Poll Driven Story: “Mister Amazing Strikes Megatropolis” Part Three

Alright perverts all, below the break you will find the third part of the Mister Amazing story as well as the voting for what happens next. To find the story in its entirety head to HERE.

“Psychia, get off that garbage can and come clean my cock off with that pretty mouth of yours,” he says to the heroine.

“What about me?” the gang member whines. “I want more of your cum too.”

“Patience,” he tells her. “Once Psychia here is bonded to me after licking all this ass flavored cum off my dick you’re going to be taking me to the rest of your gang and once there you and ALL your dyke friends will be getting all the cum you stomach.” As he speaks Psychia starts noisily licking and sucking his cock clean. “And you, my pretty little superheroine, are going to use those potent telepathic powers of yours to make everything go smoothly.”


* * *


The Big Tit Dykes’ like to hang out at a lesbian dive bar in the center of their territory. The bar is owned by the gang’s leader and most of the bar’s patrons are either members of the gang or their various girlfriends and whores.

The bar is only a few blocks away from the alley Mister Amazing and his new cum-tamed minions were in. On the way there the supervillain has the bald gang member tell him all about the bar. He finds out that the gang keeps a few thugs outside to act as guards, both from police or superheroine raids or from attacks by other gangs.

“Getting passed them will be easy,” Mister Amazing says. “In fact, subduing the whole gang will be easy.” He turns to Psychia. “Am I wrong in assuming you can mentally control ALL of them at once?”

“Sure,” Psychia says confidently. But after that her tone of voice changes, becoming more desperate and frantic. “And if I do that, if I’m a good girl, you’ll fuck me again and let me have more of your cum?”

Mister Amazing laughs. She sounds like a drug addict worried about her next fix. He slaps her shapely ass, “Sure thing, babe. Stick with me and you’ll have all the cum you need. Wouldn’t want it any other way, as it seems it will keep you loyal and obedient.”

“Oh yes,” both women say in unison.

Psychia continues, “I’d do anything to taste your cum again, even betray all my teammates.”

“Me as well,” the former lesbian gang member says. “Part of me hates it, but fuck… I’ve never tasted anything as amazing as your jizz. Just thinking about it and your cock makes me so wet! Can we please stop and fuck one more time before we get to the bar?”

NO,” Mister Amazing says firmly. “Now get ready, we are almost there.” He turns to the gang member. “I want you ready to protect Psychia in case she misses someone with her telepathic control. Keeping her safe is your number one mission. And Psychia, you just get them all under your control so that they will do what I tell them, understand? We subdue the whole gang then the fun really begins.”

Soon the three are walking up the bar. The place looks run down with a row of motorcycles out front. Standing by the front door are two large women, both dressed in leather jackets and with shaved heads. One of them holds a large metal pipe, the other a metal chain.

“Jane, what you doing with these weirdos?” one of them calls out as soon as she sees the three of them. She glances at Mister Amazing, her eyes darting to the large exposed cock hanging between his legs. She turns her lip up in a grimace of disgust, “The boss won’t like you bringing HIS kind round here, you know she don’t like working with supervillains if they are men.”

“Never mind the ugly mummy-man,” the other says. “Ain’t that one of the Megatropolis Amazons with them?”

“Oh shit, it is,” the other says. They both lift their weapons up. “What the fuck is going on?”

Psychia lifts a finger to her temple and raises a hand towards them. “Relax,” she says in a soothing voice. “There is nothing to worry about. You’re going to lower your weapons and let us inside, following us in and locking the front door behind us.”

The two gang members look angry but a moment later a look of total serenity comes over their faces. Their weapons lower and their bodies relax.

“Yes,” one of them says in a dreamy, distant voice. “We’re going to let you in.”

“And then follow you in and lock the door behind you,” the other says.

A moment later the five figures are inside. The bar is full of gang members, all with large breasts, leather jackets and shaved heads. There are women not in the costume spread throughout the bar and all of them are dressed scantily and hanging off gang members. Many of the women are busy drinking, others are playing pool. There is laughter and the sounds of loud conversation all around.

In the very back of the room is a large reclining chair, positioned as if it were a throne. Sitting on it is the largest, bustiest woman in the joint. She is clearly the gang’s leader. “What is this shit,” she yells as she sees Mister Amazing come into the bar. “Someone’s gonna lose their left tit when I find out how a man was let into my bar.”

The entire room goes silent as every eye turns towards Mister Amazing. Some of the women pull out knives or grab glass bottles and prepare to use them as weapons. The crowd is so fixated on the man standing in their midst that none of them seem to notice Psychia.

She’s already busy working to control their minds, but with a crowd this big it takes a few moments. Her hand is on her temple and her face is squeezed into a grimace of extreme effort.

“Kick this loser’s ass,” the gang leader says, pointing at Mister Amazing. “Show him what happens to men stupid enough to come into MY bar. I’ll figure out who let him in later and kick their asses personally.”

It is clear that she expects a one sided fight to follow. He’s clearly a costumed supervillain, but he’s vastly outnumbered. For a moment it seems as though nearly every woman in the room is going to surge forward and beat Mister Amazing into submission. He stands his ground, unafraid, and simply waits.

The women begin moving towards him but then, starting with those closest to him and Psychia, they all begin to stop as if frozen in place. A wave of inaction spreads out from them, every woman who falls under Psychia’s mental control freezing in place then going limp, whatever weapon they hold in their hands falling to the floor.

A minute later and every woman in the bar is standing perfectly still, staring stupidly forward with their mouths hanging open and drool starting to fall from the sides of their mouth. The only women unaffected are Psychia, the two gang members now busy locking the front door, and the one already addicted to Mister Amazing’s cum.

“Almost too easy,” Mister Amazing says. He turns to Psychia. “How long do you think you can keep them all like this?”

“I don’t know,” she says through gritted teeth. It’s clear that controlling this many minds at once is pushing her near her limits. “For a little bit, but not too long. Not unless I can start letting go of some of their minds.”

He smiles. “Oh, I think we can arrange that. Once each of them has a taste of my cum you won’t need to control their minds.” He rubs his hands together, looking out at all the big breasted women and practically salivating as he imagines fucking each and every one of them. “Time to get started, but I think I’ll leave the gang’s leader for last. Make her watch me fucking at taking control of her gang one by one, knowing what’s in store for her at the end.”


* * *


Mister Amazing was soon having the time in his life. He had decided that this gang would be the first acquisition of a criminal empire; he only had to ensure their total loyalty. And to do that he would need to fuck each and every one of them to addict them to his cum.

He starts by making the gang members come up to him one at a time to receive his cum. He’d start with a blow job from each, quickly finding out that many of them must not always have been devoted lesbians. He enjoyed having the butched-out, big titted women kneeling before him, sucking him off.

He loved how it was clear that they hated doing it, yet thanks to Psychia’s mental control they HAD to do as he said. And then when he came everything would change. As soon as the women got even a drop of his cum on in their mouth their whole demeanor would change. They would hungrily keep sucking, drinking down every drop of cum as if it was precious ambrosia. After that they each, everyone, vowed to do whatever he said as long as he promised to give them more of his cum at one point in the future.

There were a few that were fighters. Even after tasting his cum they would be belligerent. For these women he would concentrate on his pheromones, finding with the right thought he could increase it. The heady male smell would hit them like a brick wall, leaving them woozy and stupefied. Then another quick fuck and a second dose of cum and they’d be as loyal as all the others.

Many of the women did seem to have no experience sucking cock. Once the mental high of making the woman suck his dick wore off he’d pull his cock out of their mouth and move on to their tits. Like the first gang member he had encounter none of them wore anything under their leather jackets and ALL of them had pleasantly large breasts. Within a couple hours he’d fucked more pairs of tits than he’d ever dreamed of.

He had to take a few breathers through the day but he found that his energy and sexual stamina recovered startling fast. And he seemed able to keep hard and fucking basically as long as he wanted. Once again he thanked whatever power had brought him to this world and bestowed these amazing superpowers on him. What’s more, he found that his balls were ALWAYS full of cum. Even if he had just ejaculated mere minutes ago he would be able to unload an impressively large load down a woman’s throat or all over her tits.

As time went on he found himself cumming on the women as much as he did in their mouths. Some women, ones he particularly liked, he’d cum on their tits or on their bald heads. After that he’d make some of the women he wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about fucking come lick the cum off, then go back to fucking the original woman a second time to ensure she received his cum too.

Some of the women had killer bodies, plump asses that needed to be slapped as he fucked them from behind. And as much as he was loving the seemingly endless stream of blowjobs and titjobs, he found himself craving pussy. So it was inevitable that he’d bend a few of the women over a nearby table or counter and fuck them hard and fast from behind.

Once he started fucking some of the women properly and cumming deep inside of them he discovered something important: the addictive quality of his cum was less effective on the women whose cunts he came in. After that he tried fucking a few up the ass and found this made women even less addicted to his cum. It seemed if he wanted to instill loyalty in a woman she needed to ingest his cum orally for the best results.

But that was no problem. If he came in a woman’s cunt or asshole he would just make sure she took more of his cum orally. He’d either fuck her a second time and make sure he unloaded in her mouth, or he’d keep her near as he kept fucking and then the next time a woman had a cunt or asshole leaking cum he’d insist that the other woman lick it clean. In this way he made sure not a single drop went to waste.

He never imagined being able to fuck so many different women in one day. Thin ones, plump ones, strong ones, tall ones, short ones. But all of them with big tits and shaved heads and all protesting that they hated cock till they had a taste of his cum, after that each one would be begging for more. They’d beg for more of his cock in any hole as long as it led to more cum in them.

Mister Amazing, living up to his name, fucked for hours slowly working his way through every member of the gang and even doubling back and fucking some of the hottest ones multiple times. All the while he made the leader watch. Early on he had discovered that the criminals had a tub of sex toys they used in drunken bar hall orgies at times. He made the leader of the gang grab a few and use them on herself as she watched him fuck and addict her gang one member at a time.

Only after she seemed utterly broken from seeing her man-hating gang all fucked and begging for cum did he turn to her. He had Psychia read her mind and find out the way she wanted to receive his cum the least (in her cunt) and fucked her that way. Finally, after cumming in her pleasingly tight pussy three times did he stand and declare the orgiastic fuck-fest over.

Almost immediately after deciding he was done a wave of physical exhaustion overcame him. His now loyal gang informed him of a makeshift sleeping area in the upstairs of the bar and he proceeded to head there to sleep. When he woke it was to find that he had an almost painful hunger. Soon he had eaten more than he thought humanly possible and was once more feeling like himself.

Psychia informed him that he had slept through the afternoon and night and that it was now a new day in Megatropolis. “I crushed my communication device,” she tells him. “It had a tracker in it. I knew once I stopped reporting in that the other Megatropolis Amazons would start looking for me. With no word from me in nearly a day and my tracker destroyed they’ll be sure to be out looking for me.”

He waves this off. “We’ll worry about Amazons when we run into them. No one saw you come here, and none of these women are going to let anyone know your here.” He pauses, looking at the women surrounding them. “Right, ladies?”

“Right, sir,” they all say in unison.

“Good,” he says. “Now, I think you all need to start making yourselves useful. Most of you need to go out and score me some quick money. I’d like to start building up a nice reserve of cash. I want to prepare for the biggest crime wave this city has ever seen, but we’ll need money to buy the loyalty of some of the other gangs and supervillains first.”

Mister Amazing spends the first half of the day relaxing in the throne like reclining chair, the former gang leader kneeling naked at his feet. She hadn’t done anything to him, yet he liked to keep her there as a sign of his new dominance over the gang. Once or twice he had a quick fuck, rewarding the gang members with cum as they came back with bags of cash. But for the most part he simply relaxed with his feet on the back of the kneeling ex-gang leader as he made plans.

Mid afternoon he hears a commotion outside that sounds like a fight. Just as he sits up the front door to the bar flies open, kicked off its hinges. Confidently a tall, strong, big breasted blond woman with thin red lips walks into the bar. She’s dressed in a revealing outfit consisting of a scandalously short black skirt and top made of strange metallic bands that cover her breasts but leave much of the rest of her skin exposed. The metal bands also run down one of her arms, the other left bare. The material looks to be metal, but it isn’t rigid and perfectly keeps shape with her body as she saunters into the room.

“Your little crime wave is over, Big Tit Dykes,” the woman declares loudly, speaking with an Italian accent.

“Lady Centurion,” Mister Amazing says happily. “I had forgotten you were still in Megatropolis.”

She turns to him, noticing him for the first time. She gives him a quick, appraising glance, her eyes stopping to linger on his exposed cock. “And who are you? The new leader of this gang? That… doesn’t make sense.” Her brows furrow, it’s clear she’s realizing something isn’t quite right here.

Mister Amazing stands. “That’s right, I’m the new leader of this gang. And pretty soon I’ll be the leader of ALL the gangs in this city.”

The superheroine laughs. “Oh really? That’s not very likely, not with women like me here to stop you.” She reaches an arm out, the one covered in the metal bands. Her fingers move as if holding something invisible in her hands. A moment later the golden metal bands wrapped around her arm start to morph, moving like liquid metal down her arm and gathering in her hand. Once there the metal starts to form into the shape of a large sword. A moment later the metal solidifies. “My Gladius of Justice will put you in your place, villain, no matter what powers you might have that have allowed you to take over this gang.”

The Big Tit Dykes all start to move to protect their leader, drawing their weapons and preparing for a fight. “Hold,” he says lifting a hand up and getting to his feet.

Psychia steps out of the shadows then. Lady Centurion looks to her, surprise on her face. “Psychia? What are you doing here? Is this man holding you prisoner?”

Instead of answer her she raises a hand to her temple, preparing to telepathically subdue her. Again Mister Amazing raises a hand. “I said hold,” he barks at her. Looking back to Lady Centurion he takes a step forward. “I want to beat her myself. Defeating superheroines is the main reason I came to Megatropolis, after all.”

Lady Centurion is powerful. Her super strength is enough to take on any ten men. She’s fast and can fly. And her gladius is sharp enough to cut through steal. She’s a deadly foe, but Mister Amazing is confident he can easily defeat her with his new powers.


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