Poll Driven Story: “The Tale of the Nemorvian Band”

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A few minutes later both men stand, stretching and yawning. They wore the sleepy grin of men sexually sated, their minds dulled with post orgasmic pleasure.

“Come, Rolaen, it is time for us to dress and be on our way. We have pressing matters in Iphasea City and although these fat uddered cows have been a pleasant and refreshing distraction we best now be on our way.”

The Night Elf nodded, giving the Nemorvians one last longing look. “Perhaps they will still be here when we ride back this way.”

“Maybe,” Theobold says, “but it is not likely. Either someone else coming through will try and claim them, taking them from this place, or the magic of the lion’s head will wear off and they will be able to escape. But these are not worries of ours.”

As the two men dress Kilne and Amitkoa sit in the steaming water, their expressions blank and their gaze distant and unseeing. But Novaoa stares after Theobold, looking to the man for instruction. Once the men are dressed they turn to leave the bathhouse and Novaoa rises from the pool to follow them.

They do not notice her presence till they are outside and preparing to mount their horses. “Stupid slut,” Theobold snarls, waving Novaoa away. “I’m done with you!” But it is clear from the blank expression on her face that she does not understand his words.

Making a sound of annoyance he hops up onto his horse. “Come, let’s be gone,” he huffs, annoyed the huge titted naked woman continues to stare at him. They start to ride away, Novaoa shambling after them like some kind of mindless zombie. “Gods, what a dumb cow,” the large man says, looking back at her. “Ride faster, Rolaen, we’ll soon be out of her sight and she’ll lose track of us.”

As they ride away Novaoa stumbles after them, no sign of conscious thought on her expressionless face. Just as the men turn round a corner and disappear into the woods a large bird flies down before her, screeching and flying off into the forest to her right. The hypnotized Nemorvian turns, following after the bird.

Naked, dripping water, her massive breasts swaying from side to side, she stumbles into the forest occasionally tripping on a root or rock. But always she is soon back on her feet, shambling forward with mindless intent and leaving her Nemorvian sisters far behind…


* * *


Jennenes Moonlight sits upon his throne looking disinterested as a woman is dragged out of the throne room, wailing in despair. “Shouldn’t have broken your King’s laws, you dumb slut,” he mumbles.

“She knew the penalty,” his majordomo says. “She’ll spend the rest of her life working in a brothel for her transgression.”

“I find that is where most women belong,” the young King says, holding his hand up before his face and looking at his nails. After a moment he looks down at his majordomo, fire in his eyes suddenly. “Please tell me the next person requiring my attention will be less tedious.”

“I think so, Your Majesty.” He turns and waves for the next supplicant to be let into the throne room. “I present to Your Majesty, if it shall please him, Lady Teddem of clan Stoutgrip of the Shadow Mountains. The Dwarf noblewoman brings a message from her father, leader of clan Stoutgrip.”

Jennenes sat up as the stout Dwarven woman came striding confidently into his throne room. Her head was held high and a perfectly poised look was on her face.

Looking at her the King wondered how old she was. If she had been a Human he would have guessed she was in her early late thirties. But like Elves the Dwarfs lived long lives and that made her true age hard to tell. Still, it was clear she was no youth and she carried herself like a woman with the confidence that only came from vast life experience. That confident air she carried with her only increased her natural beauty and the normally distracted King suddenly was paying very close attention.

She is dressed in thick, low cut black dress, the crest of her clan sewn onto the front. For a Dwarf the outfit is incredibly decedent, although by the standards of his kingdom the clothing could barely be considered finery.

What interests him more than her clothing is what lay under it. He is a lover of thick bodied and large breasted women, a description that fits almost every Dwarf. Their race is short compared to a Human or Elf and this leaves the always wide and thick figures they have making them look even MORE curvaceous. To many eyes Dwarf women seem fat, but Jennenes knows well that their bulk is more muscle then soft excess flesh. Yet every Dwarf woman he has ever fucked has had ample fat breasts, some the size of a Halfling’s body. And their asses tend to be huge and fat as well, leaving Dwarven women a plump treasure to behold from either side.

This Dwarf seems not to be an exception and if anything her breasts seem far larger than expected from one of her race. Sometimes men would laugh that Dwarf women had to be as muscular as their men to be able to carry the weight of their massive thick and heavy breasts, a joking comment that never seemed as true as the King beholds the Dwarf noblewoman.

“If it pleases His Majesty,” the Dwarf woman says, smirking up at the king, “I could lower the top of my dress so that he could stare more easily at my breasts.”

Jennenes blinks, realizing he had been ogling the noble woman’s overlarge breasts. For a moment he thinks she is mocking him but when he looks at her face and sees the sly smile on her pretty yet mature features he knows that is not the case. If anything the proposal might even be sincere.

“It would not be proper to do so here in the throne room, at least not now when it is so full of court attendants,” he replies, sitting up straighter in his chair and intentionally not telling her “no”.

“As you wish, Your Majesty,” she replies. Even so, as she speaks she reaches up and undoes the top clasp of her robes, allowing the King to see a bit more of her over abundant cleavage. “What would please His Majesty?”

“To know what business brings you here,” he says, the curiosity as to why her father has sent her to him clear in his voice. “Stoutgrip is not a man who sends envoys of his clan for no reason. Have my coin masters not been timely in paying your father for the ore and stone that he sends from your clan’s home in the Shadow Mountains?”

“No, Your Majesty. In fact, the very opposite. The commerce between our Dwarven strongholds and your kingdom makes us rich and the exotic luxuries that your capital city’s renowned brothels bring our people have only increased their contentment. Never have the Dwarfs of the Shadow Mountains prospered so.”

“So why is it that you are here?” he asks. He knew her father. He was a hard, ambitious man that never did a thing unless there was something for him and his clan to be gained from it.

“My father sends you a gift to thank you for making him rich and helping our clan cement power in our mountain home. Already the other clans diminish, becoming ‘lesser’ as we become greater. In fact there are even whispers that my father should be named King and given true dominion over ALL the Dwarfs that reside in the Shadow Mountains.”

“Whispers your father no doubt began,” Jennenes replies with a knowing smile. Yes, her father is ambitious and it has been clear to Jennenes that the man has always desired to be more than just head of the most prominent clan in his home. The man has always wanted a crown and it seems that the desire is finally within arm’s reach.

“You speak of a gift. What is it your father sends to try and bribe me into backing him when he eventually claims a crown?”

Lady Teddem’s smile grows. “It brings me great pleasure that you and my father have such a strong understanding of each other. He speaks often of you and your ambition, but it’s the things that others speak of about you that have piqued my interest. You’ve a reputation, Your Majesty, for decedent carnal indulgence.”

Jennenes listens in silence, admiring the bravery of this Dwarven woman to come before his throne and speak so openly about his sexual hobbies.

“To be used by such a mighty King as you,” she continues, “it must bring nothing but honor, or so it is said among Dwarfs.”

Jennenes now laughs. “I highly doubt that. You Dwarfs are too willful and stubborn to view submitting to a King’s sexual whims as something that would honor you. If anything I’d think doing so would bring great shame to your clan.”

She shrugs. “Perhaps it is this way with OTHER Dwarf clans, those that are less ambitious then my own. They all seem content to work the mines and quarries and go through the ages with nothing changing. But we Stoutgrips strive for a better world for ourselves and know to respect and revere power in all its forms, for one becomes powerful by having powerful friends and allies.”

“You speak in circles, although I am enjoying the flattery,” Jennenes says. “But no more evasions, what is this gift your father sends?”

The Dwarf woman bows slightly, stretching her arms out. “Me, Your Majesty.” As she stands back up there is a mischievous fire in her dark eyes. “And although the gift comes in my father’s name and with his blessing it is I that suggested the giving of this gift.”

She pauses, looking around at the attendants and guards that fill the throne room. “I’ve instructions to give his majesty his gift during this meeting, for once it is done I shall be quickly leaving your city to return to my home. I was happy to be sent to you but I do not care to be away from my home for long. The open sky of these lands… unsettles me. So, would it please His Majesty to open his gift while his people watch or shall he send them away so that I can give part of myself to you in privacy?”

He makes note of the words she has used: part of herself. Their meaning are clear to Jennenes, he will not be able to do as he wishes with her. Somehow that excites him more than if she had been spread upon his bed to be his willing and obedient plaything. His mind races, wondering what the noble Dwarf will be willing to give him, exactly what he will be allow to do to her.

“I suppose, then, that I think it is time we be left alone,” Jennenes replies, standing up from his throne and looking about at the men surrounding them.

The captain of his guard takes a quick step forward giving the Dwarf a weary glance. “But Your Majesty,” he objects. It is clear he does not trust the Dwarf and worries that this is some ploy to do his King harm.

Jennenes, however, has no such worries. “I said be gone,” he booms. “ALL of you.” There is an implied threat in the firmness of his voice, one that all of his men understand. They quickly start to exit the throne room soon leaving the King and the Dwarf alone.

Slowly he steps down from the dais his throne sits atop, staring hungrily at the Dwarf Noble woman and smoothly undressing as he approaches her. She stands firm, continuing to look at him with the same confident smile she’s worn since entering his presence.

As he nears her she opens the front of her, revealing that she wears no clothing under it. She lets the garment fall to the floor leaving her standing naked.

Jennenes licks his lips as he stares hungrily at her body. He stands over six and a half feet tall while the wide, plump woman can’t be an inch over five feet. Yet her presence feels so much larger thanks to her exaggerated curves. Her ass is fat, her hips wide. But what truly draws his attention is her breasts. Huge, wide, and heavy in a way that is uniquely Dwarven, the sight of their impressive fleshy mass already making his manhood swell.

“So what part of you is it that I am being given as a gift?” he asks, starting to walk slowly around the naked woman as he inspects her fleshy curves more closely.

She continues to stand perfectly still, staring ahead of herself with the same confident expression on her face. “Well, Your Majesty, it is clear to me what part of my body you desire most. I hope it will bring you great joy to hear that it is my breasts that my father offers you, the largest in all the clans and the marvel of the Shadow Mountains.”

“That,” he replies slowly, “I believe is not vanity or exaggeration.” As he finishes speaking he comes back around to the front of her body and looks down admiringly at her huge breasts.

For a moment she looks up into his eyes then she glances down from his face, her eyes widening slightly at the sight of his fully erect cock. “Oh my, so big, Your Majesty! I think the whispers that one of the gods you pray to is Azel must be true. Surely the god of cock has blessed you with such an overlarge member?”

He nods. “It is true and I am not ashamed to admit as much. What about you? Do you prey to Ynara, goddess of fat tits? Are ‘the marvel of the Shadow Mountains’ enhanced by the blessing of a goddess?”

“No, Your Majesty,” she replies, grabbing her huge breasts and hefting them up proudly. “These are all natural and come solely from good breeding. A sign, my father says, that his blood is meant to be king. And the men in my family, their cocks are even more impressive in size than my breasts.”

A sly smile pulls at Jennenes’ lips. “Do you know this from firsthand experience? Is you clan, your family, that close?” He is mocking her, testing her reaction to see how subservient she is willing to be.

She simply continues to smile the same confident smile at him. “No, we are not THAT kind of family. But we are not shamed by nudity and those we bed are encouraged to spread the tales of our carnal skills.”

Lady Teddem, still holding her breasts, begins to bounce them slightly. Her ample tit-flesh jiggles prettily, drawing Jennenes in closer. “But enough talk,” she says. “It is time for you to receive your gift, Your Majesty.” She drops down onto her knees, holding her breasts tight so the landing doesn’t cause them to bounce too wildly. She looks up at the King and spreads her breasts open. “Come, Your Majesty, place your cock between them and then do as you will to them.”

“Oh, I will,” Jennenes says, “but first something is needed for my cock to make the most of its time between the ‘the marvel of the Shadow Mountains’.” He holds his right hand up, the faintly glowing tattoos on his arm suddenly glowing more intensely. Magical energy gathers in his hand, which he then lowers to his erect cock. It transfers from his hand to his shaft, coalescing up its length and solidifying and turning to glistening lubrication.

“I do think His Majesty is showing off,” Lady Teddem says, smirking up at him.

“Perhaps,” the King replies, grabbing his large cock and slapping it down onto her chest with a wet “thwack”. “But this WILL make things more pleasurable for the both of us.”

“I’m sure,” she responds, pressing her huge breasts in around his cock.

Even though his member is impressively big, both long and thick, her breasts are so over large that they completely enveloped his cock, totally hiding it from sight. Jennenes reaches down, grabbing her tits and pressing them in tighter. They are so massive that both of them are able to be grabbing their fleshy bulk without their fingers touching. And when he starts moving his hips and begins humping the Dwarf noble’s breasts they prove so big that his cock isn’t even able to pop out the top of her cleavage.

“May the gods be praised,” Jennenes huffs in pleasured delight. “These tits of yours are a wonder!” It isn’t just their size that is so pleasing to him, but how dense and thick they feel both in his hands and wrapped around his cock. The breasts of no other race are the same, none so heavy and substantial.

Lady Teddem keeps firm hold of her breasts as she kneels before the King, happily looking up at him. “You know, Your Majesty, you are the first member of another race that has been allowed to be with me sexually. And not even a Dwarf has been allowed to use my famous breasts in this way. You are being given a great honor by a future princess, for my father WILL be a king. It is only a matter of time and of tying up loose ends.”

Jennenes huffs and grunts happily as he fucks her huge breasts, sweat running down his face from the exertion. He keeps his breathing as slow and steady as he can, doing all in his power to make this last as long as possible before he reaches climax, for he is certain that once he does his time with her and her breasts will be over.

“Is my backing of your father in his claim for a crown one of those loose ends?” he asks between heavy thrusts up into her tits.

“No, Your Majesty,” the Lady Teddem replies happily. “You are a blade to cut those loose ends away. But we shall speak more once you have finished, I can tell you are growing close. I had expected no man would be able to last long using my breasts in this manner and by the look on your face my expectations are correct.”

The King pounds her tits harder, faster, no longer fighting his body as it crests towards orgasm. With one final slam up into her mountainous tit-flesh he groans in delight, his body tensing as his cock unloads a huge load of semen into her pressed breast-flesh. They booth looked down and see his seed bubble and ooze up from between her breasts, creating a pool of cum in the top of her cleavage.

“There is so much of it!” she proclaims, sounding both surprised and impressed. “I knew not that Elves cum in such quantities.”

Pulling back away from her, his cock already sagging and growing limp as it drips cum on the throne room floor, Jennenes breathes heavily. “They do not. But I am an exceptional man who is blessed by Azel the cock god in many ways.”

For a moment Lady Teddem keeps her breasts pressed tightly together, looking down and admiring the pool of semen held between them. Then, as she stands, she lets go of her huge breasts. The massive load of semen begins to flow messily down her front, oozing between her overlarge breasts and trickling down her pudgy belly.

“I shall wear your royal seed as a badge honor,” she declares, standing tall and proud. “And I shall not wipe or wash it away till I have returned to my home in the mountain,” she adds, bending over to pick her dress up and putting it back on so that the cum running down her front is hidden from sight.

Sated, Jennenes has also dressed and returned to his throne, sitting down to rest in his post orgasmic haze of contentment and tiredness. He looks down at the Dwarven noble, standing in the center of the throne room still with the same confident smile on her face. Except for a slight blush in her cheeks she shows no sign of what has just transpired. She seems to simply be waiting patiently for permission to speak.

“You’ve played me well,” he declares, still trying to catch his breath. “You got me alone, pleasured me so my body is calmed and my mind dulled. So tell me, not that you have me in such a position and that we are alone with no ears to overhear us, why have you REALLY come? What does your father really want from me? How am I to be a blade that cuts the loose ends away?”

Her expression remains the same but her dark eyes glitter with devious joy. It is clear this is the moment she has been waiting for. “You will back my father’s claim for a crown?”

“Yes, yes,” Jennenes says, waving the words away. “He and I want the same thing: power. Yet there is no reason we need be enemies. Together our ambition can tie us together as allies, our backs together as we subjugate the rest of the world around us. But what else does he want? There must be more.”

Lady Teddem waits for a moment, letting the silence fill the throne room till it feels oppressive. Then, finally, she begins. “There are still clans that will fight to keep things as they are,” she says. “Influential clans who the lesser ones will follow. My father cannot make the claim for the crown till he knows they will bow before him and fall in line before his whims and desires. Should they fear my father then they would do so, the lesser clans following along after them.”

“And how,” the King asks, “shall I help spread this fear?”

“We shall take captives from these clans,” she declares. “Women or wives of men who have spoken out against my clan’s, or more specifically my father’s, ambitions. It would not be honorable to kill these women nor to keep them as hostages, at least so our people think. But wrongs could be found, these women declared oath breakers or framed for crimes that would require punishment. But what should their punishment be? To be sent to you to become whores in your city’s brothels. They will not be able to object and the shame this will bring their clans will make them afraid and show them my father has powerful allies AND show the rest what happens to our enemies’ women, a fate most will think is worse than death.”

Jennenes grins. “How delicious. I agree.”

She bows. “Then I take my leave, Your Majesty. I must return home with haste because although I have enjoyed my visit with you I do not care to be away from the comfort of my mountain halls. I desire to be out from under open sky and the roofs of Elf and Human buildings feels little more than tissue paper to me.”

Lady Teddem then turns and begins to leave but the King calls after her. “Wait! One last question. This plan, was it your father’s idea or yours?”

She turns, looking back and flashing the same smile that has been on her face the whole time she has been before him. “Why, mine, Your Majesty.” She then turns and leaves.

“Oh, I like her,” the King mutters, watching as she disappears from sight and his normal attendants and guards return back into the throne room. Soon they are all ready to return to the normal business of the crown. “Who is next?” the King asks.

“The oldest surviving son of the Drezen family,” his majordomo declares. “He comes to inquire about the hunt for the Nemorvians that killed his older brother.”

The King waves his majordomo away. “Send him to the Minotaurs I’ve hired. I heard they were back in the city, regrouping for a time before continuing their hunt.”

“Is it wise to send a member of such an influential family away?” the man asks cautiously. “They may take the act as in insult.”

The King shrugs. “I’ve moved on from allies such as the Drezen family. I’ll no longer be backing my throne with the meager power of merchants and minor Human families. I am King and it is other kings and great lords who shall keep me on this throne. Remind him I’ve done more to avenge his family then most in my position would and that the Minotaurs have cost a lot of coin. If he is unhappy with their services so far tell him I give my blessing to try and retrieve the coin from them and hire someone else.”

“Why, they’d kill him were he to try that!”

“Oh yes,” the King replies, “and rid me of an annoyance should he be so stupid as to try. Go, send the man on his way. I wish to hear no more of this till the Nemorvians are captured.”


* * *


Novaoa’s naked feet were covered in filth accumulated during the long time she had been stumbling through the woods, moving deeper and deeper into their untamed wilds. But slowly the mighty Nemorvian woman was coming out of the mental haze the enchanted lion’s head had put her in. The thick fog that crowded out her thoughts was starting to clear and she was once more becoming aware of her surroundings, although she didn’t yet have control of her body. Her movements forward, however, were slowing.

Her slow zombie like walk slowly came to a halt, the naked woman blinking and looking about her, confused at how she had gotten here. “Where am I?” she mutters, confused. Slowly memories started to come back to her, the lion’s head and how it had put her and her Nemorvian sisters into some kind of deep trance and then the two men coming in and using them all.

The memory makes her clench her fists in anger. She had sworn she would never let men use her like that again. Recalling the shameful event brings other memories flooding back into her mind, memories of her long life as a whore in various brothels. Sold from one owner to another till she had ended up in Iphasea City.

“Never again,” she whispered, repeating the vow she had made when she had escaped, taking those she could with her. And now she had failed, failed without a fight. She curses herself for having been so careless and curses again when she thinks of Kilne and Amitkoa. Although she assumes they are still sitting entranced in the bathhouse she doesn’t know for certain, by know someone else could have found them and done far worse to them.

What she does know is that she has to get back to them, to save them and press on with their mission to save the other Nemorvians held in sexual servitude in Iphasea City. First, though, she’ll need to find her way back to the bathhouse. That, however, seems like it is going to be a challenge.

Looking about she finds that she is deep in the forest with no hint at what direction she has come from. And looking up she can see that the sun is beginning to set and that soon it will be dark. These woods are a dangerous place at night even when armed and she stands here naked and weaponless.

Not far from her she stands is a small rocky rise which she begins towards, hoping that if she climbs it she may be able to see over the trees of the forest and spot the road she has come from or maybe even the bathhouse itself. As she approaches she discovers the opening of a cave, the sight bringing her great joy. At least she’ll have a place of relative safety to hide in during the long, dark night.

Or is it a place of safety? As she draws nearer she slows, seeing signs that this cave might already be inhabited. Paths seemed to be trampled in the underbrush heading out in many directions and at the mouth of the cave are scatter bones that look as if they have been gnawed clean.

What lives here? she thinks. Wolves, perhaps?

She has her answer almost immediately as a massive figure begins to emerge from the shadows of the cave. She gasps and takes a step back as a huge troll steps out of the cave, yawning and rubbing its eyes like a simple minded child.

It looms tall, at least three feet higher than her and that is while it leans forward. It has a gross, fat body but she knows that under its bulk lay powerful muscles. The thing is roughly humanoid in shape but its head is overlarge and its face looks more beast than man. Its large tongue hangs stupidly out of its mouth, thick strings of saliva dripping down onto its big gut. Its skin is thick and leathery, strong enough to blunt all but the sharpest weapons with its belly a light blue color while the rest of its thick hide is green.

Yet as monstrous as it is between its legs hangs an all too normal looking cock, only of immense size. She quickly looks away, afraid of what will happen if she looks too long at the creature’s penis.

For the troll IS a creature. Trolls are incredibly similar to Ogres, yet while Ogres are dumb they are sentient and capable of language. Trolls, however, are not. They are beasts that acted on pure instinct.

She starts to slowly back away, trying not to make any noise. The dumb towering beast hasn’t noticed her even as it stands looking practically straight at her, scratching its big belly as it chews its own tongue. If she can just get out of sight she’ll be able to turn and run away…

Novaoa stops with a huff, having backed into something large and hard. Before she can turn her head to see what it is a massive, leathery hand grabs her by the back of the neck, squeezing tightly and lifting her up off her feet. Looking up she sees the face of a second troll, drooling down on her, its animal eyes darting up and down her body and lingering on her breasts.

She wants to scream but holds back. She’s already shamed herself once today, she won’t do so a second time. She’ll face this fate that she has stupidly walked into with bravery.

The troll grunts and the one in the mouth of the cave finally notices her. With big lumbering steps that shake the ground it walks to her and the second troll, leaving her dangling in the air between the two beasts as the one behind her keeps held of her by the neck.

I have to fight, she thinks. But just as she is about to try and kick the beast before her it reaches forward with alarming speed and starts groping at her breasts. She starts to scream in disgust and protestation at the beast’s painful, clumsy gropes but her voice is quickly silenced. The troll holding her leans down, pressing its huge gross face into hers with an open mouth, sending its slimy leathery tongue into her mouth. She gags as the thing invades her throat, the taste making her want to retch.

Yet as revolted as she is her body is starting to respond to the other troll’s painful mauling of her overly sensitive breasts. Her heart is thundering in her chest, her nipples hard and craving attention. And between her legs her pussy is moistening, craving to be filled.

She fights to maintain control over her body, over its accursed impulse to give into any sexual demand made of it. Finally, she begins to struggle, kicking and punching at the two beasts pressed in around her, thrashing her limbs and trying to break free of the hand grasped tightly around her neck.

Amazingly she accomplishes her goal, falling to the ground on all fours. Quickly she looks up, hoping to see an opening to try and crawl away so she can get on her feet and run. But as soon as her eyes rise it is to find herself looking up at the half erect, vein covered and fat misshapen cock of the troll before her. The sight is enough to make her pause as her racial instincts to serve cock kick in, hampering what she fears is her one chance for escape.

The trolls grunt, each grabbing their cocks and waving them at Novaoa, signaling they want to fuck her as they continue to harden. There animalistic grunts are enough to let her mind clear for a moment, long enough for her to start to get up to dash away. But as soon as her body begins to move the troll before her lets go of its cock and clenches both its huge hands into fists, bringing them down onto the back of her head and knocking her down into the dirt.

For a moment there is only pain, then the world swims and spins around her. The blow has knocked her silly, left her disoriented from pain and unable to tell which way is up.

She is pulled back up onto all fours, the troll before her grabbing her hair and jerking her head up while the one behind her reaches down and grabs her wide hips, pulling them up so her large, plump ass is pointed up.

Blinking through the tears of pain in her eyes she looks up, the cock of the troll before her now fully erect: lumpy and vein covered and intimidatingly large, yet an unmistakably a cock. Her racial instincts kick back in, making her assume a position that leaves her ready to be fucked. The trolls grunt in pleasure and move in closer.

The one before her, still holding her hair, jerks her head up further making her yelp in pain as it kneels down. As soon as her mouth is open it moves closer, ramming its over sized cock into her mouth. For a moment she thinks that it won’t fit, but the thing grunts and presses its cock forward as it pulls her head back. Her mouth is forced open, her jaw flaring with pain. But eventually the thing’s disgusting cock is forced into her mouth.

While it crams its too large cock into her face it reaches down with its free hand, grabbing one of her tits and yanking it up, squeezing hard enough to send a jet of milk spraying from her nipple. The pain makes her want to scream which only serves to help her open her mouth wider so its fat cock can be shoved further into her mouth. Soon the thing’s large leathery fingers have grasped her nipple and it starts to pinch them hard enough to bring tears to her eyes. Then it is painfully tugging on her tit hard enough to make her fear it will be ripped from her body as the beast grunts in pleasure and starts to fuck her face.

As this is happening the one behind her drops down onto its knees, grabbing its huge cock and rubbing its bulbous cock head up and down her slip. Then it starts to try and force its way into her cunt. Like with her mouth there is a moment where it feels that its cock is too big around to fit inside of her, but her body gives to the monstrous girth and painfully opens to let it press into her.

If her mouth weren’t full of monster cock she’d howl in pain and terror from the feel of having something so massive forced into her cunt. But her screams are only heard as muffled sounds of discomfort and choking gags as the troll before her forces its cock deeper into her throat.

A few moments later the two trolls both rise to their feet, lifting the helpless Nemorvian off the ground. She’s left dangling in the air, impaled by massive troll cock from both ends with only the fleshy shafts pounding into her painfully stretched holes keeping her in place.

Tears stream down her face and her overlarge breasts bounce wildly back and forth as they fuck her from both ends with the ferocity only a savage beast could muster. Yes, there is pleasure, but it is so mixed with pain that she scarcely notices it.

Before long both of the trolls have cum in her, massive torrential loads of thick, foul tasting yogurty monster cum that fills her from both ends. The cock ramming down her throat is so far in her that the flood of cum is forced straight into her gut, while the pressure in her cunt builds as her insides are quickly filled till the massive load of cum starts squelching out nosily around the thing’s huge shaft.

Yet neither of the beast’s orgasms slow them down and their cocks remain hard. They keep pounding her with savage abandon.

Novaoa has been fucked in almost every way imaginable, yet nothing like this has ever occurred to her. The animal ferocity of it threatens to break her body. No one has ever used her with so little care for her well being and no cocks so large have ever been forced so deep into her body.

At points during her ordeal she fears her body will not survive, yet somehow it does. Finally, after cumming in her countless times the two trolls pull away from her, letting the broken woman fall to the ground as cum explodes from her cunt and she rolls over to vomit a belly full of monster semen.

With satisfied grunts the two trolls turn form the broken women lying stunned on the ground and leaking cum, disappearing into their cave and leaving her behind, forgotten.

Yes, during the ordeal she had worried about her body. But as she lay on the forest floor, sore and sobbing and leaking cum, she realizes it is her mind that she should have been worried about.

And as she lay there she starts to convulse, cumming uncontrollably. It is as if her body had been too over stimulated during the savage fucking that it was unable to process the sexual pleasure of it and now her body was unleashing the bent up, forced pleasure all at once. These intense orgasms end up being far more devastating to her mind then the actual ordeal of the beasts fucking her.

Novaoa cums and cums and cums some more till the world around her starts to fade. She had thought herself so fierce, so mighty and strong. Falling into the trap in the bathhouse had made her question herself, but this? There may be no coming back from this. The trolls so easily subduing and savaging her seems to prove she isn’t fierce or strong, that she isn’t worthy or able to free her people. Above all this defeat shall leave a mental scar that she will carry her whole life.

Wallowing in shame and despair she fades from consciousness, in that moment not knowing or caring what will happen to her when she wakes…


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