Poll Driven Story: “Lyari Fenyarus’ Tale”

Alright all, here’s the first part of the new story you all helped me choose. As you’ll quickly see our “heroine” is no heroine at all and actually a bit of a villain.

Lyari Fenyarus’ Tale


“Pardon me saying so, my Lady, but this trunk here sure is heavy,” Hob the Halfling says to the tall woman walking beside him. “What you got in here? It’s big enough to be holding a body! Heavy enough too.”

“What’s inside is my own business and none of yours,” the woman says with an indignant sniff. “Just take it up to my room, you little miscreant, and no more questions.” She watches as the small, plump man grunts and hefts the large trunk onto his back and begins carrying it towards the back of the tavern they stand in.

“Hob meant no harm by his questions,” the tall slender Night Elf standing nearby tells her. “Most of the folk who stay here at the Crossroads Inn are in a talkative mood after traveling in the wilds for so long before they get into town,” he says.

“Well I’m not in a talkative mood,” the woman replies in a stern voice. She turns to the innkeeper, disapproval fouling an otherwise angelically pretty Elven face. “I’ll have no more questions from you or your staff or I’ll be taking my business elsewhere.”

She stands tall as she says this, trying to strike an imposing or maybe even intimidating pose. But she suspects, thanks to the glance of the man’s eyes down towards her overlarge breasts, that the act has back fired. When travelling she normally keeps her rather attractive body covered by a thick traveling cloak, but the top seemed to have opened enough to give the man a peak in at her ample cleavage.

He licks his ashy blue lips then looks back up at her, a very telling glint now in his eye that makes it all too clear that he is now picturing the rest of her body, most likely naked, in his mind. “I promise you there will be no more questions. But I should tell you there are no other inn’s in Grayfair. It’s the largest town for over a week’s ride in every direction and we get plenty of travelers coming through, as the crossroads meets here, yet there isn’t enough to support two inns.”

The woman sniffs and turns her nose up at him. “Well I’ve paid my coin and expect good service and all the privacy that can be given,” she declares. “Will your servant see to my horse once he’s stowed that trunk in my room?”

“Oh yes,” the man says quickly. “He’ll see to your beast. Before the hour it will be fed and stabled. In the mean time can I offer you a meal of some kind? We’ve a hearty stew brewing for dinner and I dare say it should be ready by now if you would like a bowl. Perhaps with some fresh bread and,” he stops, looking her over before continuing with his eyes lingering on her pointed ears, “Elven wine?”

She rolls her eyes. “Even if I was hungry, which I am not, I would not want any of that watered down fruit juice with my meal. You assume too much,” she declares. “Obviously you have recognized me as a Silver Elf, but do not assume what my taste may be.”

“Oh, yes, of course my Lady. Who could overlook your silver hair and that, uh, unmistakable physic. Even hidden under that big cloak you were one would not mistake you for what you are. But I promise, I will make no more assumptions about you!” The man then bows and turns from her, muttering something under his breath as he leaves to return to his counter in the back of the room.

Lyari Fenyarus is almost certain the man spoke just loud enough for her to overhear his obvious complaint about her but she chooses not to hear the specifics of his words. Instead the tall, curvaceous Silver Elf turns from the man and begins heading towards the stairs to the second floor where her rented room can be found.

On the way up the stairs she passes the Halfling who tries to engage her in conversation but she shoos the small man away. “Do not bother me now,” she grumbles. “I am weary from my travels and need to rest. And tell your master that I am not to be disturbed in my room until I leave it again!”

As soon as she enters the rented room she locks the door. She is fairly certain the innkeeper will have a key but trusts that the man will not disturb her. Then she turns and looks at the room. It’s large and well furnished, at least for a room in a backwater inn. “It will do” she says to herself. She hadn’t expected luxury, even at the price she had paid.

Now that she has her privacy she moves to take the heavy traveling cloak off. She curses the thing for coming open at the top, allowing the innkeeper to glance at her impressive cleavage before she was ready. Yet all the man got was a glance, being that the majority of the bulk of her breasts had been covered. She imagines the man will be happily surprised when she comes down for a meal later, as the clothing she wears under her cloak is scant and very revealing and it was clear that the innkeeper is a man of strong sexual hungers.

As a Silver Elf her body is naturally thick and curvy, her breasts so large that most races view them as too big to be natural. Yet they are, thick and heavy and each nearly as large as the pathetic Halfling that brought her trunk up to her room. And where most Silver Elves struggle to keep their large breasts in check and as hidden from view as possible Lyari normally flaunts them. The outfit she wears is little more than a few strands of glimmering purple straps with a few well placed cloths to cover her nipples and her privates.

She needs the freedom of movement to cast spells, spells that as a wild mage she must use every inch of her body to cast. Most other magic users look down on the wild mages. They say their casting is much more like dancing then proper spell work, and there is some truth to that. They also look down at the way they draw magical energy to themselves: not through study or meditation, not through staffs or arcane devices. Wild mages draw from the natural and unpredictable energies that surround all in Alaria. Many draw from the earth itself. Then there are those like Lyari that draw their energies from a much more reliable source: the primal sexual energies of all sentient beings.

Right now, though, Lyari is almost totally drained of her magical energies. But now that she has privacy, and her trunk, she can remedy that.

She saunters over to the large trunk and procures a key from a pouch tied to her waist. She then unlocks the item, opening it up and peering in. Inside the trunk is packed full of clothing and gear, everything a traveling adventurer like her could need and then some. There are even a few well hidden treasures, wrapped with clothing or cloth to hide them. Booty from her many adventures. Yet nothing that could remedy the draught of magical energies that she feels down to her very core.

Nodding at her gear, happy to see it is all safe, she then closes the lid. Again she puts the key in once more even though she has already unlocked the large chest. But this time as she starts to turn the key she mumbles a prayer.

“Praise be unto Eczotl, the swarming mass that hungers in all its many angled glory. May it bless me in my moment of need and give me the power to draw forth from its dark dimension.”

She then turns the key and once more there is the clicking sound of a lock being undone. She takes a deep breath then slowly opens the lid.

The gear that had filled the trunk just a moment ago is now gone. In its place is a deep chasm, one far larger than the trunk itself. It’s as if she has opened a portal to some dimly lit cave full of slightly glowing purple rocks. And there, just below the opening on a small perch barely large enough to lie down on, is a naked man, shivering in the cold.

“Come, Boff,” she says, leaning over and reaching into the trunk to help the quavering man out. As she pulls him up he looks down into the pit, staring in fear at a swarming mass that can just barely be seen out of sight in the depths below. The man seems weak yet he manages to scramble out of his prison with an eagerness few have ever shown.

“Where are we, Lady Fenyarus,” he asks, looking around at the room he now stands in. He is a human male, young and just barely a man. He looks as though at one time he was strong and virile but has gone too long without proper nutrition and exercises. His eyes are sunken into his head with dark bags around them and everywhere he looks those eyes show weariness and fear.

“Never you mind that,” Lyari says to him as she closes the trunk and locks it. Seeing her do this causes the man to look relieved. “I have need of your services right now,” she tells him. She looks him over, tutting at the dirt that covers his naked body. “I had planned on lying with you in that bed over there,” she says, watching his face brighten then smiling as she prepares to crush the moment of joy out of the young man, “but you’re too filthy. You’ll need to bathe before you can lie in and sleep in my bed.”

He visibly slumps. It is clear that he had been looking forward to being in the soft bed more than the implied prospect of being with the attractive Silver Elf sexually. He turns to her and with a weary look and asks, “Then how shall I service you?”

For a long moment she ponders his query. She is tired after riding so long and doesn’t really want to do any work. And the young man had been in the trunk for a very long time. Perhaps there was a way to give him a treat that required her doing very little work AND that would let her leach off the sexual energies she needs to recharge her magical stores.

The side of her mouth rises in a half smile. “I am weary,” she tells him as she starts to kneel down before him, “and you deserve a treat after remaining hidden in there for so long. I know how you feel about my large breasts. Why not fuck them as I recharge my stores?”

Once down on her knees she grabs her breasts, hefting them up as if presenting them to him. She smiles up at him then her face becomes filled with an almost frightening hungry look.

He stares at her breasts, licking his lips and with a sudden happy and eager glint in his eyes. “Oh yes, my Lady, if that is what you want.”

He starts grabbing at his cock, spitting into his hand first them tugging on it to get himself hard. He’d been her servant for some time with no hope of escape, yet he rarely complained no matter how cruel her treatment of him at times was. He had been but a poor farm boy who had never in his life beheld beauty such as hers and enjoyed the fact that his servitude to her almost solely consisted of sexually pleasuring and fucking the beautiful Silver Elf.

Pretty soon he was stepping up to the kneeling woman, jamming his now hard cock up into her massive breasts and starting to fuck them. She needn’t even remove any clothing, so scant was what she wore. Her massive breasts had barely enough cloth over them to cover her nipples, a bit of areola peeking out depending on how she moved, and the skimpy outfit left the center of her cleavage totally exposed save a single strap that connected the two clothes that covered said nipples.

Lyari held her breasts together, pressing them in around the youth’s hard cock as he pounded her chest. She tilted her head back and grinned madly in delight, breathing in deeply as she started to drain the sexual energy form the boy fucking her tits. For his part he grunted and groaned, pounding her tits harder even as he gasped in discomfort as he felt the energy being drained from himself.

He fucked her tits till he came, groaning in pleasure and exhaustion and then collapsing onto the floor with a loud thud that surely was heard in the tavern below them. He lay on his back, breathing heavily and looking so weak that he barely seemed alive.

Meanwhile Lyari was busy collecting up the man’s meager cum from between her breasts and hungrily licking it off her fingers. “I need every drop of raw power I can siphon form you,” she declared, “and a man’s cum always has at least a little in it.” She then climbed on top of him, looking recharged and more energetic yet even hungrier then when she they had started.

With one hand she grabs the small cloth covering her privates and pulls it to the side, revealing her hairless vulva. Her pussy is already swollen and damp. She fingers herself for a moment, then with her other hand reaches back behind herself and grabs the boy’s cock. “I still need more,” she hisses, stroking his soft cock in an attempt to make him hard again. “I know you are tired and weak but I bet you can find it in you to—”

Lyari stops talking. She lets go of his cock and jumps up and away from his body. She stares down at him in shock, mortified by what she sees.

Boff is dead. Not just dead but so drained of his natural energies that he looks to be half mummified, little more than a dry husk.

“Well shit,” she says, sounding more annoyed then anything. “I suppose I’ll need to get a new one now.”

With an almost disinterested shrug she rights her clothing then opens the trunk back up revealing the pit once more. She leans over and looks down into it, staring at the swarming mass of purple tentacles that could just barely be seen in the bottom.

“Alright, Eczotl my dearest god, I know that you always hunger. This is a bit dried and drained, but hopefully you will appreciate the offering.”

She then picks Boff’s body up and non-ceremoniously tosses him into the pit. She watches as it falls down the cavern, crashing into the walls and tumbling like a rag doll. As it nears the bottom the swarming tentacles lash up, grabbing hold of the body and quickly pulling it down into the dark.

After that she slams the lid closed and locks the trunk, standing up and dusting her hands off. “I suppose I’ll need to take better care of the next one. Boff certainly didn’t last very long. With the task I am about to undertake I’ll need someone whose energies I can drain steadily.”

She sat on the edge of the bed and fell deep in thought. Maybe she’d been going about this all wrong. Maybe this called for more subtly. Perhaps instead of acquiring a new servant to simply drain she needed to gain companions that knew not her true self or the dark mission she was on. Perhaps she could find one or more naive souls to “join” her in her quest, ones that she could play with and drain at will.

She decided to have an evening meal first. Perhaps see if any of the travelers staying at the inn or visiting the tavern on the first floor would be fitting for her needs. “Yes,” she mumbled as a devious grin spread across her face, “maybe I’ll make some new friends tonight.”


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