Poll Driven Story: “Inetme’thul’s Last Adventure”

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* * *


Five days, Maaleas thinks. Five days and the effects of the ring wear off. Five days and I discover if her will is truly broken. The thought fills him with anxiety and dread. But then another thought enters his mind. Five more days and then some of her troublesome party poking around for her!

It was all too much. Maaleas realizes he has gotten himself in over his head. And realizing this he broods angrily as he sits alone in his room.

“What am I to do?” he asks the empty room.

He’d already used up too many of his precious, magically irreplaceable items. He needed to cut his loses without further reducing his stores. Oh, he’d had his fun, but it was time for his fun to be over. He had to figure out a way to get rid of the busty High Elf in his hidden basement. Had to get rid of her in a way that would remove her party’s suspicions of him and remove them all from his hair.

Slowly he ponders what to do. Plenty of ideas pop into his head but few of them seem like they would do the job. He thinks harder. His mind leaves the town and begins pondering all the dangers that lay around Grayfair.

“I’ve got it!” he declares, sitting up with new excitement spread across his face. “But I’ll need Hob’s help…”


* * *


In the middle of the night, after he is positive the troublesome adventurers are all asleep, he dresses Inetme’thul in dark cloaks that hide every inch of her body. Then, after commanding her to remain perfectly silent and follow all of the commands he gives her, he brings her out of the hidden basement.

Explaining his plan to his Halfling manservant he instructs Hob to remain in the inn, sitting at the front counter and making sure that if anyone leaves their beds that they are sent back there as quickly as possible. He needs to make sure no one either sees him leave or return.

Then, with Hob in place, he takes the High Elf and sneaks her out of the city. It’s easily done, the town guard is small and although they keep watch on the walls Maaleas knows many ways passed those walls without using any of the manned gates into the city.

He then secrets Inetme’thul into the woods that surround the town. They don’t have to travel far; their destination is less than an hour away on foot.

Following a well trod path they come across a small wooden house. It looks to be crudely constructed but Maaleas knows how deceiving the outside is. Inside the building is more finely constructed, well enough to have a large cellar.

“Now I want you to listen to me closely,” he begins, turning to Inetme’thul. “Inside there is a Minotaur. He’s a rather gruff fellow, easy to anger and quick to rage. But not evil, not really. He and I go way back. He’s not welcome in town but I have Hob bring him supplies once a month and he pays me back with, well, never you mind what. What’s important is that I’m going to be leaving you with him.”

He could see that she looks sad, that she wants to beg not to be parted with him. The look makes Maaleas smile and almost change his mind about this plan. But then he remembers her friends and realizes he has no choice.

This next part is a gamble, he thinks. He has no idea how powerful the effects of the ring of control are or if any commands he gives will last once its effects wear off of her. He hopes his gamble pays off or that if it doesn’t that Inetme’thul will no longer be a worry when things change. Five days was a long time and hopefully she would be far away from Grayfair by then.

Taking a deep breath he starts. “When you walk through that door,” he says, pointing, “I want you to forget about me. Forget everything that has happened since you asked to buy a special, enchanted item from me. Forget about all the things I have done to you or made you do. Instead I want you to remember leaving Grayfair alone to go slay those goblins you were going to slay. I want you to remember stumbling upon this shack and becoming a prisoner of this Minotaur. You’ll remember that he broke your will to resist and you will do as he says.”

He bit his lip, deciding whether to add a little more. “And,” he says slowly, “although you will struggle at his hands you won’t actually try to escape. You will ENJOY what he does to you. It will be the greatest sexual thrill of your life. You will let him do whatever he wants, no matter how bad it hurts. And you will love every minute of it and cum yourself senseless. And when all is done you will cherish what he gives you more than anything you’ve ever received.”

If that command stuck he knew it would change the High Elf’s life forever, and in the most humiliating way possible.

Maaleas then turns to the door and knocks. He knows he’ll have no problem convincing the Minotaur to take the woman, it’s what the man-beast has always wanted. He just hopes the beastly man won’t be suspicious as to his reasons for unloading the High Elf on him.


* * *


Inetme’thul kneels on the ground, naked and shaking with fear as she pulls helplessly at the chains that keep her secured in place. She feels confused and afraid. Her memories are a foggy blur. She’d left Grayfair alone, she thinks, to go kill the Goblins. Yet it wasn’t like her to act so recklessly. But what else could have happened? What other explanation other than what she half remembered was there for how she became this… things prisoner?

She looks up, taking in the massive hulking figure looming above her. Its shape is roughly that of a man, only much, much larger. Its huge body is covered in thick, powerful muscles that add to its sense of immensity.

From the neck down it is basically a powerful, overlarge man. Sure, its skin is dark and covered with a thin dark brown fur in some parts, but for the most part it is humanoid. Even its cock, other than its immense size, is basically humanoid.

From the neck up, however, it is totally inhuman. The being before her has the head of a bull. Large, bovine ears and sharp pointed horns adorn with golden jewelry. Its face is covered in a beastly snout that makes it look more animal than man. Yet when the thing speaks, when it looks at her, it is clear it has as much intelligence as any Human or Elf.

Quickly she looks back down. The Minotaur disgusts and scares her. Yet what disgusts and scares her the most is just how attractive she finds the man-thing. The sight of its massive cock makes her mouth water and her cunt throb with desire. Worse of all is the desire she feels to let her captor do what it plans to do.

“You understand,” the Minotaur says in a deep, rumbling voice. “This thing you will do for me? You understand why I need you. That it is not just for my own pleasure that I fuck you.”

Slowly Inetme’thul looks up. It’s strange, the Minotaur is talking about it like this will be the first time it has fucked her. Yet she remembers being savaged by the beast multiple times, for days now.

“I understand,” she says, shivering in anticipation and revulsion at her own desire to have this happen. “You need to impregnate me. There are no Minotaur women, only males. Your species reproduces by impregnating the females of other races. But you need strong women, ones that can survive both being fucked by your large cocks and endure the birth, which is fast compared to other races. And when it is born it will be a full blooded Minotaur, a mighty beast-man like you.”

“Oh yes, so mighty,” the Minotaur rumbles. “And with the powerful magic you can wield you will be able to survive birthing my young multiple times. I’ll be able to use you to birth a whole litters worth of young. And then I will raise them to be strong, like me. I shall be the founder of a mighty tribe and you shall be that tribe’s brood mare!”

He stops and looks about, chuckling. “And no one knows you are here! Well, no one that will tell anyways.”

Inetme’thul wrinkles her nose in confusion. What does he mean? Who could possibly know she is here?

“But enough talk, I am ready to begin!”

Inetme’thul lies back, spreading her legs open as she blushes and looks away from the Minotaur. The chains connected to her ankles and wrists give her enough freedom of movement to easily change positions, even to move around this small cellar. But the chains will keep her from reaching the door.

If only she could cast a spell! Yet she can’t. Every time she’d tried she found herself unable to tap into her mana. It was strange, like there was some mental block on her ability to escape.

She tells herself it must be some strange unknown magic the Minotaur has used on her. But deep down inside she fears the answer is much darker: she doesn’t want to escape. She wants to be fucked by this Minotaur, she wants to be impregnated and bear its young. The thought fills her with shame. Even if she were to escape she would be shunned by her people, outcast for birthing such an abomination!

“No,” the Minotaur growls, “not like that, not yet. Your body must be primed first if you are to be impregnated. Get up on your knees, present your glorious breasts to me!”

Obediently Inetme’thul does as he commands, getting up on her knees and lifting her large, heavy breasts up to him as if presenting him a present.

He steps closer, slapping his massive cock down between her tits. “Wrap them around me,” he says.

She does so, surprised to find that even her large breasts are not large enough to wrap all the way around his mighty cock. It’s not just massively big around, but so long that his cockhead sticks up into her face.

“Good,” he purrs. “Now work the tip. Suck and lick and ooze spit down my shaft as I fuck these big tits.”

Again, she does as he commands. His cock is too big to take all the way into her mouth but she is able to suck and slurp and pleasure it as the Minotaur fucks her tits. Soon his shaft is well lubricated by thick strings of saliva that leak from her mouth. She discovers that the messier things get the more the beast-man seems to enjoy things.

“That’s right,” the Minotaur mumbles, “work the cock that shall now be your god, the center of your life. Make love to it with your mouth, cherish the taste of my precum. Drink it down when you taste it, it will help prime your body for impregnation.”

Soon he is humping her chest harder, faster. She knows what that means, he’s about to cum. She goes to pull away, not wanting his seed to spray her in the face, but the Minotaur grabs her head with his huge hands and forces her face back towards the tip of his cock. “Suck on the tip, prepare to take it all in. You must drink every drop! It is the medicine that you need, Elfling.”

When he starts to cum she starts to swallow. But his cum is thick and there is so much of it! Her cheeks balloon and cum starts to drip and ooze out of her mouth as she’s not able to swallow it fast enough. She’s staggered by just how much ejaculate is coming from the Minotaur!

Stranger still is the lightheaded feeling washing over her as she works to swallow the last of the cum in her mouth. She blinks and sees the Minotaur standing before her, grinning down at her. She’s confused, feels like she’s lost time. She doesn’t remember the man pulling away from her. Yet all the cum in her mouth is gone.

She feels dizzy and confused but most of all she feels horny. She wants, no needs, the Minotaur’s cock in her! Inetme’thul sits and lays back, spreading her legs open wide. “Please,” she whimpers. “Fuck me. Impregnate me!”

“Roll over,” the Minotaur growls. “Get on all fours like an animal, that is how I want to rut with you. I want to be able to grab that thick, full ass of yours. I want to be able to lean over and see those great big Elven tits swinging back and forth as I pound you.”

Shaking, she changes position. But is it fear or anticipation that makes her shake so? As the Minotaur steps closer and kneels down behind her, rubbing his massive warm cock into the folds of her pussy lips she knows which it is: anticipation.

When the Minotaur begins he does not do so gently. The man seems totally unconcerned with her pleasure of comfort. Inetme’thul screams as his overlarge cock is shoved deep into her soaking wet and throbbing cunt. Tears well up in her eyes from the pain of such a large cock filling her insides. Not just long, but so thick she feels as though her insides are being torn open.

Yet they aren’t. High Elfs are hardy people and her body is able to take the Minotaur balls deep into her. And after a few minutes of savage pounding the pain even begins to lessen, bleeding away and leaving only pleasure.

The Minotaur pins her to the ground, pressing her torso down and causing her large breasts to be pressed out beside her. She keeps her ass raised high in the air, allowing the Minotaur to keep pounding her pussy.

She’s never been fucked so hard and so deep. As soon as the pain starts to fade she feels herself cum. As she does words seem to ring through her head. “You will let him do whatever he wants, no matter how bad it hurts. And you will love every minute of it and cum yourself senseless.” She has no idea where the words came from but they echo through her mind making her scream in pleasure and cum over and over again.

And then there is an explosion of pressure and moisture inside of her. She howls in delight and fear as the Minotaur spills his potent seed inside her. She’s heard tales of how potent that seed is and knows that her moons are right, that she’ll certainly be with child by the next morning.

She screams and cums again, knowing the life she had lived is over.


* * *


Hob was angry. Maaleas had been having all sorts of fun but he had been left totally out. “We’ll I’m going to change all of that,” the plump little Halfling mumbles to himself as he opens the hidden door to the secret cellar. He knew exactly where Maaleas was taking the High Elf he’d been having so much fun with and knew exactly how many hours he would be gone. Plenty for him to have a little fun of his own.

Once he is in the basement it doesn’t take him long to find what he went there looking for. It had lain hidden for some time, on a shelf with many other items in front of it, out of sight and out of mind of his employer.

After using a stool to retrieve the item Hob holds the ornate brass container in his hands. It is large, about the size of a big cat or a small dog. Its lid is covered in holes shaped into ornate patterns. Inside the item is a pile of dry leaves, fragrant leaves whose smell Hob avoids.

Quietly he takes the item back up the stairs and places it on the counter there. He then takes the lid off and carefully lights the dried leaves. They start to immediately smoke. Quickly he places the lid back on and scurries back to the larder where he slips into the hidden door and closes it behind him. After creeping down the stairs he sits and waits.

The leaves will create a great cloud of odoriferous smoke that will billow out and fill first the first floor of the inn and then drift up to invade every inch of the rooms above. It will burn itself out quickly, in less than five or ten minutes. The smoke, however, will drift ever up and out till it fills every corner of the inn. It will last just long enough to be breathed in by everyone there.

The leaves are rare and expensive, their smoke when inhaled putting the breather into a deep sleep for a few hours. Nothing will wake you up after breathing the smoke, at least not till its effects wore out a few hours later.

He waits long enough for the potent smoke to dissipate then goes back up. The strange odor of the fragrant leaves hangs about the inn but he knows by morning the smell will be gone. Looking into the brass container he sees only ashes. But he also knows if he leaves those ashes there that within a few days they will magically reform into more of the dry leaves. Maaleas will never know Hob had used the item on the patrons of the inn while he was gone.

After returning it to its forgotten shelf Hob then quickly makes his way to the upper floor, fumbling with a ring of keys. He knows exactly which room he wishes to enter, knows exactly who he wants to visit.

Not bothering to be quiet he unlocks the door and steps in. There, sound asleep on the bed is the flame haired Human fighter that seems to have been leading the band of adventurers that was giving his boss so many problems. He is unsurprised to see that she is sleeping in her light weight leather armor, her sword nearby. The woman was suspicious that dark goings on were transpiring in Grayfair and she had been prepared for a nocturnal assault. Although, he thinks with a dark smile, not prepared enough.

Hob had thought about going into the room that contains the big titted Halfling. He has a strong fondness for women of his own race, especially the curvier ones like her. But he also had seen her making eyes with him and thought there was a chance he’d be able to bed her without the help of any Maaleas’ strange and powerful items.

No, if he wants to fuck the hot Human with the fiery red hair he’d have to do it now. A woman like her never gave a man like him more than a passing glance. His body probably looked squashed and misshapen to her eyes. No chance of attraction there. And besides, she’d shown no interest in any man since arriving at the Crossroads Inn. If he wanted her he’d have to have her this way.

For a few moments he stands, drinking in the sight of her tall, slender, well muscled body. He practically shakes with anticipation for what will come next. He moves close to the bed and leans over, undoing the buckles and hooks of her belt and loosening her pants. He doesn’t think twice about leaving her top on. The tight, form fitting leather armor would take too long to take off. Besides, the woman was flat enough that stripping her topless would prove little entertainment for him. But what lay in her pants, that he wants to see and have full access to.

Once her pants are loosened he lovingly pulls them down, oohing at the sight of her pale skin as it is revealed. As he pulls her pants even further down her womanhood is revealed and he is pleased to see the slit of flesh is covered in a thick main of curly fire red hair.

Pulling her pants down further his eyes drink in her naked, long, slender, muscular legs. So unlike the short, pudgy legs of the Halfling women he had spent so much of his life bedding. Once her pants are removed he takes a few moments to crawl up onto the bed and run his pudgy little hands down her legs, enjoying how slender and long they are.

But no matter how much he enjoys the look and feel of her long legs his eyes can only be drawn from the bush of wild red hair for so long. He turns his attention back to it, spreading her legs and bending down to bury his face in her pussy. He stops just above the wild hair of her bush and inhales the fragrant smell of her cunt, savoring it like a fine wine.

Then, shaking once again with anticipation, he buries his face in her. His tongue darts out of his open mouth as he explores her fleshy folds, prodding and tasting her. Although she is in a deep sleep her body responds almost right away, her juices starting to flow and the fighter starting to moan in pleasure in her sleep. Hob has always enjoyed eating women out and he’s gotten rather good at it over the years.

Once her body is wet enough he pulls away, undoing his own pants and kicking them off. His little cock is already rock hard and ready for action. He sidles up her body and gets on top of her, reaching down and lining his cockhead up with her moist hole. With a slow press into her he enters the slumbering women, feeling her warm, wet cunt slowly envelope his hard cock.

For a moment he rests, balls deep in her just enjoying the feel of her around his body. Human cunts feel so different than Halfling cunts. Bigger yet usually tighter somehow. Then, after taking a deep breath, he starts to fuck her. He pounds her hard and fast, knowing he doesn’t have to care about her pleasure or even comfort.

It doesn’t take him long to reach climax. There was just too much build up to the moment, too long for him to think about and get excited for how good it would be. With a grunt of pleasure he unloads deep inside of her.

His eyes shoot open and he quickly pulls out, swearing loudly. He had planned on spreading his seed on her thigh so that he could easily clean it up, leaving no trace of what he had done. Now her cunt was full of his semen and surely she’d discover it in the morning and grow suspicious.

But maybe there was a way to fix this. He moves down the bed till he is able to bury his face in her pussy once again. He then starts eating her out again, using his hands to spread her lips wide open and diving his thick tongue as deep into her cunt-hole as he can. He laps and slurps, trying to lick as much of his cum out of her as he can.

He finds the act so enjoyable that soon he has forgotten why he is eating his cum out of her and simply enjoys it. He licks. He slurps. His hips move back and forth. His little pecker starts to swell once again. And then, hard and horny from eating her out, he is on top of her again. Fucking her again.

He lasts longer this time since he has so recently cum. He is able to really enjoy himself, enjoy the pleasures of the sleeping woman’s cunt.

Lost in the pleasure he cums inside of her once again. This time he doesn’t swear. He simply returns to eating out her cummy cunt with joy. He’ll use his tongue and mouth to clean away any evidence. Sure, the woman would wake sore and still damp with arousal. But maybe she’d just think she’d had an arousing dream.

When he is done he puts her pants back on her. Then, after putting his own pants back on, he sneaks out of the room, locking the door behind himself. He’d gotten carried away, he knew that. Maaleas would be back soon. But hopefully the Night Elf would be none the wiser to what Hob had done. Then, of course, he’d have to help him carry out the rest of his plan.


* * *


Wilifreida rubbed her eyes and yawned as she sat at the table the rest of her party was already at. They all seemed to still be as sleepy as she felt.

“I slept so deeply last night,” Kel’raz the Orc says, covering up a yawn of his own.

The fighter nods. She also feels as though she has slept more deeply than normal, a powerful dreamless sleep. At least no dreams that she remembered. She had woken feeling… damp with arousal. She had no memories of any dreams but she must of had one that was incredibly arousing to wake so wet down below. For half a minute she had feared someone had taken advantage of her while she slept, but on closer investigation there was no sign of a man’s seed inside of her.

“What’s the plan for today?” Elani asks, looking at Wilifreida. Since Inetme’thul’s disappearance they had all been turning to the no-nonsense fighter as their leader.

“We’ll, I was thinking—” she starts to say but is cut off as the door to the inn is thrown open with a bang.

All heads turn to see the Halfling man servant that helps run the inn standing there with a flushed face. “I’ve seen her!” he shouts, moving quickly towards the adventuring party’s table. “Inetme’thul, the missing High Elf! I saw her!”

Many voices speak at once, talking over the agitated Halfling and drowning out his report. Then, almost as if summoned by magic, Maaleas the innkeeper is there, calling for silence. “Explain,” he demands.

Hob then tells a short and excited tale, explaining that some mornings he likes to wake up early and go for a long walk outside the town walls. Not far, mind everyone, for much danger lurks nearby. But far enough to see some things. And it was there that he saw the Minotaur that lives near the town, saw his home and saw in the window to see the High Elf struggling with the brutish creature.

The party is up at once.

“Everyone knows how untrustworthy Minotaurs are,” Gulvan the Common Elf declares. “She must have left the city to go after those Goblins, like the innkeeper suggested, and been abducted by this Minotaur!”

The party is already drawing their weapons. “Let me come with you,” Maaleas says, procuring a sword and bow from behind the front counter. “Before I ran this inn I was an adventurer too and I’m still good in a fight. Let us go rescue your friend!”


* * *


The fight is quick and one sided. The group comes upon the Minotaur with speed, surprise, and greater numbers. The Orc barbarian had grown in size till he was nearly as large as the hulking Minotaur and with the armored Dwarf and speedy fighter at his side they were easily able to break into the Minotaur’s home and begin attacking the beast.

They quickly cut him down and were prepared to let him live just long enough to tell where Inetme’thul was when Maaleas strode into the house and let an arrow fly that struck the beast right in the center of its neck. The creature looks at him, surprise on his beastly face as blood gushes from around the arrow in his neck. He gurgles something then breathes his death rattle and goes limp.

“Quickly,” Maaleas says, pointing to a cellar door. “She must be down there.”

The party of adventurers quickly make their way into the cellar, barely noticing that Maaleas stays behind.

Once in the cellar they discover Inetme’thul, naked and chained to the floor. She is sitting in a puddle of cum, humming idly as she plays with her pussy. She seems shocked at the sight of her friends then proclaims in joy.

But her joy is short lived once they explain they had killed the Minotaur. The High Elf wails in despair at this news, proclaiming that even though she had been imprisoned she had grown to love her captor. She then stands, placing a hand on her belly. For the first time they all noticed that her belly is plump as though she is several month pregnant with a child.

“But how?” Elani asks.

Proudly Inetme’thul raises her chin. “Minotaur’s seed is potent and strong,” she declares, then explains to them that there are no Minotaur women and how they need females of other races to breed. And that once impregnated a Minotaur’s young grows very fast. It is because of this that only a woman as strong as her could survive bearing the child.

Her friends are flabbergasted. “Surely there must be a way to get rid of the thing growing inside of you,” one says.

Inetme’thul snarls at the suggestion. “No. I will bear this child and raise it as my own. Now that its father is dead it’s even more important that I care for it.”

“But… but this will mean the end of your career as an adventurer!”

“So? This was fated to be my last adventure. I care not that my people will shun me and I already see that my choice has lost you as my friends. I say again, I care not!”

After the chains are removed from her and Inetme’thul is given some clothing and she was led up from the cellar. There the party explains to Maaleas all that has happened. He looks shocked.

“Let’s bring her back to town,” Maaleas says. “We’ll keep this tale hidden from the folk there, they might not be as understanding as us. I think it would be best if Inetme’thul was to leave Grayfair as soon as possible.”

The party all agrees. They will give their former party leader what aid they can to start her new life then see her off. After that they plan to go their own separate way. They clearly wish to be away from Grayfair and this whole ordeal as quickly as possible.

Hearing this Maaleas is pleased. Once their backs are turned to him he smiles. Everything, it seems, has worked out perfectly.


The End.


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