Poll Driven Story: “The Reign of Vogur, High Priest of Azel”

Sorry it took so long to get this posted. The choices that won the initial set of polls took some thinking (which I enjoyed). I’ve decided to go for something a little more grand that I originally envisioned when I threw those polls up and that took some world building in my head and then in the story itself.
I also had a lot of characters to introduce but I don’t think that’s a bad thing! Right now this story is pretty open ended and through the voting who knows where it will lead. And even though there are a bunch of female characters I’m not particularly attached to any of them so this is definitely a story where some or all of them could meet “bad” endings.
Anyways, I hope you like whats here (it’s a pretty good chunk of writing to start the story out) and would love to hear any feedback you might have.
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Lucriece stopped her work, resting her scythe on the dirt of her small crop filled field and leaning on it as she wiped the sweat from her brow with her sleeve. She looked up, admiring the clear blue sky and shining sun above her. She then glanced down letting her eyes run over the top of the tree line that surrounded her and her farmstead.

Her and her husband had worked hard clearing this small section of Tronahar Forest to lay claim to this borderland farmstead. But already their hard work was being rewarded. Others were moving west out of their native land of Capatia, spreading into the wilderness to tame it. There were already small towns appearing in the wilds, places that in a few generations would be teaming cities that flowed with Capatian commerce. Yes, this land like many others would be tamed by her fellow countrymen and when the wilds were part of the Capatian kingdom this farm would be located in a profitable place, hopefully providing for any children her and her young husband might have.

Looking out into the dense forest she longed for her man. He’d left early that morning to hunt. The game he’d return with would keep them well fed but she’d miss him in his absence, knowing he’d be gone for at least a day or two if not longer. Meanwhile she’d work the field, taking an equal part in building their life together.

She knew it wasn’t like that in many lands. But in Capatia women were not only equal to men but in many regards held in higher esteem. It was women that led the majority of most commoner’s households and the head of nearly every Capatian great house was a woman. And the kingdom was led by the Queen, the King little more than her doddering arm candy.

It wasn’t just their society that made Capatia different from most other kingdoms. The native Capatians, although Human, were a very distinct breed of Human. Tall and naturally well muscled all with red hair. The men were sturdy, bulky figures while the women tended to be naturally curvy with breasts that put the average size of most other Human races to shame. Breasts that were huge and heavy, sizes normally only ever seen naturally on certain breeds of Elves or Dwarfs.

Lucriece was a perfect female specimen of the Capatian breed. Tall, well muscled yet naturally curvy and her breasts so large they got in the way more than not. Even dressed in the simple loose fitting garments she wore to work the field their large size was unmistakable even from a great distance. And her figure was something the cloaked stranger walking slowly up the rough hewn path that led past the farmstead was first to notice.

The stranger got within speaking distance before Lucriece noticed him. Once more she put her scythe down, resting on arm on it and hailed the stranger with the other. “Greetings, traveler,” she called out, smiling happily at the figure. Travelers heading to the newly constructed town of Wood Creek frequently traveler the path past their farmstead and his appearance was of no great surprise to her.

Once the figure waved back at her she let her tool drop to the dirt and quickly began moving towards the edge of her property where the cloaked figure stood. She stopped on the way to grab a bucket of water hanging from a post, knowing it pleased the duel god and goddess that her people worshiped to offer what respite she could to weary travelers.

The figure pulled back his hood as Lucriece approached, revealing a soft face with pleasant male features. The man was Human but there was no way he was Capatian, not with his brown hair and thin, weak looking body. He smiled and greeted Lucriece, asking if he could have some of the water.

With a happy nod she held the bucket up for him, handing him the wooden ladle inside. He dipped it into the water and lifted it to his face, drinking deeply. “I thank you, kind stranger,” he said, wiping some water from his mouth with his sleeve.

“What brings you this way?” she asked, always curious to hear the answer to that question from the travelers that wandered by.

The man smiled wider. “I’m a priest and there is a temple to my god ahead that has need of my services. I bring with me implements of my faith to restock the temple,” he said, patting the thick satchel that hung from his side. “And it warms my heart to be offered such refreshment by a stranger. Surely such kindness need be repaid.”

“Oh no,” she quickly replied, blushing and looking away. “It is the only decent thing to be done!”

“Even so,” he replied quickly, “I feel as though I was meant to come down this path and meet you. I can feel some divine power at work and am compelled to offer you my thanks.” He looked down, reaching into the stuffed satchel and pulling out something a bit bigger than his hand. The item was wrapped in cloth, cord tied round it keeping the item within hidden from sight. “Here,” he said, thrusting the wrapped item at Lucriece. “A small token of my god, blessed to bring great pleasure to those that possess it.”

She blushed once more, taking the item form the man. “Thank you kind ser, you are too generous.”

The priest then closed his satchel and nodded at her. “I best be on my way, but I feel as though we shall meet once again my kind Capatian woman.”

She waved after the man as he began to walk away, continuing on his journey. “And perhaps next time, kind priest,” she called after him, “you shall meet my husband!”

He didn’t look back at her, the back of his head hiding the predatory smile that spread across his face. “Oh yes, we shall meet again my big titted, fertile Capatian, and very soon,” he muttered quietly to himself. “But sadly your dear husband will not be there, for the useless retch has already been taken care of.”

Lucriece watched the priest disappear down the path into the woods. It was only after he was out of sight that she realized the man had never said the name of his god nor had she seen any holy symbols on him to reveal the identity of his deity. Thinking on this she realized she had simply assumed that he worshiped the duel god and goddess nearly all Capatian’s worshiped, Pourrait and Prucella.

She looked down at the blessed item the man had given her. Carefully she began unwrapping it, curious to see if the symbol of the priest’s god would be on the item. She was perplexed when the item was reveal. It was a slender, perfectly smooth shaft with a flat bottom and a rounded tip. It appeared to be made of some kind of stone yet when she picked it up she found it much lighter than she had expected.

There were no carvings on it, no sign of the god that had blessed it. And she’d certainly never seen any such item in connection with her gods. Yet the item unmistakably radiated holy power, a soft hum she felt deep in her core when she held it. A hum that made her cheeks flush and her insides feel… strange.

But the curiosity could wait, there was still much work to be done before she could retire to the simple log cabin her and her husband called home. She wrapped the holy item back up and stored it in her pocket, intent on studying it in more detail later that night. Then, whistling happily, she returned to her work in the field.


* * *


Candle light flickered around Lucriece dimly lighting the bedroom. Outside all was dark, the moon not yet having risen to add a faint glow to the world. She had eaten and washed herself after her long day of weary work and was preparing for bed. She stood naked, humming happily to herself. She was looking forward to sleep after such a long day yet as tired as her body was her mind was not yet ready to rest.

Her eyes wandered from the inviting softness of her bed to the wrapped item that sat on a nearby table. It seemed to be drawing her focus to it, calling to her.

She walked up to it, enjoying the feel of her naked breasts swaying with her body’s movement. She was like most Capatian women: comfortable in the nude and not fond of having her overlarge breast contained by tight clothing. Even the loose garments she wore when she worked the field felt constraining to her, being free of them at the end of the day was a liberating, relaxing release.

As she headed for the strange item her mind wandered to her husband. She’d missed him more fiercely then normal this day, longing for his presence. She felt a thirst for the way he always responded to the sight of her naked large naked breasts and missed him even more, missed what the sight would entice him to want to do to her.

Reaching for the item her mind dwelt on an image of her man, naked and looking at her with carnal lust in his eyes. She could so clearly see his naked body, so clearly picture his manhood swelling and growing hard at the sight of her breasts. She felt longing for him and his manhood stronger than she ever recalled feeling, a longing that only seemed to double as she grabbed hold of the wrapped item.

Gently she untied the cord around the blessed item, carefully unwrapping it and revealing the strange shaft. She discarded the cloth wrapping with little thought and held the item tight in her hand, staring at it, concentrating on the odd sensation that seemed to flow forth from it. It warmed her, made her heart race and her cheeks flush.

As she stared she noticed for the first time how similar the shape of the item was to her husband’s manhood. She altered her grip of it, grabbing hold of it as if it WAS her husband’s manhood and she was preparing to lead him to their bed with it in hand.

“I need him in me,” she whispered, staring at the perfectly smooth item.

Then she turned and quickly moved to the bed, acting on pure instinct. She got up onto the mattress and lay on her back, spreading her legs the way should would when inviting her husband into her. At first she sat up slightly, staring at the item in her hand. It pulsed and seemed to be demanding something of her… The strange urge to please this item made her think of the urge she got to please her husband.

A moment later, barely conscious of what she was doing, she had laid back, her large heavy breasts shifting how they rested on her chest to droop down the sides of her front. She spread her legs even wider open and closed her eyes, longing for her husband to be there, to climb in the bed with her and get on top of her and caress the moist slit between her legs…

She reached down with one hand and gently felt herself. She WAS moist, as wet as she would be after he had attended to her needs with his mouth or hands. Slowly she dipped two fingers into her slit, shuddering at the feel of being penetrated. She needed to be penetrated, needed her husband’s manhood inside her.

Yet he wasn’t there. She was alone. It wasn’t often she felt this need when she was alone. In the past she had made due using her fingers to temporarily meet the needs of her hungry womanhood. But the feel of her fingers inside of her moistness wasn’t enough. She needed her husband. She needed his cock.

Then, with her eyes still closed and thinking of her husband, she moved the blessed rod towards her womanhood. She pointed the rounded end towards her sex, rubbing the tip in her moist folds. It felt surprisingly good and she moaned appreciatively. Yet as good as it felt she needed more.

With her eyes still closed she spread her legs further open and slowly started inserting the item into her throbbing, wet pussy. An electric feeling of pleasure and joy shot up through her core. Slowly she began to work the smooth shaft into her body, a little bit then back out then a little bit deeper. Her flowing juices slowly covered its length in lubrication, making it so it slid into her more easily with each slow press into her sex.

Before long she was thrusting the item in and out of her cunt, using it to pound her like her husband did when he was fully worked up and needed her. She thrashed her head from side to side, moaning and starting to buck against the item as she fucked herself with it. Her mind was filled with the image of her husband’s cock, his hard throbbing member, and in that moment it was all she could think of.

Her body began to rise in pleasure, mounting towards climax. She arched her back, moaning loudly as she kept using the blessed item to pleasure herself. Her mind was full of cock, but now it wasn’t just her husband’s she was imagining. Her mind raced, picturing the shape and feel of every man she had been with during her short life. Each cock different yet perfect and beautiful and in her mind divinely blessed.

It was more than just her mind remembering, more than just imagination. It was like a vision, a vision of endless cock and the pleasures they could bring to her body. She started to gasp as her body neared climax, yet she was unable to finish. She pumped the smooth shaft into her cunt faster, harder, deeper. Still it wasn’t enough.

Strange, unfamiliar words began to fill her mind. They flowed through her and soon she was whispering them to the empty house.

“Praise be to the cock god,” she gasped, plunging the shaft deep into her and not knowing who the god of cock was. She had only ever known the two gods of her people, yet in her heart she knew that there WAS a cock god and in that moment he was listening to her.

“Praise be to Azel,” she blurted out, the name being revealed to her suddenly. “I thank him for his blessing,” she whispered, suddenly realizing it was him that had blessed this amazing object that was currently brining her so much pleasure. “I worship him for the pleasure his blessing brings me. I shall let my faith flow through this stone cock and into him and if it pleases Azel may his blessing be upon me and allow me to cum!”

She pounded her cunt with the blessed shaft and felt Azel’s holy light shine deep into her through her cunt. Her core exploded in warm pleasure as she was pushed over the edge, finally starting to cum. She arched her back and pushed the object as far into her as she could as her vaginal muscles tightened around its hard shape. She started to howl in pleasure, a sound so loud she knew it would be heard outside her home and echo through the nearby field and maybe even into the woods that surrounded it.

The orgasm she experienced was the strongest, longest, most intense of her life. It shook her to her core and reverberated through every inch of her body, even up through her mind. She continued screaming, feeling her mind starting to melt with pleasure, and all because cock was so perfect and holy.

When her orgasm was done she collapsed, going limp. She breathed deeply, her large breasts heaving. She had let go of the blessed item but it remain inside her, throbbing with holy energy that continued to radiate up through her body and into her mind.

She felt herself changing, becoming something different, something that would from this day forward live to worship the holy perfection that was cock. To worship and serve Azel, the cock god. As inescapable weariness started to overcome her and she began to fade into a deep sleep she thought only of cock and the cock god and how when she woke it would be to become his loyal and devoted servant.


* * *


Ondarian strode from the edge of the woods, the small homestead and the field of crops stretching out before him. He smiled when he saw the figure working the field, the same figure he had greeted the day before. And even from this distance he could see that the holy item he had gifted her had done its work.

Lucriece worked the field just as she had done the day before, but now she did so naked. Her stance, though, was different. She stood with her legs tight together and when she moved forward it was with short steps and bent at a strange angle.

The priest of Azel was not surprised by the sight of the naked farmer nor by her strange stance. He knew exactly why she stood that way: the blessed item was rammed up her cunt and she stood that way to keep it falling from her body. He smiled, happy to see his work was nearly finished.

For a brief moment he thought of the stupid woman’s husband, as trusting as her but far more dead now. The man was of no importance and had been easily dispatched. The woman though, she was needed. Needed in the service of Azel, her womb needed by Vogur the High Priest.

Confidently Ondarian strode up to Lucriece, staring lecherously at her overlarge breasts as they hung down below her while she bent forward and worked the field. He liked these Capatian women, they had such marvelous bodies and such large heavy breasts. But more importantly these women were fertile and that more than anything filled the need of the High Priest he served.

“Greetings,” he said as he walked up to her. The naked woman was whistling as she worked and seemed not to notice his presence or hear his words. His smile grew, everything was proceeding perfectly.

He stretched and let his traveling cloak fall to the dirt. Under he wore his priest’s robes, cream white and flowing down his body. Yet they did not fully cover his form. At the front of his waist the fabric disappeared, leaving an opening in the front of his robes that left his manhood exposed. It had already started to swell as he stared at the naked woman, his body excited for what was about to happen.

He stepped up behind the woman, placing his hands on the top of her back and pressing her body down till she was bent all the way over. She still showed no sign of noticing him, yet her body followed the commands of his hands with perfect obedience.

Ondarian then grabbed hold of her plump ass cheeks and spread them open, revealing her puckered asshole and her womanhood, the blessed faux cock sticking out of her slit. He reached down and grabbed hold of it, sliding it out of her.

As it left her body she let out a low, long sigh of longing. And then, once it was all the way out of her body, she pulled away from the priest’s hands slightly and stood, turning to face him.

Her expression was strange, vacant as if little remained of her mind. “Azel has sent you,” she said plainly. “You are his priest and you have need of me.”

“Yes,” Ondarian said with a nod. “We need your womb and you will give it to us because it will please Azel. And you will be greatly rewarded with many splendid cocks, starting now in fact.”

He looked down and her eyes followed his. Her eyes lit up when she saw his manhood, hard and standing erect. “It’s so big,” she gasped. “So much larger than my husband’s!”

“You need never think of that man nor his tiny, pathetic cock again, my dear. You serve Azel now and all men that have sufficient faith in him are blessed with enlarged cocks. He makes our holy cocks more divine by his presence in us.”

“I would very much like to worship the cock god with you,” she said, still staring down at his manhood.

He took a step back and thrust his hips forward slightly so his dick stood out more before him. “Then do so,” he said, the grin on his face growing more wide. “This is your purpose now, to worship Azel through mortal men’s cocks.”

Lucriece dropped down into the dirt on her knees so that her face was level with the priest’s cock. Slowly she moved her face closer to it, moving her nose down its length and inhaling deeply as she did. “The smell,” she whispered, moving back up the length of his dick and inhaling again. “The perfect, holy smell of cock. I must worship it.”

“Then do so,” he replied, running his fingers into her red hair and grabbing hold of her head then pulling it towards his dick.

She opened her mouth and took his large thick member into her mouth slightly, licking the swollen head. She moaned as she did so then pulled away slightly. “Your head is delicious, although I fear your girth will barely fit inside my mouth.”

“It will,” he replied as he pulled her in again, this time thrusting his cock deep into her mouth.

She wrapped her lips tightly around his shaft and started sucking, bobbing her head back and forth. She gave him intense head with skill that had been unknown to her the day before, but she was now blessed by Azel and would excel at pleasuring the cocks she lived to worship.

As she continued her eyes rolled up into her head. “Yes, that’s right,” Ondarian moaned happily, running his fingers through her hair once more. “Worship cock, my cock, for that is how you please Azel. Be a slave to cock, all cock. Be stupid for cock. Be obedient for cock. Pleasuring it shall bring you pleasure.”

Looking down he could see she was sinking deeper into the cock trance that would leave her his obedient slave. “Such a pathetic, weak will you must have had to fall so easily under Azel’s power. And although your body is magnificent,” he said, staring down past her bobbing head and watching her large, bulky breasts swaying as she moved her body to work his cock, “I know that you are but a pathetic thing. Men as mighty as me, we deserve better women than you.”

He stopped talking for a moment to moan in pleasure. Then he looked back down at her. “But I have not brought you into Azel’s fold for myself. I do the High Priest’s work and he, he needs fertile women like you. Needs them back at the reclaimed high temple hidden deep in these woods and as yet undiscovered by you and your countrymen and women. He needs your body, your womb.

“Of course a nearly worthless farmer like you will not have the hardiest of bodies. You’ll only be able to give birth once or twice before your form gives out and you are… used up. But we must begin the breeding somewhere and there is no one that will miss you.”

He stopped talking again, letting his head fall back and closing his eyes as he moaned deep and long, cumming in the woman’s mouth. He kept his cock rammed in her mouth as she sucked and swallowed down every drop of his seed and only then did he let go of her head and allow her to pull away from him.

Looking down he saw that the woman looked dazed and blissed out, high on the holy drink that was a man blessed by Azel’s cum.

Reaching down he put a finger under her chin and lifted her face up towards him. Her eyes were empty, little left behind him. “No… you won’t last long in the breeding pits at all. But soon there will be others. The High Priest’s agents have infiltrated your kingdom. They work even now to bring better women to our temples doorstep, powerful women that will be able to birth a whole generation of… them. I just hope collecting them is as enjoyable as collecting you has been.”

He took a step back and pulled her up onto her feet. “Come on now, we have a few days journey ahead of us through the forest to our temple. But don’t worry, we will stop plenty of times to worship Azel together.”


* * *


The gate of Wood Creek was open, allowing the two figures on horseback to ride into the small frontier town without challenge. The lead figure frowned at this, displeased to see the town’s defenses were so lax.

She was a tall and imposing figure, dressed in ebony armor interwoven with a pristine white robe and a heavy cloak that hung behind her. Stowed on her back was a massive ebony spear, both ends of which had massive blades that glowed with throbbing white light. The woman’s platinum hair also glowed with a white light that made her appear more than Human. She had a face that was as beautiful as it was fierce looking, although her age was totally impossible to read. She could have as easily been a maiden just of age or a woman in her forties.

“It appears we’ll have much work to do here,” the woman said, turning to look back at the figure riding slightly behind her.

“As you say, General Outbridge,” the other woman replied.

The second woman was a short, plump Night Elf with light purple skin and was dressed in the light armor and robes of a cleric. She wore the symbol of the duel gods of Capatia, a circle made of two interconnecting emblems. The lower half circle had a pillar rising from its center that met the small sun and moon that were part of the upper half circle. Together they were the sign Pourrait, of god of power and vigor and Pucella, goddess of dignity and influence.

As they rode together into the freshly built frontier town General Outbridge looked at the hastily built wooden structures with disdain. “Most of these buildings will be gone before long. If this really is to be the seat of a new Noble House much will need to be changed. Quarries will need to be formed to mine the stone for the building of much more permanent structures. And the town’s buildings and roads must be constructed in a much more organized manner. And the walls! They would not hold for long against much beyond a small band of bandits.”

The plump Night Elf rode up beside her and nodded. “This is why you have been sent here.”

General Outbridge scowled, her pretty features twisted in disgust. “But it shouldn’t have been needed! The Consular the Queen appointed here should already have begun such work! What has that woman been doing these past months?”

“I know not,” the Night Elf responded meekly.

A smirk of amusement tugged at General Outbridge’s lips. “You do so like to agree with your betters, Eva Sunpride. I’ve never known a cleric to be so… submissive.”

The woman’s pretty, soft face flushed, the purple-pink of her cheeks growing more pink. “I have found that although Capatia is welcoming enough to members of other races the High Capatian’s will not stand for too much challenge to their… established authority.”

“Well,” the General said, stroking her chin in thought, “I suppose that is true. Even the Low Capatian’s with their dark hair tend to demure to our wishes. But then why do you stay? Why have you served the kingdom so well since coming of age?”

Eva shrugged, looking away from General Outbridge. “I was born here. This is the land of my gods and I sense this is where they want me.”

“Is that why you volunteered to follow me here? Have Pourrait and Pucella sent you here for some reason?”

There was a hint of jest the General’s words but the cleric either didn’t notice them or chose to ignore them. “Yes,” she said with quiet determination. “I have seen that this is where I am meant to be.”

“Strange that you, a lowly cleric, should be given such a vision when I, the duel god’s greatest champion have not.”

Again her words had an underlying tone of mockery in them and again Eva shrugged. “You are a paladin and you fight for our gods with blade and war when need be. I am but a cleric, and although I can fight it is to other purposes that the gods see fit to use me.”

“I suppose you’ll want to oversee the building of the temple to the duel gods when its construction begins,” Outbridge asked, but it was clear the answer to the question didn’t much interest her.

Instead of answering Eva pointed ahead to the large building in the center of the town. “I would guess the Consular has taken residency there.”

“Yes, as the largest and most impressive building I would assume that as well. All Consulars seem to cling to the finery and wealth of their office and I have found that Sauvanne Chevalier is no different. In fact I’m surprised she accepted the appointment to this frontier.” She paused for a moment, thinking over her last statement. “Then again her family is very ambitious. Perhaps the temporary decrease in quality of living is worth the potential influence that can be gained.”

“And perhaps,” Eva added, “she hopes this new acquisition by the Kingdom will see her family finally elevated to Noble House status.”

As the two figures rode up to the large building they failed to see the mounted man intently watching their arrival. He was a tall well muscled Human with long platinum hair with dark scruffy stubble that covered the lower half of his face. He wore dark sturdy clothing made for long and dangerous travels, a hefty pack on his back filled with what would be needed for a journey through the wilds alone.

He held the reins of his horse with hand while the other arm was held up, a black feathered raven perched on his arm. The man lifted the bird to his face and whispered something to it then looked down to check that the message secured to one of its legs was still there. Then, as he turned to begin riding away from the main road that ran down the center of Wood Creek, he tossed the bird up into the air, watching as it flew up and away from the city.

When the bird was out of sight he stopped, reaching into his shirt to pull out an emblem hung on a necklace. The metal symbol was an erect dick and it glowed slightly with pulsing red energy. “May Azel’s will be done,” he whispered. “And may the message reach the High Priest quickly.”


* * *


“I am disappointed to see how much work there is left to be done,” General Outbridge said, her voice firm and full of disdain. “What exactly have you been doing here since your arrival, Consular Chevalier?”

The General stood before the woman, the cleric that had arrived with her standing back slightly from her. They were in a large open room that was incredibly well furnished for a frontier dwelling. Clearly the Capatian dignitary had brought much finery with her when she had arrived.

The dignitary that the General was addressing, Consular Sauvanne Chevalier, sat before her at a large dining table that was covered with enough food to feed a whole family yet only she seemed to be picking disinterestedly at the food before her. She was a tall thick built Capatian woman with bright red hair and breasts at least twice the size of her own head. She wore a tightly fit red dress, the top of which was cut low enough to reveal an almost indecent amount of cleavage.

“If you must know,” she replied, lifting a glass full of wine to her mouth and taking a sip before continuing, “there have been matters far more pressing to attend to.” She seemed only to be paying half attention to the armored paladin that stood looming before her, glowing faintly with the might of her gods.

She picked at some food but mostly looked at the male attendant who stood beside her table. He was young and very attractive, with short dark hair that revealed him to be a Lower Capatian. When General Outbridge and Eva Sunpride had entered the room the young man had been sitting on the Consular’s lap and the two had been kissing patiently. She seemed put out that whatever fun she had had planned with the youth was now postponed.

“You don’t seem pressed,” the General said tersely. Capatians were very open with their sexuality but it was an aspect of her society the General had always had very little patience with.

“If you must know I’m currently waiting on my scouts to return. I arrived to tales and rumors that many of the homesteaders have recently been disappearing from their pathetic little farms. After some investigation I’ve discovered this to be true and have been endeavoring to discover why. My people have found a few of the missing men dead, their bodies fairly well hidden. But there has been no sign of any of the women nor any hint as to what is behind these disappearances.”

General Outbridge looked quit alarmed at this revelation. “Have you any theories?”

“None,” the Consular replied, picking a grape from a plate before her and popping it into her mouth. “I thought at first perhaps a band of brigands had taken root in the woods but none of the homes of the missing people have been looted. And the men we have found seemed to have been killed without a fight. We know there are various monsters in the wild forest, but they mostly keep to their lairs or the scattered ruins hidden about. My hope is that when my scouts return they will have some new clue to illuminate this mystery.”

There was a long silence as General Outbridge stared at the Consular. The elegantly beautiful red haired woman ignored the penetrating glance and continued to pick at the food before her, occasionally sipping her wine and giving her “assistant” longing, flirtatious looks.

Finally the General broke the silence. “Perhaps I best start gathering a small party to investigate this unknown threat.”

The Consular shrugged. “I expected you would.” She looked up, past the armored General and her glowing white hair to the plump Night Elf standing quietly behind her. “And I suppose you are here to begin the building of the temple?” Eva took a step forward and nodded. The Consular looked to the General. “I’m sure you are both weary from your long journey. I suggest you retire to the inn down the road. There are rooms aplenty there and good food. The kingdom will pay whatever costs you incur. And it is there in their tavern that you will both find the people you need to begin your tasks.”

She then leaned back, waving them off as if she were already Lord of this land. “Tomorrow morning I will be in a better mood to plan with both of you. And by then at least some of my scouts should have returned and perhaps be able to give us meaningful news. Now be gone, I’ve business of my own to return to.”

With a curt, annoyed nod the General turned to leave, her heavy white cape billowing behind her.

Eva lingered for a moment, staring at the Consular. “May the blessings of the duel gods be upon you.”

“And you,” The Consular replied, already reaching out to pull the pretty young man beside her closer.


* * *


As soon as the doors to the large room were closed Sauvanne Chevalier, Consular of Capatia, pulled her pretty young assistant back into her lap. “The tedium of my office,” she said, smiling at the boy then pulling him in for a long, deep kiss. “Now where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?” she asked.

He blushed slightly. “I believe we were here, doing this.”

She smiled at him. Such a simple boy, she thought to herself. Pretty but no real drive to be other than he is. The perfect servant. It was the right decision bringing him with me.

“Yes, and now that we are alone I think it is time to progress with the activities. Please, go lock the door. We wouldn’t want any more interruptions. Then come back to me, but do so without your clothing. We won’t be needing them anymore.”

She watched the youth like a predatory hawk as he got up and crossed the room. Then, as he turned back to her and started to undress, she leaned back in her chair and sipped at her wine. Slowly she spread her legs, reaching down and hiking her dress up till she could easily reach the treasure that lay between her legs. As the boy slowly revealed his naked body to her she reached there and begin to lightly finger herself, stoking the fires of desire that were already rising in her. And of course she continued to sip her wine, adding more fuel to that growing fire.

Once he was undressed she stood, placing her wine glass down then quickly removing her own clothing. As she did she sighed in relief, happy for her massive heavy breasts to finally be free of her tight, restricting clothing. And she was happy to see the way the sight of them lit up the boys face. He loved her breasts nearly as much as she loved them.

“Come here,” she told him, moving to a wide soft couch that stood pressed up against one wall. “Come sit here. It will please me to be the one sitting on your lap now.”

The boy moved quickly, practically dashing to the couch and sitting upon it, the anticipation on his face barely contained. The sight of her thick naked body had already done much to engorge his manhood and once he was sitting he helped it along, spitting into his hand then stroking it. By the time Sauvanna had strolled up to him it was hard and long, standing at attention and waiting for her.

Smiling down at him she slithered up onto the couch, wrapping her legs around his body and reaching down under herself to grab his throbbing hard shaft. She lined it up with her pussy and lowered slightly, grinding her moist slit against the tip of his shaft. They both moaned in pleasure, the boy letting his head fall back and his eyes close.

Just as he seemed to have relaxed to luxuriate in the feel of what she was doing she pressed down, impaling her body on his cock. He moaned louder, wiggling under her slightly as he entered her.

Soon his hands were wrapped around her body, groping and caressing her firm round curves. She’d found he liked to grab and squeeze her ass almost as much as he liked to play with her overlarge breasts. She assumed he’d enjoy slapping her ass as well but she never let him. SHE was always in charge of their sex, never him. That’s how she liked it and how she intended to keep it.

His other hand quickly wandered to one of her breasts. She looked down, pleased at just how small the boy’s hand looked as it cupped the mass of her tit flesh. He lifted her breast slightly, reveling in the heavy weight of it. Then, gently at first, he began to squeeze and grope at it. Slowly these gropes grew firmer, more frantic. She started moving her hips up and down, bouncing her body on his cock, slowly at first but faster and faster. His firm gropes grew more intense, more wild.

She reveled in the feel of his gropes. Like most High Capatian women her large breasts were incredibly sensitive. She adored having them played with in almost any manner and breast play alone would frequently be enough to bring her to the edge of climax, sometimes even able to push her over that edge.

The earlier interruption had left her horny and eager for this and she needed quick release. She fucked the boy hard and fast, moaning like a cat in heat. It didn’t take her long to shoot towards orgasmic release.

When she started to cum she grabbed hold of him, wrapping her arms behind his body digging her nails into his back. “Cum in me,” she hissed. “I want to feel your seed inside me, wet and a testament to how perfect my pussy is.”

He grunted, giving her what she wanted almost instantly. She assumed he had been struggling to hold his own orgasm back, knowing it displeased her when he came without permission.

She ground into his body, making it so his quivering cumming cock was balls deep inside of her. She rode the waves of pleasure her orgasm brought her, enjoying the feeling of the explosion of wetness filling her insides.

Then, as soon as her orgasm had faded, she pulled off of him, rolling sideways to sit beside him. She spread her legs and sunk down, reaching between her legs and dipping her fingers into her cunt hole and pulling some of the fresh semen out. She spread it up to her clit and used it as lubrication to play with herself for a moment, her head back and her eyes closed as she moaned quietly.

“You are not worried, letting me do that in you?” the boy asked, breathing heavily.

Still playing with herself she turned to look at him, slight annoyance on her face. “No. I’ve told you countless times the charm I wear around my neck protects me from getting pregnant. A hundred men could put their seed in me every night for a year and I’d never be with child.”

“Oh,” he said stupidly.

She rolled her eyes, remembering now why she preferred he remain silent. He was pretty and obedient but he was also dumb and a slow learner in all things that weren’t sexual. That, she figured was due to his ill breeding. The Low Capatian’s just weren’t as good as the High Capatians like her. Their hair wasn’t red and their women had pathetically small breasts and their minds were… lacking.

He started to open his mouth to speak but she quickly reached over and placed a finger in his lips, silencing him. “No more words. I have a better use in mind for that mouth of yours.” She reached around his head and grabbed hold of his hair, pulling him down off the couch to kneel before her. She then grabbed his head with both hands and pulled him in between her legs, pressing his face into her cum dripping cunt. “Use your mouth to pleasure me. And I want you to lap up every drop of your seed and eat it as you clean my messy pussy.”

As he began to eat her out she let her body relax and rested her head on the back of the couch once more, staring up at the ceiling. She reveled in the pleasure his mouth was bringing her, thinking how happy she was. And things would only get better as they began to tame this wild land, building great cities. And surely before long her family would be named as the Noble House that would rule over this place. And THEN her life of true luxury could really begin.


* * *


The tavern that filled most of the ground floor of the inn was far busier than General Outbridge had expected it to be. Once Eva and her had their rooms arranged they had sat at the only open seats, joining a group of four people that were already busy drinking, eating, and talking about the news that filled this frontier town.

The others had all known who she was. Everyone in Capatia knew of General Outbridge and there was no one else whose hair glowed the way hers did. It was clear they were all interested in what her appearance meant, especially after they discovered she had arrived without any troops to commands, yet they were all polite enough not to press for answers when she seemed hesitant to give them.

Across from her and Eva there sat two youths dressed in the robes of the College of Magic. Fresh graduates sent to Wood Creek to provide whatever services were needed.

One of them was a young Half-Elf boy with light brown skin and features so pretty they were almost feminine. Vaytesh was his name and he had a happy, boisterous attitude that dominated much of the conversation. It was clear that he was young and naive of how the world outside the towers of the College worked, but what he lacked in experience he made up for with enthusiasm.

The other mage was even younger, barely looking as if she was of age. She was a Low Capatian with long jet black hair and intensely pretty, petite rounded features. Everything about her made her seem young, almost too young. The only thing that gave her any sense of belonging amongst those that sat drinking were the glasses she wore and the stern, serious look that was always on her face.

She didn’t speak much, the other mage doing more than enough talking for the both of them. He told those at the table that she was the youngest graduate in the college’s history and assured them all that she was a genius that excelled in every aspect of the magical arts. She had only blushed and mumbled something incoherently at this.

They hadn’t crossed paths much at the college he told them and had scarcely known more than each other’s names before beginning their journey to Wood Creek. “But Gretel and I have grown very close on the journey here, haven’t we?”

She nodded and shyly looked away. “Aye, we have Vaytesh.”

“Of course,” the boy continued, “we just arrived this afternoon. We’ll have a good night’s rest then see where are skills are needed!”

The other two figures that had already been at the table with the young mages were traveling companions, two adventurers who had headed to Wood Creek hoping to find work and adventure here.

The leader of the two was a feisty Capatian bard named Laurette, tall and more slender then most but still with impressively large breasts. Her bright red hair was braided into two very long braids that hung down past her waist. A short sword hung at her hip and she had kept a finely crafted and sturdy looking a hand harp by her side.

She claimed to be one of the most powerful bards in the land and said her skill with bardic magic was so powerful that she rarely played less the need of her magic was dire.

Her partner, a well muscled short Human woman with dusty blond hair had laughed at this. “She likes to boast,” she said with a heavy, foreign accent. “Almost as much as she likes seeing how many men she can bed in each town we visits.”

The bard had turned to shoot her partner a very serious look. “How many times do I have to tell you, Celeste. It’s not boasting if it’s true!” She then turned to the rest of the table and flashed a large, roguish grin. “As you can tell by her accent Celeste comes from a far away land where they grow the women big and strong but I dare say not very bright. Sometimes the subtleties of the common tongue escape her, only accenting her low intelligence.”

The blond woman grinned dumbly. “Aye, I am, what you say? ‘Dumb as rocks and twice as strong’?” It wasn’t clear that she understood this saying was normally meant as an insult and this seemed to prove that she wasn’t very bright.

“But Celeste is okay,” Laurette continued happily. “And sure she looks strong now, but this is nothing. She’s a barbarian and able to tap into the barbarian’s rage. She can grow as big and strong as she needs. I’m the brains and she’s the brawn, together through thick and thin.”

General Outbridge was very interested in hearing all about their lives as adventurers. Although their experiences overlapped when it came to killing things the rest of their life was totally different from her own and the General liked to listen to the tales of women that lived such free yet perilous lives. Eva too listened raptly, both women staying up late into the night to listen to the adventurers’ stories.

The two mages, though, excused themselves fairly early, slipping off to head to bed. As they did so Vaytesh had reached down and grabbed hold of Gretel’s hand. The young mage had blushed furiously and looked about as if afraid someone would see them.

“Calm, now,” he had whispered to her. “No one will care that we are retiring to the same room.”

“I know,” she said, her voice not very convincing. “It’s just… I’ve only ever done this once or twice before.”

He smiled at her. “Don’t worry. We’ll take things slow. I promised I’d wait till we arrived but if you want to wait longer…”

“No,” she said quickly, moving faster and pulling him along with her as they headed towards the stairs that led to the rented rooms. “I’m ready, I really am.”

“Then,” he said, his grin growing widening, “let us retire to the privacy of our room and begin!”


* * *


As the sun set orange light shone over Tronahar Forest. It was vast and the Capatian scouts and settlers had only pressed into a small corner of the land its trees covered. It would take days to ride from Wood Creek to the center of the woods, and none had yet gone that far, at least not willingly.

There, in the heart of the forest, was a large butte and a top of the massive rise of bare rock was a huge temple that from the outside looked little more than a moldering ruin. Alaria was filled with ruins like this, remains of the long forgotten empires and civilizations that had filled the land before the Great Collapse. It had taken ages for kingdoms like Capatia to reform and grow and begin retaking the wilds that had claimed most of Alaria.

Yet as the sun disappeared over the horizon and darkness enveloped the land flickering lights became visible in and around the ancient temple. The Capatians didn’t know but the temple had been reclaimed and as the faith of its god gathered and flowed through it repairs were slowly being made. Not repairs made by hand, no, the temple was slowly reforming on its own, worked by magic, magic of the god that claimed it.

Inside a High Priest of that god sat on a mighty stone throne, the arm rests carved into the shape of great penises. The grand chamber the throne resided in had many pillars, all of them carved into the phallic shapes. Heavy curtains hung on the walls, the symbol of the temple’s god embroidered into them: the erect penis of Azel the cock god.

On the massive throne sat an equally massive figure, a huge hulking Minotaur with rippling, monstrous muscles. He was leaning back in the throne, his hands resting on the carved cockheads that formed the edge of the hand rests. His huge muscular legs were spread wide open, the frighteningly large cock between his legs thick and meaty, hanging limp down the front of the throne.

“My Lord Vogur,” Ondarian the priest said, coming into the chamber and bowing to the High Priest of Azel. “We have received a message from one of our agents in Wood Creek.” As he spoke he held up the small piece of paper that had, until recently, been tied to the leg of a messenger raven.

The priest moved forward, his head bowed, and handed the paper to the High Priest. The small scrap looked minuscule in the massive Minotaur’s huge meaty hands. The expression of his bull-like head remained blank as his glowing red eyes moved from side to side reading the message.

Then, his bovine ears twitching under his large pointed horns, he looked down at his servant, a smile spreading on his snout. “It seems those we wished for have all arrived. The fat uddered Consular with her potent Chevalier blood and the foully blessed General. And it seems other women who will serve our purpose have come to the town as well over the last day or so. Is there no better sign that Azel is watching over us?”

Ondarian grinned and spread his arms signaling to the room around them. “Perhaps the temple itself? It wasn’t long ago it was but a crumbling ruin and the throne you sit upon was broken asunder, little more than rubble. Yet here we stand, the heart of the temple looking as if it were built yesterday. And every day that passes more and more of the halls and rooms magically repair themselves.”

“Azel has grown strong this age,” Vogur rumbled happily. “All over Alaria more and more begin to worship him. More priests, clerics, and paladins vow to serve him. Everywhere faith flows into his divine being and his might grows.”

“It is so,” Ondarian said with a reverential bow. Then he looked up, pausing for a moment as if pondering whether to speak what was in his mind.

Vogur raised a huge hand and showed his pal to the priest. “What think you, Ondarian?”

“It is just… we of the faith that gather here, we are different from Azel’s other worshipers.” He spoke slowly, as if choosing his words very carefully. “YOU are different, Lord Vogur. The way we act on our faith, the way we praise Azel, it is different. Across Alaria the followers of Azel are as often women as they are men. The same is true of the clerics, priests, and paladins who worship Azel. Yet… there are no female followers here, at least none that don’t quickly end up in the breeding pits.”

“Yes,” Vogur said, nodding his huge head and stroking his chin. “We are different. Azel has spoken to me. He wants to test the Alaria of today, see if it is receptive to his true desires. And his divine mind has been fixated on the Capatia, on the way the nation puts women above men and on the duel gods they worship there.

“In Capatia these two gods, they are mighty, but unlike most of the gods in our world their power ends at the border of the kingdom that worships them. It is only the Capatians that worship these two, only in their cities that they are prayed to.”

Ondarian furrowed his brow. “I do not understand, my Lord.”

“These two gods, they seem strong. But they stand alone and that makes them weak.”

The priest still looked confused. “Are you saying Azel wishes to… fight or conquer these gods?”

Vogur laughed, a deep booming sound that echoed through the large throne room. “No, this is not the way of our God! But tell me, priest, what know you of The Corruption?”

The man’s eyes darted from left to right as if afraid suddenly that the conversation was being overheard. “Only rumors,” he said quickly. “Whispers of rumors.”

“They are true,” the High Priest said bluntly. “The world as we know it know is not how it used to be. The gods are not as they used to be! The Corruption flows through Alaria, its influence growing stronger with every day. And yes, as that influence grows The Corruption spreads to new gods, twisting them into its image.”

Again Ondarian was silent for a moment then slowly began to speak. “So what we are doing shall lead to the corruption of the duel gods of Capatia?”

Vogur shrugged. “Perhaps. Perhaps not. But it will certainly be a step in that direction. When we are done we shall have raised a small army to serve Azel’s whims. Our God has not revealed his intent to me, yet I know that creating such an army on the edge of Capatia suggests that this is where he intends to point it. But first we need hearty, powerful women with sturdy wombs so that we can birth our mighty army in Azel’s name.”

This Ondarian understood. They had “converted” many of the Capatian women that lived in isolated homesteads and already most were used up and discarded after spending all too short of a time in breeding pits. “If that is Azel’s will then we shall make it reality,” the priest said with a nod. “Do you wish to write a reply to return with the raven that brought that message?”

Vogur nodded. “Yes. Bring me parchment, ink, and pen. Our agent shall have his orders by morning.”


* * *


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