Tons of Stories on my Patreon

Hey there fans, are you looking to get more of my stories? Perhaps for a ridiculously low price? Well, then you should think about become a backer on my Patreon. I have been posting almost everything I’m writing there first, either as a text post or giving out free coupon codes to download ebook versions from Smashwords. I’ve also started posting longer works there chapter by chapter, getting feedback from my backers on what they like in the stories and what tehy want to see more of. I’ve also been throwing up polls exclusive to my backers asking them what they want me working on next and letting them choose aspects of my stories.

Then there are the pics! You don’t see many of them on here cause almost all have nudity and most are sexually explicit. I’ve been trying for one new pic or short ocmic every other day and for the most part meeting that goal.

So think about becoming a backer. You get access to pretty much everything I’m working on, lots of direct engagement from me, and you can help me decide what I spend my time working on! Backing starts at 1$ a month. at the 5$ or 10$ letter you also get a bonus ebook each month on top of any I might give out to all my backers.

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