Poll Driven Story: “Rangers of the Galactic Republic” Episode One Part Four

Alright perverts, the fourth part of episode one of the Rangers of the Galactic Republic story is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also head HERE to read the story in its current entirety.


* * *


“It had to be done,” Brown Jim mumbles to himself as he stands nervously before one of the crime bosses of the Crellian Cartel.

“What was that,” the men standing before him says, his voice angry and tense.

“Nothing,” Jim says louder, wringing his thin hands together. Sweat is pouring down his face and his eyes are darting from side to side.

Should have taken the advice to dump her in the sublevels with the mutates there, he thinks. The Boss is pissed I let her find out so much. He’s going to make me pay… I’m going to end up dead!

“Nothing indeed,” the Boss says. He’s a tall, older but physically fit human with gray hair and disapproving eyes. Jim doesn’t know the man’s name, the Bosses are always just referred to by their titles. He does know that this Boss lives a double life, working as a prominent station administrator. Even now he is dressed in the sleek jumpsuit the administrators wear.

The man puts his hands behind his back and turns to face the naked and unconscious woman on the floor below him. Her breasts are still unnaturally large, although the drug that had increased their size seems to be wearing off. Voifta is bound with high tech metal bracers that bind her hands together and behind her back and secure her ankles together.

Her face is covered in a strange contraption that looks like a sleek space helmet, but the device is created to keep a specific atmosphere in, not out. As the man looks down at her unmoving body she is breathing a steady stream of gas that keeps her unconscious as the Boss decides what is to be done with her.

Still looking down at her and with his back to Jim the man begins speaking. “I really am disappointed in you,” he says. Brown Jim shuffles nervously, his eyes darting around towards the armed goons standing guard nearby. “When you first informed us that this woman was a Ranger of the Galactic Republic and that you had been letting her follow you around for some time… Well, let’s just say the other Bosses and I were quite angry.”

Brown Jim begins to take a few steps back. This is it, he thinks, this is the moment of my death. The Syndicate doesn’t put up with failure like this. But what was I suppose to do? If I had tried to hide her and they found out they would have done more than just kill me!

“But,” the Boss says, letting the word hang in the air.

Jim’s breathing increases. His two hearts pound in his thin, narrow chest. But what? Could this mean I’ll get to live, he thinks, a flash of hope lifting him up.

Still staring down at Voifta the Boss continues. “But we’ve probed her mind. As a Ranger she has undergone a lot of subliminal conditioning to help prevent mind probes from delving too deep into her memories, but we were able to mostly recover her life since coming to CS12. And as far as we can tell the only message she’s sent to her superiors is one stating that she’s reached this station and successfully infiltrated our organization. Any knowledge she gained of our operation has yet to be transmitted.”

Brown Jim lets out a long, deep sigh of relief.

“Furthermore,” the Boss says, now turning to face Jim with a smirk on his face, “that means you have accidental given us a very special gift.” He pauses, waiting to see if Jim understands. When the drug dealer doesn’t respond he continues. “See, as far as her superiors know this woman is in the middle of a successful infiltration of our criminal organization. If she were to be, say, brainwashed into being a double agent they would be none the wiser.”

Jim’s eyes open wide. “Is… is that something you can do here on CS12?”

The Boss nods his head. “Indeed it is. It just so happens that the man who has been creating Jaei-17 for us has the knowledge and equipment to do just that. In fact, he has been asking for a chance to try using his drug in brainwashing someone who has been specifically conditioned against it.”

“So… so I’m not in trouble?” Brown Jim asks, his voice hopeful.

“You should be,” the Boss says, his voice suddenly flat. “I should have you killed for your carelessness. But it’s given us a glorious opportunity to stay ahead of the Rangers. Once this Tluepraxu woman is properly brainwashed and turned into a double agent we will be able to stay ahead of the Rangers and Republic justice for some time. Which is good, because, as you know, Jaei-17 HAS to be produced here. If we had to move our operation it would be the end of that drug.”

The Boss steps away from Voifta’s body and moves towards Brown Jim. “So, even though it was all an accident, you have done well. And the Crellian Cartel rewards those to do well. How does a transfer of ten million credits sound? And I think you can move your operation from down in the maintenance levels up to somewhere much nicer, one of the highest levels of the station. Yes?”

“Oh, yes,” Brown Jim says happily. “That all sounds better than I ever hoped for!”

“Good, good,” the Boss says, placing an arm around Jim’s shoulder and starting to lead him to the door out of the room. “Go with Che’rell here and he’ll get you all situated. He’ll get the credits transferred to you and help you set your new operation up.”

At the door one of the guards, a large lizard like alien armed with a massive gun, steps out. “Come on,” Che’rell growls at Brown Jim. “I’ll take care of you.” Just before leaving the room Che’rell exchanges a glance with the Boss, the man giving him a small nod.

The door before them slides open and Che’rell waves Jim through first. A moment later the giant green scaled creature is walking after him. As the door closes the Boss turns, a devious smile on his face. A second later there is a muffled blast from the other side of the door that causes the remaining guards in the room to jump and raise their weapons.

“Calm,” the Boss says with a raised hand. “Che’rell was just disposing of that trash. Can you believe he thought I would actually reward him for his carelessness? And we all know he samples his own wares. We couldn’t have him high and bragging about our new double agent here. No, we can’t ever let any word get back to the Republic that this one works for us now.” He stands, staring down at Voifta. “Or at least she will soon.”


* * *


As Voifta begins to wake she is at first only able to concentrate on the overwhelming weakness she feels in her body. She has no idea what was in the gas they were using to keep her out but it seems to have had some lingering effects on her body. All of her muscles are sore and feel unresponsive. Left to her own devices she doubts she’d be able to stand at the moment.

Thinking that she realizes that she IS up on her feet, or more accurately nearly on them. Her arms are extended up and above her, held in place by cold metal bands secured to the ceiling above her. The restraints hold her body up in the air, making it so her toes just barely touch the cold floor below her.

She can feel that she is naked. Thinking about her naked body reminds her that the last time she was fully conscious her breasts had been enlarged to an almost unimaginably large size. From the unfamiliar heavy feel of the flesh hanging off her chest she can tell that her breasts are still enlarged, but that they are nowhere near as large as they once were. Weakly she opens her eyes and looks down at her body. Her breasts are indeed nearly double their normal size. This leaves them impressively large, but manageable in their size and weight.

Looking up from her chest she sees that she’s in a small room, the walls around her filled with shelves and racks full of terrifying looking devices and equipment. The ceiling above her is covered in strange metal rigging that looks terrifyingly familiar to her.

Gasping and looking back around at the room she realizes what this place is: a chamber created for mental probing and brainwashing. Taking closer looks at much of the equipment she begins to recognize most of it, all of it devices and equipment that is highly illegal as well as generally considered immoral to use on a sentient being.

The single door into the room slides open revealing two older human males. One has gray hair and seems to be in amazing shape with a well muscled body that is being shown off in the skin tight jumpsuit worn by CS12 administrators. Standing next to him is a man that is slightly older and wearing a white lab coat. This man has a cruel looking face with beady small eyes full of deadly intelligence.

“Finally awake, I see,” the man dressed as an administrator says. “Please, let me introduce myself. I am one of the Crellian Cartel’s crime Bosses here on CS12. And this,” he says, pointing to the man beside him, “is Frall, the scientific genius that has made Jaei-17 possible.”

Voifta is too weak to say anything, but she does shoot the two men a tired but nasty glare that makes the Boss laugh. “Defiant even till the end,” he says with a smile. “I would expect nothing less from a Ranger of the Galactic Republic. But see, that defiance won’t last much longer. Once Frall here is done with you, well, you’re going to be working for us as a double agent.”

“No,” Voifta manages to say with a shocked gasp. “Never.”

Frall steps forward, rubbing his hands together in anticipation. “Yes, girl, stay defiant. It’s what I need to test out how Jaei-17 will affect the attempt to brainwash you. We all know you Rangers are conditioned to mentally stand up to such things, but I think with the addition of my drug your mind will be much more pliable.”

He then procures from the pocket of his lab coat an injection needle, the fluid in the syringe neon pink in color. Voifta begins to try and struggle to break free but even if she wasn’t so weak she’d have no chance of escaping her bindings.

Stepping forward the crime Boss grabs hold of her body and holds her still as the scientist injects the drug directly into her neck. Voifta screams but before the needle has been pulled from her flesh the scream dies as a wave of relaxing euphoria spreads over her.

The world around her seems to shimmer and swim pleasantly. Every inch of her body suddenly seems to tingle with pleasure. Her mind seems totally at ease and emotionally she seems perfectly happy and full of joy. She allows her body to go limp, wanting nothing more than to simply hang from the ceiling and enjoy the sudden high she’s now riding.

“It never ceases to amaze me just how fast the high hits women when they take this drug,” the Boss says as he stares at the spaced out expression on Voifta’s face. He grabs her chin and lifts her face up, staring into her eyes. She looks back at him, a dopey happy smile on her face.

Letting go of her face he then reaches for her overlarge breasts, grabbing and squeezing them. This causes Voifta to moan and writhe in pleasure. He continues massaging her breasts, eventually beginning to work her nipples. At that point her moans increase and her hanging body begins to shudder. “Cumming,” she groans as her face twists in pleasure.

“Seeing how good even the slightest sexual attention seems to feel while on the drug I’m almost tempted to test it out. Almost.” He turns to Frall. “Then again, it wouldn’t affect me as strongly, would it?”

“That’s right,” Fral says with a nod. “Those effects are more pronounced on female victims of the drug. A happy accident of the drugs creation.”

The Boss pulls away from Voifta. “Well, I’ll leave you to it. Just remember that I expect results in a timely manner. I know you tend to get rather distracted when your test subjects are women. I’m not saying you can’t have some fun with this one; just remember we need her as a functional double agent before long.”

“Don’t worry,” Frall says with a wicked grin on his face. “I’ll have her ready to take any command you give her VERY soon.”


* * *


Once the Boss leaves Frall places a ball gag in Voifta’s mouth. “I can’t be bothered with your pathetic mutterings during this first test,” he tells her. He then goes about setting up some special apparatus for the first part of his procedure. During that time Voifta simply hangs from the ceiling, drooling slightly around the ball gag jammed in her mouth and enjoying the blissful high she is experiencing.

She just starts to drift off into a hallucination filled half sleep when Frall grabs both her nipples and pinches them painfully hard, jerking up on her tits as he does. The combination of pain and pleasure shooting through her oversensitive breasts wake her up and force a massive orgasm from her body. She screams through the ball gag and wiggles, kicking her legs slightly and feeling dampness running down her thighs after her orgasm subsides.

Now that she is awake Voifta could see that there is a large number of white orbs attached to strings of cords and intertwined wires hanging from the ceiling in front of her.

“See the orbs?” Frall asks her.

She nods.

“You will watch them. No matter what they do or how it makes you feel you won’t look away from them, understand?”

Voifta is so relaxed and happy that she simply nods. In the moment she is so relaxed that she can think only about following any order given to her, wanting to make any around her as happy as she currently feels.

“Good,” he says as he places two buds into her ears. The small devices completely cancel out any sound from the world around her. Frall says something to her but she can’t hear the words. She cocks her head slightly to the side, signaling she didn’t hear him. This makes him smile in pleasure.

A moment later the scientist is out of the room and the lights are dimming. As they dim the countless white orbs start to light up, their cores illuminated by bright and enchanting green lights that make her feel even more calm.

The green lights grown more intense and as they do a soft hum begins to fill her ears. As the lights grow brighter the hum grows louder. Eventually the lights are so intense that she can feel a radiating heat pulsing from their cores. And then, all at once, the green lit orbs blink out, the sound in her ears disappearing as well. A fraction of a moment after they blink back on, the humming sound returning. Then the lights are off again, silence returning. Then half of them blink back on, the sound returning on in one ear. Then, as that half blinks off the other half blinks on and the sound switches ears.

Soon the green lit orbs are flashing all around her, their countless number splitting off in to countless other smaller patterns of flashing green lights. Some of them are fast strobes, other slow and steady blinks, while others flash in unsteady but repetitive patterns. But all of them are warmly hypnotic.

Meanwhile the buzzing in her ears has morphed into a cacophony of clicking and beeps. It’s an overwhelming sound but as it assaults her senses she begins to notice patterns in the chaos. Her mind latches on to the patterns, concentrating on the way they seem to match the flashing and pulsing lights all around her.

The flashing hypnotic lights and repetitive sounds fill Voifta’s sense. All she can do is stare out at them, her mind relaxing even further as she watches them flash and matches the different sounds to different patterns of light. Her breathing slows and her body relaxes even more. All the while the lights and sounds work their hypnotic charms on her.


* * *


Hours later the flashing lights finally dim and the room’s lights turn back on. Voifta hangs limply from the ceiling, her head hanging to the side and her eyes wide open as drools drips from the edge of the ball gag in her mouth. She stares blankly ahead, her expression one of blank clam. The sounds in her ears have stopped as well, but the repetitive beeps and tones still ring through her mind.

The metal bindings around her arms keeping her suspended from the ceiling hiss then pop open. She drops to the floor, landing with a heavy thud. Slowly she gets up on her knees, her expression still calm and blank.

With another hiss the door into the small room slides opens and Frall steps in. He walks up to Voifta and pulls out the buds from her ears and unhooks the ball gag from her face, placing the items into the pocket of his lab coat.

“Now to test the procedure,” he says. Voifta is kneeling on the ground before him, her head cocked to one side as she stares blankly ahead of her. She makes no response when he speaks.

He unbuttons his lab coat, revealing that he has no clothes on underneath. His cock hangs limply between his legs, shriveled and small at the moment. He looks down at it then looks at Voifta. “You will suck my cock,” he tells her in a firm voice. “You will suck my cock and make me cum and you will finger yourself as you do it, getting off when you taste my semen. Understand?”

Voifta shifts, sitting up straighter and focusing on his cock. “Yeah,” she says in a dreamy, distant voice. “I understand.”

She leans forward, taking his limp cock into her mouth. She starts sucking on it, bobbing her head back and forth with his limp cock sucked securely in her mouth. Slowly the man starts to grow hard, his cock swelling and growing in size. The blue skinned woman adjusts, placing her hands on his legs and leaning into the oral sex even more.

Eventually one of her hands slides from the scientist’s body, falling between her own legs where she starts to finger herself. She starts sucking even harder as she begins masturbating, as if needing him to get off faster now so she can join him in sexual climax.

The sound of Frall groaning and cumming in Voifta’s mouth is echoed by the Voifta’s own groans of pleasure as she too cums. She obediently and lovingly continues sucking him off as he ejaculates in her mouth all while her body tightens and she experiences her own orgasm.

Pulling away from her with a satisfied sigh Frall looks down. “Now,” he says, “wasn’t that nice? Such an obedient little thing you’ve become. And it’s time to REALLY prove it. Give me the name of every Republic agent working on CS12. Tell me who your contacts are here and how you communicate with them. NOW!

Voifta blinks, looking confused. Inside her mind is a swirling maelstrom of conflicting urges. The relaxed, at peace part of her mind wants to tell the man everything he wants. But a deeper part of her mind fights against the urge, knowing the secrets of the Republic can be given up to no one, no matter what.

It is that deeper instinct that wins out. Voifta glares up at the man, spitting his cum out of her mouth in an angry gesture of defiance. “Never,” she snarls, looking about for the nearest weapon she can use to escape.

Just as she begins to leap for it Frall casually pulls a small pen like device from his pocket and jabs it into one of Voifta’s overlarge and exposed breast. There is a spark as an intense electrical impulse is sent coursing into her body. For a moment she convulses, her face distorted in pain and shock. A moment later she collapses limply to the floor.

“Well,” Frall says, “I suppose that means we need to try a higher dose of Jaie-17 and move on to the next procedure.”


* * *


Voifta is once again hanging from the ceiling blissed out on Jaei-17. The world around her swims and shimmers, her head swaying from side to side as she tries to focus on the man in the lab coat before her. But no matter how hard she tries to focus on him she can’t, all her mind can concentrate on is how relaxed and euphoric it feels.

Yet she can’t relax, not fully. Something deep inside of her knows something is wrong and that little ball of defiance in her core is keeping her willful even as Frall injects her with higher and higher doses of the drug. The defiant core of Voifta hates this man Frall, hates what he is trying to do to her.

He begins snapping his fingers in her face. The sound echoes in her head like booming cannons, so loud it hurts her. The pain forces her to finally focus clearly on the man who is standing before her, the wicked grin on his face becoming clear.

“You really are a resilient woman. But I am sure eventually you will break. I have so many other devices and procedures to try on you.” He pauses, cocking his head to the side. “The idea of them excites you sexually,” he tells her.

Voifta’s reaction is nearly instant. She moans and starts rubbing her thighs together. “Yessssss,” she hears herself hiss, “do it, do it all to me.” But deep in her core those words feel as though they are coming from a puppet. She doesn’t REALLY mean them; she doesn’t REALLY want this man to succeed at brainwashing her. Yet… giving in and submitting would feel so good, be so relaxing… No! No, she has to keep fighting!

Clearly Frall can see these mixed emotions playing out via small almost imperceptible twitches on Voifta’s relaxed face. “Still fighting,” he says then makes a disapproving sound. “I’m not really surprised. The Republic and its social norms are, of course, responsible.”

He straightens, placing his hands behind his back as if preparing to deliver a rehearsed speech. “Oh yes, the Republic has brought many great things to the galaxy. Wealth and prosperity for a large sum of the galactic population, an end to all large scale wars, and the highest levels of technology are now easily available in even the most primitive of places.

“But what about the social changes it’s brought? Few stop to worry about the way the galaxy’s societies have been homogenized. Few question whether the social norms of the Republic are the best norms, they just assume they are.

“Well, I tell you they aren’t. It is because of these immoral norms that a thing such as you can attain a position of power! Think, not only are you an alien, a creature genetically inferior to any human, but a female as well! How is it right that one of your gender has such an important and powerful job instead of a man? It’s disgusting! The Rangers should all be men.

“But no, the sick society of the Republic has convinced the galaxy that female members of ANY race are the equals of their male counterparts. Well, I tell you now: this is not true. I am one of many who have seen this truth and decided to do something about it. The old ways must be restored, with males above women and humans above all genetically inferior alien scum!”

He turns his back to her, taking a deep breath. “We secret group of men, all geniuses in our perspective fields, have vowed to put matters to right.” He turns to face Voifta, his expression that of a small child confessing to getting away with something behind his mother’s back. “Of course the Crellian Cartel has no idea that my work with them serves a greater purpose. They think Jaei-17 is just a drug created to fill their coffers. But in reality I’ve created to help destabilize the Republic so my other brothers can bring it down, all so females everywhere can be put back into their proper place. This the True Brotherhood has vowed!”

He grabs one of her legs and spreads it open, using his other hand to grab her pussy. “A woman’s holes should function just like her mind,” he says with a predatory snarl. “Always ready and eager to be opened and be filled with whatever a man desires.” He then slides two fingers into her cunt, watching with glee as she wiggles and moans under his none too gentle touch. “This is how ALL women should respond to the touch of ALL men,” he says. “But the women of the galaxy have been able to forget this is their natural state. They need to be retrained, reconditioned.”

Pulling away from her he sighs. “In time the True Brotherhood will make it a reality. But for now I need to get you fully brainwashed to keep these criminals happy. Of course, once I have a success I’ll make sure the rest of the True Brotherhood is able to duplicate my procedure anywhere in the galaxy.”

He turns to a bank of computers and begins imputing commands. A small container in the ceiling opens up and a robotic, segmented tentacle-like arm extends out. At the end of it is a large funnel, the end of which glows and sparks with a blade of pure blue energy.

“Do you know what this is?” Frall asks Voifta.

Her head rolls to the side and she looks up it with a vacant, distant look in her eyes. “Yeah,” she says in a soft, distant voice. “It’s a mind probe. But it, like, looks strange.”

“That’s because I’ve made some alterations to it. This specific mind probe is designed to do more than bore into a beings mind and read their memories. This one can REPLACE memories, rewriting your internal history and changing who and what you are.”

As he speaks the tentacle arms continues to extend down, snaking towards Voifta with the energy knife at its end pointing at her temple. It acts like some kind of predatory snake zeroing in on its prey.

As it nears Voifta’s head the blue energy coming from its pointed head sparks, growing more intense and changing in color from a bright blue to deep red. A moment later it shoots forward, slamming into Voifta’s head. A startled scream escapes her mouth as the energy spike enters her mind but the scream quickly dies. The energy spike pulses inside her mind, causing her eyes to roll up into her head. Her whole body goes limp and her mouth falls open. Then, a few moment later she begins to convulse as the mind probe begins attempting to rewrite her memories.

Frall stands, chuckling quietly to himself. He’s watching her naked body twitch and cinvulse, enjoying the way her overlarge blue breasts jiggle and bounce. “What a beautiful sight,” he says to himself.


* * *


Memories flash before Voifta. At first they flash by too fast for her to consciously recognize, but as time goes by some of them linger for longer, snippets of her life that she is able to recognize.

She sees her life growing up around other Tluepraxu, ostracized for her abnormal attraction to alien cultures. She sees other related flashes of her young self after hitting puberty, moments where she explored her sexual attraction to none Tluepraxuans.

From there the images jump to her early sexual experiences. She sees herself explore her desire to be degraded. She sees flashes of her life as she trained to be a Ranger, saw how she excelled in all of the espionage classes by using her body. And when there were classes she was struggling in she saw herself seducing the teachers, no matter their race or gender.

But then the flashes of memories became more unfamiliar. She sees herself kneeling before the Crellian Cartel crime boss, naked and begging to sexually service the man. She sees flashes of herself carrying out missions for him, of herself betraying other Rangers and then secretly reporting all of her missions for the crime cartel to Frall.

Voifta is able to recognize these memories as not real. She KNOWS they are false, yet with the Jaei-17 coursing through her veins and making her feel so relaxed she feels as though there is no harm in them. More and more false memories flash before her, and with each one she grows more and more accepting of them.

She sees herself naked on the floor, men all around her. Some are grabbing her breasts, others pinching her nipples. One man has his hand on her pussy and is finger her. Another has a hand around her neck and is choking her. She gasps for breath, struggling to break free of all the hands but unable to do so.

“Say it,” a familiar voice says. She looks up and sees Frall standing above her, his penetrating, intelligent eyes boring into her soul.

Gasping for air and wiggling against all the hands she starts to talk. “It’s… it’s an honor to have my body used by men,” she says, barely able to speak past the strong hand around her throat. “I live to serve all men and especially to service the men of the True Brotherhood.”

As the words leave her mouth she feels an orgasm explode form between her legs, the pleasure massively increased by the Jaei-17. The more intense the orgasm grows the more the false memory fades from view.

Slowly she comes down from the high of the sexual climax and another “memory” flashes before her. She’s on top of the older crime Boss that had been with Frall. They are both naked and she is riding his cock, moving her body sensually with her hands on his firm chest.

“I am proud to live my life for the pleasure of men,” she says as she stares into the man’s eyes. But she realizes it isn’t him that she is saying the words to. Suddenly the memory warps and twists and she sees Frall standing beside her. It’s him that she’s speaking to as she fucks the other man. “I do this for you,” she says, glancing at him through the corner of her eyes. “I do this in service to the True Brotherhood.”

The memory blinks out, disappearing. She sees more flashes, more false memories of her betraying the Republic and being rewarded with the most amazing sex imaginable. The pleasure is so overwhelming, so amazing. She starts to wish the memories were real. As the wish swells in her each new memory starts to feel even more real, each eroding all sense of falseness as they flash before her.

Through the barrage of memories Frall’s voice grows, echoing through her head. “Once you accept that you are just a woman, just a tool for the men that are your natural betters you will find where you really belong. You will be freed of any need for independent through, feel all stress and confusion lifted from your life. Let ME think for you. I am a man; I know what is best for you, what you NEED.” The words repeat, over and over again. Each time they make more and more sense.

Slowly, Voifta begins to break.


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