water as she desperately tried to breathe through her nose, but the powerful stench radiating from his cock was so suffocating that she barely inhaled any air and soon she started to feel light headed and faint.

Just as she began to see stars Vogur began slowly pulling his massive cock out of her throat. It left behind a feeling of such emptiness that she felt despair and a deep longing to have a cock once more in her. When his dick pulled free of her mouth she doubled over, coughing and gasping for air. The need to have cock back in her quickly disappeared and anger and defiance returned.

She glared up at Vogu, tears running down her face and thick saliva leaking from her mouth.

“Do you submit to Azel and accept the holy truth that is cock? Do you willingly bend to his will?”

“Never,” she snarled.

In a flash his hand was wrapped around her head again, jerking her upright. A moment later his cock was rammed back down her throat. The stench of his cock was stronger, assaulting her senses and making her feel weak. He held her head in place and left his cock down her throat as she gagged and pathetically pushed against his huge muscular legs.

When she started to feel light headed again something new happened. His cocked warmed inside of her, radiating energy that quickly flowed down to her core and made her cum. Her orgasm lasted the entire time he slowly pulled his dick from her throat and the longing for cock to fill her back up was more intense this time.

Then she was doubled over again, coughing and gasping for air once more. Her head spun. Her body ached. Her throat hurt. And above all she longed for cock.

But she pushed that longing away and glared back up at Vogur.

“Do you submit to Azel and accept the holy truth that is cock?” he asked again. “Do you willingly bend to his will?”

“Never,” she rasped, sounding far less sure of herself this time.

“Then we will try again,” Vogur said, grabbing her head and ramming his gigantic cock back down her throat. She choked and gagged and started to cum almost instantly. “And we can keep doing this. For hours. For days if need be. We shall go till you willingly convert or your mind is completely broken. And if you remain defiant much longer I will begin to pump your gut full of my blessed seed, helping you taste all the delights cock has to offer you.”


* * *


Back in Wood Creek the night was late. Consular Sauvanne Chevalier was naked and laying sideways on a couch in her personal chamber. Her arm hung off the edge of couch and dangled in the air, an empty wine glass on the floor below her hand.

She was breathing steadily, in a deep peaceful sleep. It was a sleep that Emeric, her assistant, knew nothing would wake her from. He was certain because he had mixed her nightly wine with a powerful sleeping draught that had put her into this deep slumber. It was not the first time he had done this and it was probably not the last.

For a long time he stood silently, glaring at the naked High Capatian woman. He hated her, hated her with a fire that burned and drove his every breath. Things were not as they should be in Capatia, he had seen that as he became of age. It was said that the sexes were equals in their land but he knew this was a lie, a lie the women told the men to blind them to the fact that in Capatia women, and not men, were ever on top.

The thought filled him with memories of how the Consular almost always rode him like he was a beast of burden when she fucked him. She was a woman who had to always be on top. He hated it. Hated her.

Capatia had a sickness, a sickness that made women into more than they should be, into more than they deserved to be. He had seen the sickness long before he had been converted to the worship of Azel. He prayed every morning and every night to the god he had dedicated himself to, prayed that he would help fix the perverse nature of Capatia and put it to rights, with men on top and women on bottom. They deserved to be little more than slaves, servants to the men around them. Servants to their cocks.

He undid his belt and let his pants fall to the ground, pulling his undergarment down as well. He kicked them away, standing naked from the waist down. He stared at Sauvanne Chevalier’s huge, thick, heavy breasts. She was laying on her side, her tits so large they hung down over the side of the couch, one fat udder sitting atop the other.

The woman barely let him touch her breasts. Like most High Capatians they were overly sensitive. Yes, she enjoyed having them played with but it had to be done gently and sparingly. The fact that she, a woman, denied him something so clearly created to bring pleasure to men filled him with even more burning hatred.

As he stewed in that hatred his cock filled with blood, growing painfully hard. He held his cock, whispering a quick prayer to Azel. It was the cock god that revealed to him how to make the potent sleeping draft, revealed how to ensure it would be tasteless and impossible to notice when mixed in other fluids. He thanked his god then began moving closer to the slumbering noble woman. When she was awake she subjugated and dominated him, believing him to be a loyal and subservient follower. But when she slumber? Then she was HIS plaything and she would not be able to deny him anything he wanted, including her fat udders.

Moving in, his throbbing cock in his hand, he bent over the couch. He grabbed her head and turned it towards his cock then placed it on her lips. He rubbed his cockhead from side to side, smearing the precum leaking from the tip over her plump, pretty lips. She wore vibrant red lipstick and it became smeared and messy, staining his cockhead. Then he pressed into her mouth, the woman moaning in discomfort and then gagging in her sleep as he started fucking her face. Even as he started pounding her mouth with savage abandon, as she choked and gagged and his cock invaded her throat, she did not wake.

Acting the loyal servant filled him with burning hatred every day and he frequently needed to unleash it to keep the act up. Once he released some of his simmering hatred by cock-pounding her face he pulled his dick out of her mouth, happy to see it now covered in thick slimy saliva. He shifted to the side, leaning into her breasts. He held his cock by the base and rubbed it into her dense, thick breasts, reveling in not just the feel of their firm softness on his hard manhood but also knowing how angry the act would make her were she conscious of what he was doing.

He lowered his body and braced his legs on the edge of the couch so that he could start fucking her fat tits. He moaned and slammed into them, loving the way their fat flesh jiggled and little ripples ran through them every time his body impacted into them. It felt so good, immensely so knowing this pleasure was something she would always denied him when the choice was hers.

It took all his self control to make himself slow and then pull away from her body. He didn’t want to cum, not yet. She made him pleasure her two, three, sometimes four times a day. Emeric was young, virile, and blessed by the cock god but even his dick tended to be sore and in need of rest at night. He’d only have one fuck in him before his cock refused to rise without at least a few hours rest and he was not yet ready to be done with Consular Chevalier.

He got up and walked to a nearby dresser where the woman kept her makeup. He found the tube that contained the red lipstick she liked to wear. He scoffed at it, a ridiculous and frivolously useless piece of finery to bring with her to this pathetic frontier town. He pushed up on the bottom of the tube, the red shaft rising up into view.

When he returned to the slumbering Consular he rolled her over onto her back, groping her breasts and laughing as she groaned at the painful squeezes. He lifted a hand up then slapped one with the back of his hand as hard as he could. She gasped in pain, a red welt on her tit appearing but that he knew would be gone by morning. Still, she remained in a deep sleep.

Dropping down onto his knees he bent over her and started to use the lipstick to write on her chest, just above her tits. He thought about the way she would frequently make HIM put her makeup on, a humiliating emasculating task no man should be forced to do. In large, red letters he wrote two words across the top of her chest. Then he moved down, writing a second line below it. But these words were written on the top half of each of her breasts, larger than the ones above.

Finished, he stood looking at his handiwork. Her chest and tits now read “FUCK THIS CUNT’S FACE”. He nodded, carefully placing the lipstick on a nearby counter. He’d need to return it to its proper place when his fun was done to ensure his hated mistress didn’t become suspicious.

“Fuck this cunt’s face,” he said, grinning evilly down at the sleeping Consular. “Well, if you insist!” He bent over and grabbed her ankles, pulled on her body till it fell from the couch with a heavy thud that MUST have hurt, yet thanks to the sleeping draft her slumber was uninterrupted.

She was sprawled out on the ground on her back, her arms spread out beside her and her head fallen to the side. He quickly moved to stand above her, one foot on either side of her body, then lowered down so he was sitting on her stomach. He was left with his cock resting between her two large breasts.

He grabbed her tits, pulling them apart and spit down between them just in front of where his cockhead rested. Then he pressed her ample tit-meat in around his cock, moving his legs so that his knees could replace his hands and hold her tits tightly around his member.

With his hands once more free he grabbed her red hair, pulling her head up towards him as far it would go. This left her face pressed into the top of her breasts. Holding her head in place and making sure his knees kept her tits pressed in around him he started to move his hips, sliding his cock up through her tits. He pressed forward till he felt his cock hit her face then adjusted her head so his cockhead was pressed up against her lips.

Then he pulled back, quickly thrusting back forward and slamming his cock into her mouth. He started humping her, up through her tits and into her wet mouth. Over and over again, using her in a manner she’d probably have had him imprisoned for life if she knew about it.

He tried to keep his breathing slow, keep his heart rate low. He wanted to revel in this, wanted it to last. He also knew he couldn’t take the chance of cumming in her mouth. If he did the taste might linger and be noticed when she woke.

When he felt as though he’d have a hard time lasting any longer he forced himself to let go of her and pull away, standing up. His cock throbbed and glistened with spit and ached for release. He was close now and there would be no holding back once he started fucking her again. But he had to do it in a way that could be cleaned up and leave no trace.

He bent over and quickly rolled her over. He paused for just a moment to enjoy the sight of her large breasts pressed under her, half their mass squeezed out beside her torso. But he’d had enough of her breasts now, he wanted to use another part of her body to get off.

Again he sat down on top of her but this time he did so on the back of her thick meaty thighs so that his cock rested in the wedge of her fat ass cheeks. He grabbed his cock and rubbed it from side to side, pressing down into her plump, thick ass. His cock was covered in spit and soon her ass cheeks were slimy and slippery form it.

Emeric leaned over, bracing himself on the ground with a hand beside her. He reached down with his other hand and placed his thumb on the top of his shaft, pressing down so that his cock sank into her fat ass cheeks. Then he started humping her ass, his cock sliding up and through her cheeks. They were so big, so dense, so tight around his cock. He tried to hold off, tried to last as long as he could but he was already so worked up.

As he felt himself starting to cum he got up on his knees, grabbing his cock as it convulsed and shot his load almost perfectly up the sleeping woman’s spine.

He took a minute to catch his breath and enjoy the sight of his cum splattered over her skin. She let him cum in her but never on her. Just one more thing the stuck up bitch unrightfully denied him.

Then, sated and tired and accepting that his fun for the night was over, he got up and began cleaning up all the evidence of what he had done. He returned the lipstick to its home. He got a washcloth and scrubbed her chest and tits clean, making sure to remember to clean up the lipstick smeared around her lips as well. After that he hefted her back up onto the couch and put her back in the exact position she had been in when he had begun his fun with her.

After he put his clothing back on he stopped to glare angrily at her one last time before retiring to the small room she allowed him to sleep in. “Soon I’ll receive my orders from the High Priest,” he muttered darkly. “I don’t know the details of his plans but I know I’ve been positioned as her servant for a reason. Hopefully it won’t be long before I can help bring her down to the level she belongs. Till then I’ll have the sleeping draughts to have my revenge for the way you uses me.”


* * *


Dawn was beginning to break over Tronahar Forest. With every dawn the temple that sat atop the butte in the center of the forest was closer to being fully reformed. Azel’s might radiated out from it, a powerful force that drew some to it and repealed others.

Azel had become powerful, faith flowing in from nearly every corner of Alaria. It swelled his divine might and made it so he was able to reach down from the astral filament and influence more and more of the world below. And much of that attention was focused here. On the temple. On Wood Creek. And with tendrils of influence and power snaking their way into the Capatian Empire from every direction.

His faithful had infiltrated nearly every part of the empire and every day more of his followers sneaked into its borders. Those already there worked to convert those around them and everywhere his plots grew towards fruition.

And with so much of his power concentrated on this area it sapped the strength from the duel gods that claimed Capatia as their home. The goddess Pucella was slightly aware, but Azel had already trapped her in a deal that might lead to her succumbing to The Corruption. Her divine brother, on the other hand, was still pathetically ignorant of what was happening around them.

The two gods had made a mistake being satisfied with keeping their worship exclusively to one region, even if it was a large one. If their presence was drawn away from the source of the faith that fed them they would become weak. And if they could be tricked into taking physical form they might even be able to be captured…

And then there was the fact that faith was, in many ways, a finite recourse. Yes, the population of Alaria grew greater every season. It would still be hundreds maybe even thousands of years before the numbers of the beings that could feed the gods with their faith returned to the numbers they had been before the great collapse. Yet the numbers swelled and the faith flowed more and more freely to the gods. And the Humans, they had become the dominant species almost everywhere. Short lived but the flame of their faith burnt more intensely than any other race.

Since Pourrait and Pucella only had followers in one contained area it meant that every conversion away from their faith left them a little less powerful. Little by little Azel would starve them till they were too weak to stop him, and The Corruption, from overtaking and reforming them.

These thoughts were present in Azel’s mind as he focused himself on the rebuilt temple, his vision of the world below him narrowing in on one room and the two figures within it. One them blazed like the sun in his eyes, faith and Azel’s divine might flowing between him and the figure. His High Priest was so infused with Azel’s might he could barely be considered mortal anymore. Should he continue serving as well as he had Vogur might even one day transcend mortality completely, becoming a true Avatar of Azel. It had been ages since such a thing had happened with one of his faithful.

The other figure in the room did not blaze with the light of faith. In fact, the other figure was at that moment barely visible to Azel. The woman, Lucriece, was only a faint dimness in his eyes. Vogur had been putting her through the ordeal of conversion all night with not a moment of rest for her. She was exhausted and the faith she had felt for the duel gods had been totally driven from her hours ago. Yet still she had not converted.

Her body was weak and the only thing that kept her awake was the power that flowed from Vogur’s mighty Minotaur cock. He willed her to remain conscious so she did to allow the ordeal of conversion to continue.

The process was nearly the same as when it began. Vogur grabbed her head, rammed his cock down her throat and held it there till she nearly fainted from lack of oxygen. Then he would pull out of her and allow her to drop to the floor and ask her if she had accepted Azel willingly. The only major difference to the process now was that Vogur had started pumping gallons of cum into the woman as he slowly pulled his cock out of her mouth. It was to the point that when he pulled free from her maw she would double over and vomit more cum then most would think possible to fit in the stomach of one woman.

Azel watched as the thick gullet of semen exploded out of her mouth once more. But this time something was different, something had changed. Vogur felt it too. The High Priest grabbed the impregnated woman’s red hair, pulling her back up onto her knees, wanting to figure out what had changed.

Vogur then noticed the pool of cum that was all around them for the first time. He blinked, awed by how much semen Azel had allowed to flow out of his body. It literally flowed to every corner of the dungeon room, pooled so deep it rose above his massive toes. Again, he was awed at the power of his god.

But the real question was had Lucriece had been properly awed. Was she ready to convert and fully accept Azel into her heart?

He looked down at her. She wore a stunned look on her face and shivered from the shock of her long ordeal. Her eyes were opened wide and she stared into nothing as if she barely saw the world around her any more.

She coughed, a little more cum rising from her overfilled stomach. She leaned forward slightly and it leaked out her mouth, dripping down onto her swollen tits and pregnant belly. “Ah… Haa… ah,” she muttered pathetically. “Swallowed… so… much… semen. Felt… like I’ve… drown in it!”

Vogur could see it, he could feel it. She had reached the moment of truth. He repeated the words he had been saying all night. “Do you submit to Azel and accept the holy truth that is cock? Do you willingly bend to his will?”

Either she would say yes and willingly bend to his will, pledging her life and soul to the god of cock. Or she would prove defiant and unbreakable in her refusal to become one of the faithful. If it was so then he would ram his cock down her throat one more time, fill her belly with one more massive load of cum. And then her mind would be shattered and only her body would remain.

Vogur tensed, his grip on her hair tightening as he waited for her response.


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