Ongoing Stories on my Patreon

Hey, if your a fan of my superheroine stuff (tons of mind control and explicit sex) you should think about joining my patreon!

Right now I’ve got two full length ebooks that I’m working on, posting them to the feed there a few chapters at a time to get feedback from my backers and get input on what should happen next. I’ve been getting big chunks of writing posted every day or two. Here are the two big stories being worked on:

“Brickhouse Vs The Undermen”: Brickhouse, the hulking red skinned bruiser of the Megatropolis Amazons, stumbles into the vile Undermen’s cave and becomes their reluctant slave and brood mare. Tons of pheromone and addictive cum based mind control with a dose of monster impregnation. Brickhouse also has inhumanly large breasts so that played into the story quite a bit.

“The Uber Geek’s Cosplay Brothel of Despair”: A new super villain with hyper intelligence has appeared in Megatropolis. He’s a former geek that’s made the world’s sexy women deny geeks the sex he feels they deserve. So he’s using his new powers to capture and brainwash superheroines, and then make them pretend to be prostitutes cosplaying as themselves. This ones going to be huge, involving almost all my superheroines. Right now we’re getting to see them fall into the villain’s hypnotronic traps one at a time, seeing the villain break them in sexually and are just starting to get to the Johns using them.

For as low as a dollar you could be getting access to both these stories as they are written, plus at least one poll driven story and 3d rendered pics almost every other day AND early access to any photomanips I make!

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