Patreon Sample

I’ve been sick and haven’t been getting much writing done lately. But I have been plugging along on dirty pics that have been posted for my Patreon backers to enjoy. And now that it’s nearing the end of the month I’m posting some of those pictures publicly in the hopes of getting a few new backers (the more I have the more money I have for new resources for even more dirty pics and stories). I can’t post most of them here because almost all of them are sexually explicit or at least have nudity in them. But there were a couple pics that aren’t too racy for wordpress, so I’ll be throwing them up as a sample to all my log readers.

If your interested in seeing the full feed (I’m trying to have new content every other day) you can become a backer for as little as 1$! Head on over to my Patreon to find out more.

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