Poll Driven Story: “Mister Amazing Strikes Megatropolis” Part Four

Alright perverts all, below the break you will find the fourth part of the Mister Amazing story as well as the voting for what happens next. To find the story in its entirety head to HERE.

“You came here to defeat heroines?” Lady Centurion says, lifting her gladius and laughing. “Unlikely. You may have found a way to defeat and control Psychia, but she’s a Megatropolis Amazon. The public might not be willing to accept it, but I know they are just a pack of pathetic sluts with extremely good luck. I’m a REAL heroine and won’t be so easily dispatched.”

As she speaks she slowly advances on Mister Amazing. He does the same, slowly advancing on her and lifting his hands up before him as he prepares to sends blasts of gas her way. The crowd around them pulls back to the edges of the bar, giving the two as much space as they can. Mister Amazing’s eyes narrow, barely visible past the layers of bandage like strips of cloth that cover most of his face. Slowly the two figures circle, watching each other and waiting for the other to make the first move.

“You know something, you stink,” Lady Centurion says with an upturned nose and a look of disgust on her face.

Mister Amazing chuckles. “You don’t even know the half of it.”

Slowly he edges in closer, pumping pheromones into the air. Lady Centurion notices is advance, readying her sword for the inevitable attack. She fails to notice that the smell coming off of Mister Amazing is slowing her reactions, dulling her mind.

He leaps forward towards her, hands outstretched before him. Lady Centurion takes a step back, lifting her sword up in to the air and preparing to take a defensive strike. It’s clear that she is being cautious as she has no idea what her opponent’s powers are. She allows him to approach her, hoping to land a quick blow and end the fight before it really begins.

As Mister Amazing nears her he reverses course, leaping back away from her. As he does this he sends thick jets of gas blasting out from his palms into Lady Centurion’s face. The busty superheroine is totally unprepared for such an attack and immediately throws an arm up to fight off the cloud of noxious gas but the action is totally pointless. The cloud of gas surrounds her head, impossible not to breathe in.

She stumbles back, coughing. “Gas! You fiend,” she calls out between coughing fits. It’s clear that she’s disoriented. She sways, nearly falling over and having to right herself on a nearby table. “What was in it?” she demands, haughty even as she struggles to remain upright.

“Oh, I think you’ll find out in just a moment,” Mister Amazing says with a smile. “From what I know about how this world works you should start feeling it right… aboutnow!”

Lady Centurion screams in discomfort, dropping her gladius and reaching up to grab her large breasts. Her face twists in a grimace of discomfort and she stumbles further back from Mist Amazing. “No,” she gasps through gritted teeth, “not this!”

As she holds her breasts it is clear to everyone in the bar that they have begun to swell and grow. She moans in pain, gritting her teeth and fighting to remain on her feet. She leans up against another table, knocking a few beer bottles off of it. “It hurts,” she cries, grabbing her breasts tighter.

As they swell and grow, slowly changing from large in size to huge, her costume seems to change to accommodate their groeth. The flexible metal becomes fluid, swirling and changing shape as her bust size increases. But as her breasts continue to grow larger and larger the material starts to run thin eventually becoming so thin it’s nearly transparent.

As her breasts grow to the point that Lady Centurion has to fall to her knees to support their weight the material finally retreats from her chest. Her entire metal outfit becomes fluid, looking like golden mercury as it all drips off her body and slides down into a pool on the ground. Once there it gathers up into a metal square, re-solidifying.

This leaves Lady Centurion topless, her now inhumanly massive breasts hanging free for all in the bar to see. The members of the Big Tit Dykes all begin to cheer and shout abuse at Lady Centurion, mocking her for her new unwieldy breast size.

The heroine breaks into tears, distraught and horrified at her own body. “You’ve ruined me,” she bellows as she sobs. “No one will take me serious with tits each as large as my torso! And they are so heavy I can barely stand!”

But as suddenly as she broke into tears they stop. With a shuddering sniffle she seems to regain her composure, her expression turning quickly form one of despair to one of anger. “I’m still Lady Centurion, defender of justice! I can still defeat you, massive tits or not!” She grabs her sword form the floor and moves to leap forward at Mister Amazing.

Even as she begins to rise everyone in the room can see that her attack is doomed to fail. As she begins to press up from the ground she thrusts her sword before her, bending her torso slightly and causing her massive breasts to shift. They move with thick, slow, fluid motions so large and heavy that they pull her entire body to the side. Even as she begins to leap forward their shift pulls her to the side, causing her to tumble onto her side with a frustrated scream of alarm, her sword clattering away from her.

As she falls Mister Amazing moves forward with superhuman speed, stretching a hand out with fingers bent as if to grab her. But he simply sends another blast of gas into the heroine’s face.

Lady Centurion reacts even faster to this blast of gas. Her eyes roll up into her head and she collapses onto the floor, her body convulsing for a moment before going limp. She’s left with a surprised and stupefied expression on her face, staring blankly at the ceiling above her as she lay unmoving on her back. Her massive, enlarged breasts stand like two fleshy mountains on her bare chest, the mass of flesh standing thick and tall yet soft and fluidly dripping down her sides all at the same time.

Mister Amazing stands above her, hands on his hips as he stares down at his handy work. “A beautiful sight,” he says. “The mighty Lady Centurion totally stupefied, her tits so enlarged they look… well, too big to exist. That strong of a blast of breath growth gas would have probably killed a regular women, but you supers are made of stronger stuff. Probably for the best the growth won’t be permanent; you wouldn’t be much use to me with tits this big. But, for the time being you can provide a pleasant distraction.”

As he speaks to her she continues to stare blankly at the ceiling, showing no sign that she can hear him. And as he stares at her gigantic breasts his cock grows hard, making it clear just what kind of pleasant distraction she is going to be.

He sits on her stomach, placing his huge cock down between her two mounds of tit flesh. He moves to spit on his cock then stops, tilting his head to the side as if just realizing something. He strains for a moment and then his cock secrets a strange slippery fluid. “Nice,” he says, “I can produce my own lube! Will the wonders ever cease?”

He grabs his cock, rubbing the stiff shaft into her voluminous, soft breast flesh. Soon his cockhead is being smeared on her large, swollen nipple. Her nipples, like the rest of her tits, have increased in size. Her areolas look as if they have been stretched too thinly over to large a surface area and the buds of her nipples are hard, engorged swollen masses of flesh. Precum leaks from the tip of his cock, mixing with the lube he’s secreted and turning her nipple into a slippery, slick mess.

Shifting to the side he returns his cock to the center of her chest. He reaches his hands under the soft mass of breast flesh and moves to press it all up and around his cock. With her breasts enlarged so much there is almost more tit-flesh than any one man can handle, yet Mister Amazing manages to eventually press most of her breasts around his hard shaft.

He then begins moving his hips, sliding his cock up through her pressed tits as he humps her chest. “Fuuuuuuck,” he moans, grinning down at the stupefied heroine. “I could do this forever.” He picks up speed, fucking her tits faster. He becomes hypnotized with the way ripples run through her fluid flesh every time he thrusts forward and slams into her tits.

“Her tits remind me of something,” he mumbles, watching the ripples of flesh fluidly roll through her mass of flesh. “I know,” he says, suddenly realizing what it reminds him of. “Her tits are so big and soft that the way they move, it looks like a fucking water bed!”

“You like this, you stupid slut?” He waits for an answer but Lady Centurion doesn’t answer, she simple continues to stare at the ceiling, her eyes open wide and her mouth hanging half open. “You know, I don’t really care if you do. You exist to please me, you ALL exist to please me,” he shouts.

The women around him begin to murmur, but he quickly shouts them down. “Not just you, you fat-titted bald sluts, but this whole fucking city. Hell, this whole fucking world! And it’s all going to mine, you hear me?” He’s screaming now, fucking Lady Centurion’s tits with wild abandon.

“I’m the most powerful thing this world has ever seen and nothing is going to stop me! I’m going to defeat and fuck every single heroine in this city into utter submission!” It’s clear he’s mad with power, getting off on the idea of conquering this fictional, yet all very real to him, world. He grunts in pleasure, his body bending over as his muscles tighten and he begins to cum.

He lets go of her breasts, quickly grabbing his cock and lifting it up so when he cums his semen goes shooting out towards Lady Centurion’s face. His load is huge, plopping down on her face with a heavy, wet splash. Much of the cum lands in her open mouth and as it does so her face comes to life. She blinks, moaning in pleasure and swallowing what’s in her mouth. As Mister Amazing gets off of her she sits up, greedily gathering up all the cum on her face and licking it off her fingers.

“More,” she gasps, her voice full of desperation. “Never tasted anything so amazing… I’ll do anything to get more of your cum. Serve you, do whatever you say.”

“There was never any doubt,” he says with a proud grin.


* * *


Mister Amazing sits in the large chair that he has come to think of as his first throne. His legs are spread wide open and Lady Centurion, her breasts now back to normal and her costume back on, kneels before him sucking his cock. Her gladius is gone. After her breasts had returned to normal she had retrieved it, willing the golden sword to become fluid and turn back into more of the gold-metal ribbing running up her arm.

Psychia stands nearby, her posture straight and her expression one of deep thought. She has been commanded to telepathically scan the nearby area to warn him of any other heroines that may approach. His gang has been continuing their crime wave, robbing nearby banks and jewelry store and returning vast wealth to him and he knows that other heroines will almost certainly follow some of them back to this base.

“You and you and you,” he says, pointing at three of the gang members that have proved themselves highly capable. “Head out to the other gangs. Tell them Megatropolis has a new crime boss and that they can either get in line or be destroyed. Offer them whatever amount of money you think will bring them under my control. If they refuse the offer return to me and we’ll figure out how to deal with them. If they accept bring their leaders back to me. Go, now.”

He places a hand on Lady Centurion’s head, grabbing her blond hair and pumping her head up and down his cock with savage intensity. A moment later he groans in pleasure and cums in her mouth, letting her drink it all down to ensure her loyalty to him.

After she pulls away he looks at her. “I have a special mission for you,” he says. “I’m confident that I can defeat any single heroine with ease. But I’ve read plenty of stories set in your world and I know most villains on a power trip are defeated, in the end, by a group of superheroines. I won’t allow that to happen to me. So, as the city’s only real superhero team, the Megatropolis Amazons must fall.”

Turning, he glances at Psychia. “I’ve already got one of them under my control. And the other four are certain to be out on patrol searching for her. Go find Archbaroness, the team leader. Bring that purple clad fat-titted slut to me. Tell her whatever you need to get her to come here alone. Walk her into my trap, understand?”

Lady Centurion nods. “And if I do this I can have more of your cum?”

“Of course,” he says. “Now get going.”

As she turns to leave Mister Amazing steeples his fingers, falling deep in though. “Now I just have to plan how I’ll take care of Archbaroness. She’s leader of the Megatropolis Amazons for a reason. She gets defeated as much as any superheroine here in Megatropolis, but she recovers so much faster than the rest. And she ALWAYS manages to get away and win in the end. I’ll have to be smart and keep on my toes if I’m going to defeat her and keep her defeated…”


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