Poll Driven Story: “The Adventures of Crystal, Savior of the Earth”

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* * *


Crystal woke with a start, feeling incredibly disoriented. Had her dream been more than just a dream? She wasn’t sure, but as soon as she started taking in her surroundings she realized she would have to decide later.

She was strapped, naked, into some kind of devious device. Metal bars and strong leather straps were preventing her from moving, she couldn’t even turn her head. She was positioned in a kneeling position, her back pressed forward so her big firm breasts hung below her torso. But her neck was pressed back, her face up and facing forward.

She could feel something pressing into her vagina, into her asshole as well. The things were long and phallic shaped and she sensed they were attached to something rigid outside of her body but was unable to turn her head to look at what it was. She could also feel that there were numerous needles sticking into her body, in her thighs, the base of her breasts, her neck, even into her spinal cord and her neck.

Her arms were stretched out straight before her, encased in thick metal cages up past her elbows preventing her from bending her arms or even doing more than wiggling her fingers. What’s more there was something terrifying positioned before her face, angled to easily enter her mouth. It was shaped much like a large vibrator but it was made of something transparent and she could see that there was a bubbling red fluid inside of it.

As soon as her eyes opened and she started to struggle against her bindings a voice spoke up. “So glad you are finally awake. I was growing impatient to begin your final test. I’m ever so eager to pass final judgment on you.” The voice was that of The Punish-Her, coming to her through the speaker in the supervillain’s helmet.

Crystal couldn’t turn her head to look at him but could hear that he was standing to her left and behind him. She groaned, straining against the apparatus holding her in place. It was strong and she wasn’t sure she’d be able to break free even if her super strength wasn’t so weakened from so many orgasms.

“What are you planning on doing to me?” she demanded, trying not to sound as terrified as she felt.

The supervillain stepped into her field of view, holding a tablet in one hand. He was looking down at it, touching the screen. “I plan on finding out if you are capable of resisting being made into a mindless sex obsessed whore, if you truly are the righteous heroine you claim to be.”

He clicked the screen of the tablet and the things inside her ass and cunt began moving, plunging slowly in and out of her. One device moved out of her pussy while the other plunged deep into her ass. Then they reversed course, the one in her ass pulling out as the other bore back into her pussy. They slid in and out of her with ease, obviously well lubricated.

She groaned and gritted her teeth, not enjoying the feeling of the mechanical devices fucking both her holes yet unable to deny that they felt pleasurable and were making her body respond instantly. Her heart started to race, her nipples grew harder and her pussy started to grow wet.

“That shall begin things,” The Punish-Her said. He then clicked the screen again. She felt cold fluid rushing into her thighs and neck. “And that is a little formula CCP and some Libidonol.”

A second later Crystal felt her core explode in pleasure, felt her body tense as a powerful orgasm was forced from her. A moment later she was panting, wiggling her body back into the devices plunging in and out of her back end.

“You… fiend,” she panted. “These drugs are too strong! No woman, no man, could resist their effects!”

The Punish-Her stepped closer. “A real heroine could,” he said. “Now cum. Cum three times for me and show me what a useless slut you really are.”

She moaned and started cumming, one orgasm after the other in quick succession. That was the work of the formula CCP, a potent mind control drug that made anyone injected with it follow nearly any command given to them.

The supervillain then pressed another button on his tablet. She felt cool fluid inject into her breasts. Almost at once she felt them become sore, felt them swelling up, growing heavier as their size and density increased.

She moaned in pleasure. “Why the breast growth drug?” she whimpered at him.

“Everyone knows the bigger the tits the bigger the slut. To be really tested you must have the most indecent body possible!”

The mechanical devices behind her were pounding her cunt and ass faster now, pushing her quickly over the edge into yet another orgasm. The pleasure washed over her, draining what little strength she had. She went limp in her restraints. But even as she rested her breasts continued to grow and swell up in size, their added density weighing her body down. She couldn’t look down to see them but figured they were already double their natural size.

Not long after that they stopped growing. She was thankful for that, their added weight pained her back. This, at least, she knew would only be a temporary indignity. All forms of breast growth drugs were fleetingly impermanent. Although she had heard rumors that there was a supervillainess who had perfected a permanent breast growth formula and used it to blackmail women into paying for the antidote.

Her relief that the breast growth would be temporary was short lived. She heard strange mechanical whirring then saw a great number of robotic tentacles extend out from a large box before her. Their arms were made of black rubber tubing and at their tips were small vibrating devices that buzzed menacingly. The swarm of tentacles rushed towards her, surrounding her enlarged breasts. They started to rub at her swollen, sensitive breasts, their buzzing tips stimulating her flesh with a maddening amount of pleasure.

Crystal screamed as another orgasm was forced from her body thanks to the mammary stimulation. She panted. She begged for this to end. She came again and again, over and over. She had to fight to remain conscious. Then she felt the needle in her spine inject something into her back. Her eyes shot open, whatever drug it was forcing her wide awake and preventing her from passing out no matter how drained she felt.

The Punish-Her sat in a chair where he could see her. She saw that the gauntlet on his right hand had retracted and so had the armor covering his crotch. His cock was hard and he was jerking off, watching the heroine moan and cum. The sight of the villain pleasuring himself to her peril filled her with shame and that shame made her cum even harder.

It didn’t take long for the man to get off. He ejaculated into a large clear wine glass, placing the item on a nearby counter. He then procured a small syringe from the same table. She could see it was filled with a milky white fluid. He spread his legs and plunged the needle into his thigh by his penis. She watched as he injected just a little bit of the drug.

As he pulled the needle out she could see that his cock, which had been growing soft, quickly became rock hard and started leaking precum. “Just a little Semenall,” he said, his voice sounding strained. “Are you familiar with it? It’s a kind of super Viagra, keeps a man hard and pumps his body’s production of semen into overdrive.”

“But why?” she asked then moaned as another orgasm was forced from her body.

“Because you and your indecent body fill me with desire. And as much as that desire is a sin I know I am free of responsibility for that sin for you are solely to blame for it. So I am going to need to expel the lust form my body as you undergo your test, over and over again. And I will collect my semen to be part of your test.”

“You’re insane,” she snarled. “You’re a—”

SILENCE!” he barked. She immediately closed her mouth, having to follow his command thanks to the formula CCP coursing through her veins.

Her torment felt as though it lasted for an eternity. Orgasm after orgasm was forced from her body, coaxed out by the pounding mechanical devices entering her back end and the vibrating tentacles working her enlarged tits.

The whole time The Punish-Her kept masturbating. Jerking off and cumming over and over again. Each of his loads seemed larger than the last. And each time he came he did so into the large wine glass. He did this until it was full to the brim with thick, gooey semen.

Finally seeming sated he tucked his cock away and closed his armor up, standing and approaching her with the glass of semen in one hand. He touched a control on the device she was strapped into and the metal bars and straps holding her head and neck in place came undone, allowing her free movement from the shoulders up.

“Your test is almost over,” he said menacingly. He held the glass up to her face. “I give you a choice now: drink all of this cum and prove you are nothing but a worthless slut or tell me you want what’s in this dildo here before your mouth. It’s filled with a potent cocktail that will wash away all the drugs and chemicals running through your body.”

The answer was so easy, she wanted the antidote! Yet her eyes were drawn to the huge glass full of cum. She wanted it. Wanted to drink down the entire thing, feel it thickly sticking to her throat. She loved cum, loved the taste. Loved the feel of it on her body.

She bit her lip. “I want… I want…” She struggled, starting to tear up. Her mind was so muddled. She felt mentally exhausted, stupid from all the forced orgasms. It was hard to think of anything other than sexual pleasure.

“I want the cum,” she finally said, hating herself as she said the words.

He grabbed her pink hair and jerked her head back. She opened her mouth wide and he started to slowly pour all the semen into her mouth. She hungrily swallowed every drop, savoring the taste as it slowly oozed down her tongue.

Once she had finally drained the large glass the Punish-Her dropped the glass. It hit the floor with a crash as the glass shattered. “I find you lacking and unworthy of being called a superheroine. You are but a whore and you shall live out the rest of your life as such, unable to remember what you once were and driven to fuck for money.”

Before she could say anything he activated the device before her face. The clear dildo rammed into her mouth, almost instantly opening at the tip. Medicinal tasting fluid rushed into her mouth, causing her to start swallowing instinctively.

“This is no antidote, but a powerful drug cocktail that will wipe your mind and leave you an obedient slut. I have passed my final judgment on you. You shall now live with the consequences of your indecent actions and indecent body.”


* * *


The woman formally known as Crystal stood naked before The Punish-Her. She stood with perfect posture, her large firm breasts (which had returned to their normal size) pressed out before her.

“What are you?” the supervillain asked her.

“A whore,” she said with a girlish laugh.

“That’s right. And whores don’t need to think, do they?”

“Oh no,” she giggled, “I don’t need to think. I just need to follow orders. Orders of men that pay me to fuck them.”

“And what does following the orders of men make you?”

She thought for a minute, looking as though the action pained her. “It… it makes me a good girl. Good girls obey. They follow orders. They do what men, all men, tell them.”

“Very good!” The Punish-Her said, clapping his hands together. “And to think, you actually thought you could be a superheroine.”

“Superheroine?” she said, the word feeling odd on her tongue. She had no memory of that word, yet it felt so familiar as she spoke it. “Me? A superheroine?

“No, no, of course not. You’re just a whore,” The Punish-Her said, turning from her and leaning over to rummage through a box. “I need to find you some fitting clothing, something trashy that lets the world know you are prostitute.”

His back was turned to her so he didn’t see the series of emotions play across her face. Confusion, sadness, and then anger.

I am a superheroine,” she whispered, too low for him to hear. She looked around for some confirmation of this thought. Noting in the strange room she was in seemed to suggest she had once been a superheroine. All around her were menacing devices of a sexual nature. If she really was a whore this would be the kind of place she would be in.

Then she looked down at her breasts. So big and firm they almost looked fake… that brought memories flooding back to her. Memories of her superhuman biology classes at The Academy. And those memories opened the flood gates to all of her other memories.

She was a superheroine!

The irises of her eyes turned pink. Then they started to glow, brighter and brighter till her whole eyes glowed bright pink. She clenched her fists. They too started to glow pink. The glowing pink energy spread over her entire naked body, pulsing and humming.

I am a superheroine,” she said loudly, firmly.

“What?” The Punish-Her said, turning to face her then stumbling back when he saw the naked woman he was so certain he had defeated glowing with pink energy. “What’s going on!” he screamed.

“I’m punishing the Punish-Her,” she said in a cold, even voice. “I find you lacking and I pass judgment on you. And I judge that you will never again pass your perverse judgments on other women!”

She raised her hands above her head. The glowing pink energy grew brighter, more intense. It started to crackle and radiate out from her, arcs of pink electricity sparking out and exploding the devices and implements of sexual torture all around her. The ground started to shake, the foundations of the building quivering as her power grew in intensity. Cracks started spreading through the walls, across the ceiling. Bits of detritus started to fall from the crumbling ceiling.

“Stop!” The Punish-Her called, holding his hands up to protect himself from falling ruble. “You’re bringing the whole building down! You have to—”

There was then an explosion of pink energy that shattered the building down to its foundation. From outside it looked as if there was a great explosion that almost instantly leveled the building. Amongst the dust kicked up by the collapsing building was a pink glowing blur that shot up into the sky, rocketing away from the disaster below.

As Crustal shot up into the sky she collected the energy radiating out from her around her naked body, forming semi-transparent pink armor. She looked back behind herself, watching the building that had been the Punish-Her’s hideout collapse. She was certain that if the explosion of energy hadn’t killed him that the collapse of the building had.

She didn’t care. He had deserved to die.

Encased in the pink armor made of pure energy she rocketed through the air, high above the city of Megatropolis. She altered her flight course, heading back towards the small apartment she lived in. She’d take a few days off, recover from her ordeal. But it had made her stronger, made her more determined to succeed. In a few days she’d be back on the streets, fighting scum like that man once again.

As she flew home she thought about the strange dream she had had. It was just a dream, wasn’t it? Yet…

In a way it had been her breasts that had saved her, just like the woman in the dream had said. Looking at them had brought all of her memories back. And those memories had allowed her to summon her powers even though she should have been totally drained by all the forced orgasms. What’s more she had never released so much power, never felt so powerful!

She didn’t know what to think and decided that for the time being she simply wouldn’t think any more about the strange dream or the goddess named Ynara.


* * *


Sirens blared in the distance, first responders rushing to the scene of the unexplained explosion. When they arrived witness would all mention seeing something glowing pink shooting up as the building collapsed.

There was one eyewitness report that was not confirmed by anyone else and it had come from a crazy bag lady so the tale wasn’t even noted in any of the official reports that were filed by the first responders.

The woman had reported an armored figure crawling from the rubble. She had said that she had at first thought it was one of the robots that were always chasing her, proving how mad the woman was, but then she added that the armor on the thing’s left arm had been missing and she could see a bleeding, fleshy arm. The man, for she insisted it was a man by the way he moved, had crawled free and stood, leaning up against a part of the structure that remained standing. He had lifted a fist and shook it at the sky and shouted something.

The paramedic that had interviewed her had asked what the man had shouted, more out of politeness than anything. They had been through the rubble already and there was no sign of anyone having been in the building when it exploded.

“What had the man said,” he asked, stifling a laugh at what would surely be an amusing response from the mad homeless woman.

“Revenge,” she had said with wide eyes. “The man had vowed revenge on the ‘meddling slut’ that he said had ‘done this to him’.”

The Paramedic had ensured her they would look into the matter. By the time he left the scene of the explosion he had forgotten all about the woman’s story. But somewhere in Megatropolis was a man, injured and angry, that would never forget. And he’d have his revenge, he swore it.



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