Poll Driven Story: “Lyari Fenyarus’ Tale”

The newest installment of this story can be found below. If you want to see the story in its entirety to can go HERE.

* * *


Villette sits on her horse fidgeting with the Sisterhood armor she is wearing. “I hate having all of my luscious body covered up like this,” she grumbles. “I feel like my skin is suffocating.”

The Sisterhood armor covers nearly every inch of her body. With the helmet on only her neck and her face along with her hands were the only things left exposed. The outer armor is plated mail, shiny and almost golden in color. It completely covers her torso, her lower arms, upper legs and knees. Under that is a shirt of chain mail and below all of that a thick layer of heavy padded wool. The armor is heavy and hot, although Villette doesn’t feel the heat as she is always cold.

“Stop complaining. You’ll only have to wear it for a little while. All things considered your life is pretty good,” Lyari says as she rides slowly beside her.

“I suppose your right,” Villette says, tugging at the chain mail collar constricting her slender neck. “At least compared to that pathetic Elf we left behind with Maaleas. What did you call her? A thank you for all his help?”

Lyari chuckles. “The stupid Elfling is going to spend the rest of her life in that hidden basement as Maaleas’ fuck-toy. We’ve already driven her insane, broken her mind with pleasure. Who knows how long her body will last before that breaks too. Maaleas seems like a man who can dish out quite a bit of sexual energy.”

Villette nods but is quickly distracted by her armor. Once more she starts tugging and readjusting it. “The breast plate is so tight on my breasts,” she mumbles, tugging at it. “If my tits were any bigger I wouldn’t fit into this armor.” She looks over at Lyari, her eyes dropping to the Silver Elf’s overlarge breasts. “That’s going to be a problem for you. We agreed we need another set of armor for you to wear but we’re going to have to find one you’ll fit in.”

“Shit, I didn’t think about that,” Lyari snarls. “Well, Maaleas told us that the Sisterhood patrols the area around their keep. Both on this main road and the wooded area around it. We’ll just have to advance in hiding and wait till we can find a Sisterhood member on patrol that’s nearly as busty as me.”

Villette scoffs at this. “You really think they have any members with tits as big as yours? I mean, seven hells, each one is nearly the size of my torso!”

“Well, you’d be surprised how much they can be squished down if need be. And I might be able to charm a piece of armor to grow slightly. We won’t have to find someone exactly as big as me, just close to it.”

“Okay,” Villette says, fresh determination on her face. “How are we going to go forward?”

Lyari smiles, holding up and hand and beginning to trace glowing arcane symbols into the air. “Slowly and quietly and with a spell around us to hide our presence.”


* * *


The two women had been skulking and slowly riding through the area surrounding the Sisterhood keep for a few hours now. They had seen many members of the Sisterhood on guard, patrolling the surrounding area. A few rode horses but most were on foot and all were alone. Perfect targets to be picked off. And all but a lone mage dressed in robes wore the Sisterhood’s distinct armor. Yet none of them had been busty enough for their needs.

Villette was starting to grow despondent. “There just isn’t one with tits big enough!” she hisses loudly as they slowly ride past another nearly flat-chested Sisterhood guard. If not for the spell Lyari had cast around them the woman would have surely seen and heard them, but the spell was like a bubble around them that hid every living being inside from the senses of those outside of it.

“Patience,” Lyari says soothingly. “This isn’t the first time I’ve had to do something like this. These Sisterhood troops are all female, yes?”

Villette nods. “They don’t let men into the order. Sometimes they will work with men when they are out on quests but never in one of their keeps. They don’t even like to let men into them, even for a short time.”

“Well, with this many women about there WILL be one we can use. I can guarantee it. A naturally busty woman or another Silver Elf or even someone blessed by the goddess Ynara.”

Villette frowns. “Maybe… but from what I’ve seen all the Silver Elfs that are members of the Sisterhood quickly rise to positions of great importance. Commanders and heads of the order. I doubt we’ll find one out here on patrol. And as for someone that worships Ynara, she’s one of the gods they discourage worship of as we’ve already seen. They say she’s been ‘corrupted’ by some evil force and worshiping her helps increase that force. Honestly, it’s a bunch of nonsense if you ask me. Gods might rule over Alaria but there is no power greater than them. Can you imagine a force greater than our Master?”

“All of that may be true,” Lyari says, “but one needs not worship Ynara to be blessed by her. Yes, her favor can increase a woman’s bust size, but she also bestows her blessing on those that are already well endowed. But—” She stops, holding her hand up for silence then pointing ahead. “I told you,” she hisses.

There, ahead of them patrolling through the lightly wooded forest is a Sisterhood guard with breasts big enough for their purpose. The woman walks with a shield in one hand and a polearm in the other, alert and looking all about her. Yet when her eyes reach Lyari and Villette they move past, unseeing.

“Okay,” Villette says, “this is why you’re in charge, not me. I would have given up hours ago. So what do we do now?”

“Now? Now we attack and subdue her. The spell hiding us is centered around me. Let’s get behind her, have you walk out of the spell and hail her. While she’s distracted I’ll slip behind her, drop the spell and subdue her.”

“Sounds like a good plan to me,” Villette says.

Together the two women move to behind the Sisterhood guard and then Villette rides forward, her and horse visually distorted as they leave the field of the spell of hiding. She raises her hand and hails the Sisterhood guard. “Ho! Greetings, fellow Sister.”

The woman turns around, polearm at the ready but as soon as she sees the armor Villette is wearing her body eases and her weapon is lowered. “Ho! Greetings back at you Sister. What word do you have from the keep?” she asks then pauses, narrowing her eyes and looking hard at Villette. “Or are you not from the keep? I don’t recognize your face.”

As the woman speaks Lyari quickly rides behind her back, leaping off her horse and rushing forward with her sword drawn. Just as the edge of the spell of hiding is about to reach the guard she drops the spell. Immediately the woman hears her advancing behind her but it is already too late. Lyari reaches her, grabbing her from behind and placing her blade on the woman’s exposed neck, using her other hand to grab the guards weapon and wrench it away from her.

“Do not scream,” she says in a cold and intimidating voice. “To not struggle or you shall be killed. I don’t wish to spill any blood today, but I will if I am forced to.”

The guard, quivering in fear, drops her shield and holds out her arms. She looks up at Villette, her eyes pleading for help. But all Villette does is smile sinisterly. After a moment the guard realizes Villette is no ally of hers.

“Whatever you are trying, it won’t work,” she says.

Lyari tightens the blade on her neck, making the woman wince in pain as a drop of blood falls from her skin where the blade digs into the soft skin of her neck. “Quieter,” she says. “But tell us, why not?”

“Because there are too many of us, out on patrol and inside the keep. And whatever magic you used to sneak up on me won’t work nearer to the keep or inside of it. The Sisterhood places powerful protective charms on our keeps, to keep the forces of The Corruption at bay.” She turns her head slightly, giving Lyari a pitying look. “I know not who you think your master is, but they are but as much a puppet as you are. The Corruption drives you to do whatever you are doing, this I know if you move to act against The Sisterhood of Righteousness.”

It is the woman’s pitying look more than her words that effect Lyari. Her lips curls up in a half snarl of anger. Who is this woman to judge her? How dare she assume she is being controlled by some imaginary force! A god commands her, one of the mightiest. Lyari has to fight the urge to simply slit the woman’s throat. But no, she thinks, this judgmental woman deserves worse.

Lyari starts to wave her free hand through the air at her side, gathering some of her magical stores and readying a wild spell. She then quickly moves the hand, glowing with red energy, to the woman’s face, slamming it down on her forehead. There is an explosion of light and red energy and then the woman drops to the ground like a marionette that has had its strings cut.

“What did you do to her?” Villette asks as she dismounts her horse.

“A simple stupefaction spell. But I’m so full of mana… it went off far stronger than I had wanted it to.”

They both looked down at the woman lying on the forest floor. Her eyes are open in surprise and her mouth hangs open stupidly, drool oozing out the side. She looks as though she is brain dead, at least for the moment.

“Quickly,” Lyari says, “strip her out of her armor. I’ll recast the spell of hiding around us in case any other guards approach. And bring the horses closer before you start striping her, inside the field of my spell.” She dances her hands through the air and sends out a transparent field of energy surrounding them in a perfect orb shape with Lyari in the center.

Once Villette has the Sisterhood guard stripped both women stand above her, looking down at the naked woman. “Well, her breasts are pretty big, but not nearly half the size of yours. And look at them, so much saggier.”

“No one has tits as big and this firm as mine unless they are a Silver Elf or blessed by Ynara. Or I suppose there are magical spells that could do the job. But none of that matters now, she’s big enough. Or more importantly her armor is.” She leans over and passes her hands over the chest plate, making its metal groan and expand slightly. “There, I’ll fit fine in this,” she says, starting to put the clothing and armor on over her own scant outfit.

As she dresses the guard continues to lie on the ground, staring stupidly up at the trees above her. Villette kneels by her side, running her hands through the woman’s hair. “What are we going to do to her?”

Lyari smiles. “Well, I liked what we did to that elf. Let’s engorge her big tits with milk, make them a little firmer and even bigger. Then let’s play with them for a while, I could do with a little top off of my manna by siphoning off this one’s sexual energies.”

Villette smiles back at her master. “Sounds like fun.”

Ten minutes later the Sisterhood guard’s breasts have multiple enchantments on them. One makes them lactate, another swells them up and nearly doubles their size. A third increases their sensitivity to the point that a simple nipple pinch is enough to make the woman cum.

Together Lyari and Villette lay on the ground next to the woman, both dressed as members of the Sisterhood of Righteousness and both working the naked woman’s breasts. They suck and grope and pinch and slap. They squirt her milk out and drink it. Through it all the stupefied woman rolls about, moaning and screaming in pleasure.

Eventually the screams become howls and after a while longer the combined nonstop pleasure and repeated forced orgasms become too much for the woman to handle. She shudders and her eyes roll up into her head and her mind breaks.

“Awe,” Villette says, sitting up and wiping some breast milk from her face. “This one broke so fast.”

Lyari sits up as well, smirking. “Yes, she had a weak will and was very sexually inexperienced. Might have even been a virgin. Nothing in her life had prepared her for this.”

“Do we just leave her hear?” Villette asks.

“No, then some of the other guards might find her. We need to get rid of her…” Lyari falls into deep thought then her face brightens. “I’ve got it!” She kneels before the woman, waving her hands above her face and muttering incantations. Her hands glow with red energy that flows down into the woman’s temple, streaming into her mind. Sweat begins to poor down Lyari’s face. “Complicated spell,” she mutters, looking up at Villette’s curios expression.

Finally she is finished and pulls away, getting up from her knees and standing. “There,” she says, “it should start in a moment.” Villette stands to and moves to her master’s side, looking down at the naked woman with the enlarged breasts and waits.

Slowly the woman starts to rise. Her expression is totally blank and free of emotion. As she stands her enlarged breasts sway from side to side. It is clear the woman is unaccustomed to their extra bulk as she almost topples over. But eventually she rights herself and for a moment stands, still staring blankly ahead.

And then she begins to dance.

The dance is slow and simple at first, a casual swaying of her hips that sends her enlarged breasts moving from side to side. But with every passing moment her dance becomes more exuberant, more wild. Soon she is swaying her hips wildly from side to side, thrusting out her plump ass and wiggling it. As she dances wildly in place and around in circles her huge breasts sway fluidly from side to side, occasionally colliding into each other and sending ripples through her thick tit-meat. Sometimes when her breasts bounce milk squirts out of them when gravity pulls them both down again.

Villette applauds at the sight. “Oh, marvelous! But now what?”

“Now,” Lyari says, reaching out and placing a glowing hand on the naked dancing woman’s forehead, “I compel her to head to Grayfair and fuck every man she sees. The enchantments on her should last a few days. If she hasn’t been driven mad by the ordeal we’ll hopefully be finished with our mission and be long gone by then.”

As soon as Lyari pulls her hand away the woman starts dancing away from them, wildly swinging her hips and skipping and hopping forward, every now and then twirling around in a circle. They watch as she dances off through the trees, heading in the direction of the town at the crossroads.


* * *


Now both dressed as members of the Sisterhood Lyari and Villette both head back to the main road, confidently riding in the open without any spells hiding their advance. They pass a few guards on patrol and simply wave and ride past, arising no suspicion from them.

Soon they find themselves approaching the sisterhood keep. It’s a small castle with high walls and parapets womanned with archers. The building is an imposing sight and as they approach they can both feel the protective charms on the building. This close they know their magic will be of very little use to them, if they are to gain entry it will be by successfully bluffing their way in.

The main gate into the keep is positioned just off the road that goes past the keep. The building has no moat, but the main gate is an imposing portcullis that would be hard to get past without siege engines of some kind.

Standing before it are two guards, a thin blond Common Elf and a thick bodied dark skinned Human. Both women are armed with shields and polearms and stand at attention, eying Lyari and Villette as they ride towards them.

Villette leans over and whispers to Lyari. “Let me take the lead. I know more of the Sisterhood’s ways and I think I can bluff our way past these women.” Lyari simply nods in agreement.

As they approach Villette raises a hand and calls out “Ho! Greetings fellow Sisters! We’ve ridden hard for days and bring a message of great importance to the commander of this keep.”

The blond guard nods. “Very well,” she says, turning and calling into the keep for the portcullis to be opened.

“This is almost too easy,” Lyari whispers.

“Maybe,” Villette whispers back, “but this is only the start. Things are going to be a lot more complex once we are inside.”

The blond guard nods and waves them in with her polearm. “Quickly,” she says, “we must never leave the front gate open for long.”

Quickly Lyari and Villette ride into the Sisterhood’s keep.


* * *


The woman’s bare feet are sore. She’s been dancing for hours and her body is tired. Yet she must keep dancing, must keep moving forward. When she sees the city walls of Grayfair ahead her heart skips and she dances faster.

The gate into the town is open, two guards standing at it. They stare at the naked, dancing woman as she approaches. They are both speechless and unsure how to react. Before they can gather their composure the woman dances up to them, dancing around the men and reaching out towards them seductively. “Gentlemen,” she says, out of breath, looking up at them with indecently innocent doe eyes. “Please, I need your cocks. Take them out, let me see them. Let me use them.”

One of the guards seems hesitant but the other happily puts his weapon down and starts undoing his pants. As soon as he has his cock pulled out the dancing naked woman drops to her knees before him, quickly grabbing his cock and then hungrily starting to suck on it. It’s obvious she has little experience doing this but what she lacks in skill she makes up for in enthusiasm.

By the time she has gotten the first guard to spurt his seed into her mouth the second guard has warmed up to her presence. He too puts his weapon down and pulls his cock out. She turns to him and begins sucking him off as well.

“By Azel, this is amazing,” the man moans as the woman’s head bobs back and forth. “You can tell she hasn’t done this much but she seems like a fast learner.”

The other man nods. “She was better by the end.”

Before long the second man cums in her mouth. Smiling up at him and making a production of swallowing his seed the naked woman gets back to her feet and starts dancing again. “Thank you, gentlemen,” she says, and then dances past them and into the town of Grayfair.

It is mid day and the main streets are full of locals and travelers. Many of the women gasp and avert their eyes, but a few applaud. Almost every man applauds and hoots at the sight of the naked women twirling and dancing down the street, her huge tits flying all about.

Soon she zeroes in on the nearest man and dances to him. “Please, kind ser. I need your cock. Take it out, fuck me.”

The man looks around, a disbelieving smile on his face. “Is she for real?”

“Maybe she’s a devotee of Baedor. You know how slutty that perverse god’s female followers are,” someone says.

“Does it matter?” another man calls out. He pushes forward and pulls his cock out. “I’ve got a cock for you darling, you want it?”

“Oh yes please,” she says eagerly. “I need all the cocks in this town, every one, over and over again.”

Happily the man moves forward. The Sisterhood guard’s sexual ordeal has begin. She will fuck for hours, till the sun sets. And then she’ll fuck some more, until she is so tired and sore that she passes out. And then, when she wakes she’ll fuck some more. It is an event the town will tell tales of your decades to come.


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