Poll Driven Story: “Inetme’thul’s Last Adventure”

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Maaleas places a finger on his chin and bites his lip, falling deep in thought. “No…” he says slowly, “no, I don’t think I will, not yet.”

Inetme’thul moans in pain then moves to take Maaleas’ cock into her mouth, obviously intending on sucking him off and trying to change his mind. But the Night Elf quickly pulls away from her, grabbing his dick and trying to cover it from her sight.

“No, I need to go get something first. You will stay here,” he says, looking fiercely at her. “Right where you are. But while I’m gone I want you to sit and masturbate and think about just how much you want my big cock, understand?”

The haughty High Elf whimpers and whines but obediently sits down on the floor, spreading her legs and starting to play with her pussy. She uses both hands, the fingers of one dancing across her clit and the fingers of the other plunging deep into her dripping wet cunt. “I’ll do anything if you’ll fuck me with your cock, anything,” she whines at him as he puts his robe back one.

He moves to the door, stopping just before he opens it and turning back to her with a fiendish smile on his face. “Remember you said those words,” he says before quickly exiting out the door.

To Inetme’thul it feels as though the man is gone for years. The whole time she sits and furiously masturbates, fighting back tears of frustration while she thinks about his glorious huge blue Night Elf cock. She knows she should be disgusted and revolted by the thought but she needs his cock so bad. She’ll suffer any indignity for it, anything to make it so she can cum and feel relief from the unbearable pressure that has built up inside of her.

Finally Maaleas returns with a mischievous, almost evil, grin on his face. “Thank you for being so patient and, as I see, obedient while I was gone,” he tells her, lovingly looking at the masturbating High Elf sitting on the floor before him. “I went and put a special something on. Here, I’ll show you.”

Once more he shrugs off the night robe, letting it fall to ground and leaving him standing naked before her. Immediately she starts to masturbate more vigorously, staring at his cock and licking her lips hungrily.

But then she stops, gasping and pointing at the man’s cock as it swells back up to its full erect length. “That’s a cock ring of control!”

He looks down proudly at the finely crafted gold band around the base of his cock. It glints in the flickering lights in the room, the four red jewels inset around it glimmering and sparking with red magic. “Yes, indeed it is. I’m very pleased you already know that. And I assume you know what it does?”

Still staring as if in disbelief Inetme’thul nods. “Oh yes, and a truly fiendish evil device it is! For starters it keeps the wearer hard even after cumming, at least for a time. But that enchantment is just a small side effect, giving such a vile and perverse man such as you a reason to put it on.” She still plays with her pussy with one hand but absentmindedly now. And for the time she seems more like her true self, haughty and angry. “But its main enchantment is one of control. If the wearer of that vile device cums inside of a person they will fall totally under his control for a week’s time, following any command he gives and acting as an eager slave.”

She blinks, looking up at him and glaring. “How dare you come in here with such a device on your body! Do you not realize who and what I am? I High Elf, a TRUE Elf! The blood of the ancients still runs pure in my veins. It is not muddled with inferior Human blood as the Common Elves’ is. Nor was my bloodline ever cursed and cast down like yours, Night Elf.” She says the name of his race as though the word is a curse.

Sitting up, pulling her hand away from her pussy and her glare growing more intense she continues. “And I am not some helpless noble or merchant. I am a mighty fire mage,” she declares proudly, the flames in all the candles and lanterns in the room growing suddenly in intensity. She raises a hand above her and the flames all burst, shooting strings of living fire towards her. There they swirl and gather above her in a large ball that floats in her hand, the fire intense enough to be felt even across the room by Maaleas.

“You dare come to me with such a device on your… your…” her voice trails off. The angry look on her face disappears, replaced by one of confusion as she looks down at his cock and remembers just how badly she needs it. The fire in her hand begins to shrink and then disappears completely. Her body sags as all the fierceness leaves her. “Your cock,” she mutters, total and utter defeat in her voice. “I need it…”

“Yes, yes you do,” Maaleas says happily. He had shown no fear as the fire mage ranted and raved at him, even as she began to summon the flames to her aid. No, he knew all along that he had already defeated this woman. “And earlier, before I left, you told me that you would do anything if only I was to fuck you with my cock.”

He breathes in deep, puffing his chest out. “So this is what you must do if you want my cock: beg me to fuck you. Beg me to cum inside of you. Knowing full well that doing so while I wear this cock ring of control will lead to you, a High Elf, becoming my total slave, even though I am a cursed Night Elf. You must do this willing. I must hear you say out loud that you want this. I must see you beg for it. But I will not force it. If you want I can leave this room right now.”

Then he stands in silence, grinning down at her with his hands on his hips and his massive cock standing erect before her.

Inetme’thul bites her lip and furrows her brow, struggling to make a decision. One choice seems to lead to certain pain and frustration. She feels, at the moment at least, that if she doesn’t cum soon that she’ll die. But the other choice, oh the utter humiliation! If any of her race were ever to find out that she WILLINGLY became the total slave to a Night Elf? She’d be cast out and shunned by her people!

Yet what choice does she really have? None, she decides, none at all.

Once more Inetme’thul gets up on her hands and knees and crawls towards the grinning innkeeper. She kneels before him, like a supplicant kneeling before the alter of their god. “I am begging you, with every ounce of my being, please, fuck me and cum inside of me. I need it. Need you. Need your cock. I even need your cum! I need all of it, all of it so that I can cum and feel release. I care not that doing so will enslave me. I am willing to becoming your servant, for one week’s time at least! Just please, fuck me!

“As you wish,” he says and then with surprising speed he moves forward, grabbing her with hands that are far stronger then they look. He lifts her up, making her squeak in alarm. He then turns her away from him and tosses her onto the nearby bed, leaving her bent over the edge of it.

She barely has the time to glance over her shoulder and see the fire of desire burning away at his face as he comes at her. And then he is there, behind her, spreading her plump and firm ass cheeks and ramming his steel hard cock into her sopping wet cunt.

Even with as wet as she is he has to press hard into her body to get his over large cock to fit inside of her. She grunts in pain and pleasure as he bores into her, her vaginal walls stretching painfully to accommodate the size of his massive shaft. She grunts again when he’s pushed deep enough into her for the cock ring to enter her cunt. Again she feels her insides being stretched to accommodate the girth. But soon the pain will fade and there will be only pleasure.

Then his hands are on her hips, just above the curve of her plump ass. A moment later he is fucking her, pounding hard and fast into her back end. Her whole body shakes as he savagely fucks her, putting in all the bent up sexual energy he has accumulated during the night as well as all of his racial hatred for the High Elves, gloriously hate fucking her.

It’s too much for Inetme’thul’s oversexed body. She starts to come almost instantly, throwing her head back and howling in pleasure. It’s a howl of utter relief, one that wakes nearly every person in the inn.

Her orgasm stretches on, pushed into intense lengths by the cock pounding in and out of her. Relief washes over her body and the powerful High Elf fire mage goes limp, moaning quietly as the man uses her as roughly as he wishes.

Maaleas is standing behind her, pounding her as hard as he can. He’s staring down at her ample ass, watching the ripples of flesh run through each plump cheek every time his body slams into hers. Doing what feels like the impossible he manages to fuck her harder, wanting to see more of those fleshy ripples.

“This is how you High Elf sluts were meant to be, used like this by Night Elf’s like me,” he grunts, his voice full of anger, hatred, and carnal lust. “This is your natural state, under a man and serving his cock. Embrace it, embrace this as your natural state. Become what you were meant to be: a mere vessel for a man’s holy cock. You are nothing but a sentient cock-sleeve with a pair of magnificent tits, that is all.”

The words strike Inetme’thul to the core, filling her with shame, shame because at the moment the cruel words seem to ring true. The humiliation mixes with the sexual pleasure, becoming something more. And that something more makes her cum hard.

As her cunt tightens during its orgasm Maaleas pushes in hard, forcing himself into her clenched cunt hole. The added pressure pushing in on his cock from nearly all angles pushes him over the edge and he groans, unloading inside of her.

Inetme’thul’s eyes shoot open the instant he begins to cum in her. She not only feels the explosion of pressure inside her cunt, she feels it in her mind. And explosion of pressure pushing all her thoughts out in every direction till they become nothing and her mind is left a blank slate.

For a moment she is nothing, her mind empty and her body motionless. Then it’s as if her mind fills, fills the same way her cunt fills with the man’s seed. She sees images of him, can think only of her new master, think only of pleasing him.

She blinks, staring at the bed before her and feeling her master pulling out of her. As his cock leaves her she feels her insides let loose as a flood of his semen comes pouring out of her pussy. She shivers at the feel of it oozing wetly out of her, his spunk mixed with her pussy juices into a mess of sexual fluids.

Once he pulls away she rolls over, standing up with a perfectly rigid back, staring intensely ahead at him. “What is your command, my precious master?” As she stands cum runs down her thighs and the glowing jewels hanging from her nipples dangle and sway.

Maaleas smiles at the sight. What IS my command? he thinks to himself as he starts to ponder the question.


* * *


The Dwarfs stare angrily after the plump and curvaceous Halfling as she saunters away, taking her dice and almost all of their coin with her. “You know, my brothers, I think that little minx conned us. The dice were a little too kind to her and far too harsh on us.”

“Aye,” one of the other gruff Dwarfs says. “Me thinks the sly little half-devil was switching between rigged dice. I suppose that will teach us for playing such a game with a rouge like her.”

“The only lesson I’ve learned,” the third dwarf says, “is that I’m hungry for revenge on the little half-devil. ‘Never trust a Halfling,’ my forefathers always said. Each of them is crafty and their hungers insatiable, and that, they say, is a bad combination.”

They continue to glare as she joins her friend, a haughty looking High Elf who is obviously a fire mage judging by her attire and the red and orange hues of her long hair.

Nodding to the High Elf the first of the Dwarfs, the oldest, spoke. “Revenge would be nice but see the company she keeps? A fire mage! And a Half Elf to boot. With friends like that we’d dare not harm a hair on her little hair.”

“Harm her? Who said anything about harming her?” one of the other Dwarfs asks. “No, I spoke only of revenge. Perhaps our coin returned, or if not services rendered the equal of said coin.”

The other two muttered in agreement. “Aye, services rendered! What’s fair is fair,” they agreed. “But what services could she offer that we would need?”

“Come now lads,” one of them says, leaning in with a mischievous grin on his wide mouth. “Is it not obvious? Look at the beautifully little thing. No Dwarven woman, that is true, but built much like one. Wide and plump and firm in all the right places,” he says, throwing the Halfling a lecherous glance. “Perhaps an hour or two enjoying those curves would payback all the coin she cheated us from?”

The Dwarves all look eager at this. They had been traveling for a long time and each of them were backed up and horny. A little release would go a long way.

“Now nothing too rough,” the leader says quickly.

“No, no, nothing like that. We mean the little lass no harm, just want what is owed us.” He leans in over the table and lowers his voice. “I’ve a potion, been saving it for just the right moment. Would do the trick perfectly. I say we wait till its late and everyone else is asleep then break into her room, subdue her, and feed her this potion. Then just like that,” he says, snapping his fat stubby fingers, “she’ll be our perfect little play thing.”

“And we had always intended on leaving early. We go and take a quick nap now, wake up in the middle of the night, have our fun and be off! And I promise, by the time the potion wears off we’ll be plenty far away from here. And if she wants to give chase how will she know which direction at the crossroads we took? No, my boys, there will be no consequences for this.”

The others think then nod in agreement. “We take what is owed,” one says and the rest agree.


* * *


Elani peeks out her door. It is open just a sliver, just enough for her to see Inetme’thul’s door but with little to no chance of anyone noticing her glancing out. “Just as I thought,” she says with a smile, watching the attractive innkeeper knock on the door then slip into her room. “What a total Elf-Slut! And with a Night Elf? The kinky old bitch!”

She wishes she could sneak out of the room and go peek through the key hole or at least listen at the door. Now that she knows the haughty High Elf is really a kinky slut she wants to know just how kinky she is. At the very least she’ll wait and see how long the man is in the room with her, that at least will give her hint.

To her great surprise the door to her friend’s rented room flies open disappointingly fast, the innkeeper rushing out with a grin on his face. If he is finished with her that fast they couldn’t have been doing anything too dirty.

Yet it isn’t a grin of male satisfaction and the spying Halfling can see the outline of a raging, and rather impressively sized, erection in the man’s bathrobe. She knows that means he hasn’t fucked her yet, or at least not long enough to get off.

Perhaps he is just going to get something? She thinks to herself, having to fight back a giggle.

He returns quickly, his grin even bigger and his robe pulled tightly around him as if he hid something underneath. Elani hisses, wishing she knew what it was the man hid. “Must have a toy or aid of some kind, maybe a magical artifact to use on Inetme’thul?” She hisses again. “If only I could SEE!”

As she stares out at her friend’s door she hears another open and then hears muffled footsteps coming her way. She rolls her eyes, recognizing the steps as those of the clumsy Dwarfs she had tricked out of so much coin. Clumsy oafs, she thinks, waiting for them to walk down the hall passed her door. At least they are trying to be quiet and aren’t stomping around loudly and waking everyone up. She figures the Dwarfs are either heading to the bathrooms on the first floor or, more likely, heading out ridiculously early. They had mentioned they still had a long ways to travel and that they planned on leaving before dawn.

Elani just starts to wonder what is taking them so long to move down the hallway when the door she has cracked open explodes in, her little body thrown back by some mighty force and the door slamming into her face. The blow sends her tumbling back and falling onto the floor as the world spins around her.

All she sees for a few moments are stars yet her ears are filled with the sounds of three large, bulky figures rushing into her room and quietly closing and locking the door behind them.

“Quickly,” a gruff male voice says, “grab hold of the little half-devil while she’s knocked off balance.”

Then there are hands on Elani, big meaty hands with short, fat fingers. It has to be the Dwarfs! She realizes at once that they must have known she cheated them and figures they are going to force her to give the money back. She starts to kick and punch as her vision clears but the large hands are on her, holding her down and pinning her to the ground. They have the advantage, the numbers, and each of them is far stronger then her. She could be a deadly foe, but only when she could move about and strike with surprise.

She thinks about screaming for help but decides against it. If others became involved the Dwarfs will surely accuse her of cheating in their game and the rigged diced would easily be discovered. She’d then have to not only pay the Dwarfs back in full but also potentially get her and Inetme’thul kicked out of the inn.

“Alright,” she sighs, ceasing her struggles. “You got me. What’s it that you boys want, your coin back?”

The three dwarfs shift, moving so just two of them can hold the little Halfling down while the other gets up on his knees and pulls a small potion out of his pocket. “No,” the one with the potion says, “we figure you earned the coin you cheated us out of. We’ll let you keep it. Yet, cheat us you did and now you owe us. So we will take it in services rendered of equal value. And, we’d like to point you, you cheated us out of a LOT of coin, the so value of services rendered are quite high.”

She stares up at him in confusion. “What in the name Ynara are you blabbering about? I don’t understand. I—”

Her words are cut off as the Dwarf pops the cap of the potion and lungs at her, shoving the bottle in her mouth and pouring the bubbling liquid into her. Elani chokes and gags, trying not to swallow. But it is impossible, the Dwarf holds her head just right and the liquid seems to move down her throat all on its own.

She swallows then gasps for air. And as she does so a strange sensation starts to spread through her body. It is a cold chill that leaves her muscles feeling strange. Elani tries to open her mouth to ask what they have done to her but she finds herself unable to move. She can’t even open her eyes in surprise; she is perfectly frozen in place.

The Dwarfs let go of her and pull back, clapping in joy as they see her remain exactly as they left her. “What a marvel,” one of them says.

“But you haven’t seen the real marvel,” the one who had poured the potion down her throat adds. He kneels down and slides a large arm under Elani, forcing her upper body up and sitting her up.

She feels her still body give and move with a strange tightness. She is unable to move herself, yet it seems others can do so with ease. And when he lets go of her body she remains exactly as he has posed her.

“You see? She is like a living doll now!” The others clap again in delight then they all gather round her, bending her arms and legs and laughing boisterously as she remains just as they had pose her.

They then picked her up and sit her on the edge of the bed, bending her legs down and straightening her back so she sits comfortably but with her prominent chest pressed out before her, as if sitting at attention. They also move her arms behind her back and pressed in there, making her press her large breasts out even further.

A howl of pleasure and sexual delight sounds from down the hall, echoing loudly through the entire inn. The Dwarfs chuckle and look at the door. “Looks like we ain’t the only ones having a little fun,” one of them says with a smile.

Elani screams in her mind. She’s scared of what these men are going to do to her now that she is totally under their control. But more than that she wishes to be free so that she can confirm the fact that the scream had sounded like Inetme’thul! Whatever the innkeeper was doing to her seemed to be a roaring success and it was driving Elani mad that she didn’t know the details.

Her thoughts return quickly to her own predicament as the Dwarfs start to unhook the front of her shirt, pulling her large plump tits out into the open air.

“Glorious,” one of the Dwarfs says. “Almost Dwarven in the way they are fat and wide, wouldn’t you men say?”

“Oh yes, very Dwarven,” one replies happily.

The other stands tall before Elani and starts to undress. “Come on boys, let’s get started.” He then looks at Elani and smiles. “Now we’re no villains. And we are only taking what’s owed us. So we won’t be using any of the glorious holes contained in your pants, which is probably for the best. I’ve never heard that little Halflings could take Dwarf cock, much too big I suspect. We’ll just use these glorious plump tits of yours and maybe your mouth a little. That sounds fair, don’t it?”

Elani doesn’t respond, she can’t. She sits perfectly still, her tits hanging plumply out the front of her shirt, her mouth open slightly as if in shock. She can’t even move her eyes. They simply stared blankly ahead of her, as if she were in some deep trance.

If the Dwarfs had been able to hear her thoughts they might have been surprised. She was no longer scared, not once they had revealed their plans to her. If anything she was excited. They were going to be mostly using her tits! Didn’t they know how good that would feel to her? She had Ynara’s blessing upon her and that blessing not only made her breasts larger but made them sensitive to any touch and in a manner that was sexually pleasing. To a woman with Ynara’s blessing on her a titfuck could feel as good, maybe even better, than vaginal intercourse. Why she’d probably even get off from what the horny bastards were preparing to do to her.

And then there was the fact she could use this event to reinforce her divine blessing. She could still pray in her mind and she was confident that her goddess, all knowing and all seeing, would still hear her prayers.

Soon the three Dwarfs were undressed. If Elani had been able to move or even just make sounds she would have been oohing appreciatively. Dwarf men were built short, slightly taller than Halflings or Gnomes, but much shorter than a Human. They were stout and wide, even the “thinnest” of them covered equally with a bulky mix of firm fat and even firmer muscles.

The little hairy men before her looked much like the Halfling men Elani was used to. Maybe a little wider, maybe a little taller, maybe even a little hairier. Yet there was one large, long difference: their cocks. She’d heard tales that all Dwarven cocks were impressively long and pleasingly thick and from what her eyes were telling her all the tales were true. The slabs of man meat hanging, no swelling and rising to attention, between their legs put nearly every Human or Halfling cock she had ever seen to utter shame.

Ynara, she knew, would be pleased. Elani’s personal taste was for a cock that wasn’t too big or fat but the Goddess of breasts liked fat cocks, huge ones best off all. Elani stared, eager for the men to come at her with their large members. Eager to feel them on her sensitive breasts. So eager that she was already praying to her goddess in her mind.

One of the men stops, bending over and pulling something out of a pouch attached to his discarded clothing. “I think we could all use some of this oil,” he says, holding up a glass vial. “It will help lubricate things, much smoother and longer lasting then spit.”

The other Dwarves mutter in appreciation as the first man pours some into his hand and then passes the vial on before stroking the slippery substance onto the long length of his shaft. The others do the same, covering their cocks in slippery lubricant and making them gleam and glint with oily sheen in the flickering candle light.

“All right boys, let’s start enjoying this plump little half-devils Dwarven tits!”

They all cheer them move towards Elani. One of them steps up to her front, slapping his massive, meaty cock down in the center of her chest, right between both her fat breasts. The other two men step up beside her, half climbing up onto the bed and shoving their oiled and slippery cocks under her breasts, wedging them up between her hanging tit-meat.

“Ah, yes,” one of them says in delight, “so warm and thick and heavy.” He moans as he starts to move his hips, fucking her tit from underneath as he stands to the side og her, one leg on the floor the other bend and resting on the edge of the bed.

Meanwhile on the other side of Elani the other Dwarf is doing the same, humping her other tit. They both thrust hard and fast, yet both with careful movements that prevent them from jabbing the man standing between them with their swollen cock heads.

The Dwarf in the middle places both his hands on Elani’s fat breasts, pressing their tit-meat both down onto his friends cocks and slightly in together towards his own swollen member. Soon he too is fucking her tits, humping her chest and moaning in delight.

Elani revels in the feel, unable to move yet showered with cascading pleasure coming from her large breasts and the silky smooth movement of the Dwarf’s oiled cocks. She’s let many a man fuck her tits, but never three at once. It feels AMAZING, thanks of course to her goddess.

She prays furiously to Ynara in her mind, hoping the goddess will see fit to help these men last long before blowing their loads. Or perhaps, she adds in her prays, the goddess could see fit to make them remain hard even after cumming.

The Dwarfs end up both lasting long AND being able to keep fucking her large tits even after they cum. The grunt and groan in pleasure, using their own semen as lubrication as they keep fucking her tits. There is a strange madness in their eyes, a faint red glow that can barely be seen. They are acting as if they are possessed by some unseen force, a force that keeps them fucking Elani’s tits.

Elani knows. It is Ynara, goddess of breasts. Tittyfucking pleases her most and it is clear to Elani that the goddess had seen this and been very pleased, pleased enough to reach into these men’s minds and make them fuck far longer then they probably thought was possible.

When they are finally done they have each cum several times, enough to leave their balls feeling more empty then they had ever been in their entire lives. And their cocks, they would be sore for days!

Still, they were sated and happy. “Don’t be too mad,” they tell her, not realizing their actions were not fully their own. “We kept our word, we didn’t even use that pretty little mouth of yours! Just those glorious breasts,” he says, a wistful almost dreamy tone in his voice.

“And remember: there’s no point chasing after us for revenge. You wronged us and now we are even. And by the time that potion wears off you we’ll have had hours to ride and you’ll have no idea which direction we’ve gone. So best forget us and simply get on with your life.”

They dress, muttering happily amongst themselves. Elani remains just as they had positioned her, sitting on the edge of the bed, sitting at attention with her arms behind her back. Her fat tits hang out of her shirt, although they are now covered in cum that oozes and drips messily down her front and out from under her tits.

The Dwarfs have no way of knowing how much they have made the little Halfling cum. Elani’s cunt is sore and her pants so wet it feels as though she has peed herself. She will have to sit in a puddle of her own juices for hours, the damp under her growing cold as the potion that holds her body perfectly still slowly wears off.

But she doesn’t mind. She’d cum so much… and Ynara’s blessing was now stronger than she’d ever felt it!

After the Dwarfs leave she is left with only her thoughts. And they quickly turn to Inetme’thul. What had the High Elf done, or had done to her, that had made her scream in pleasure so? She wanted to know and very much planned on interrogating the woman over breakfast. But maybe she’d leave out her own sexual adventure from this apparently eventful night…



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