Poll Driven Story: “The Adventures of Crystal, Savior of the Earth”

Alright, here’s the first part of this story. I’m hoping I did a good job incorporating all the aspects you all voted on!

The woman who would one day be known as Crystal had always been a person that stood out, even when she was young. She had a boisterous, good natured personality that lit up every room she entered and attracted ever person to her. That magnetism had doubled and then tripled as she started to grow into a young adult with a woman’s body. By the time she was in her teens she was already confident with her body and knew how to use it to get what she wanted. By the time she was a legal adult she was a walking sex-bomb who was driven to do what she wanted when she wanted.

And then everything changed. Her Power-Gene activated and she started to undergo drastic physical changes.

To start with her body, which had always been voluptuously curvy, filled out even more. She went from curvy to pleasantly plump but in a way that only made her look more like a being of pure sexuality. She grew into a plump, wide, perfectly shaped fat ass. Her long legs thickened in a way that would make most men drool. And her breasts, which had always been big, filled out further. Yet they didn’t grow so big that she couldn’t still pass as a normal woman unlike many women with active P-Genes. As her breasts had filled out they had become a lot more firm, to the point that unless she was seen topless most assumed her breasts were implants. Yet if she was free of clothing there was no mistaking they were one hundred percent real.

When her body had first started to change she had had to adjust to the changes, all but one of them. Since she had been a pre-teen she had been dying her hair bright pink. She discovered that she no longer needed to dye her hair, it now grew in at the exact shade of pink she had always loved.

The thick bodied beauty also underwent physical changes the outside world couldn’t see but that she was very aware of. Crystal had always been a very sexual woman, enjoying the act as much as any man and able to wield her sexuality as a potent weapon. But once her P-Gene activated she discovered that her libido, which had always been strong, was now super charged.

She was constantly horny and the slightest touch or visual stimuli could leave her so worked up she’d barely be able to function. She quickly found, as she started screwing nearly round the clock, that she came a lot easier now. She also discovered that cumming hard or too often made her feel weak and tired. When her powers finally activated she discovered this weakness would sap her ability to use them. So like most supers she learned fast that she had to walk a constant balancing act between sating her sexual needs to keep her mind clear yet not indulging too much less she not be able to use her powers.

And she wanted to use her powers. She wanted to use them as often as she could. She had always been a cheery, helpful person that wanted to make the world a better place. Once she had the powers to actually do that she knew what she had to do with her life. She had to become a superheroine.

The Academy, the superhero university, took her right away. Crystal loved her time there, loved being around other special people with powers. And she especially loved being around so many other people who’s libidos were as overcharged as hers. She fucked far more than she attended classes. This had a huge impact on her studies, but she always managed to get through each class with a barely passing grade.

It was during her time there that she gained the name “Crystal”. As she explored her powers she found that she could make projections made of pure glowing pink energy. At first she had only been able to use this energy as a powerful blast. But over time she learned to control it, forming it into simple, yet solid and indestructible, shapes. She learned to turn her wild energy blasts into deadly daggers she could summon from the air. She learned how to project walls of energy that no power could break through. She could even form the energy into weapons she could wield in battle. She even learned how to use the energy to make herself fly!

Her favorite thing to make, however, were small floating octahedrons that glowed pink. She liked seeing how many she could make at once. Doing this was a great challenge as keeping each in existence required great concentration. When she began at the University she could barely make two. By her final year there she was able to use a multitude of the small shapes to light the room they held their graduation ball in. The students had loved these glowing “crystals” and had named her after them.

Partially because of the sexually hedonists lifestyle she had led while at the Academy she graduated far more confident in her abilities then she should have been. The teachers and councilors tried to impress on her that she wasn’t as skilled as she thought she was and tried to get her to start her career in a small city or even a town where she’d be the only super.

Crystal was having none of that. She was driven and wanted to prove herself right away so insisted she be stationed in Megatropolis, the capital of superpowered crime. She was confident in herself and was used to everyone she met adoring her, she couldn’t imagine even supervillains being able to stand up to her beauty and charm. And if they didn’t? Then she’d just use her powers on them. On top of that she was confident the training she’d mostly ignored would be enough to get her by.

Knowing they couldn’t convince her to change her mind her teachers had finally ended by begging her to learn more about her powers as she fought crime. That suspected that as she grew older her powers would continue to develop and change. They talked about Crystal gave off a rare form of cosmic radiation when she used her powers, one that never been seen being emitted from human with an active P-Gene. This information had only inflated her ego and made her more confident in her abilities.

So as she packed her bags and headed to Megatropolis she cared little about the city’s reputation for devouring novice superheroines. She’d triumph were lesser women struggled. She was confident, charming, and had the power to defeat any foe. At least that’s what she thought. As she would soon discover she was incredibly wrong…


* * *


It was only an hour into her first day of patrolling the streets and Crystal already found the activity tedious and boring. To begin with she had expected the civilians that filled the streets of Megatropolis to react to her presence with great interest. She was used to both men and women’s reactions to the sight of her being pleasant and welcoming. Yet the people she flew over barely looked up at the young heroine as she passed overhead. And the few civilians she had tried to greet had either ignored her or grumbled at her!

This was the big city, she got that. People here weren’t as friendly and they were all so busy. But she had expected her looks, especially with how revealing her costume was, to open doors for her.

The costume was bright pink to match the glow of her powers. The top of the outfit was tight but padded, making her figure not look as plump and soft as it was. The front, however, was VERY low cut and open so much that a good majority of her breasts were on display. The opening in the front of the shirt went so far down that the very bottom of her cleavage was on display. And the opening was wide enough that the edges of her nipples could sometimes be seen if her costume got pulled out of shape.

Instead of pants she wore an almost indecently short skirt that was flared on the bottom. When she ran or flew it whipped in the wind, flying open and revealing to anyone giving her more than a passing glance that she had no panties on and that her leggings ended at the top of her thighs, just under the edge of her skirt. She wore bubblegum pink leggings that ran up from big chunky, black, ass-kicking boots.

Not even the mass of people she was flying over, all of whom only had to look up to get a good look up her skirt and at her hairless snatch, seemed interested in her. Apparently they were all too used to superheroines here.

She landed, continuing her patrol on foot and hoping she’d get more attention this way. She would never have admitted it to herself, but she had built up this first day in her head. She had imagined that she’d have to be beating off admirers of both sexes who were overcome with the sight of her curvy figure and cute face on display in her revealing costume. Yet here she was, walking down the street being almost ignored. Even the sight of her half exposed breasts turned very few heads, and the few it turned quickly lost interest.

What’s wrong with this city? She thought, clenching her firsts in frustration. Are they all so used to seeing half naked superheroines flying all over the place that I’m not even worth noticing? For practically the first time in her life she was feeling self conscious of her body. She started to wonder if she was too plump to be thought of as attractive here. Or maybe her breasts weren’t big enough. They were large for a normal woman, but compared to a large majority of superheroines they were on the small end of things.

But then someone did notice her. Later, she’d fondly look back on when she felt invisible. But in the moment she was just happy to be noticed, even if it was by a total weirdo.

The man was standing on a large wooden box so that he stood above the crowd of people filling the street. He was dressed in a form fitting set metallic suit what looked like some kind of mechanized armor, brownish-orange in collar and made mostly of sleek ribbed scales. Around the wrists, waist, and legs were larger chunks that looked as if they contained hidden gear and equipment. The outfit included a helmet that totally covered his face, a breathing mask over his mouth and nose with big bug-eyed goggles over the eyes.

Crystal assumed he was one of the rare few male superheroes. Perhaps he was a super genius and had invented the suit himself to fight crime. She was wrong on every point but it would be too late for her when she realized this.

He was ranting at the people as they passed by, his voice electronically magnified as if he was speaking through a megaphone. “And their evil is obvious to any with eyes to see! You must all repent, for we are all sinners. But some sin more than others. Some lead decadent lives of sinful and shameful sexual indulgence. Yet the media tells us to hold up the worse of these harlots and call them heroines! They tell young girls that these whorish women should be their role models.”

As he ranted Crystal strolled up, amused that this man was delivering what seemed like a religiously fueled sermon against superheroines! She stopped nearby, leaning against a wall and listening, curios to understand what the man was saying. She’d never seen or heard of someone that disapproved of superheroines.

The man identified himself as the Punish-Her, a man of faith who had been delivered the tools to judge the superheroines and then, if they were found lacking, punish them. With righteous fire in his voice he ranted, showing no sign he noticed a superheroine was standing mere feet away from him and smirking up at the strange man.

Then, without warning, he pointed towards Crystal. “See the one here, watching with amusement as I pass judgment on her kind.” He turned to look at her, the face of his expressionless helmet pointed directly at her now. “She thinks she is above the judgment of the people, but today this woman has met the man that will judge her. Already I see that she dresses like a common street walker. And worse, her flesh which she should treat like a temple and keep covered from the eyes of all but her husband, is exposed in truly indecent amounts! I have no doubt, fellow citizens, that this superpowered trollop has never even picked up the good book.”

“What?” Crystal said, angry now and standing up. She hadn’t grown up in a religious family but had gone through a period of intense curiosity and study Christianity enough to know it wasn’t for her. “I’ve probably read it more than you have, loser,” she declared, angry that she had been singled out and shamed for dressing the way she did. “And I’ve done the research to put its words into the context of the time they were written. Besides, I’ve never claimed to be a Christian but you sir seem to be picking and choosing which passages you use. Do you ever mix meat with dairy? How about wearing any clothing woven with more than one kind of cloth? And it’s Sunday, why are you working on the Sabbath?”

The man turned to the crowd and opened his hands as if they had just witnessed evidence of all of his accusations. “See how she claims to be more virtuous than I, the Punish-Her, a man appointed by God himself to judge women such as her! She fears my judgment, fears the tests I am about to begin giving her.”

Crystal pushed to the front of the crowd that had now gathered around to watch the confrontation between the two costumed beings. “I say bring on whatever this test is, you weirdo. I’ll show you I’m worthy of being called a ‘superheroine’.” She was angry, angry that the first person that seemed to notice her as a superheroine had done so by calling her a whore and saying she was unworthy of the title.

The Punish-Her looked down at her. “First test,” he declared loudly. “Will you not take this time to return to your home and think over your sinful lifestyle, to perhaps ponder covering up your body which produces such sinful thoughts in the minds of all men that see it? Will you not give up this life and take up one of chastity and faith?”

She laughed. “I will not. And no one, no man no matter how holy they think they are, has the right to tell me how to live my life!”

There was no way to read the man’s expression, his face was totally obscured by his helmet. But when he next spoke it was clear that he was disappointed but not surprised. “You have failed the first test,” he declared. “Which means you must be punished by being given a harder test.”

“What kind of stupid nonsense logic is that,” Crystal demanded, her hands on her wide hips. She thought the man before her was just a costumed nut, harmless and open to dialog. But she was wrong, very wrong.

The Punish-Her extended his arm and pointed it towards the heroine in her bright costume. He clenched his hand into a fist and bent it down, making it look as if his arm were a gun he was pointing at her. Just as it began to occur to Crystal that maybe she should be prepared for more than just a verbal rant from this man something shot out of the bulky part of his arm.

It quickly flew through the air, landing at her feet with a heavy clunk. “What the heck,” she said, hopping back slightly from the thing that had landed on the ground before her. Looking down she could see that it appeared to be some kind of high tech grenade. Even as her mind started to process the potential dangers hidden inside it the device’s sides popped open and there was an explosion of gas.

A thick cloud burst out and filled the air all around Crystal and the crowd she stood before, covering nearly twenty feet of the sidewalk and enveloping every person nearby in the gas.

Crystal knew what the gas was as soon as she accidentally inhaled some of it. As soon as the gas was inside of her she felt her heart start to race, felt her core warm and then explode with heat. And then, a fraction of a second later, she felt herself cum. She howled in surprised pleasure and dropped to the ground, her legs giving out under her as the intense forced orgasm weakened her.

“O-bomb,” she muttered, curled up on the sidewalk and convulsing as her whole body shook from the intensity of the orgasm she was experiencing. She knew that all around her every single man and women was experiencing the same thing. As soon as the gas had hit them they would have all cum their pants. O-bombs were incredibly illegal yet frequently found their way into the hands of criminals with deep pockets and into the arsenal of well armed supervillains.

The drug in the gas the grenade had exploded out was Libidonol. It had been created as a pharmaceutical aid for individuals who had problems getting off with their partners but the drug had been far too powerful to make it to market. But on the black market the drug had thrived. Even a small dose was enough to make any individual instantly climax and then it put them into a kind of mindless sexual rage. They would fuck till they passed out.

O-Bombs weaponized this, delivering a large dose to an entire crowd at once and that was exactly what had happened here. Even as the gas started to clear Crystal could see what was happening all around her. Men’s pants had large wet stains in the front where they had cum in their clothing. Men and women both were moaning, many laying on the ground, others on their knees. They all starting to pull or even rip clothing off, their own or the clothing of members of the opposite sex that were in arm’s reach. Everywhere there were writhing bodies being magnetically pulled towards each other.

She saw men grabbing women and pushing their heads down into their laps, saw these women taking the men’s cum dripping cocks into their mouths and sucking wildly without complaint. She saw women mounting men, impaling themselves on their cocks. She so other women down on all fours, a man behind her and another before her filling her from both ends. She even saw women on women and a couple men on other men.

None of them were thinking straight. They were acting on pure animal instinct, fucking because they needed to fuck. She felt it too, if anything she felt it more than these other people because of her active P-Gene.

Before she knew it there was a man before her. He had unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock out. Thick semen dripped from the tip. The sight brought a sudden insatiable hunger to the young heroine and she found herself practically pouncing on the man’s cock, licking and sucking all the cum up before starting to give him intense head.

She was down on all fours, her ass sticking up into the air behind her, the cock of the man standing before her in her mouth. Her short skirt and her lack of underwear left her plump back end totally exposed. Soon there was a man there, spreading her fat ass cheeks and shoving his own cummy cock into her dripping wet cunt. She moaned in pleasure as he pressed easily into her, grabbing her plump hips and starting to pound her hard and fast.

Crystal was almost completely lost in a sexual haze. But when the Punish-Her stepped down from his box she quickly noticed him out of the corner of her eyes, realizing the suit he wore must have protected him from the gas. As she sucked off the man before her she watched the supervillain out of the corner of her vision. Clearly that’s what this man was and she realized she was stupid for not having realized that right away.

He stepped up to her, looking down in silence. There was no face to read an expression on since his mask covered it. But she thought she could read disapproval in his body language. A moment later he confirmed this as the voice box built into his suit crackled and his voice, no longer magnified, echoed out at her.

“I am not surprised but I am disappointed. This is two tests you’ve failed.”

Crystal wanted to scream at the man that there was no way any human being could not have reacted to the drug they way her and this crowd of franticly fucking people had. The drug was to strong. It wasn’t a fair test! Yet she couldn’t say any of that, all she could do was suck and fuck.

The Punish-Her got down on his knees and moved in close to Crystal’s face. “Cock is all you think about, isn’t it? Admit it. Admit you’re just a useless whore and I will make this degradation end.”

It took every ounce of mental might to pull her mouth away from the cock before her long enough to spit out a few words. “No, never,” she growled at the man. “You did this to me. Used an O-bomb on me and all these innocent people. I’d never—”

But she never got to finish her sentence. The drug coursing through her overwhelmed her control of her body and she turned back to the cock in her face, practically inhaling it as she returned to giving the man intense head, now playing with his balls as she did.

The added stimulation was enough to push the man over the edge. He groaned and came in her mouth, his load small since he had cum in his pants when the O-Bomb first went off. Crystal moaned in pleasure as she swallowed the cum.

The man, who was still hard, stumbled back away from her. He turned and saw another woman with her legs spread open as she played with herself. Her shirt was ripped open and her bra was pulled up so another man could sit on her chest and fuck her tits. Seeing the woman’s exposed pussy was enough to cause him to stumble forward, get down on the ground, and start fucking her.

“Oh god,” Crystal said, gritting her teeth. “I have to help these people but all I can think about is how much I need another cock in my mouth.” She looked at the supervillain still kneeling beside her. “This is all your fault, you bastard!”

Just then the man fucking her from behind slapped her ass, bore deep into her and groaned as he came. The feel of his cum filling her insides pushed her over the edge, making her cum. As she did she could feel herself growing even weaker, knew that even if the drugs weren’t affecting her she’d barely be able to use her powers.

As she came she buried her face in her arms under her, aware of how filthy the cement sidewalk she was bent over on was. She moaned in pleasure and reveled in the feel of the man’s small load of cum inside her. She had always loved being cum in, the sensation of a man’s seed spraying into her, the pressure on her insides and then the wetness it left in her.

The Punish-Her got even lower to the ground, moving his masked face right up to hers. “See, cock makes you mindless. Stupid. Worthless. You’ve failed this test and now it’s time to move on to the next one.”

He lifted his hand to her face, spreading his fingers out and shoving the palm into her face. She could see that the glove on his hand was mostly made of metal plating that was slotted together. As she stared at the hand she noticed small round openings that a moment later sprayed a thick cloud of gas into her face.

She tried to hold her breath but just then the man behind her started fucking her again and she gasped in pleasure, sucking in a lungful of the gas. Her eyes instantly rolled up into her head. She let out a half-moaned sound of protestation then slumped over, unconscious.

The Punish-Her stood, letting the man fucking the now unconscious superheroine cum one more time before he pulled him off of her and pointed him at another nearby woman. He then knelt down and grabbed hold of Crystal, picking her up as he got back to his feet. From the ease of how he did this it was clear the suit augmented the man’s strength.

Just as he started to walk away, stepping over and around the mass of people fucking in every way imaginable, he heard the sound of distant police sirens. “Perfect time to leave,” the supervillain said, moving quicker and disappearing down a nearby alley where his van was parked. “The police still don’t understand the work I do testing the so called heroines of the city. With each I test and heroine I find lacking the city gets a little more clean, a little more godly.”

The doors of the van popped open as he approached, obviously activated by some mechanisms in his suit. There were no handles on those doors, it was only he that could open them. He quickly placed the unconscious heroine in the back of the van. It had a padded floor and the walls and ceiling were painted totally black. There were a few containers built into the walls but they could only be opened through commands in his suit. He popped one open, taking a large purple vibrator out and tossing it towards Crystal before closing the lid to the container.

He then slammed the doors of the van closed and moved to the front of the vehicle, hopping into the driver’s seat and quickly starting the ignition before taking off down the alleyway. He planned on being at least a few blocks away when the police arrived to deal with the crowd publicly fucking in a drug induced haze.

Once he was out of the alleyway and into the flow of traffic he turned to a bank of controls built into the dashboard, flipping one of the many switched there. There was a small screen above the buttons, dials and switches. It came to life, showing a live feed of the back of the van. He used a small joystick to adjust the camera’s view, centering it on the unconscious heroine and zooming in slightly.

“And now for the next test,” he said to himself, pushing another button on a control panel near the screen. The monitor showed gas spraying into the back of the van. Crystal gasped as she breathed it in and sat up with a start, her eyes fluttered open.


* * *


Crystal’s heart was pounding. She felt as if she had been violently woken from a very deep sleep and the feeling left her totally disoriented.

She had no idea where she was or how she’d gotten there. It was a room, a fairly small one. It was jet black except for the floor which was covered in soft gray mattress like padding. Looking around she saw a few black containers built unto the walls but there were no handles or apparent ways to open them. The only other noticeable feature in the room was a single video camera mounted on the far end of the ceiling directly ahead of her.

The next thing she noticed was that the room seemed to be moving. Not a room then, she thought. Must be the back of a van or a truck. But who… The Punish-Her! The memories started flooding back to her.

As the memories of the O-bomb flooded into her mind she realized something: the drug was still affecting her. She hadn’t noticed it at first, but as she had woken up and moved to sit with her back pressed against one of the walls her hand had dropped to her waist, pulled up her skirt and she had started to finger herself. Looking down she could see herself masturbating, hear the squelching sound of the cum in her pussy being forced out as she plunged her fingers deep inside of her. It was an odd sensation, almost like someone else was doing it to her. The need to fuck was so intense she had nearly no control over her body.

She started looking around the room for something she could use to maybe calm her body. That was when she noticed the vibrator. It was large, thick, and long. Its plastic surface was shaped to look like a real, thickly veined cock.

As soon as she saw it she reached for it, grabbing it and fumbling with the knob on the base to start it vibrating. Then she was leaning back, spreading her legs, and plunging the sex toy deep into her cunt. The vibrations felt amazing on her insides and she started fucking herself with the faux cock hard and fast, thrusting it in and out over and over again.

Her back slid down the wall she was leaning on till only her shoulder blades rested on the surface behind her. Bent like that her face was practically shoved into her breasts. Seeing them, being aware of them, filled her with the need to stimulate them. She used her free hand to pull the front of her tight costume down, exposing her large, firm breasts.

With her tits hanging out of her costume she kept fucking herself with the vibrator as she used her other hand to play with her breasts, showering her hard nipples with plenty of attention. She moaned and leaned her head back on the wall, losing herself in the pleasure. She could feel an orgasm building up inside of her and knew it would drain her powers even further but she didn’t care. She couldn’t stop herself and if she was honest with herself she didn’t want to stop.

When she came it was a deep, slow, intense orgasm. She shuddered and moaned and pressed the vibrator deep into her cunt, shifting her body so she could feel its intense vibrations on her clit through the upper walls of her vagina.

As soon as the orgasm began to fade she was fucking herself with the vibrator again, playing with her breasts more. She was breathing heavily, feeling incredibly tired and drained. “If I don’t stop I’m going to keep cumming till I pass out,” she muttered, her voice weak and shaky.

Maybe that’s for the best, she thought to herself. She had learned about O-bombs at The Academy, about the drug Libidonol that was in its gas. There was no real defense against its effects. But she did know that orgasms helped burn through the drug running through her system. Maybe if I cum enough I’ll wear the drug out. And then once the Punish-Her gets me to wherever he’s taking me I’ll be able to fight him. Of course if she came so much she passed out none of that would matter.

The vehicle slowed down. She could feel it turning, thought it was pulling over. The engine kept running so she doubted they had arrived at their final destination.

She looked up at the camera. She wondered if the man was watching her now. If this was just another one of his perverse tests that seemed to be rigged so they were impossible to pass. The idea that a supervillain that had defeated her might be watching her wildly masturbate filled her with an intense thrill that made her masturbate even more vigorously.

What’s wrong with me, she thought, biting her lip and feeling suddenly ashamed of herself. Maybe this man is right about me. Maybe I am just a useless whore.


* * *


The Punish-Her had pulled off the main road, parking down a back alleyway where no one could see him. As soon as the van was parked he leaned back, spreading his legs. He pushed a button inside one of his gauntlets. There was a hiss and then the crotch of his armor retracted revealing his cock. It was rock hard and leaking precum.

He pressed another button in his gauntlet. The gauntlet around his right hand started to retract, leaving his hand bare. At the same time the front of his helmet started retracting too, revealing his face. He had a frantic, crazed look on his face. He was staring at the screen that was showing the live feed of the superheroine masturbating furiously.

The supervillain spit into his hand and immediately started jerking off, staring at Crystal and moaning lewdly. “Look at those big firm tits,” he muttered, sounding mad with sexual desire as he masturbated more vigorously. He used his free hand to work the controls of the camera, zeroing the screen in on her breasts then zooming in so they filled the entire screen.

He moaned and jerked off faster, scooting forward in his seat so that his cock was just a few inches away from the screen. “Fucking big titted slut. Look at those dirty tits, so fucking sexy. They need to be cum on.”

With a shudder and groan of pleasure he ejaculated onto the screen. “Yes,” he groaned in joy, “All over her tits!” As soon as he was done cumming his body went limp. He let out a great sigh of satisfaction.

Then her turned and looked at the cum oozing down the screen. “Disgusting,” he snarled, sitting up and shoving his cock back into his suit. He wiped his hand clean on the passenger seat then made the gauntlet, the crotch, and the face mask on his suit close back up.

“Disgusting. Weak,” he said angrily, slamming his fists into the steering wheel. “No,” he quickly added, glancing at the cum covered monitor. “Not me, not my fault. It’s that harlot! She did this to me, made me do that indecent act. This is her fault. She’s to blame! She should be punished, shouldn’t be able to keep pleasuring herself like that!”

He slammed a fist down on one of the many buttons on the console under the video monitor. He watched as more gas sprayed into the back of the van, saw Crystal gasp then go limp as the knockout gas made her pass out. She slumped back, falling unconscious. The hand that had been playing with her breasts fell to her side, the other still lightly held the vibrator that was left in her pussy. He watched as the toy kept pleasure her body and saw her shuddered and arch her back as she came in her sleep.

The Punish-Her slammed his fists onto the steering wheel again. “Even in her sleep she cums like a common whore!” Angrily he put the car into gear and sped out of the alley. “I must get her back to my hideout, give her the remaining tests. I’ve no doubt she’ll fail them. But she has to be tested before the righteous wrath of god can be passed onto her!”

As he drove through the streets of Megatropolis his head kept turning to the monitor. At one point he grabbed a rag from the passenger seat and wiped the screen clean. Still he kept glancing at it. Crystal was asleep, the vibrator still working her pussy and making her moan and writhe. Her big firm breasts hung out of her costume, jiggling and moving from side to side whenever he went around or corner or bouncing when he hit a pothole. The sight transfixed him, made it hard for him to keep his attention on the road.

By the time he pulled into his hideout he was painfully hard again. He was agitated. The stupid whore had engorged his manhood again. Again! And now he had to do something about it. He knew it was bad for a man to become so aroused and not “take care” of himself. And since it was the whore’s fault he was in this condition it was only right he use her body to solve his problem.

He quickly moved the back of the van, opening the doors and climbing inside. He left them open, they were in his hideout now and no one could see them. There she was, leaning against the wall with her big beautiful breasts hanging out.

The first thing he did was turn the vibrator off, pulling it out of her pussy and tossing it to the side. He could put it away later. For now he had to take care of his raging erection.

He actived the trigger in his gauntlet, making it so the metal plating on his crotch, his right hand, and around his face opened. “Have to expel this demon of lust form me quickly,” he muttered, sounding driven and mad. He got on his knees beside Crystal, grabbing his cock with his exposed hand. He grabbed it tightly, squeezing it and making precum ooze out the tip. Looking down he was amazed at how much and how thick it was. Then he remembered that it wasn’t that long ago that he’d come and that he hadn’t cleaned up afterwards. Some of this precum might just be old ejaculate.

The Punish-Her then knelt beside the unconscious heroine, holding his cock tight in his bare hand and staring at her breasts. They were so big… not huge, like many superheroines had, but proper human sized breasts. They were plump and wide yet so firm and well shaped he had actually thought they were fake when he first spotted her in her trampy outfit that she called a costume. But seeing her breasts fully exposed in their glory, seeing the natural curve of them as they hung down her front and having watched them bounce and jiggle on the drive here, there was no doubt they were made by God and not sculpted by some doctor.

Her pale white skin was perfectly smooth, her nipples a few shades darker and more pink then the rest of her tits. He licked his lips as he stared at them. Her areolas weren’t too big or too small. The hard nubs in the center were equally as perfectly sized.

He moved closer, pointing his hard cock at her nipple. Closer and closer he got till his cockhead was resting on her hard nipple. He started to move it around, smearing the ample precum leaking out of the tip all over her nipple. He groaned happily from the feel of his hard cock sliding over her nipple thanks to his slimy precum.

“Such indecent mounds of flesh,” he muttered, reaching down with the hand still in his suit and grabbing her tit. He gave it a squeeze, pressed it up into his cock. As he did he started moving his hips, thrusting forward to rub the underside of his cock on her tit. “Shameful to have tits this big, even more shameful to so clearly display them they way you do in that sinful costume you wear. Look what they have done to me! Made me hard, filled me with the need to fuck and spill my seed all over them, not even inside your vagina where a man’s cum belongs, but on your tits.”

He was rubbing his cock on her tit hard and fast now, the precum still leaking out and lubricating his thrusting. Crystal moaned slightly in her sleep, obviously turned on by the feel of the cock fucking her one tit.

“It is not my fault I do these indecent things to you, to all the superheroines I test. I am a good and moral man, a god fearing man. But you sluts test me even as I test you! No, this is your fault, you slut, you harlot. Dressing the way you do, acting the way you do, being built the way you are! A body made by the devil to fill a godly man like me with lust, lust I can’t control. “Lust I can’t— Ugh! Cumming!”

His back straightened and his cock twitched, a small trickle of semen leaking out the tip and onto Crystal’s breast.

He sighed and pulled away, shoving his cock back into his suit then closing all the open parts. “Your pleasantly plump body and these big, firm tits are a distraction. You are a distraction. I can’t help but look at you and want to fuck you, to put babies in you. Clearly that’s what the Lord intended for you. Yet you choose to ignore the Lord’s wishes! You flaunt your body in sinful ways and try and be a superhero. Well, I will judge whether you are worthy of that title and so far you have failed every test.”

He stood and gave her one final look before hopping out of the back of the van. “I’ll finish testing you so I can be rid of your fleshy distractions.”


* * *


Pink Crystal wasn’t sure where she was. She was surrounded by bright light and she couldn’t make out any of the features of her surroundings. It was almost like she was in an empty void filled only with light. Yet she was certain it felt like she was standing, but how could she stand if she was in an empty void?

Then something seemed to fill the emptiness that surrounded her, an overwhelming power that filled her with awe. She turned, feeling exactly where the power was emanating from. A figure began to appear before her, a human figure. At least she thought the figure was human. It was at least human shaped.

As its shape started to become more clear it was obvious the figure was a women. She was short and had a wide, plump body with inhumanly large breasts. As the image of the woman became clearer Crystal was able to make out her face. It was stunningly beautiful, a pure almost innocent beauty. The woman had wild and short curly red hair and freckles on her pretty, slightly pudgy cheeks. And before Crystal totally naked.

“Greetings, Crystal,” the woman said. Her voice came from all directions at once, both a whisper and a shout, even sounding inside Crystal’s mind.

“Who… no, what are you?” the young heroine asked, her voice stuttering slightly. She could feel that this thing before her was no person.

The woman tilted her head to the side. “I don’t know how to put it into words really. The closest word you have for what I am is ‘god’. Yes, that feels right, I am a god. At least in my world. Here though, in your world, I sense I’m something… different.”

“You are the god of some other world?”

“Not the god,” the woman said kindly, laughing slightly in amusement, “but one of many. Looking into your mind I can see that things are different here in your world.”

“What do want from me?” Crystal asked. She didn’t know if this was real, thought it might be some strange fever dream brought on by all the gas she had inhaled.

“I want you to be my avatar on Earth. I find you would represent me… well.”

Crystal’s jaw fell open. Was this real? If it wasn’t why was her mind creating this? Some huge titted naked goddess telling her she wanted her to be an avatar?

Then something occurred to Crystal. This goddess had said she was one of many gods. Every pantheon she had ever heard of had their god’s duties divided up. “Wait… what exactly are you the god of in this world you come from?”

The goddess laughed prettily, a musical feminine sound that rung like music through the bright void they were standing in. “I am Ynara, the goddess of fat tits. I watch over women who are naturally well endowed, I grant my favor to those that worship me and give them larger breasts. My faithful pray to me though mammary intercourse of all kinds.”

“That’s… interesting,” Crystal said. “Why… why do you think I would make a good avatar for you on Earth?”

Ynara laughed again. “Tell me, most women with active Power-Genes, their breasts are so sensitive that they can be made to get off from a titfuck, no?”

“Well, that’s what I’ve heard… although superheroines need large breasts to be that sensitive. But I don’t—”

The goddess cut her off. “But you, you enjoyed that particular act even before your powers activated and your body breasts became so sensitive. Isn’t this true?”

Crystal blushed and looked down at her feet. “Well, yes… I’ve always been really into that.” She looked back up, a fierce look on her face. “But I’ve never let anyone know that!”

Ynara spread her hands as if to say such things were transparent to a goddess. “I’ve peered into your future,” she said. “Mammary intercourse if going to be an important and major part of your life. And your breasts will be important, important not just to you and the many, many sexual partners you will have. But to the entire Earth. I have foreseen that your breasts will save every life on Earth.”

“That… That’s not possible!” Crystal splutter out.

Ynara shrugged. “It is. I’ve seen it. You and your breasts shall save the Earth. But only if you accept me, if you become my avatar on this plane of existence. There is a great power in you, one far stronger than you or anyone else on Earth realizes. It grows within you every day. Without my guidance it will become too much for you to handle and it will destroy you. If you do not accept me as you’re… let’s say guide, then you will lose control of that power and not be able to save the earth.”

Crystal was silent for a long time. Finally she spoke. “I suppose I don’t really have a choice. Either this is real and you, a goddess, are right. Or this is just a crazy dream. Either I accept you as my guide, become your avatar, or the whole world is doomed. Or this is a dream and none of it matters. So, I accept.”

Ynara smiled. “Good. Remember me when you wake. Remember how potentially powerful you are. You are only just learning what your cosmic powers can do. But remember also that no matter how great your cosmic powers become that your greatest weapon will always be your breasts.”

Ynara began to disappear back into the white light she had formed from.

“Wait!” Crystal called out. “What do you mean my cosmic powers? Aren’t I just a normal superheroine?”

From a great distance she heard happy laughter. “There is nothing ‘normal’ about you,” Ynara called out.

And then her presence was gone and Crystal was alone. “What do I do now?” she asked the void.

In her head she heard a response. It was like a thought but it wasn’t in her, it sounded like the goddess Ynara’s voice. “Now you wake up,” it said.


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