Story: “The Northern Outpost” (Ongoing)

Finally getting back to this story and working on it again. You can find the new section below the break and find the story in its current entirety HERE.

Rothais Pianta trudged through the knee deep snow. From the last tall hill she had climbed she had spotted ruins in the snow ahead and had hoped to get to them before night fell, but she had misjudged the distance. Night had fallen, slowing her progress forward. She was finding that the Frozen Wastes were a very disorienting place to explore, almost unnaturally so.

She thought about how if not for the World’s End Mountains looming to the north she would have had to track direction by the stars. Of course, the stars would only have helped if she could see them. She’d quickly found that the heavy mist that had occasionally rolled through the Great Northern Forest was present in the Wastes nearly every night. Just as dark fell the mist would roll down from the distant mountains, leaving only a short time to see the stars overhead.

If not for the warming enchantments she had had the foresight to get put on her clothing she was also fairly certain she would have frozen to death by now. Paradoxically the cold nights when the ice fog pressed in on her with its ceaseless chill were normally when she was warmest. During the day, while she searched for ruins and wandered the Wastes, she was on the move through the cold snow. But at night she could make camp and cast a few simple cantrips that helped magically warm the air around her, meaning that when the world around her was the coldest she was the warmest.

Once she got to the ruins she’d be able to make camp for the night and finally get warm. First, though, she had to FIND them. They weren’t far away but the Wastes were an endless series of snow covered hills and rocky outcroppings that frequently prevented her from seeing very far unless she stopped atop a particularly large rising. And now that the ice fog had rolled in she was barely able to see more than ten feet ahead of her, even with a torch lit so even the hills were little help.

After heading through a particularly thick snow bank on the base of a small hill she had finally climbed to the top of the next rise and saw the ruins looming before her. At first all she could see was the shadows of a few of the standing stones that encircled the ruins, but as she drew closer more of the ruin’s details became visible. And then she had to stop. There, on the far side of the ruins, was a green light glowing dimly in the mist.

Cautiously she moved forward, her torch held high above her while her other hand rested on the hilt of her sword. Light meant people, and people generally meant trouble. Especially since the only other people she could imagine being here would be others looking to retrieve artifacts for the College of Magic. Not all adventurers were to be trusted and mercenaries were even more untrustworthy.

Getting closer it became clear that the green light ahead was that of an enchanted fire. The green mage flame was large, the magical warmth from it having already melted much of the snow on that side of the ruins. Whoever owned the flame had set up a small camp along the outside of the standing stones that encircled the ruins. And now that she was closer she could see inside the standing stones, seeing that the ruins there were mostly flat circular stones, the center of which were raised slightly above the others.

But the ruins would have to wait, Rothais had to deal with the strangers first. And she was certain there were more than one of them as there were two small tents set up around the fire.

“Ho!” she called out, alerting the strangers to her presence. “I am Rothais Pianta, an adventurer in search of treasure. Come forward and identify thyself as I have done, strangers.”

“Ho,” a voice called back, a deep raspy female one.  “I am Ysmene and I travel with the wizard Diagoras Trentin. We too search for treasures in these arctic ruins.”

The woman crawled out from a tent, standing tall with a hand on one of the two swords hanging from her hip. She had long, fiery red hair and a big pointed nose that Rothais could make out even from a distance. Her body was thin with wiry muscles and small breasts. Most striking of all was a large scar over the left side of her face, the ruined eye there milky white and reflecting the green light of the magical fire with a strange, disturbing glint.

Rothais moved her hand away from the hilt of her sword, holding her hand up to make it clear she meant no harm. “I was planning on making camp here for the night,” she said, her voice suddenly as tired sounding as she felt. “Would you mind if I joined you two?”

“Not at all,” a gaunt, narrow faced wizard with sunken eyes said as he came out of the other tent. He wore a weary, unhappy expression on his face but it was one that Rothais assumed was almost always plastered on the disagreeable man’s features. “Come,” he said, “sit and warm yourself. No reason for you to build a second camp.”

The red haired woman gave him a surprised look, as if she didn’t expect such kindness from her traveling partner.

“Thank you,” Rothais said, wearily sitting down next to the fire. She shimmied out of her traveling pack and pulled out some of her rations, munching on the food as she let the green flames before her warm her body.

After the minimal time politeness would require had passed Diagoras cleared his throat. Rothais looked to him, her expression weary. “I suppose you want to know why I’m out here,” she asked, not bothering to hide her annoyance.

“Not really,” the man said, ignoring her tone. “I assume it’s for the same reason we are: to loot these ruins for the bounty the College of Magic has set on them. Am I wrong?”

“No,” Rothais replied curtly. It pained her to do so but she continued on saying what she knew was the proper thing to say in this situation. “I cede these ruins to you both. You were here first, so by rights anything inside is yours.” Saying the words out loud hurt. It meant she’d have to move on in the morning, going deeper into the wastes to look for other ruins.

“Hmmm…” the wizard said, stroking his pointed chin. “Perhaps you need not act so hastily.”

“Diagoras,” the woman, Ysmene, said sternly.

He waved her obvious disaproval away. “Perhaps the three of us can make an alliance, at least a temporary one.” Ysmene groaned in annoyance, turning away but not stopping the wizard from continuing. “We’ve been here since midday, trying to get into the ruins below us. But the stone doorway in is magically sealed and I haven’t been able to figure out how to open it.”

“I’m not sure how much help I would be with that,” Rothais said replied, sounding depressed. It seemed even if she had stumbled on these ruins first she would not have been able to get into them. “I know some simple magic, but nothing advanced enough to help you gain entry.”

“Oh, no, you misunderstand me,” he said quickly. “See, we’re both exhausted mentally. I KNOW there is powerful magic below us, I can feel it. That means we need to get in here because there WILL be artifacts to recover, probably enough for all three of us. But my mind needs recharging and in a way that simple rest will not accomplish.”

At this Rothais smiled. “Let me guess,” she said. “You need to pray to your god. But you’ve prayed too frequently with your traveling companion here and your god is no longer blessing you for such ‘praise’. And you’d like ME to join you in prayer?”

Ysmene turned to face the young adventurer, shock on her face. From the surprised look on the wizard’s face he too was surprised by how astute the guess was.

Seeing their shock Rothais continued. “But which god is it that you both pray too? Obviously one of the gods that prefers its worship to be sexual, or else you wouldn’t need my help.” She looked to Ysmene. “Certainly not Ynara. Please, I mean no offense, but you don’t look the type. I mean, surely if you two had been worshiping her together you’d be a little more, shall we say, top heavy?”

Ysmene scoffed, grabbing her small breasts in outrage. But she didn’t deny anything.

Looking back to the wizard she continued. “You’re not adventurers, neither of you. You’re too rough around the edges, no… you two are mercenaries. So who do you both worship? Who is popular for those willing to use their blades and wits to make quick coin?”

She paused for dramatic effect. “Simple really, you worship Dethys, god of the two knives.” She smirked at the wizard, waiting for him to confirm her guess.

He returned the smile, clapping his hands slowly. “Very good,” he said. He turned to Ysmene. “This one’s far smarter than she appears. I was right to offer her a place beside us. Had I not she might have outwitted the both of us and stolen the treasure all for her own.”

Rothais could tell the man was only half joking and she glowed from the implied compliment. Then, feeling recharged by the small meal and rest by the fire, she pushed herself up from the ground and dusted the snow that was half melted on her clothing off. “So, are we going to do this? I’ve helped others prey to Dethys before. I know what’s expected of me. I might need a little warm up to begin, though…”

As she said this her mind returned to the night with the attractive Ranger, dwelling on how good his cock had felt in her mouth. She felt her mouth begin to fill with saliva, a sudden hunger for cum overcoming her. Yes, she thought, I’ll be more than happy to help this wizard prey to his god.

Diagoras happily moved into the nearest tent, opening its flaps so that the warmth of the nearby magical fire could more easily enter. The tent was low to the ground and just big enough to fit all three of the gathered beings inside, but it was only Rothais and Diagoras that enter at that time. Ysmene remained outside by the fire, sitting so she could see inside.

Rothais noticed this, but only gave the observation a mental shrug. The scarred woman was attractive in a gnarled kind of way, but she’d never been very into other women sexually. That being said, she didn’t mind if the woman planned on watching. In fact, as the idea ran through her head, she found herself warming to it the way her body had warmed to the magical fire.

She climbed down into the tent, seeing that the wizard was already taking some of his clothing off. He peeled off the layers that covered the lower half of his body, keeping those that covered the top half on. Seeing this she followed his lead and began to do the same.

Once he was undressed Diagoras sat back, propping himself up with his elbow and spreading his legs wide open. She looked at his flaccid manhood and thought that it looked strangely like the man it was attached to: long and thin and gaunt like he was. Even the wiry dark hair that covered his balls and tangled around the base of his shaft seemed reminiscent of the hair on top of his head.

“I will need you to get me started,” he told her, speaking in a voice she assumed he thought was silky and alluring but that made her shiver. This was not a good man and she could tell he would not be a kind lover. She glanced to the side, looking where she had placed her sword to ensure it was within arm’s reach, just in case.

“I will not harm you,” he said, seeing where she looked. “I need you too much,” he quickly added, a plaintive explanation of why she should believe him.

Assuming his words to be true she crawled to him, soon finding herself bent down on all fours with her head between his legs. She winced as the smell of his manhood wafted up at her. It was ripe, the odor of pungent sweat from being in the wilds for far too long without a bath. And there was also the distinct, unmistakable smell of at least one woman on him. But as smelly as the wizard’s cock was she had smelled worse.

Rothais bent down lower, leaning on her elbows and reaching forward to grab his manhood. Already she could feel it starting to swell and harden and once she had it in her mouth this hardening quickened. Her head was only bobbing for a minute before he was fully erect in her mouth.

She looked up at him, smiling at the look of pleasure on the man’s face. She was good at what she was doing and was proud of her skills. She kept sucking him off, staring into his beady little eyes.

“You know how Dethys wishes us to pray to him?” he said, then gasped as Rothais took him deep into her mouth and down her throat.

She slowly pulled away from the base of his cock, her lips sealed tightly around his rigid shaft. When she reached his cockhead she sucked harder, letting it pop out of her mouth with a wet smacking sound.

“I do,” she replied. She was still resting on her elbow and held his cock in both of her hands, one cupping and gently playing with his balls the other working his saliva covered shaft. “I must work you to climax so that you can cum on my asshole. Then you shall fuck me up the ass and we shall prey to Dethys together.”

“And you know the words?” he asked.

“I know the words,” she replied, leaning her head down and inhaling his cock once more.

“Such a pretty sight,” a raspy, deep voice called out from behind them.

Rothais strained to look behind her while keeping the wizard’s cock in her mouth. Out of the side of her eyes she could see that the other woman, Ysmene, was sitting on the ground close behind her. One of the fur cloaks she had been wearing was under her and she sat sitting up with her legs spread open and a hand down her pants.

Turning her full attention back to the cock in her mouth Rothais couldn’t help but feel the other woman’s eyes on her. And feeling she was being watched as the other woman played with herself only made Rothais feel hotter. She started sucking Diagoras’ cock more intensely, making the man moan in surprised pleasure.

“Gods above,” he muttered, “you ARE good at this. I’m not going to last much longer.”

As soon as the thought of the man cumming entered her mind Rothais was overcome with a sudden, powerful hunger for his seed. Her mind darted back to the Ranger she had spent the night with only a few days ago. She remembered how good his cum had tasted… She sucked him harder, faster, overcome with a driving desire to taste his semen.

“Easy, woman,” Diagoras huffed, putting a hand on her head and pushing her off his cock. “I’m nearly there and I need you to flip over now!”

Reluctantly she allowed his cock to pop wetly out of his mouth. It took all her self control not to double down and suck him harder to make him cum in her mouth, but she knew that would spoil the fragile alliance she had with these mercenaries.

She sat up as Diagoras began to scramble up on his knees, one hand on his cock and jerking it off as he neared climax. She was up on her knees then lying down on her back as she reached under her legs and grabbed them under the knees. Then she spread her legs wide open, pulling them back with her hands so that her pussy, and more importantly her asshole, was pointing up towards the wizard.

He moved closer, getting onto his knees and still jerking off. She saw his body tense then watched as he aimed his cock towards her asshole and groaned, shooting an impressively thick load of semen onto it.

She had to fight the urge to reach down and gather the cum up with her finger so she could taste it. But it was too important for the prayer to be wasted so. Instead she looked at Diagoras, curious to see how he would begin the prayer. She knew most men were spent for a time after cumming and wondered how he would perform for the prayer. When she’d prayed with other Dethys worshipers they had often worked in pairs, one man cumming on her ass and the other fucking it afterwards.

Diagoras, his cock quickly beginning to sag and grow limp, lifted a hand up. He reached for a ring on it with another hand, giving it a little twist then shuddering as the ring glowed with red magical energy. Looking down she could see his member already swelling and growing hard once more.

She smirked at him. “A Ring of Azel! What a wonderful item for a man to poses.” She’d known many men that possessed the enchanted items and they were usually the only ones able to last long enough to come anywhere close to satisfying her.

“It’s done its work,” he groaned, the magically induced hard-on paining him for a moment. Once he recovered he grabbed his cock and moved closer to her. “Are you ready?”

She took a deep, calming breath. “I’m ready. But slow at first, don’t just go ramming it up there.”

“I know what I’m doing,” he grumbled, moving in close enough to start rubbing his swollen cockhead in the cum trickling down her puckered asshole. He smothered it about, pressing much of it into her ass with his cock before lining himself up to enter her.

She fought her natural reflex to clench her asshole tighter. She enjoyed anal sex but the beginning was always uncomfortably for her. She was happy to discover that the wizard DID know what he was doing and actually enjoyed the way he slowly eased his hard cock into her asshole a little at a time.

And once he was all the way in she also enjoyed the way his cum lubricated his movements. She knew it would end up making an awful mess but in the moment she didn’t care, she was sinking into the pleasure of being fucked up the ass and slowly rising towards climax.

Diagoras leaned to the side, resting on one arm and positioning his body so that he was pressed up against the bottom of one of her legs. This left them nearly face to face and he leaned forward, puckering his lips to kiss Rothais. He was far less skilled with his lips than he was with his cock but she allowed him to continue kissing her till it seemed he was satisfied and pulled away.

Then, a smile on his face, he reached down with his free arm and began playing with her pussy. At first he just ran his fingers through her bush, but then he dipped the tips into her wet hole and dragged the moisture up to her clit, rubbing it softly through the fleshy hood over it. She grinned and moaned appreciatively, very much enjoying him playing with her cunt as he fucked her ass.

After playing with her clit for a while he slide his fingers back down, dipping them deep into her sex and curling them up to rake them across her g-spot. This caused the adventurer to arch her back slightly and moan loudly.

As she did this she tilted her head back and saw that Ysmene was laying close behind her, the woman lying on her side with her pants pulled down just past the curve of her ass. She had her head lifted up so she could watch what was going on in the tent. One of her hands was on her ass, grabbing her muscular, firm ass cheek and spreading it open. Two fingers of her other hand were being plunged in and out of her asshole. She moaned, fingering her ass as she watched the two in the tent.

When Rothais felt Diagoras pull his fingers out of her pussy she lifted her head back up and looked at him. “We are almost ready,” he said, lifting the glistening wet fingers to her force and forcing them into her mouth. “Tell me, adventurer, how does your own cunt taste?”

She sucked his fingers clean as he pulled them away then smiled. “Delicious,” she replied.

He groaned in pleasure and mumbled, “So fucking hot, you dirty little slut.” A moment later his eyes opened wide. “I’m almost there again! We must begin the prayer.”

As he continued to fuck her ass he began speaking, Rothais and Ysmene speaking the words with him. “Praise be to Dethys, god of the two knives,” they said, a warm tingling feeling starting to spread through them all.

“May he bless this cock as it enters this woman’s ass. May the pleasurable pain and tightness of our coupling please him and the faith manifest in all our sexual pleasure flow into his divine being,” As these words left their lips they felt something indescribable flowing out of them, up into something greater then they each were.

“Seeing this ass fucking, may Dethys be pleased, noting my seed being pressed into her hole. May he give this man his blessing in exchange for our faith and sexual pleasure.”

As the last word of the left their lips there was a rushing of air, as if the air around them was being sucked away. The warmth they all felt inside exploded into intense sexual joy, pushing each of them over the edge. Diagoras groaned and Rothais felt his cock quiver then felt the pressure of his seed being injected into her ass. The feeling made the orgasm she was experiencing greater, her cunt muscles tightening and forcing much of the moisture in her pussy out. Behind her Ysmene moaned in pleasure, whispering more praise to Dethys.

Once they were done cumming the three lay silently for a moment, their heavy breathing and the burning of the campfire the only sound filling the night around them. They all felt physically warm and sated and tired, yet mentally recharged. They each knew that it was time to sleep but that when they awoke their minds would all be sharp.

They climbed into the tent together, bundling together for warmth in case the magical fire outside wore off before they woke. Peacefully they all drifted into a deep sleep, none of them aware of how the next day would change all of their lives…


* * *


“So you are noble born?” the small female asked the man looming next to her in the back seat of the carriage-cart as it rolled steady down the road, green fields on either side of them.

She was small, easily mistaken as a child from far away yet she was a full grown woman, her body curvaceous. It was just that her meager height was as tall as her people got.

Oda Smallburrow was a Gnome, a race that was an offspring of Goblin and Halfling. Her skin was pale with a slight green hue to it. She had the exaggerated curves of a Halfling woman; large full, heavy breasts and a thick plump ass. Yet the rest of her body was inhumanly thin like that of a Goblin. Her facial features were pretty, her cheeks and nose roundly soft. But her eyes were overlarge like a Goblin’s and she had long, pointed ears that were a darker shade of green then the rest of her skin.

“Well, yes,” the tall young Human man sitting next to her said, blushing slightly and giving her a crooked grin. “But I’m seventh in line to be head of my family. I’ve six other siblings, all older and all male. There’s not a force in all of Alaria that I could end up taking a position of power within my family.”

He paused, looking down at the pretty little Gnome beside him. He smiled at her, pushing some of his wild blond hair out of his face. “That’s why I became a Ranger. I want to make my family proud by defending Vulfrellia’s border, helping ensure the rest of my family can live a peaceful life of luxury.”

Oda had her hands in her lap, her fingers intertwined as she listened to the man beside her talk. No, she thought, not a man, not yet. Although of age he’s still little more than a boy. But oh, so pretty!

She’d always had a thing for the “bigger” folk. Her time growing up had been spent in the Warrens, a small slum in the capital city of Vulfrellia that was almost entirely populated by Gnomes. They said that when the city had been founded a band of Halfling mercenaries had helped clear a Goblin tribe from the area but instead of slaying the women they had taken them all as wives. Oda had no idea if the tale was true but it would go a long way to explain why there were so many of her people in a land where Halflings and Goblins were both rare.

In the Warrens many a young Gnome had pursued her. She’d slept with a few of them but always felt the experience… lacking. From the very beginning she’d known what she wanted was one of the big folk to bed her. But they rarely came into the Warrens and even then looked down on the Gnomes that lived there, few of them finding any attractions for her people.

She had been determined to leave the squalor of that slum. As she grew she found she was smart, smarter than most around her. When she had come of age she’d approached the recruiting office for the Rangers, knowing ANY Vulfrellian was welcome in their ranks. They’d taken her like they took everyone that approached them for service, and those numbers were always too few.

After undergoing some simple aptitude tests they had decided she had the intelligence to become an engineer so she had been sent to the Engineer’s College to learn the trade. Her education had been hectic, she was given only a very short time to learn what non-Rangers would have been given years to learn. But the Rangers, important as they were, didn’t have the coin to let their recruits sit in a college for years.

And now, having graduated mere weeks ago, she was on her way to her first assignment as a Ranger: The Northern Outpost. She was being sent to appraise the small fort and begin drafting plans to rebuild it, changing it from a simple wooden outpost to a small stone keep. She’d have a few months to plan and then the builders would come to make her architectural dreams a reality.

“Did your father give you that,” Oda asked, pointing at the longsword in its scabbard that sat next to her traveling companion.

“Yes, he did,” the boy nodded. “A parting gift from the mighty patriarch of the Zavrin family. It cost a small fortune to have made and was infused with powerful magic as it was forged. Look,” he said, pulling it slightly out of the scabbard and revealing that the metal of its blade glowed blue even in the midday sun.

He quickly pushed it back in and looked down at Oda. “My father said to cherish it for it is all the inheritance I, Rirhi Zavrin, will receive.” The proud expression on his pretty face fell slightly. “He… was not pleased that I joined the Rangers. He thinks such work is below our family and thinks it is improper that one’s family standing does not determine what kind of position one holds in the Rangers. He thinks the merit based system in place is reprehensible.” He paused, taking a deep breath to calm himself before going on. “He said to cherish the sword, for it was the last thing I would ever receive from my family. And then he told me not to return to our estates unless it is in a coffin to be buried in our family grave.”

Oda placed one of her small, greenish hands on his knee. “Oh, you poor thing. But don’t worry, the Rangers will be your family now.”

The seat the two rode in sat between the carriage-cart’s driver’s seat and the large, house like armored section behind. The housing was covered in chests and sacks and carefully bound packages, another load of supplies bound for The Northern Outpost. More supplies were inside the housing, although there was space there for the three occupants of the carriage-cart to sleep in on their long journey north.

Driving the cart was a massive, hulking Minotaur named Oenteer Fistskull. His bovine ears twitched under his large pointed horns as he tried not to listen in on the conversation going on behind him, yet with the two so close it was impossible ignore them. He tried to concentrate on the road ahead, watching the two sturdy draft horses that pulled them forward and ensuring they remained moving at a steady pace. They were still in the green lands that surrounded the capital and they had a long way to go before they entered the north.

“Did your father want you to fight?” Oda asked Rirhi. “I bet you are quite skilled with that impressive. Such a strong, tall, handsome man like you must be an excellent fighter.”

Oenteer’s ears twitched again and he made an indignant sniffing sound the figures behind him failed to notice. He could smell the arousal of the little Gnome woman’s pussy and was certain the two would be rutting long before their journey was over, at least if the young Human would have her. The thought amused him, picturing the tall thin Human with the tiny Gnome woman. When they were both standing the top of her head barely reached the boy’s waist!

“I don’t know if he actually wanted me to fight,” Rirhi responded. “I think it was more that he wanted me to have the tools to not die and thus embarrass our family further. As for my fighting skills, well, the Rangers that trained me seemed to think I was a natural but…” His voice trailed off, leaving his final thought unspoken.

Without looking back Oenteer finished it for him, the sudden sounding of his deep voice booming and making the two youthful Rangers behind him jump in their seats. “He hasn’t seen a lick of combat yet. Boy’s never bloodied that fancy blade.”

Oda leaned forward, looking up at the bull-like face of the Minotaur. “What about you? Has that thing on your back been ‘bloodied’?” She was referring the massive double headed battle-ax he wore on his back, one so large only the strongest Humans would have been able to use it in combat.

“Widow Cleaver,” he grumbled back at her. “I know most Vulfrellians don’t like to name their weapons, but it’s a thing my father taught me to do and I show my respect for him by continuing the tradition.”

Oda bounced in her seat excitedly. She was an exceedingly friendly person and this was the most she had heard the huge Minotaur Ranger speak so far. She wanted to encourage him to continue so that they could all become close friends. “So has Widow Maker made many widows?” She giggled, amused by her own wit.

Oenteer groaned at the joke then turned back to look down at the little woman. “Yes,” he said simply before turning back to the road.

“Oh, don’t the big lug intimidate you,” Rirhi said, putting a hand on Oda’s shoulder and pulling her back. “All of the other Rangers warned me about him once they learned he’d be joining us to reinforce the Northern Outpost. They all say that although he’s a terror in a fight that his heart is five sizes too big and that deep down he’s just a big softy.”

Oenteer stared ahead at the road before them, not wanting the two stripling’s behind him to see the smile spreading across his face. The Human was right, he WAS a big softy under his thick Minotaur hide, he just had to warm to people first. And these two were already warming his heart.

He had been dreading this assignment since he had received it. He preferred to be where his brute strength was most needed by the empire, and often that had been on the southern borders as Vulfrellia had expanded the lands it claimed as its own.

Oenteer was trained to defend his homeland against organized invaders, armies and well armed beings. What lay in the north that needed defending against? Monsters that were barely able to survive the cold climate along with the occasional bandit or two and MAYBE a small tribe of Orcs from the far north come down to raid?

His talents would be wasted there, at least that’s what he thought. And he figured the scant few Rangers that already manned the Northern Outpost would be cold, hard, humorless people that had had the joy of life frozen out of them long ago. But these two behind him, even though they were both so young and naive, were still filled with joy for life. He’d at least enjoy their company.

His only worry was the sexual tension growing between them. Again, he sniffed, smelling the little Gnome’s arousal. From the way the Human tittered on with her he figured the boy returned her interests. But maybe the boy was simply used to people fawning over him because he was noble born. If the boy spurned the girl there would be trouble.

Again his ears twitched. There could be trouble even if the two got together. Oda would only be at the Northern Outpost till the new keep was built. If they became a couple during that time what would they do when duty called her somewhere else?

It was something that would be dealt with later. And a happy thought occurred to him: he, Oenteer Fistskull, was not Commander of the Northern Outpost. It would not be HE who would have to deal with any issues that might arise between the two potential lovers.


* * *


Ilvuna strode across the courtyard of the Northern Outpost, her thick curvy body as on display as it always was. Light snow fell around her but as the fluffy white flakes neared her body they would melt, dripping wetly to the ground. None of them landed on her, melted or otherwise. It was just one of the ways Ynara’s power flowed through her.

And the power of her goddess was something she felt swelling up inside her to the point of almost bursting. She glowed faintly she was so full of Ynara’s holy light. She’d been spending the morning praying with her fellow Rangers, preparing for her first patrol beyond the safety of the Northern Outpost’s wooden walls.

The awkward, shy Alchemist had eagerly agreed to pray with her. The Commander, who she had visited next, had taken a little pushing to agree to helping her. He seemed uncomfortable with open displays of sexuality and seemed unsure if praying with Ilvuna this way was proper since he was her commander. Yet once they had begun all hesitancy had disappeared and it was clear he took great joy in praying with her, even if his praise of Ynara seemed less important than the pleasure he had been receiving fucking Ilvuna’s breasts.

If it had only been prayer and the power of Ynara’s faithful that Ilvuna had been after she would have been sated once she was done with the Commander. But she had no idea how long her patrol would last, days or perhaps even weeks she had been told. And her only companion was to be the surly archer, another woman. They would not be able to pray to Ynara properly, not just the two of them.

She knew there WERE ways for two women to pray to Ynara that would please the goddess, but she did not know them. Nor did she have any interest in them. Ilvuna could see the beauty in other women but had no desire to experience it in a sexual way.

As soon as she reached the door of the small cabin she knocked on its wooden door. A moment later it opened, Teyl Dati revealed before her with a look of surprise on his face. His eyes immediately darted down to the impressive bulk of her overlarge breasts then back up to her eyes, a slight look of guilt on his face for having so obviously ogled her.

“Ilvuna,” he said, his gruff features cracking as a smile spread on his face. “To what do I owe the honor of having you call on me? Aren’t you due to leave for your first patrol this morning?”

“I am,” she replied, smiling sweetly at him. “But before I make my final preparations I need your help.”

Again, he looked surprise. “My help? What could you need from me that Anneyce would not be able to provide? It is her that you are going on patrol with, is it not?”

She nodded again. “She is. But she cannot help me in this task. I need the help of a man.”

He furrowed his brow and looked confused. “Commander Knot is not available?”

“I have already visited him and enlisted his aid,” she explained. “And Joran Whent. And now I need your help, Ranger Teyl.”

“Okay,” he said, stepping back and waving her into his cabin, still looking confused. “But I still don’t understand what it is you need of me.”

Ilvuna walked in and turned to face him, smiling prettily until he closed the door. As soon as they were left in privacy she reached down to the belt that hung on her wide hips and grabbed a large glass flask that hung there. She lifted it up to show Teyl.

“I need help filling this,” she declared, moving the bottle back and forth so the contents within sloshed about. It was about two thirds full of a thick, white fluid that seemed to have faint red magical energy pulsing and flowing through it.

Teyl’s eyes opened wide. “Is that—”

“Yes,” she replied before he had a chance to finish the question. “It is the seed of your fellow Rangers. In my hands, though, it is a potent potion blessed by the goddess Ynara. I feel as though I will need it on the journey ahead and wish to have the thing filled before I leave.”

The Ranger looked at the bottle. “Well… uh, I’m glad to help,” he said, sounding unsure of himself. “But I don’t think you’d be able to get enough out of me to fill the rest of that.”

Ilvuna laughed prettily. “Oh, do not worry. With the help of Ynara you will be more than able to fill the rest of the bottle up.”

“Uh… okay,” he said, shuffling his feet awkwardly. As he did he reached into his pocket and began fingering a ring hidden there. He heard the wind pick up outside his cabin and for a moment thought he heard the whisper of a deep, raspy female voice being carried by it. He grasped the ring tighter, his eyes darting to Ilvuna’s fingers. The impulse to pull the ring out and convince the cleric to put it on welled up inside of him, but then Ilvuna spoke and the urge drifted away.

“In an emergency I will be able to spill the contents of this bottle onto my breasts to renew the power that Ynara allows to flow through me. But for the magic to work the seed I harvest for this bottle must be brought forth while worshiping the goddess.”

He was even more confused now. “I don’t understand. How can I worship your goddess and, uh, help you ‘harvest’ my seed at the same time?”

Ilvuna turned from him, walking slowly to the man’s bed and opening the bottle then gently placing it and its topper on the small nightstand beside the bed. Slowly she turned back to face him, reaching up and pulling aside the two small strips of white fabric that kept her massive breasts in check and that barely covered her nipples. Her huge breasts were left exposed in all their massive, thick, heavy glory.

“We shall pray the way Ynara prefers, by using my breasts to sexually pleasure your manhood. Come, take your clothing off and join me on your bed.” She smiled, patiently waiting for him to do as she had asked.

He blushed slightly but eagerly began undressing, forgetting all about the magic ring he had hidden in his pocket. There was no need to use it on a woman who was already offering him her body.

Soon he was naked and approaching his bed. Ilvuna patted the mattress and asked him to get onto the bed. “Then, if you could, please lie down on your back.”

“Sure, whatever you want,” he mumbled, staring at her huge breasts. His manhood had already begun to swell as excitement started to well up inside of him.

Once he was on his back she climbed up onto the bed after him, grabbing his legs and pushing them closed. She then straddled his legs, sitting on them so that his manhood was right in front of his body.

She reached down and pulled a small glass vial from her belt, popping the top open with one hand then pouring some of the oil inside into her other hand. She then closed the vial and returned it to her belt.

“Relax,” she said with a calming tone as she reached down with the oil filled hand and grabbed his semi-erect cock and began stroking the oil onto it. “This will feel good and you need do nothing other than lay there, enjoy, and worship my goddess.” As she spoke the hand stroking his cock was joined by her second hand. Soon she was working his cock with both hands, stroking it from the base to the top with firm, slow grasps of her hands that made Teyl moan and writhe under her as his cock fully hardened.

“Such a hard cock,” she purred, continuing to stroke him. “Hard cocks please Ynara, but what pleases her most is when a woman’s fat tits are wrapped around a man’s hard cock.” As she said this she leaned forward, lowering her breasts so they nearly rested in Teyl’s lap, their hefty bulk partially enveloping his cock and her hands.

She moved her shoulders forward and in, leaning forward more so that her massive breasts were pressed further into his lap and around his cock. Teyl watched as his cock was mostly lost within their meaty bulk, only visible occasionally as the woman continued to stroke his now throbbing member between her pressed breasts.

“Pray with me, Ranger Teyl,” she purred, grasping his cock firmer as she continued to work it.

He moaned, his eyes rolling up into his head slightly as he shuddered in pleasure. “I don’t know the words,” he gasped, amazed at how good this felt and afraid he’d end up cumming soon. He tried to slow his breathing, hoping to make this pleasure last longer.

“Just repeat what I say,” the cleric said softly as she stroked him over and over again with both hands, her big meaty breasts pressed in around her hands.

“Okay,” he gasped, staring at her breasts and watching the flashes of her hands moving slowly up his shaft.

“Praise be to Ynara, goddess of the fat tits and bringer of all mammary pleasure,” she said slowly, staring into Teyl’s eyes. Her eyes had a burning passion of extreme faith in them, a passion that seemed to make her eyes glow slightly. A moment later Teyl realized her eyes WERE glowing and as she kept working his cock the glow grew more intense till her burning eyes started to steam as magical energy crackled and sparked from them.

“Praise be to Ynara,” he repeated, stopping to gasp in pleasure as her grip on his cock tightened as she began a new stroke up his shaft. “Goddess of the fat tits and bringer of all mammary pleasure.”

One of her hands reached the top of his cock, moving back down to the base. But instead of grabbing the base of his shaft and starting to slowly stroke it again she lightly grasped his balls, fondling them lovingly.

“May she bless this coupling and fill this man’s balls with ample seed,” she said, continuing to play with his balls as her other hand started stroking his cock from the base again.

“M-may she bless this coupling,” he repeated, writhing under her touch, “and fill my balls with ample seed.”

As the words left his mouth he felt Ilvuna’s hand warm pleasantly around his balls. A moment later a strange sensation filled them, an energy moving into them that left him disoriented for a moment. Then, as his senses of the world returned to normal, he realized that his balls felt suddenly swollen and over-filled. His eyes grew large and he gasped in shock.

Ilvuna simply smiled at him, her burning eyes staring intensely into his. “May our actions please her and our faith manifest in our sexual pleasure flow into her divine being. May she then feel fit to bring this man to climax and make the abundance in his balls erupt in all its holy glory.”

Teyl started to repeat the words back but intense, almost painful pleasure suddenly flared up inside of him, starting in his balls then shoot up through his core. He groaned in pleasure, arching his back and thrusting his hip up as he started to cum.

Ilvuna quickly let go of his cock and leaned back, leaving his cock thrust as it quivered and then sent a huge load of cum shooting high into the air. Teyl watched as it spurted from his body, shocked at just how much of it there was. He’d never ejaculated such a large load in his life. And the orgasm wasn’t just powerful, it felt as though it was draining him of some indescribable energy as his over-filled balls were quickly emptied.

As his huge load of cum reached its zenith in the air it stopped, beginning to gather together in huge glob that momentarily floated in the air. Ilvuna leaned to the side, grabbing hold of the open bottle and its topper. She lifted the bottle into the air below the floating semen. The cum began to spark with red magical energy the flowed smoothly into the bottle, filling it almost to the top.

Ilvuna quickly sealed the bottle back up then climbed off of Teyl. “Thank you,” she said, grinning down at the full bottle. “This will do much to keep me safe.”

Teyl was still lying on the bed. He felt drained and weak and empty, although the emptiness he felt was quickly being refilled. By what, he wasn’t sure. Perhaps whatever it was the gods consumed when people prayed to them. He looked over at Ilvuna and watched as she pulled the two white strips of fabric back over her breasts, her nipples only partially hidden with her areolas not fully covered.

“You’re very welcome,” he said in a weak voice. “If you ever need such help again…” he added, his voice trailing off.

“I’m sure I will. And I hope, in time, you may even come to me if you feel the desire to pray to Ynara.”

He blinked, realizing what she was offering. “Yes,” he said quickly. “I will do that, I assure you.”

She bowed slightly to him and flashed one final, pretty smile. “Then I shall leave you now, kind ser. I have what I needed and it is time to make my final preparations.”

As she closed the door behind her she grinned widely. She was proud of how much joy she had brought the man through their prayer together. Perhaps, she thought, she’d be able to convert a few of the other Rangers here at the Northern Outpost. At the very least all three of the men stationed here seemed more than happy to help her pray to her goddess.

With her flask full she felt that she was finally ready. She had only to go grab the equipment she’d need for the journey: her silver war hammer and the traveling back that had been prepared for her full of supplies and rations they would need during their patrol in the frozen wilds. Then she needed only find the archer Anneyce and tell her she was ready. They would then begin, leaving the Northern Outpost behind to begin the cleric’s first patrol.

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