“The Rings of Corruption” Episode Four Ending

After far too long I’ve gone back and finished off this story. Hopefully before to long I’ll be able to finish the other one that’s hanging open. You can find the ending below the break (it’s not to long) or you can go HERE for the story in its entirety (for now, before long it will be edited and made into an ebook and moved off the free section).


* * *


Adreh wakes with a start, sitting up in a large, soft bed. She is naked and feels as though she has been freshly cleaned. Her naked body is covered by expensive looking and feeling blankets. She draws them up to cover her large breasts.

The room she’s in is strange. Everywhere there is evidence of the owner being someone of wealth, yet there is evidence that this is more than someone’s simple bedroom. There are bookcases full of thick tomes. Counters filled with ingredients and brewing potions. Everywhere there is signs of magic afoot. The room itself is mostly circular with a single door.

She already assumes she’s sitting in the top of Lord Pixyium’s tower when the wizened old man comes into the room, grinning a large and predatory smile at her. “I’m glad you are finally awake,” he says as he moves smoothly across the room towards her. “I’m sure you’ll be happy to know your quest is at an end, for you have located Shalheira.”

As he says this he waves across the room and there, not noticed by Adreh at first, is the member of the Sisterhood she had been sent to save. The woman is a pale shadow of herself, lying naked and asleep in a pile of blankets on the floor like a dog. A metal collar is around her neck, a metal chain running from it and attached to a nearby wall. It is also clear that the thin little Common Elf’s small breasts have been magically increased in size to titanic proportions.

“How did I get here,” Adreh says. There is defeat and little defiance in her voice.

“Fulthic brought you to me,” Lord Pixyium says happily. “And when he showed up with your unconscious body he knelt before me and pledged himself to my service. All that he asked is that he be allowed to worship his new goddess, Ynara. What do you think about that?”

Adreh does not respond, not with her words. Instead, she begins to sob into her hands. After a time she looks up with tear streaked eyes. “There is no hope for me, is there?”

“Oh, there is hope,” the old wizard says, stroking his beard. “But you must do something first. You must disavow the Sisterhood of Righteousness and throw off the life you lived for them. Vow yourself, your body, and your service to me. You’ll find life here as my servant will be quite… pleasurable.”

Still sobbing Adreh looks to the woman she came to save. “Will I be chained like her? Turned into a sex slave?”

“Oh no,” Lord Pixyium says. “Oh, sure, your life will be filled with sex. It would be a waste not to fuck you, not to let my men fuck you. And Fulthic is eager to use those mighty breasts of yours once again. But that will not be your whole life.” He reaches into his robes and pulls out her huge Ebony Battleblade, as if it had been hidden in some magical compartment. “You can wield this! To not let you fight for me would be as great of a waste as not fucking you. You will be my champion, and I your beloved Master.”

The ring on Adreh’s finger pulses. For nearly the first time since putting it on she is aware of it. She looks down at it, her sobs ending. She feels energy flowing into her through the ring. For just a moment she thinks she can see it, red and sparking. But then she blinks and the image is gone.

She looks up at Lord Pixyium and feels changed. The ring starts to loosen on her finger. Slowly she rises from the bed, not bothering to take the blankets with her. She stands tall and proud, naked and enjoying the way the old wizard stares at her massive breasts. Her mind is already racing, imagining all the things this perverse old man is going to do to them.

Adreh walks towards him then kneels before him and bows her head. “I pledge myself to you,” she says. The ring on her finger starts to slip off. “I disavow the Sisterhood. I will embrace a life of sexual perversion with you as my Master. I will fight for you. I will kill for you!” As the words leave her lips the ring slips from her finger, falling to the ground with a far too heavy thud. She feels liberated, free, truly free for the first time in her life.

The magic ring has fallen from her hand, its work here done. This member of the Sisterhood has been changed into a new person, one infused with The Corruption. But there are always new members of the Sisterhood… new heroines that needed to be corrupted and brought low.

Lord Pixyium hands Adreh the Ebony Battleblade, happily pondering how he will break in his new servant. For just a moment his eyes dart to the ring on the floor. He was warned to leave it. He understands now. Someone, not him, not Adreh, not Shalheira, but someone will pick it up. And then the ring will begin its Journey back to the Sisterhood to corrupt another innocent.




“Lord Pixyium!” the woman in golden armor calls up to the tower that rises above her. “I have slain your men. Fended off every challenge you have sent my way. I am here to free my sisters and put an end to your reign of terror and perversion!”

Up above, barely visible, a man leans out of the tall tower and calls down to the woman. “You’ll have to get past my champion first,” he says then begins cackling madly before disappearing from sight.

A moment later the large door into the tower opens. The agent of the Sisterhood gasps when she recognizes the imposing figure revealed there. “What has that fiend done to you?”

The figure is a woman; a tall, full figured Silver Elf with gigantic breasts. She wears black armor that nearly matches the massive Ebony Battleblade she wields. Yet the armor does not fully cover her body. Her massive breasts are uncovered and they hang free out of her armor.

“He has freed me,” Adreh Silvermane says. “And if I am not forced to kill you he will free you as well.”


The End.

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