Poll Driven Story: “Inetme’thul’s Last Adventure”

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* * *


Maaleas stands behind his counter busying himself by cleaning dirty mugs once filled with ale. Really, though, he was listening closely to the conversation happing not far from him.

“I’m really worried about her,” Elani was saying to the rest of her party. The pretty little plump Halfling’s face was twisted up in concern. “She’s been gone all day and no one has seen her since she left this morning.”

The Common Elf ranger leaned in, glancing over at Maaleas. “And we are sure we can trust this innkeeper? He is a Night Elf after all.”

Elani quickly waves the suspicion away. “We can trust him, everyone here says so. Besides,” she adds, leaning in over the table to match the Common Elf’s conspiratorial pose, lowering her voice, “I’m pretty sure he bedded Inetme’thul last night. When he told us all she had gone for a walk early this morning and then I said she hadn’t returned he seemed worried, concerned for her. Bet he’s never bedded such a sexy woman before and he’s probably worried it won’t happen again. I know I’d be worried about that!”

Ehngel, the cleric furrowed her brow. “Are we really sure something has happened to her? I mean, she’s only been gone half a day or so. She’s disappeared like this before off to take care of her own business without telling the rest of us where she’s going or even that she was going. She’s a powerful fire mage and good party leader but we all know how highly she thinks of herself.”

“Aye,” Thralldrag the Dwarf says. “Elani, you said she had lined up a task for us, clearing out some Goblins from the nearby woods? Perhaps she was just bored and went to take care of them on her own. We managed to cut down a party of them with ease, I’m sure she could burn a whole tribe to a cinder without breaking a sweat.”

“I don’t know…” Wilifreida says slowly. “I think she could too, but she’s normally more cautious than that. But like Ehngel said, she hasn’t really been gone long enough for us to worry about her. I say we try to just rest up and wait for her to return. If she’s not back by tomorrow morning then we worry.”

“Agreed,” Kel’raz the Orc says with a grunt of approval. “We’ve been on the road for a long time. I want to rest my feet and drink myself stupid.”

Other heads nods at this but Elani still seems concerned. “I’m telling you,” she says, crossing her arms and pouting, “she’s in danger.”

“We’ll wait and see,” Wilifreida says. “In the mean time I think we need an order of drinks. Oh innkeeper? Yes please!” she calls out, waving to the empty table before them.


* * *


Maaleas paces back and forth in the larder, wringing his hands together nervously. “They are too tight nit of a group,” he mumbles to himself. “No way I can take care of them all at once. I’ll need to pick them off one at a time. But who to start with?”

He pauses, falling deep in thought. “Not the Halfling, she’s already suspicious, although thankfully not of me. And not the fire haired fighter. She’s too on top of things. And the men, well, they are never as much fun to deal with. But that plump cleric! Nice fat ass and big tits on that one. Kind of chubby but I don’t mind that…”

His face lit up. “Kind of chubby with dark hair yet I happen to have just the item to change that.” A smile grew on his face. “Know exactly what I need to do, just need to go retrieve the item then convince the woman to purchase it.” He turns to the hidden door.


* * *


Inetme’thul sits in her pile of bedding and pouts as she absentmindedly plays with herself. Her body is still screaming for release and she finds it nearly impossible not to try and help it gain that release yet she knows without a cock inside of her there is no hope for it. Still, her fingers do what they will. The low flow of sexual pleasure helps ease her cum-starved and addled mind.

Her pouting has nothing to do with her inability to get off. Her Master, her beautiful glorious Night Elf Master had come down into the basement and barely looked at her. She felt an overpowering urge to please him yet he had not let her. All he had done was rummaged through a chest full of treasure and pull out a glittering diamond covered tiara and head back up to the inn.

She shifts and plunges her fingers deeper into her pussy, closing her eyes and imagining they are her Master’s cock. She shudders in pleasure but comes just short of getting off. “Need you, Master,” she mutters, looking up at the ceiling.

Yet even as she does there is a tugging at the back of her mind. It had felt shattered beyond repair the night before but now with some time away from Maaleas it felt… better. Like she had weathered a mighty storm and come out the other side intact. And there was something else, too. It pulled on the edge of her mind, a forgotten truth of great importance that she was unable to call up. Something about a week’s time. Something about a specific number of days before things would change…


* * *


The rest of the party had long ago headed to bed, all except Elani and Ehngel. The Halfling was sitting at a table by the front door, watching it with worry on her face. “If she comes in I want to jump her shit for making us all worry so,” she mutters darkly. “And then I’m going to give that High Elf the biggest hug I can manage and tell her never to run off like this again!”

Ehngel places a calming hand on the little Halflings shoulder, calling up some of her divine power and sending calming energy into the little woman. “She’s going to be fine, you’ll see.”

Elani looks up at the cleric and smiles. “Thanks, I appreciate it. But you don’t have to sit up with me, I know you’re tired.” She pauses and smiles bigger. “And I saw you talking with the innkeeper earlier. He’s already bedded one of the ladies in the party, you going to let him bed another?”

The cleric pulls her hand away and frowns. “It’s nothing like that! I was talking to him about all these magical items he supposedly trades in.”

“That’s the same story Inetme’thul gave me just a night ago,” Elani says, still grinning madly. “Maybe he’ll offer you a discount if you let him sneak on up to your room in a bit?”

Ehngel turns her nose up. “I would never,” she spits out. “I promise you, no matter what charms the man lays on me I’ll not be spreading my legs for him. I’m not interested in such things even if they are all your sick little mind can think of.” She stands up in a huff. “You know? I regret staying here to comfort you. You always have to ruin everything with talk of sex. Sex, sex, sex. It’s filthy and not something I have even the slightest interest in.”

“That’s cause you’ve never tried it,” Elani says then breaks into a fit of giggles. “Always knew you were a virgin.”

Still standing with her nose upturned the cleric retorts, “For your information I am no virgin. I’ve tried being with a man and I found it not to my liking. Messy and distracting.”

“That’s why it’s so good!” Elani blurts out happily. “The messier the better, and oh what a distraction.”

“Enough of your filth,” the cleric spits then turns. “Now I’ve business to attend to with this innkeeper and then I’m off to bed.”

Elani watches as the cleric marches across the room and begins talking to the innkeeper. He pulls something out of his apron and shows it to her but Elani can’t see what the item is from across the room. She does see her party member give the man a handful of coin and take the item, though. Then, with a glance over at Elani, the cleric makes a production of heading up to her room alone.

Once the cleric is out of sight Elani turns back to the door and yawns. She is tired and a bit drunk, a pleasantly warm haze on her mind. The thought of the soft bed waiting for her above is very tempting indeed yet she wants to keep watch for Inetme’thul.

“Waiting for Inetme’thul?” a voice asks.

Elani starts, realizing she had started to doze off. She looks up to the see the innkeeper looming above her, a worried look on his face. “Yes, I was, but I’m afraid I started to fall asleep.”

He places a hand on her shoulder and smiles kindly at her. “Why not head up to bed? I can keep watch till I grow tired and after that I can have my man Hob take over. When she arrives we’ll let you know right away. I promise, there will be a pair of eyes on this door all night long.”

“Thank you,” Elani says, slowly getting up and realizing just how tired she is. “You really are the kindest of men,” she says. “I can see why Inetme’thul let you into her room for a little fun.”

“Ah,” he said, looking away and hiding his face. “You knew about that?”

“Of course. If someone in my party is getting laid I want to know about it.” She stops and looks at him. “Some of them were suspicious of you but I could tell you were just as worried about her as the rest of us. I bet it was hard not to be after having her. I never have but I imagine it’s heavenly. Tell me, are her breasts as perfect as they look?”

“Even better,” he says with a smile.

Her face droops. “I’m so worried about her. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sleep.”

“But you need your sleep!” Maaleas declares then starts digging around in one of his pockets. He pulls out a small bottle with just enough liquid for one swallow. “Here, this is a sleeping draught. Just enough to help you sleep but a low enough dose that we’ll be able to wake you up when she arrives. Take it, no charge, and get your rest.”

Take it and sleep deep so there’s no chance you spot me sneaking into another one of your friend’s rooms, he thinks as the Halfling takes the small bottle.


* * *


Maaleas silently uses the key to unlock the rented room’s door. Then, looking over his shoulder to make sure no one else’s door is open even a little, especially the nosy little Halfling’s door, he turns the knob. Slowly and silently he opens the door just enough to slip inside and then he closes it behind him.

With a sigh of relief her turns to look at the room he now stands in. There, just as he had expected, stands the cleric before the mirror in the room. She is perfectly still, staring at herself with vacant, unseeing eyes. Her arms hang at her sides and her posture is slumped forward, clearly in some kind of trance.

On her head, pressed into her dark hair, is a glimmering tiara covered in white diamonds. It looks like something fit for an Elven princesses and even from across the room he can feel the powerful enchantment upon it, emanating strange and pulsing energy.

Ehngel had purchased the item thinking it would grant her both protection and a stronger connection to her god. It did neither of those things. What it had done, so far at least, was put her into this stasis like trance. But that was just the beginning of the wonderful device’s magic. It needed to be activated though, before it would do more.

He stalked across the room, digging in his mind for the words that would activate the tiara’s other magics. He’d never actually seen them in use. How could he have? The device, once properly activated, would only work once. Once it had worked its magic it would dissolve, its power spent. He’d held onto the item for a long time, waiting for just the right time to use it.

“You really are a pretty thing,” he says to the stupefied cleric as he steps around her to stare at her pretty features. “A little full figured, well, more than a little, but some plump love handles can be fun once in a while. And look at these tits,” he says, reaching up and grabbing her full breasts through the jerkin of mail she wears over her clothing. “Fat and plump just like the rest of you. If we’re going to do this let’s do it right, I want to see every moment of the changes this glorious tiara is going to bring to you.”

He then starts undressing her, being careful not to knock the tiara from her dark hair. The whole time she stands, her body limp as she stares blankly ahead of her. It takes some time to get her out of her armor and clothing but before long she stands before Maaleas, naked and blankly staring at her reflection in the mirror.

Maaleas slowly walks around her, taking in the sight of every inch of her body. She’s rather plump, her belly big but not disgustingly so. Her ass is huge, wide and thick and heavy on the bottom. Her legs are thick trunks of fat and muscle, no thigh gap seen between her legs. And her breasts! Huge and wide and sagging gloriously heavily down her front. He stops and grabs at them, admiring how thick and dense they feel. Yet there’s a droopy softness to them that’s only found in a woman as heavy as her.

“I’m tempted to have a go at you before the changes start,” he tells her, starting to undress. “But I only brought one re-invigoration potion with me and I have a feeling I’m going to want to save it. There’s also the fact that I have your friend hidden away in my basement and she’ll need some of my attention before the nights through.”

He pauses, looking for any hint of emotion on her face as he takes the last of his clothing off. “I wonder if you can hear me right now? I wonder if the tiara is just affecting your body or if your mind is in a haze too? I suppose I’ll never know, for once the item is activated you’ll have other things on your mind other then the revelation that I’m responsible for Inetme’thul’s disappearance.”

He then rubs his hands together, his large cock hanging between his legs already starting to swell in anticipation. “Well, let’s get started!” Reaching up he starts to rub the tiara, muttering the magical words that will activate the item.

As he finishes saying the last word there is an explosion of bright white light. The tiara shines intensely, the white light glimmering and shifting in hue, becoming a vibrant pink.

Squinting and holding his hand up to shade his eyes from the light he can see that the expression on the cleric’s face has change to one of surprise. Her eyes are open wide and her mouth hangs open as if frozen in a gasp of fear. There is also a pink glow to her eyes that grows with intensity until there is a second explosion of light that temporarily blinds Maaleas.

He stumbles back and blinks till his vision starts to return to him. Ehngel the cleric stands before him, looking about in confusion.

“Where am I,” she asks, her eyes falling upon Maaleas. “Wait, I know you. You’re…” she stops, wincing in pain. “Grrr, it’s so hard to think! I can’t remember your name but I know you’re—” she stops, her eyes having fallen upon his half erect cock. They grow wide and she licks her lips, moving forward as if drawn to him. “Cock,” she mutters. “Need cock, that’s what I know.”

As she moves towards him Maaleas notices an odd shimmering about her. He blinks then looks away before looking back at her. If he didn’t know what the tiara did he’d think it some trick of the flickering candle light. But the woman before him seems to be growing thinner before his eyes! By the time she’s closed the distance between him and her she looks as though she’s shed ten pounds, but none of it from her breasts. If anything they appear to have gotten slightly larger. And not just larger, but firmer too. Their shape has begun to change, their heavy weight being pulled up as her sagging tear dropped breasts start to shift and become more perfectly round.

Her face is changing too. Her chubby cheeks are shrinking, her already pretty features growing more beautiful with every moment that passes. The round innocence of her face melting away and being replaced with a sharp sexiness. And strangest of all is her dark hair! Already it has lightened to the point that it looks more brown then black.

Once she is close to Maaleas she drops down on to her knees, her breasts bouncing prettily as she lands on the ground. “Cock,” she mutters again, reaching up and grabbing hold of his long dick. “Need to… to… I don’t know,” she says, looking up at Maaleas. “I’ve only ever been with a man in the style the priests teach, with the woman on her back. But I know there is a thing women do with their mouths, Elani has spoken of such.”

“Here,” Maaleas says, placing his hands on her head and running his fingers through her hair. “I’ll lead you. All you need to do is open your mouth and take me into you and then start sucking. I’ll show you how to blow a man.”

The cleric seems confused at first and even gags in disgust as he moves his cock into her mouth, but after a few moments she takes to it seeming to revel in the way his member grows hard in her mouth. He leads her head, bobbing it back and forth as she sucks and slurps.

“Don’t be afraid to be loud,” he tells her. “And let your saliva flow, messy is good.”

She pulls away, a confused look on her face. “I’ve heard that before,” she says then squishes her face up in pain. “I just… can’t… remember where! Oh, thinking is so fucking hard!”

“Then don’t think,” Maaleas tells her, shoving his hard cock back into her mouth. “Just suck my dick. It will make you happy.”

She moans appreciatively, affirming that sucking his cock IS making her happy.

He looks down at her taking in the further changes her body has undergone as she sucks him off. She’s even thinner now, most of her fat gone and only pleasant thick curves remaining. Her breasts seem slightly larger but mostly they have continued to tighten up, becoming nearly perfect orbs that sit perkily on her chest. Her hair has lightened lots, no longer dark at all and now a dusty blond.

She pulls away from his cock, noisily slurping on it as she does and then gaps for air. “Cock,” she says, a one word declaration of love and admiration. She leans her head back almost at a ninety degree angle and lets his long, hard, spit covered member rest on her face. His balls hang on her chin, the length of his shaft running up over her now plump, pink lips, past the length of her nose, over her eye and all the way past her forehead.

With her mouth hanging open she inhales deeply. “The smell of cock,” she mutters. Then starts licking at his shaft, moving her head so that she can take him in her mouth again and starts giving him intense head. Once more she pulls away, this time holding his throbbing cock in her hand. “The taste of cock,” she declares then returns to sucking him off.

She sucks with the skill of a seasoned whore, skill magically granted to her by the glittering tiara on her head. Maaleas groans in pleasure, pushing his cock deep into her mouth and cumming, flooding her throat with his seed.

When he pulls away from her the cleric is moaning in pleasure too, one hand between her legs as she masturbates. She seems to be savoring the feel of his cum running down her throat, jilling off to it.

Maaleas takes a few weak steps back and finds his pile of clothing. He takes out the potion he had there and drinks until he feels recharged, his cock hard once again.

He looks over at Ehngel and marvels at just how changed she is. Her body is still deliciously curvy, but she’s no longer plump in any way. Only her ass and breasts remain fat. She stands, showing off just how thin her waist has become. And he swears she’s grown taller, all the height gained in her now slender and long legs. He marvels at the thigh gap between her legs, remembering how fat her thighs had been so very recently.

And her breasts! He figures they haven’t actually gained much mass, but they look three times as big on her thinner frame. And their shape is totally different. They are now two perfectly shaped orbs of almost unnaturally firm flesh, her formerly large and dark nipples now small and pink.

Even her face looks totally different. Not just thinner, much so, but her features changed to. She looks more beautiful but there is also more. The innocent prettiness is gone, replaced by an indecent sexuality.

And her hair! No longer dark, now vibrant blond. And much longer than it had been as well. It hangs down her back nearly to the top of her huge, perky ass.

The transformation is so complete, he realizes, that none of her friends would be able to recognize her. This was exactly what he had hoped for. He has a plan. But, looking at her hot body, he knows the plan could wait a little longer.

“I want that cock,” she says then giggles and points to his hard member.

“I’ll gladly give it to you,” he says, then stops. “Tell me, what is your name again?”

She looks as though she’s thinking then winces in pain. “Can’t remember, thinking too hard,” she mutters. “Don’t make me think,” she begs. “Please, just fuck me with your cock. I’ll do whatever you want, just give me cock and don’t make me think.”

“Perfect,” Maaleas says. “Now get up on the bed. I want to fuck what little brains you have left out of you.”


* * *


Maaleas stands behind his counter speaking to the two bleary eyed merchants he had Hob wake up.

“I don’t understand,” one of them is saying. “You want to pay us to leave in the morning after everyone is awake? And take HER with us?” he asked, pointing at the blond bimbo that stands naked beside the innkeeper, fresh cum dribbling down her inner thigh.

She smiles dumbly at them. “Will you both fuck me with your cocks?” she asks, full of curiosity. “This man already fucked me but he said I have to go with you two. That you’ll make sure I get plenty of cock.”

Maaleas smiles. “How could you turn down such an offer? Good coin, a new fuck-slut to keep as a pet or slave, whatever you want. I only ask that you be off when everyone can see you taking her. I don’t even care if you keep the lass, sell her for all I care. Just do it far away from here.”

The two merchants lean in and whisper hurriedly, frequently looking over at the naked blond bombshell. Finally they stand. “You’ve got yourself a deal,” the one in charge says.


* * *


Elani rubs her eyes sleepily. The sleeping draught Maaleas had given her had allowed her the best night’s rest she had had in some time, yet she found herself waking slowly. “There was no sign of Inetme’thul all night,” she says, yawning. “That’s what Maaleas said. I’m getting really worried.”

“So am I,” Wilifreida says. “If nothing was wrong she would have been back by now. Wherever she went something must have happened to her.” The rest of the party nods in agreement. “And where is Ehngel?”

“Must still sleeping,” Thralldrag the Dwarf says with a shrug.

Wilifreida looks concerned. “Someone better go check her room just to make sure. There might be—”

She is interrupted as two merchants come down the stairs, a scantily clad overly busty blond woman following them. Some of the men in the tavern whistle and cat call, one of them calling out to inquire if the woman is a prostitute. The merchants stop, seeming to think on the question. “Not for the likes of you lot,” he calls out then laughs and leads the woman through the room. “Come,” he says loudly to his partner, “we’ll be off now.”

“And then you’ll fuck me again with your cocks?” the woman asks, far too loudly.

“Shameful,” Wilifreida declares, turning back to her party. “To parade such an indecent woman about like that and talk so openly about such manners!”

A few of the eyes at the table look at Elani. The sleepy Halfling yawns then notices the glances turned her way. “What? I’m not THAT bad! I mean, look at that bimbo! When I expose myself in public it’s at least to worship my goddess!”

Kel’raz the Orc grunts as the blond walks by, staring after her. “Smells familiar,” he mutters in confusion. But as soon as she has walked past he turns back to his party, quickly forgetting the oddly familiar smell of the stranger.

Wilifreida stands up. “I’ll go wake Ehngel up. Once she’s here we’ll start discussing what we plan on doing about Inetme’thul’s disappearance.”

While the fighter is gone the rest of the party mostly sits in silence, drinking and eating their morning meal. Just a few minutes later Wilifreida comes running down the stairs. “She’s gone too!”

“What?” the party asks as one.

“I went to her room and the door was unlocked and she was nowhere to be found. All her gear was there, even her clothing. But no sign of her!”

“This is quite alarming,” Gulvan the Common Elf declares. “We must tell the innkeeper at once. Surely someone or something is preying on his guests!”


* * *


“Things are getting tense up there,” Maaleas says to Inetme’thul. He’s sitting on the seat by her pile of bedding, his legs spread open.

She kneels before him, one hand fondling his balls the other jerking off his cock. She looks up at him lovingly. “What’s wrong, Master?”

“Never you mind,” he says with a grunt, realizing quickly it would be a mistake to tell her that her friends are looking for her. He’s certain the cock ring of control is still affecting her and will continue to do so for about five more days. He’s less certain his tit torture the day before had broken her mind as much as he hoped. Maybe if he’d been able to come back and do the same for another long session… but he’d been so busy. It’d been a miracle he’d been able to get away for this quick release.

Her accursed friends had been telling everyone about their missing party members! He had hoped they would keep quiet but they had not just the other guests worried but the whole town. Taking care of the rest of them was going to be hard.

Annoyed that the stressful thoughts wouldn’t leave him in peace he slapped Inetme’thul’s hands away from his cock. “Give me your tits,” he grumbles, wanting to be reminded just why he had caused himself so many problems by capturing the fat-titted High Elf. “I’m going to fuck the living shit out of them,” he growls, “and you’re going to love it. I want you jilling off the whole time. I want to see you crying in frustration form not being able to get off.”

“A-anything you say,” she stutters apprehensively, sitting up on her knees and presenting her breasts to him.

Five days, a voice in the back of her head says. She doesn’t know why five days are important but knows she’ll find out, find out in five days. The thought is her anchor, the thing that allows her to remain sane through her maddening orgasm deprived ordeal.


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