Poll Driven Story: Inetme’thul’s Last Adventure

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The rest of the day passes uneventfully with Inetme’thul reading her books and occasionally speaking with the small Elani. For her part the Halfling keeps occupied by playing games of chance with the various patrons of the tavern, games that the always watching inn keeper suspects are rigged in the little rogue’s favor.

Not long after the dinner the rush, while Elani is busy playing dice with a group of traveling Dwarfs, Inetme’thul waves Maaleas over. As he approaches the table she invites him to sit then leans forward, whispering conspiratorially. “I’ve not mentioned it before now but you are a rather famous character, Maaleas Dawndancer.”

His heart begins to race. What has she heard? Did she in fact know all about him and maybe even know what he did to her with the Orcs? Has she been waiting to reveal it all at just the right moment, to perhaps blackmail him? Surely if she intended violence she would have already struck!

Not wanting to give anything away, and still hoping for the best, he grins at her. “Well, my inn has a great many visitors and many of them are adventurers like you. And the crossroads meet right here, so one would assume tales of this inn and its keeper get passed far and wide to each end of the compass. But tell, fair High Elf, what have you heard?”

She smiles at him, leaning in a bit closer and flashing a look at Elani before continuing. “I have heard that you used to be an adventurer and that when you retired and bought this inn you kept a great many baubles and treasures from your former life. And that you have been willing to buy and sell such items from adventurers like me.”

His whole body sags in relief. Everything she’s just said is true, although the items he trades in are not always what the buyers expect. Seeing an opening for some sexy mischief he leans in closer and lowers his voice. “Yes, that is true. But why so secretive?”

“Well,” the High Elf begins, flashing another glance towards her Halfling partner, “I don’t like to admit I need the aid of small magical items. I’d prefer to keep the existence of any aids I purchase from you just between the two of us. A secret, if you will, from the rest of my party.”

He smiles wide, more pleased than he is willing to show. “That can be arranged.” Thinking fast on the many items he has stashed away and which would be best suited for the busty High Elf he comes up with a small lie. “The only thing is that my selection is quite small at the moment. I’m a good judge of character and I tell you now that I’ve only one item that will interest you. A small piece of jewelry that is easily hidden under your clothing so no one would know you wear it and the item would magically protect your body form harm.”

Her eyes lighten at his wards, betraying just how eager she is for such an treasure. “I would find such an item to be a boon worth a great deal of coin,” she tells him quietly.

“Good! We can arrange the deal tonight after you turn in, that way no one will by chance overhear or see anything to arise suspicion. I’ll bring the item to your room with a mug of tea so no one will be suspicious of why I would visit you in private. There is just one thing I must tell you that might change your mind about purchasing this item.”

She raises her eyebrow, suddenly skeptical of the whole deal. “And what is this essential piece of information that you have left out till now?”

He smiles and tilts his head while chuckling sheepishly. “Well, it’s not as bad as you are surely thinking. It’s just that the jewels are actually made to be worn on one’s, uh, nipples. But don’t worry; they don’t require that you pierce your flesh to wear them. They will look like nipple piercings once they are on but no part of them shall need be actually thrust through your flesh. They magically adhere to your flesh when their enchantment is upon you. But I must stress they ONLY work when attached to your nipples, no other part of the body.”

He can tell by the look on her face and the slight blush in her cheeks that the nature of the jewelry has scandalized her slightly. Trying to reassure her, as he is eager for her to put the jewelry on, he continues speaking. “But no one need ever know you wear them! They would, naturally, be concealed beneath your clothing. And you wanted something that could be hidden from the rest of your party, no?”

For a moment she sits deep in through, drumming her fingers on the table. “Okay. I suppose this is what I wanted. Bring them to me tonight and I shall give you whatever you claim they are worth.”

With a pleased nod Maaleas gets up from the table and returns to his business. She thinks the smile on his face is from the coin he will soon earn but he knows what the smile REALLY means. But she’ll find out by night’s end.

“What was all that whispering about,” Elani asks as she returns to the table with Inetme’thul, her pockets jingle with all the coin she has won from the now surely Dwarfs. She leans in, grinning like a fool and asks, “Were you setting up a late night tryst with the sexy innkeeper? Don’t you know he’s a Night Elf and such a thing is forbidden by your people! Or is that why you’re into it?”

Tipping her nose up into the air Inetme’thul snorts in derision. “Never! Not with a commoner such as an innkeeper and especially never with a Night Elf! If you must know I was requesting an evening mug of tea to help me get to sleep. I just knew you would make fun of me if you overheard.”

Elani turns her head to the side and gives Inetme’thul a skeptical look. “Well, if you say so. But I still think deep down you’re a big ole hoe-bag just like everyone else. You may have the rest of the party fooled by that big stick that’s always up your butt, but I bet when no one’s looking you use it to play with yourself.” Her little eyes light up. “Ooh! Is that what does it for you? A little anal play?”

“You are absolutely disgusting,” Inetme’thul says, rolling her eyes in an elegant high class expression of total dismissal. “Now, if we could move on to a more proper discussion?”

“Fine,” Elani says. “How about our next adventure? Do you got something lined up for us?”

“Actually, yes,” the High Elf says. “I haven’t totally kept to myself since arriving. I spoke to the local town guard as I entered Grayfair and inquired as to if they had any work that needed being done. It seems a tribe of troublesome Goblins have moved into the woods not too far from toen and they are willing to pay good coin if a group such as ours were to go and slaughter them all.”

“Goblins? We haven’t got to kill any of them in a long time! Sounds like easy money. What’s the catch?” Elani asks. “Why don’t the town guard go do it themselves?”

Inetme’thul shrugs. “Probably not enough of them. Although I hear the woods around here are fairly perilous. But I’m sure whatever the reason our little band will be up for the challenge. We just need to wait for them all to arrive!”


* * *


The firm, but quiet, knock on her door made Inetme’thul leap from the end of the rented bed she was perched on. She had been impatiently waiting for the sound for some time now. She bolts to the wooden door into her room and opens it, smiling at the innkeeper then leaning out to see if anyone was watching. There were no other patrons of the inn in the hallway of the second floor and all the doors are closed.

Still, someone (specifically a nosy little Halfling) might be listening. Speaking louder than is necessary Inetme’thul invites him in and proclaims how happy she is to have the tea delivered to her. As soon as the door is closed she turns and demands to see the jewelry.

Maaleas places the tray with the steaming hot tea down on a small desk that sits in one corner of the room. There is a small saucer of milk on the tray as well as little bowl full of sugar cubes. He lifts the bowl up, revealing that the bottom is not flat and in fact the jewelry has been hidden underneath.

Inetme’thul marvels at the two pieces of jewelry. They are impressively crafted, by Elves judging by the style and shapes built into them. In the center of each is a wire of gold shaped into a circle and just big enough to fit around a woman’s nipple. Its two ends meet on the bottom, twisting together into a double helix for about half an inch and then fused into a bit of glinting gold that holds a semi-transparent black jewel the likes of which she has never seen. Extending out from the top are two more of these jewels, pointed like the tips of two spears and inset in more gold.

She reaches out for the jewels, her hands suddenly shaking. She can feel the power of the enchantment on them pulsing into the air around them and feeling that she knows she’ll give the man whatever price he asks, even if it uses up all her coin.

When money is mentioned he asks for a surprisingly low amount. She furrows her brow in confusion. “Why aren’t you asking more? I mean, I won’t complain, but I can feel how powerful the enchantment is on these. What’s going on?”

“Ah,” he says, looking sheepish and embarrassed. “See, the thing is they only work on women. And most of the female adventurers that come through here, well, they aren’t interested in something as, well, feminine as this. I’ve been trying to get rid of them for a long time now. They might be small, but they are still taking up room and I need to move them out of my inventory.”

Something about this doesn’t exactly make sense but when it comes down to it she doesn’t care. She digs out her coin purse and counts out what she owes him then hands the coin over. “Thank you for this. But remember, not a word!”

He winks at her. “Not a word, I promise. And now I’ll leave you so you can try them on.”


* * *


As soon as the door is closed behind Maaleas he lets out a deep sigh of relief. For a moment there he had thought she was growing suspicious. And he’d forgotten that skilled mages such as her could feel the innate magical energy coming off enchanted items! He was lucky she wasn’t skilled enough in reading such energy to know exactly what enchantments lay upon the jewels. If she had known there would have been real trouble.

But luckily for him she had only been able to tell the enchantments was strong. He smiles, thinking about what the jewels will REALLY do to the High Elf. He never technically lied to her, but he did omit a few important things. Of course, it will take time for the curse on the jewels to start effecting, a few hours at most, maybe sooner if he’s lucky.

He decides to find some busy work to occupy himself with, but he’ll be sure that every half hour or so he’ll noisily come up the stairs and walk down the hall to “see” if any of his clients need his aid. Eventually, he knows, one of them will.


* * *


The Crossroads Inn has a large variety of rooms for rent. Some of them are simple and small, just barely large enough for a bed and small night stand for a candle or lantern. Then there are a handful of larger rooms that are well furnished, like the one Inetme’thul has rented.

The bed is huge and soft, a true luxury for someone who spends so much time traveling through the wilds. There is a writing desk and a proper wardrobe to store her gear in. There is even a large full body mirror. Nothing fancy, at least not by High Elven standards, but a luxury none the less when it comes to inns in these kinds of undeveloped lands.

As soon as the innkeeper was gone she had begun stripping. Now the elegant High Elf stands before the mirror, staring at her naked body. She knows it is something to be proud of, she has always known that. And living amongst other races, all of them seemingly so much hornier than her own kind, has reinforced how great of a body she has. Tall and elegantly thin yet with a wide, plump ass and huge perfectly shaped breasts.

Looking at them, at her perfect pale skin and the perfect curves of her fleshy mounds, she marvels at her own beauty. She’s seen Elani’s plump little Halfling tits more times than she could count. Fat, wide, and sagging heavily down her front. “Tits” are the perfect word for them. But it’s not a word that fits her perfect mounds. Elani’s “Tits” are nothing like her own magnificent “breasts”. Hers don’t sag at all, in fact they are so perky they seem to almost defy the laws of nature, even as she ages gracefully into her mid life.

She smirks at this, thinking of the other races. Humans and Orcs and Halflings and Gnomes. They all age and die so fast, few even reaching one hundred years old. And their tits all start to sag by the time they reach their twenties! Not Elves, especially not proper High Elves like her. She’s Hundreds of years old and her magnificent breasts haven’t started to show ANY sign of sagging.

Her eyes drift to her nipples as she thinks about breasts. Pleasantly pink, her areolas small and her nubs beautiful little hard lumps of flesh. She runs a finger across her areolas, reveling in the feel and sight of the flesh there hardening and pebbling from the motion. When she is with partners sexually she loves it when they suck on her nipples. The feeling always thrills and excites her, makes her eager to have them inside of her.

She shakes her head, chasing away the distracting sexual thoughts. “So unlike me,” she mumbles, picking up the nipple jewels from a nearby counter and preparing to put them on. The power flowing out of them is immense and once again makes her hands shake, yet she fails to notice the pull the items are already having on her mind and body. Making her feel aroused, filling her mind with sexual thoughts.

One by one she places them around the hard nubs of her nipples. As she places each one on the jewelry feels as though it is heating up for a moment, then magically contracting to pinch around her nipples slightly. Then she feels a rush of… something flow through her body. She blinks, feeling different in a way she can’t describe.

“The enchantment works!” She looks at herself in the mirror, rather liking the look of the nipple jewels around her hard nubs. She likes the way the dark black jewels extend out in a triangular pattern up above and below her nipples yet curved back to hug her breast flesh. Yet each of the jewels extending out from her nipples is small and flat enough that once she is dressed they will go unnoticed, even in her tight clothing.

As she stairs she notices something. The black jewels were always semi-transparent. But now that the jewelry is on her she can see faint but noticeable red sparks seemingly floating and moving about inside each of the black jewels. “Such beautiful magic,” she says, looking at them in the mirror and marveling at the sight.

For a moment she stares at the jewels. But her eyes begin to wonder, first to her hard nipples then to her over large breasts, then down the smooth flatness of her stomach to the hairless split between her legs. “Such a beautiful High Elf,” she says, as if marveling at a work of art and not her mere reflection in the mirror.

While still standing before the mirror she begins to run her hands up and down her body. Caressing her sides. Tickling her flesh with the tips of her fingers. Sensually grabbing and lightly groping her large breasts. She stares at herself the whole time and moves her hands as if she were arousing a lover.

Soon her hands are doing more than caressing and groping. She’s pinching her hard nipples and finding they are suddenly more sensitive then she is used to. She’s spreading her legs slightly and shyly dipping a lone finger into her slit and discovering how wet she is. A moment later she moves back away from the mirror to sit on the edge of her bed, spreading her legs and playing with her pussy while she continues to stare at her reflection. Her head leans forward and her mouth hangs open slightly. “So beautiful. So sexy,” she mutters as she begins to jill off to the image of herself jilling off.

Her pale cheeks and long slender ears blush bright red, nearly the same shade as the red on the top of her hair. She starts to moan and sweat as her masturbation grows more vigorous. She can feel the intensity of her pleasure mounting yet feels frustratingly no closer to climax.

As the carnal energy builds up in her the flames of the candles spread through the room to light it grow brighter. There’s little chance of her losing control over her magical fire abilities yet she is now masturbating so intensely that she causes the small flames to flicker wildly with new intensity.

It occurs to her that this is all very unlike her. Yet the thought leaves her mind as quickly as it enters it. She wants to cum. Needs to cum. Yet watching herself in the mirror, something just minutes ago that felt like the hottest thing she had ever experienced, is now clearly not going to do the job.

Moaning in frustration she throws her body back onto the bed, enjoying the feel of her large breasts moving and bouncing and shifting as she lands on her back. She spreads her legs wider and masturbates more vigorously. She uses one hand to play with her clit while dipping into her dripping wet cunt-hole with the fingers of the other.

It feels amazing. The best she’s ever experienced on her own. Yet even as her pleasure rises she feels no closer to the mental release of orgasm. She does realize, however, that what feels best is penetration. DEEP penetration.

Leaping from the bed she then gets down on the floor, face first. She presses her large breasts into the rough carpet that covers the wooden floor, lifting her plump ass high into the air and spreading her legs. Reaching back between them she then begins to finger herself, ramming first one then two then three fingers deep into her cunt. She raises her ass higher, wrapping her free hand around her face and biting her arm in frustration as she pounds her cunt. All around her the flames of the candles burn bright and dance wildly along with the motions of her fingers plunging deep into her.

It feels so good yet if anything she feels FURTHER from release.

Her body is covered in sweat. She has no idea how long she’s been masturbating now but has a vague sense that it’s been quite a long time. The frustration in her is growing. She NEEDS release but its growing clear she won’t be able to obtain it on her.

Her mind starts to wander, starts to imagine what she needs to get off. She needs a man deep inside of her, that is clear. She pounds her cunt with her fingers, imaging a man walking into her room and seeing her ass raised to the door and just taking her from behind. She doesn’t care what man. Doesn’t even care what race. Just as long as his cock is long and thick and able to fill every inch of her insides.

She realizes that she’s now sobbing in frustration, still jamming her now pickled fingers into her sopping wet cunt-hole yet no closer to getting off than she was when she started hours ago.

Just as her mind starts to desperately imagine going from door to door in the inn till she found a room unlocked and a man to fuck she hears a knock on her own door. Before she can answer the door starts to slowly open.

“I’m sorry,” a male voice says, “but I heard whimpering as I made my rounds and wanted to make sure— Oh my!”

The words barely register in her mind. All she cares about is the fact that the voice is male. She looks back and up from the ground to see Maaleas, the Night Elf innkeeper. He’s dressed in a white night gown that hangs half open and she can see that he is naked underneath. And seeing that her eyes dart down to his cock, zeroing in on it.

It’s swelling and rising to attention as he stares at her, moving silently into the room and quietly closing the door behind himself. She knew that Night Elves were built much like Elven men: more impressive in their pants than a human, but not by much. Yet this man’s cock is huge for a being of his size! Longer by at least half a foot than she would expect even the most well endowed Night Elf to be and so thick that it was just on the verge of being TOO thick. Yet that was exactly what she wanted right now.

As she stares at his cock she continues pounding her cunt, moaning louder now. She lies on the floor, panting like a dog as she stares back at his cock, watching it grow harder and become more erect. “So beautiful,” she mutters, then whimpers in pain. “I need it,” she whines.

“Oh?” Maaleas asks, sounding surprised yet not acting so. He stands tall, shrugging off his robe and letting it fall to the ground then standing behind her naked with his now fully erect cock held in one hand. “You need THIS?” he asks her, waving his impressive member at her.

“Yessssss,” she moans. “I need it, please,” she begins, speaking quickly as if possesses by some sudden madness. “I need it deep in my pussy. I need you to fuck me hard and fast and oh so deep. I need to feel your cock inside of me. Need to feel you filling me with your member, with your cum!” The whole time she is begging she keeps pounding her cunt with her fingers and staring at his cock.

This is not her, she knows that. She isn’t some drooling, cock starved human waif eager to do anything for just a little dick. Yet here she is, begging for the cock , drooling all over the floor at the sight of it. Fingering herself furiously as she imagines her fingers are this man’s thick cock inside of her.

“But a mighty High Elf like you, your above sleeping with a depraved Night Elf like me, aren’t you? I mean, the reason there ARE Night Elves is because you High Elves cast us out, used a massive curse to dye our skin like night and shortened our ears in shame. It’s the greatest depravity to give yourself over sexually to a man of my race, isn’t it?”

“Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes!” she declares. “But I don’t care. I need a cock, I need YOUR cock and I need it now! Please, I beg you, give it to me!!!

Still holding his cock up he stands and thinks deeply for a moment. “Come beg for it, come crawl to me and beg my cock for its services. Tell it how perfect it is, how badly you want it. Come submit to my Night Elf cock with that haughty, beautiful High Elf face of yours and MAYBE I’ll give it to you.”

Inetme’thul shifts, getting up on her hands and knees like an animal yet bending forward slightly and resting on one elbow so that she can still reach back and be fingering herself as she crawls towards the man. She’s filled with shame, debasing herself like this to man, a Night Elf man no less! Yet she’s so desperate, in tears from the pain of needing sexual release but knowing it will only come from getting this man’s cock deep inside of her.

She crawls across the floor till she is at his feet. She then gets up on her knees, staring directly at the man’s massive cock before her. “I need you,” she says to his cock. “I need you inside of me, to please me and make me cum.” She sobs as she begs the cock, more humiliated and desperate then she has ever been in her entire life. “I want you more badly then I have ever wanted anything before. Need you more than I have ever needed anything before. Please. I beg you. I beg you with everything I am, I beg on each of my ancestors! PLEASE GIVE ME THIS COCK!

His plan had been simply to get a chance to fuck her. The jewelry she wears does indeed magically protect her from harm like he told her. Yet it does more. It has made her uncontrollably horny, an effect that will wear off after a few orgasms but that over time will quickly swell up again, making her an insatiable slut while she continues to wear the nipple jewels. But the real marvel is that the enchanted nipple jewels make it so the woman wearing them cannot, under any circumstances, cum unless she has a cock inside of her.

Maaleas smiles down at her, more happy then he has words for at that moment as he thinks on the trick he has played on this High Elf. It’s not that he wishes any ill will on her as an individual. But no Night Elf, even one as removed from his people as Maaleas is, would pass up a chance to humiliate a High Elf in such a way. And seeing that chance he had to at least toy with her a bit before fucking her.

Still holding his massive cock he takes a step closer to her, laying it down on her pretty, tear stained face. He lets go of it, leaving his cock resting on her face. Her head is tilted back so she can look up at his and this leaves sis balls hanging just under her chin, the shaft easily extending all the way up above her forehead. He knows just how impressive his cock is yet he loves to place it on a woman so and see just how large it is.

Inetme’thul shakes and quivers, gasping as she tries to stop sobbing all while her eyes roll up into her head as the smell of the man’s cock overwhelms her senses. It is heady and strong and pungent, pure manliness and stale sex. The feel of his thick, hard, warm shaft resting on her face adds to the sensations as she continues to pound her cunt with her fingers. She’s suddenly close to cumming now that his cock is touching her. So close, yet she knows she won’t be able to reach release till he is inside of her.

“Please,” she begs and explodes into a fresh bought of desperate sobs. “Please fuck me now!”


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