Poll Driven Story: “Lyari Fenyarus’ Tale”

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With a kick to her horse and a loud, “Hiya!” Lyari Fenyarus began riding towards the ominous figure perched atop the hill before her. Her horse easily trots up the hill but as it nears the figure it pulls back, kicking its front legs out and whinnying in alarm.

“I’m sorry about that,” a soft, pretty feminine voice calls out. “Animals usually react that way to my presence till they are used to the chill air that surrounds me.”

The cloaked figure pulls down her hood revealing herself to be a stunningly pretty Human woman with vibrant blond hair. She has an elegantly narrow face with pretty, full lips. But most striking are her eyes: they are ice blue and glow faintly even in the midday sun. Seemingly inset into the skin of her forehead is a diamond shaped blue gem the exact same shade of blue as her eyes and it too glows.

She throws back the rest of her traveling cloak to reveal a blue outfit marking her as an ice mage. She has large, full, perky breasts that are prominently displayed and barely covered by a wrapped blue cloth around the top of her torso that does more to lift them up then cover them.

Around her waist is a small belt with a large buckle in the front, a square blue gem that glows dimly and seems to hum with power. Attached to the belt are straps of blue cloth that hang down, barely covering the woman’s privates and ass and leaving her long, full legs fully displayed.

The only true bulk to any of her clothing comes in the form of thick, bunched up cloth arm bracers made of vibrant blue cloth held in place by a few golden bands. Lyari can’t be sure but she suspects the strange arm wrappings actually hide small items, perhaps vials filed with magical potions.

The woman hops down off her horse moving with the ease of an acrobat. Her body is beautiful to behold in motion, elegantly thin but well muscled. Only in her large breasts or her perky ass is there any sign of unnecessary weight on the slender mage.

“I am Villette Rutherford, skilled ice mage and devoted follower of Baedor. The glorious god of sexual indulgence appeared to me three nights ago in a dream,” she declares with pride. She then runs her hands down her slender body, taking time to feel the curves of her breasts and the perk of her ass as she does. “After enjoying the pleasures of my body my god told me to ride to this place and wait for another of his followers. He said I was to become this persons servant, helping them in any task they required help with and,” she pauses, looking at Lyari and for the first time seeming to notice the huge bulk of Silver Elf’s over-sized breasts. She takes a deep breath, suddenly seeming more excited. “He said that I would also be giving my body freely to my new master.”

She moves closer, cocking her head. “You are a Silver Elf?” She asks.

Lyari throws back her own hood revealing her platinum hair and pressing her chest out. As she does the button holding her cloak in place pops open revealing her massive cleavage. “Yes, I am,” she declares proudly.

She’s used to men looking at her with the intense hunger this ice mage now has in her eyes but is surprised to see if from a woman. Oh, sure, Lyari has been with many women. But she’s found that most need to be “convinced” to be with other women sexually. Those that seem to prefer the company of women are frequently lacking in the more traditional feminine qualities. Yet this woman, more feminine in her beauty than nearly anyone the Silver Elf has ever seen, seems more intensely interested in her, and especially her large breasts, than any man she’s ever met.

“How comes a Silver Elf to be a servant of Baedor?” the woman asks, her curiosity clear on her perplexed face. “I understood your people to be… Well, that they tended to fight for matters more ‘pure’ than for the god of sexual indulgence. In fact I had heard most Silver Elfs shied away from most sexual pleasure and view it as a corrupting force.”

Lyari turns, swinging her leg up and over the horse then hopping down from her mount, standing before her new servant. She realizes this woman is intensely self confident and that if she is truly to be Lyari’s servant that the Silver Elf will need to establish her dominance, and soon.

“Perhaps in time I will tell you how I came to serve Baedor,” she says, intentionally giving the woman no real information. “Let us just say I haven’t always worshiped him and that before that I had a history of worshiping the darker gods. And how a Silver Elf came to be swayed by such gods is a very private matter.”

Villette bows. “If it pleases you to keep your secrets please do so, I wish only to serve Baedor and he has tasked me with serving you.”

As she stands from her bow she takes a step closer, closing her eyes and inhaling deeply. Yet it does not seem she is truly smelling, she seems rather to be inhaling some unseen force.

Her eyes shoot open and she looks at Lyari with surprise. “You are a wild mage! I can sense the wild untamed magic flowing off of you, weak as it is.” She starts to wave her hands about as if feeling the magical energy. “It flows and swirls around you, the natural energy of the world being pulled towards you.” She stops, her brow furrowing. “No, not the natural energies of the world. My energies!”

A sly smile pulls at the edge of her lips. “You draw your mana not from Alaria but from its inhabitant’s sexual energies, don’t you?”

Lyari nods. “Very perceptive. I thought it took decades of practice in the magical arts for a mage to be able to read such energies.”

“Oh, more than decades. It took me nearly one-hundred years just to sense them and even longer to read them.”

“But—” Lyari begins, her eyes darting to the woman’s ears. They are covered by her long flowing blond hair. She had assumed this ice mage was human by her facial features. But perhaps she had been mistaken. She was clearly no High Elf, but perhaps a mongrel Common Elf with shortened ears able to be hidden by her hair? How else could she have lived so long yet look so young? If she was Human she looked no older than her second or third decade at the most.

Villette laughs and throws her head back, wipping her long hair back and reaching up to pull it to the side to expose one of her ears.

Lyari gasps when she sees that the ear is short and rounded, not a hint of even a drop of Elven blood. “How?” she asks, suspecting the woman will understand exactly what she means.

Still laughing happily Villette straightens her hair then touches the glowing gem set in the middle of her forehead. “I spent my life in search of the instructions and ingredients required to forge this gem. Towards the end I feared I had taken too long. I was an old shriveled crone lying on my death bed when I infused it with a powerful enchantment then become one with it.”

She stands tall, glowing with pride. “It is the greatest achievement possible with ice magic. Cold, frozen, everlasting eternal youth.” She pauses to smile sadly. “Only real downside is the cold. See,” she says holding her hand out, “feel. Everlasting youth, as if I was frozen in time. Frozen being the key word.”

Lyari reaches out and feels the woman’s bare hand. It is cold to the touch, feeling as though she had been standing outside in freezing temperatures for some time. Lyari wrapped her hand around the woman’s, trying to warm it but there was no sign of the heat from her hand doing anything to warm Villette’s hand.

Villette pulls her hand away. “It will never warm. I’ve been told that once someone is used to it the chill can be quite nice in moments of physical intimacy, although it’s not for everyone. I’ve had enough partners over the last few hundred years to be able to predict, though, who will like it and who won’t.”

“Hundreds of years?” Lyari asks. “How old are you?”

“I’ve lived some four hundred and some odd years, most of that time looking exactly as I look now.”

Lyari’s jaw fell open. “Why, you’re older than me! And I’ve outlived generations of Humans!” As she adjusted to the shock something occurred to her. “If you are so old and powerful why has Baedor sent you to be my servant? Why is he not sending others to be YOUR servant?”

The woman laughed again, flipping some of her blond hair out of her face. “Why? Because I’m no leader, no accomplisher of great tasks. This gem,” she says, pointing to it again, “I was only driven to learn the skill to create it out of selfishness. See, I am a VERY selfish and indulgent person. I care only for my own pleasure, especially sexual pleasure. The thought of my life ending and never feeling an orgasm again? I couldn’t stand that.

“But once I had eternal life I had no purpose, that was till I discovered Baedor. Worshiping him is the greatest joy I have ever experienced. His followers are all as self indulgent as me. I feel at home with them. And he has seen fit to lead me forth to those who both need my services as a mage AND as a very attractive young woman.”

Lyari was seeing why this woman was being used as a servant. No matter how old, how experienced, how skilled she was if she lacked the drive that Lyari was filled with she’d accomplish little. It made Lyari comfortable with using the woman as a servant.

Villette ran her hands down her body again. “You can only imagine how good I am with this body after hundreds of years of constant practice,” she says, finishing her previous thought.

Lyari raises an eyebrow at this. “Oh really? Well, it just so happens I’m in need of sexual attention. My stores of magical power, ‘mana’ as you called it, are nearly empty. Do you understand how wild mages like me refill our stores?”

“Oh yes,” Villette purrs, moving in closer and wrapping her arms around Lyari’s thick waist. “I understand perfectly.”


* * *


Lyari lay in the grass atop the hill, the standing stones looming over her and the two horses grazing nearby. She gasped as Villette sucked on one of her nipples. The woman had striped her with more sexual skill than any partner she had ever had. It was like a strip tease, but with her own clothing being removed. By the end her pussy had been dripping wet and throbbing with anticipation before Villette had even laid a hand on her naked skin.

Still Villette had yet to even brush a knee against her slit. The woman had quickly disrobed out of her own clothing then pinned Lyari to the ground. Lyari had barely the time to notice this woman had the same piercings as her, metal rings through her nipples, before she was pinned down. Once on top of her Villette had begun working on the Silver Elf’s massive breasts.

Lyari was used to this. Men especially had a hard time paying attention to any other part of her. Her breasts, like the breasts of all Silver Elfs, were truly enormous and perfectly rounded yet heavy and full. No woman of any other race naturally had breasts as large as a Silver Elf. Most other race’s bodies couldn’t even hold such large breasts, they’d be doubled over and in pain from the weight. Yet Silver Elfs were innately magical in nearly everything they did, more so even than the High Elves. They might all look pleasantly plump but each was nearly as strong as a Minotaur.

So Lyari was used to her partners showering her massive breasts with attention. She was used to endless fondling and gropes, used to having her nipples tugged at and sucked on. She was especially used to men fucking her breasts. And as a Silver Elf her breasts were highly sensitive, making it all, even mammary intercourse, enjoyable to her.

But no man, no woman, no being natural or magical had ever showered her breasts with the detailed and skilled attention that Villette Rutherford was giving her. Her chill fingers danced lithely upon every inch of her breasts, paying close attention to the area just around her areolas and the sweaty underside of her breasts, an area few bothered to pay attention to.

After some time of simple, pleasing caressing with her cold fingers the woman leaned in and began to kiss and lick every inch of her breasts. By this point Lyari was breathing heavily, her body and her skin feeling heated and hot. Villette’s cold touches, her cold lips and even her cold wet tongue, soothed the heat yet at the same time stoked her internal fires and made her grow warmer.

Villette works her mouth around Lyari’s breasts, licking and kissing every inch. Villette works in from the base of Lyari’s tit meat, going in circular motions that move in closer to Layri’s large nipples.

Once she reaches her areolas she closes her mouth and runs her cold lips across their surface, making her flesh pebble and harden. Only after her areolas are covered in ripple like raised bumps of hardened flesh does her tongue dark out to lick at Layri’s flesh.

And then her tongue darts into the swollen nub of her nipple. Just a few cold flicks before she moves with sudden speed and takes the nipple into her mouth where she begins to suck and flick the nub with her tongue. Occasionally biting down on the rings pierced through her nipples and giving them pleasurable little tugs.

It feels good from the very start but it’s clear that Villette knows how to read her partner’s body, knows how to quickly zero in on just what exactly pleases them. Soon she is sucking just right, flicking her tongue just right. She’s moving from one nipple to the other at just the right moment.

Lyari gasps and arches her back. It all feels so good.

Her eyes shoot open. She realizes that it’s all felt so good she’s simply been indulging in the pleasure, not siphoning off this woman’s sexual energies. She closes her eyes again, reveling in the feeling of having her nipples played with so pleasurably all while reaching out and grabbing hold of the strong sexual energies flowing off her partner.

She gasps again, stunned by just how strong the energies are. She’s never felt so much come from one person. The only thing she’s ever felt like this was the energy that came from a massive orgy, over thirty people fucking simultaneously.

Once she starts draining the energy from Villette she feels the need to be less passive. As the energy flows from Villette into her, turning into mana for her to use to fuel her spells, she feels energized. She grabs hold of the thin woman and flips her over, rolling over on top of her.

Villette gasps in surprise then giggles in joy. “Ready to take me, my Master?” she says.

“Yes,” Lyari growls aggressively, moving her body up and shoving one of her nipples into the woman’s face to silence her while reaching down with the hand not holding her up. It quickly slides between Villette’s legs, spreading them open then greedily begins fingering the woman’s pussy. Her blond pubic hair is soft to the touch but as Lyari’s fingers start to explore the folds of her outer labia she feels only the ice cold of the woman’s skin.

Villette’s pussy is sopping wet and Lyari’s fingers slide in easily, yet doing so she finds the woman’s insides even colder than her skin. As she curls her fingers and explores her insides she wonders idly how long she’ll be able to keep fingering her before the cold starts to bother her. She also wonders if men find the chill of her insides exhilarating or painful.

As Villette sucks on Lyari’s huge breast that’s shoved in her face her arms wrap up around her Master’s back. Her cold fingertips dance in little circles on the soft plump flesh of Lyari’s back, caressing and teasing. One of her hands starts to wander down the curve of her back, her hand pressing down into the chubby flesh of Lyari’s fat ass. She pulls away then slaps her ass, a cold sting that echoes through the hills around them.

Then her hand is snaking down through Lyari’s thighs, spreading her legs and finding the slit of her hairless pussy.

If Lyari had been surprised at how good this woman was at playing with her breasts she’s even more so now as the woman begins to finger her. The woman is so skilled that Lyari barely has words to describe it.

She shudders and moans and is brought to orgasm almost immediately. As she cums she inhales deeply, drawing in not just air but magical power from her partner’s oversexed body. Her eyes open wide and start to glow intensely. Lyari has never been able to siphon this much energy from one partner. In fact, she’s never been so full of mana. She has to stop, unable to hold any more.

As she starts to come down from her orgasm her impulse is to pull away. Sex has always been just about getting the mana she needs. But now… the rings in her nipples burn and she hears a deep growling voice in her head. Keep going, indulge, it says.

Hearing the words of her god Lyari decides not to pull away. She presses in closer to the cold body of her partner and she indulges in all the sexual skill she has.


* * *


“That was amazing,” Lyari says, still breathing hard and feeling flush. She rides on her horse, Villette on her own horse beside her.

“Thank you, it’s been some hundred years or so since I’ve had a complaint,” the ice mage says. “So, where do we ride to now? What is our task?”

For a few minutes Lyari is silent, trying to decide just how much to tell the mage. Finally, she decides to tell her everything. She explains about the necklace and how their mission is to get the item around the neck of the commander of the Sisterhood keep.

“And how do you plan on accomplishing this?” Villette asks.

Lyari makes note that the woman is clearly asking out of curiosity. She is showing no drive to come up with a plan of her own. As skilled as she is the woman is truly a follower.

“I haven’t decided yet,” Lyari tells her. “My plan, for now, is to ride back to the inn at the crossroads in Grayfair not far from here. I was thinking someone in the town must know a bit about this keep. Maybe there is a weakness we could use to gain entry.”

She looks over at the ice mage. “How skilled are you in combat?” she asks.

“Very,” Villette says simply.

“Well, should we discover no way to sneak in the two of us could probably fight our way in. I’ve mostly stayed clear of the Sisterhood of Righteousness in my life, so I have no sense of how good of warriors they are. But together—”

“Even together a keeps worth of them would probably slaughter us,” Villette says, interrupting Lyari. “I’m sorry, but I’ve dealt with them many times. They are truly troublesome women and their might seems to have only grown over the last few hundred years. Their warriors are some of the most highly trained and skilled fighters, their mages powerful, and their commanders smart.”

“Surely these women must have some weakness,” Lyari says, her frustration mounting.

“Oh yes, a large one. Almost all of them are incredibly naive and good natured. And trusting. And although their order is not celibate once a woman becomes a member she has little time for the pleasures of the flesh, and enjoying those pleasures is discouraged.

“In fact,” she adds, “one of the reasons they are so troublesome is that they seem to battle against any open displays of sexuality. They detest sex in all forms other than for procreation and they try to suppress the worship of any god that is sexual in nature or that is prayed to in a sexual manner.”

“So they must hate Baedor worshipers,” Lyari says.

“Oh yes! Most Sisterhood members will kill someone on the spot should they learn they have given themselves to Baedor. They view him as a truly evil god. We’re actually quite lucky that his mark of servitude is so easily hidden under our clothing,” she said, nodding down to her breasts and the nipple rings hidden under her clothing.

“Well, let us ride to Grayfair. On the way there I want you to tell me all you know of the Sisterhood. We’ll stay at the Crossroads Inn for a night or two as we plan our next move, perhaps asking around amongst the locals to see what they know about the keep. It’s barely a day’s ride from their town, they must know something!”


* * *


Maaleas the innkeeper smiles happily as he sees Lyari come in through the door. His smile grew even larger as he saw the pretty blond walking not far behind her. “You’re back so soon! And with such lovely company,” he says, bowing at Villette.

Although the Night Elf man is clearly happy to see the two attractive travelers he seems agitated and upset about something. Looking past him Lyari can see that the tavern on the first floor of the inn is empty, a strange sight so late in the evening.

“What has happened?” Lyari asks.

“Ah,” the innkeeper says, wringing his hands together and looking back over his shoulder. “Well, not long ago a knight of the Sisterhood of Righteousness rode into town. We know that they have taken over the keep up the road but we rarely see them here. She strode into my inn, fire in her Elven eyes. Word seemed to have reached the keep that I had allowed a shrine to Ynara to be set up in my establishment.”

“Let me guess,” Villette says, stepping forward and looking around. “She demanded the thing be smashed.”

He nods. “That’s right. And when I wouldn’t allow her,” he shrugs and turns, pointing to a far wall. There was the remains of the shrine, a simple wooden alter smashed to bits and now scattered across the floor. The ceramic idol of the goddess Ynara that would have been the center piece of the shrine, a carved likeness of the goddess naked and holding her massive breasts up, was smashed and in pieces that were mixed in with the wood of the alter.

“A few of the locals tried to stop her and she, well, let’s just say we’re all thankful she didn’t kill any of them. I went to the town guard but they refused to help. There are only a handful of them and the Sisterhood has an entire brigade of troops stationed at their keep, at least that’s what we have heard. They were too afraid to do anything. Said I’d just have to live with it.

“Honestly,” he continues, “I don’t think they were too upset. Ynara worship isn’t exactly looked upon kindly by the locals. I had allowed a traveling missionary to set the shrine up for the travelers that come through here.”

“Where is this knight now?” asked Lyari.

The innkeeper points above him. “She rented a room and said she’d like to head to bed early. She seemed quite satisfied with herself and didn’t even stop to think that maybe after smashing an alter in my inn that she wouldn’t be welcome.”

The two women exchanged glances.

“How would you like us to help you rid yourself of this troublesome Elven knight?” Lyari asks.

Maaleas smiles a crooked evil grin. “What can I do to help?”


* * *


The three figures stand silently by the door to the rented room the Sisterhood knight is staying in. Maaleas has the key to the room in his hand and is prepared to unlock the door for them. Villette stands back, her stance one that is ready for combat and her hands raised before her. Quietly she mutters the words to a spell, her pale hands glowing with faint blue energy.

Lyari, meanwhile, stands just before the door. She is glaring at the imagined figure on the other side, planning the attack. Magical energy seems to swirl around her silently as if she was surrounded by an untamed wind.

Mages like Villette need tried and true spells to cast their magic. They have to say the words to the enchantment and at times move their hands in perfect alignment with the ancient forms of those spells. It is different for a wild mage. They don’t cast spells as so much as imagine a result and will it into being, riding the waves of the magic energy that flows through Alaria. It makes for less consistent spell casting but the potential for power is greater.

“Silently unlock the door,” Lyari says. “Then I’ll kick it down and subdue this knight. Hopefully we will catch her off guard. Villette, if my spell doesn’t work I’ll need you to freeze her in place.” She turns to her servant and sees the blond woman nod. “Good,” Lyari says, turning back to the door. “Now!

Maaleas slides forward and silently unlocks the door before stepping back. A moment later Lyari kicks it open. The wooden door flies open, slamming loudly into the wall on the other side.

There before them is the Elven knight. Her armor and clothing lay in a neat pile on top of a nearby dresser and she stands in only her under garments. She whirls to face her attackers, alarm on her face.

She starts to dive for her weapon, a massive sword resting on the edge of her bed. Lyari acts fast, lunging forward and throwing a spell at the women. There is a blast of energy that seems to warp reality between her and the Elven knight. It hits the woman with enough force to send her tumbling back onto the floor.

But the spell hadn’t been cast fast enough. The knight manages to grab the handle of her sword and as she flies back and the weapon is pulled free from its scabbard. Lyari’s spell has hit true yet the Elf seems protected from such magical attacks and she is already recovering and beginning to spring back to her feet.

Villette pushes into the room, her hands together and a ball of blue energy between them. She calls out words in an ancient language then thrusts her arms forward, spreading her hands apart as the ball of blue energy shoots forwards towards the knight.

With a scream of anger the knight takes a step back and swings her sword at the ball of energy. It slices the ball in half but doesn’t stop the magical attack. The blue energy impacts into her body causing her to scream.

But the scream dies out almost as soon as it starts. Her body is frozen where it had been at the instant of impact, her arms out before her with the blade swinging through the air. Her face is frozen mid scream, her eyes open in alarm and anger. For a moment she stands perfectly still then tips over, falling to the ground. She lands with a thud, her limbs still frozen in the position they had been when the spell hit her.

“She won’t be able to move till I release her form the spell,” Villette says, standing at ease.

“Perfect,” Lyari says, moving into the room and looking down at the Elf. She is tall and has an impressively muscled form, yet has thick full breasts that are barely contained by her undergarments. And it is clear from her long, extended pointed ears that she was no Common Elf, she is a true Elf. A High Elf.

“What are you going to do to her now?” Maaleas asks nervously. “If the Sisterhood finds out we allowed one of their members to be attacked in our town—”

“You need not fret,” Lyari says, kneeling down to look the woman in the eye. Those eyes moved, startling her slightly. She makes eye contact with the Elf and glares. “I’ve got plans for this one. And after that all her fellow Sisterhood members will be doomed.”

Lyari looks up at Maaleas. “Do you have somewhere a little more private we can take her?”

He frowns, seeming to be deciding how to answer. Slowly he says, “Yes… But you must promise not to tell anyone about it.”

“I promise,” Lyari says quickly. “And any vow I make will be followed by my minion over there.” Villette nods at this, confirming the words to be true.

“I have a secret basement, entered through a hidden door in the larder,” the innkeeper tells them. “I keep the magical items I trade in hidden there along with, uh, other things. Things that might be quite useful right now.”


* * *


The Sisterhood knight was naked and secured to a padded table designed to keep a being strapped down. There were many such things in Maaleas’ hidden basement, the place looked like a sex dungeon more than anything else. He had even had a drawer full of gags and they had placed one in the knight’s mouth.

“It’s not really necessary,” he tells them, pointing to the gag as the knight screams muffled protestations and struggles in vain against her bindings. “I told you, this room is enchanted so that no sound from it will leave and none from outside will enter.”

Villette stands close by the bound woman and leans over, stroking her pretty face with the back of her hand. The Elf pulls away, repulsed by her cold touch. “I for one like it. And this way we don’t have to listen to her empty threats about how there will be retribution for treating a member of the Sisterhood this way. Their members always say the same things, no originality in it. Quite boring.”

“I’d also rather not listen to her screams,” Lyari says. “And there WILL be screams.”

Maaleas shrugs. “The screams can be enjoyable,” he says but lets the subject end there. “So what is your plan?”

Lyari steps closer to the woman, running her hands up her exposed stomach and then groping her large breasts. “I’d thought we’d start with these,” she says, letting go of the woman’s breasts then hovering her hands over them.

She narrows her eyes as they start to glow. Her hands glow as well, magical energies flowing from the palms of her hands down into the woman’s breasts. The Elf starts to scream again, the sounds muffled by her gag. She wiggles and tries desperately to pull her breasts away from Lyari but is unable. Her eyes shoot open as the spell starts to affect her. Everyone in the room can see her already large breasts swelling and increasing in size.

“The growth is just a side effect,” Lyari says through gritted teeth as she keeps channeling the spell. “I’m making them more sensitive. Never had this much mana to play with. Think I’ll double, no triple, no quadruple their sensitivity!”

Villette sidles up beside her, staring down at the Elf’s perfectly shaped large breasts. She leans in and whispers into Lyari’s ear. “Why stop there? If you need more mana you need only siphon more from me.” She stops to look first at the Elf then at the innkeeper who eagerly watches. “And if I suspect properly what you are about to do you’ll have the energies of these two to siphon off as well.”

A wicked smile grows on the side of Lyari’s mouth. “Well, since you put it that way.” She clenches the muscles of her arms and hands and sends even more magic flowing into the Elf.

The Elf arches her back and screams, her eyes rolling up into her head.


* * *


With the enchantment finished Lyari steps back, breathing heavily.

“What now?” Maaleas asks.

She looks up at him, an idea popping into her head. “Tell me, Night Elf, do you feel the same racial hatred all of your kind is supposed to feel against women of her race?” She was referring to the bad blood between the Night Elves and the High Elves. Supposedly at one point the Night Elves were High Elves but due to some long forgotten slight their kind was cursed by the other High Elves, their ears shortened slightly and their skin changed to various hues of blue and purple.

“Well, as an innkeeper in a city that sees travelers of all races I rarely let it show, but yes, I feel that hatred for her kind.”

“So you’d like to see her suffer?” Lyari asks.

“Yes, very much so. She wouldn’t be strapped to that table if I didn’t.”

“And what do you think would be a fitting punishment for a woman so devoted to the Sisterhood of Righteousness? One who came into your inn and smashed your alter to Ynara, goddess of the fat tits. Her followers prefer to worship their goddess by engaging in mammary intercourse, yes?” She looks to the Elf whose eyes open wide in realization. “Perhaps you could use this troublesome bitch to worship Ynara? I promise, with as sensitive as her breasts are she’ll enjoy it. She’ll cum her pretty little Elven brains right out. As a member of the Sisterhood of Righteousness I bet that would be a very fitting punishment for her crimes against your inn and a goddess you have at least some liking for.”

Maaleas was nodding and already undressing.

Eagerly he got up on the table like device that the busty Elf was strapped to, sitting on her torso so that his hard cock rested between her breasts. “On that table there is a vial of lubricating oil,” he said, pointing. “If you would, please?”

Villette happily retrieves the vile, lovingly pouring its contents down over his cock. She makes a cooing sound of appreciation as she does. “And what an impressive cock you have, Maaleas. I assume you have the blessing of Azel, the cock god upon you?”

Maaleas nods. “Indeed I do. He has seen to it that my cock is far larger than it should be and that when I cum there is ample amount of seed.” The Night Elf then turns his attention to the struggling Elf and tenderly grabs her large breasts, pushing them up and around her cock.

Her eyes rolled up into her head and she begins to moan just from the pressure of his hands on her magically oversensitive breasts. A moment later when he begins fucking her tits her moans grew louder. She still wiggles and struggles but it is clear now that she is suffering immense pleasure.

As he fucks her tits he begins praying to Ynara, muttering words of worship. They Elf seems to protest this more than anything else happening to her. It is clear she hates the goddess of large breasts and to be used as a vessel to worship her seems to be filling her with despair and anger.

Villette sidles up to Lyari and whispers in her ear. “He is blessed by Azel, but he is still a man. When he cums his usefulness in torturing this woman’s breasts will be ended.”

“Not necessarily,” Lyari says. She points to a nearby cabinet full of bubbling potions. “Many of those are reinvigoration potions. If he wants to continue he needs only drink a little. But, that is not my intention. No, this is more to placate this man. Once his turn is done we shall step in.”

Villette raises an eyebrow. “And do what?”

With a wicked, cruel smile on her face Lyari says, “Anything we can to drive her mind to madness.”


* * *


Maaleas was standing back, leaning against one of the many tables in the basement, watching the two women as they worked the Elf. Villette was on one side of her, leaning over and sucking on the Elf’s nipple as she caressed and squeezed and groped her breast. Lyari was on the other side doing much the same.

Then Lyari pulled away and said, “Switch.” Villette pulled away too. In unison the two women began slapping and pinching and painfully tweaking the Elf’s nipples and breasts. The Elf, for her part, howled muffled screams of pain and pleasure. Her back was arched and she thrashed about. It was clear she was suffering through another bout of powerful orgasms.

It had been this way for some time. First the kind and tender attention on her swollen and sensitive breasts and then the rough and pained action. From the crazed look on the Elf’s face it was clear that all the pain and pleasure and forced orgasms were driving her mad. If they continued for much longer she’d surely be driven insane. But he figures this is the point.

Happily he watches as Villette climbs up on the table and leans down, lovingly working the Elf’s breasts. She gropes and massages, licks and sucks. He can tell when she nips at the woman’s nipples because the Elf gasps and moans every time.

Meanwhile Lyari has moved to the bottom of the table where the Elf’s legs are spread open, her dripping wet pussy fully exposed. She reaches out and begins fingering the woman, gently at first but once she has worked three of her fingers knuckle deep in the woman she begins pounding her cunt with her hand.

The Elf howls in pleasure, convulsing as yet another forced orgasm shakes through her body. Her eyes are glassed over now, staring blankly up at the ceiling above her. Drool pours forth from her mouth, oozing out from around the edges of the gag. Her mind is going, breaking from intense and prolonged pleasure she had probably not even imagined existed.

Maaleas suspects that the wild mage has continued to cast spells on the captive women, spells to make her body more sensitive, spells to increase how acutely the Elf feels the sexual pleasure she is being made to endure.

Finally, after what must have been hours, the Elf’s mind seems to be totally shattered. She limply lies on the table, moaning in only the most primitive ways as she endures even more pleasure. There is no intelligence left in her eyes, no sign of conscious thought. Still the two women continue. They sexually torture the busty Elf till she shudders one last time and passes out.

They pull away, covered in sweat but looking very proud of themselves. Lyari, the wild mage, is looking more drained then the other. “Need to recharge,” she says weakly. She looks over at Maaleas. “You, innkeeper, do me another favor.” She steps back and waves to the woman’s legs. “Open and inviting, yes? Fuck her unconscious body for me.”

“Happily,” Maaleas says with a lopsided grin. He’d never bothered getting dressed after earlier and enough time has passed that he can now easily rise to the occasion without even needing a potion. By the time he has got up on the table his impressive cock is already hard and ready.

He likes fucking women this way, when they are passed out and totally helpless. Especially if they are women that are normally stronger than him, and this knight was most certainly so. Had he been face to face with her when she had all her gear and had a clear mind he had no doubt she would have been able to split him in two with her massive sword.

Now, though, he intended on splitting her in two with a very different kind of sword.

As he entered her he found her so wet that he slid in with almost disappointing ease. Leaning down over her he grabbed one of her breasts and starting sucking on it even as he began to fuck her. He’d enjoy this. And if her mind was still intact when she woke he’d be sure to tell her, in excruciating detail, all about how he’d fucked her.


* * *


Lyari makes herself comfortable on a nearby pile of bedding on the floor after taking her own clothing off. Her massive breasts hang down into her lap as she spreads her legs open. Her own pussy is wet and hungry and she immediately starts pleasuring herself.

Villette is soon there beside her. “Let me help,” she says with a jealous whine, starting to take her own clothing off.

“”No,” Lyari says firmly. “I want to do this alone for now as I refill my manna from this man. Let me indulge in this act.”

She closes her eyes and begins playing with her breasts with her free hand. She gropes and grabs and pinches her nipples all while masturbating with the other hand.

As she does so she breathes in, slow and deep. Wild, potent sexual energy flows all around her in the room. She starts pulling it into her, changing the wild energy into usable mana. She pulls it from Maaleas as he aggressively fucks the unconscious Elf. She pulls it from the Elf, her internal sexual energies overflowing after all the forced orgasms. She even pulls some from Villette, feeling how badly the woman wants to join in.

By the time Maaleas cums in the Elf Lyari is filled to her entirety, her mana full to bursting. She opens her eyes to see Maaleas getting off the table and looking at her and Villette with carnal hunger in his eyes. She sees that his cock, although now covered in cum and Elven pussy juices, is still hard.

The sight of his cummy cock makes something inside of her rumble and grow. She feels her nipple rings throb with warm magical power and realizes her divine overseer is granting her a great boon. Her mana stores had been full but now she feels as though they no longer on. She’s lost no mana but the size of her internal stores have been increased.

“Come here, Maaleas,” she purrs. “I’ve further use of you. And Villette and myself will ensure you enjoy it.”

Villette bounces happily. “What are we to do now?”

“See how long and thick this Night Elf’s cock is? And remember how much he loved fucking a woman’s breasts? Let us give him a treat while I siphon off more of his energy.” She turns to Maaleas, getting up on her knees and holding her breasts up. “Come, Maaleas, come place your cock here and Villette shall press hers together around it and together, at the same time, we shall fuck your dick with our breasts.”

“A double tittyfuck?” Maaleas says, grinning happily. “How could I pass that up!”

He quickly comes forward towards the two women, holding his cock up between them. Lyari and Villette spend a minute adjusting their bodies, making it so their breasts are pressed together and his large long cock as is sandwiched between them.

As soon as they are prepared Maaleas begins fucking their tits. He stands with one hand resting on both women’s shoulders, thrusting his hips up and down. His cockhead pops in and out of the top of their pressed breasts, its movements lubricated by the mess of fluids that had been dripping from it.

Villette is a well endowed woman, but even her large breasts look small when smashed up against Lyari’s enormous Silver Elf tits. As the two women press in tighter around the hard cock pounding between their four tits Lyari’s masses of flesh starts to envelope Villette’s cold breasts.

Villette coos at this, leaning in and kissing Lyari passionately. Her ice cold tongue invades Lyari’s warm mouth, darting about and curling back out. They kiss again then pull away, looking down at all the tit-flesh smashed between them. Seeing this Maaleas presses his cock up hard, making the top third pop out. They lean down and together start licking and sucking on it, replacing the cum and pussy juices with their thick saliva.

The man moans and then shudders, a moment later sending out a volcanic explosion of cum that shoots up and sprays the two women in the face.

Villette pulls away, wiping cum form her face and licking it from her fingers. But Lyari is far from sated. She had been so into the kinky sexual act she had forgotten to drain the man of his precious sexual energy. She can see that he’s starting to soften so she quickly casts a spell that makes him remain hard. Then she turns to him, wrapping her huge breasts around his now painfully throbbing hard cock. “More,” she demands. “Pound my tits till you cum again.”

He does as he is told, grabbing her shoulders and starting to pound her tits with savage abandon. She wraps her arms around her huge breasts and back around the man, pulling their bodies in closer. As she does she starts to drain him, sucking his sexual energies out and converting them to useful mana.

“What are you doing to me!” he says, gasping suddenly. Yet he doesn’t stop fucking her tits.

“Feeding,” she growls. “Now cum for me so my meal can be finished.”

He doubles down, fucking her tits even harder and faster. It takes him a couple of minuteness but he finally cums, another staggeringly large loud of cum erupting from the tip of his cock. Hungrily Lyari opens her mouth, catching it all even as it shoots out. Semen contains so much sexual energy and it’s easiest to turn into mana.

When he is done cumming he tries to pull away but she holds him there. She starts to bounce her tits up and down his shaft even as it starts to soften. The added stimulation after his orgasm when his cock is overly sensitive pushes him over the edge and once again he experiences an orgasm, although this time there is much less cum.

Finally she lets go of him, allowing him to stumble back and collapse onto the floor. He looks weak and drained, not just from the sex. “So fucking tired,” he mutters. Weakly he crawls to the nearest pile of bedding and lays down, falling asleep almost instantly.

Lyari stands, cum dripping down the front of her overlarge breasts. Happily she collects it with her fingers and sucks them clean. She turns to Villette and says, “Now I’m all full.”

“Excellent!” Villette replies. “But what do we do now?”


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