Poll Driven Story: “The Rings of Corruption” Episode Four Part Seven

Alright perverts, the seventh part of episode three is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find all the other ring stories in there entirety HERE.

* * *


The spectral sand timer was almost empty. Adreh was covered in so much cum that it looks as though she had been bathing in some kind of great muddy yogurt. Below her the Dwarf lay barely conscious and clearly physically exhausted, yet his cock was still hard and his balls full.

“There is still hope,” Adreh mutters, working her cummy tits up and down the Dwarf’s large shaft. “He’s got to be nearly empty by now!”

The Dwarf cums again, as he has countless other times over the last few hours. Only this time as he groans in pleasure she can feel his cock begin to grow soft between her overlarge cum covered breasts! A moment later she feels the magical compulsion to keep using her breasts on his cock leaving. “By the gods above, we are free! And look, we’ve just enough time to escape. Come Fulthic, let us leave this accursed tower and not look back.”


* * *


Days later Adreh and Fulthic ride down a side road, far from the town of Rimemore and Lord Pixyium’s tower. Neither of the two cloaked figures sharing the weary stead have clear memories of their escape. They had both been so tired, so exhausted and everything had happened so fast.

Lord Pixyium seemed to have kept his word, allowing them to escape as the last grains of sand fell through the spectral sand timer that floated besides them. They were able to get out of the tower’s dungeon and grab some simple traveling cloaks to cover their naked, cum covered bodies before stealing a horse.

The tower was still visible behind them when the last grain of sand fell through the timer and the ghostly image disappeared. From behind they could hear riders coming to return them to the dungeon. Soon Lord Pixyium’s men had nearly caught up to them, a massive Minotaur leading the chase.

Adreh had had to take the lead; Fulthic was just too exhausted and was barely able to keep himself on the horse they shared. Adreh rode the beast hard, keeping ahead of their pursuers and turning down many back paths to try and lose them. Slowly they had pulled ahead, getting out of sight of their pursuers. When the horse had grown too tired to continue on they had dismounted and soon stolen another one. Finally they seemed to lose the men following them.

Now they were alone, riding some unnamed dirt road not frequently traveled. There were woods on either side of the path, but the trees there weren’t particularly thick. It had been some time since they had passed through a town and the small bag of supplies they had stolen from the last village they stole a horse from is running low.

“We need to find another town soon,” Adreh says nervously. “We need more supplies. And we need to find out where exactly we are. I don’t really know this land well, I’d used maps the Sisterhood had given me to find Rimemore, but those are long gone now. I’m sure Lord Pixyium has them with my battleblade…”

Her voice trails off as she thinks about how painful it is to be separated from her mighty blade. With a sigh of regret she continues. “We’ll need to find out where the nearest Sisterhood keep is and begin making our way towards it.” She turns to face the man riding behind her. “Unless there is monastery or temple of Ydrs worshipers nearby that would give us shelter?”

“What?” the Dwarf asks.

Adreh makes a sound of annoyance. “You’re not even listening to me!”

“I’m sorry,” he says in a meek voice before holding onto her waist tighter as if afraid she’ll leave him behind. Since escaping he had become a new man, and not a better one. All of his confidence seems to be gone and he is now as timid and frightened as a small mouse. And she’d yet to see him use any of the powers he should have had access to as a paladin. She was afraid that the ordeal had broken his faith and severed him from his god, Ydrs.

“It’s alright,” she says with a sigh of frustration. She is trying her best to be patient, to let the man recover from their ordeal. She owes that to him, he had after all saved her.

She sighs again. “The sun is going to set soon,” she says, slowing the horse down. “There’s a nice clearing up ahead, let’s stop there and make camp for the night. Once we stop think you could… Oh, never mind,” she snarls, knowing that Fulthic won’t be any help. When they stop he simply sits and stares off into nothing.

A half an hour later their small camp is ready. They have no tent, but the horse they stole had a couple of bed rolls on it and those have been enough to keep them warm at night. Adreh has made a fire which she uses to warm some food. The two figures sit around the fire, warmed by it and eating in silence as the night around them grows ever darker.

Adreh sits with the dirty cloak around her shoulders the only clothing she has. The front is open, her massive breasts hanging out. The fabric is coarse and itchy, and the inside of the garment covered in dried cum from when she first put it on. She hates the cloak, but it’s the only clothing she has and can’t very well go riding about the country side naked.

Fulthic sits across from her, hunched over and nervously chewing his nails. The cloak he wears is wrapped tightly around him, hiding all but his face and even that is in shadows. His eyes dart from side to side, falling on Adreh’s breasts then quickly darting away. As the night stretches on he starts to mutter to himself like a mad man.

With a yawn Adreh stands. “I don’t think we need a watch tonight. We haven’t seen any sigh of pursuit in over a day, and we both could use the rest.” She walks up to the muttering Dwarf and places a kind hand on his cloaked shoulder. “Come to bed, Fulthic. We can put the bed rolls next to each and take comfort in each other’s arms.”

She caresses his shoulder as she says this. For just a moment his muttering ceases and he leans into her touch. But then she snarls and pulls away from her. “No! Such things aren’t right… that’s what Lord Pixyium would want of us to do, like he forced us to do in that dungeon! No… no, we can’t couple that way again, it displeases Ydrs. It isn’t decent! I can’t… mustn’t… never again!” The words pour from his mouth, quick and disjointed as if he is struggling to keep a single line of thought.

Most disturbing is the way it is clear that the Dwarf wants more than anything than to have sex with Adreh again. But his desires seem at opposites with his faith and he’s clearly struggling, still disturbed by what happened in the tower.

“Fine,” Adreh says with a defeated sigh. “Do what you must.”

She heads to the bedroll and lays down on it. Lying on her side with her back to the Dwarf she starts to imagine how nice it will be to get to safety where someone else can take over the responsibility of caring for the now mentally unstable Dwarf. She has no idea what the man needs to recover, she only knows she can’t give it to him.


* * *


The night around Fulthic is disturbingly quiet. He can hear barely any wildlife, only the crackling of the dying fire and the slow and steady breathing of Adreh sleeping behind him fills the night air. The Dwarf sits alone, chewing his nails and muttering quietly to himself.

As time passes he starts looking over his shoulder, shooting brief glances at Adreh as she sleeps behind him. At one point she rolls over in her sleep, shifting onto her back. Her cloak is open as she lay on her back, her huge massive breasts not covered by the small blanket covering the lower half of her body. The sight makes the Dwarf moan in desire and frustration.

He turns back to the fire, chewing his fingertips now. “Tits… breasts… so big… so firm yet soft… felt so good on my cock. Didn’t know pleasure like that existed.”

Fulthic keeps turning back to look at her exposed breasts. He licks his lips, loving the way their soft mass has shifted down the sides of her torso. He loves the way the top of her fluid like tit flesh has flattened, her big nipples hard in the night air and standing erect. Her skin is so pale and white it practically glows in the night, making those dark nipples even more apparent.

“Ydrs never gave forth such joys,” he says to the small fire. “I never knew the pleasures of the flesh could be so… pleasurable. But even after sharing such with this woman after that first night I was not really tempted. Not till the tower… not till she spent hours pleasuring me with her glorious breasts. Such pleasure that was! I never knew something could feel so good…”

He stares at the fire, listening to it crackle. The flames are small, most of the wood has been burnt to meager cinders and ash. Leaning in closer to the small flames, as if to share a secret with the fire, he whispers. “I’d do anything to feel that again. And she offers her body to me each night! But I know what she wants, she wants me in her. But that is no longer what I desire. I want only her tits…”

As soon as the words, “I want only her tits,” leave the Dwarf’s mouth the fire before him ignites into huge flames. He stumbles back off the log he was sitting on, raising his arms above him to help block the sudden head from the fire. He’s so transfixed by the large flames before him that he fails to notice the red gemmed ring on Adreh’s finger glowing and pulsing with sudden magical energy.

Staring at the huge flames before him Fulthic can see what he swears are the forms of two figures. “L-l-lord Pixyium,” he mutters in fear, assuming this is more of the wizard’s evil magic.

The two shapes in the flame seem move forward, taking clearer shape and proving they aren’t the old wizard. One of the shapes is taller than the other, a hulking figure covered in rippling muscles with two large demon’s horns coming from its head. The other shape is that of a short woman with nearly inhuman curves, a wide plump ass and breasts that look to be even bigger than Adreh’s.

The figures are strange shadows made of flame, barely visible illusions in the flame yet unmistakably there. The large figure wraps an arm around the smaller woman and then points to Fulthic. Coming from everywhere and nowhere at once the Dwarf hears deep male laughter. A moment later it disappears, leaving only the form of the short, curvy woman.

The woman starts to grow larger in the flames, creating the illusion that she is walking towards Fulthic from a great distant away. As her form grows larger so do the flames, forcing the Dwarf further and further back from the hot fire.

Eventually her image is so large it is nearly life-sized. At this point the heat of the massive bonfire before him has forced Fulthic all the way back to his bedroll. Looking over he can see that Adreh is still sound asleep, her large breasts still hanging out into the night air. “How has the heat not woke her up,” he mumbles, confused and afraid.

Looking back at the flames he can see the figure of the woman becoming clearer, more defined. He can see now that she is naked and that her head is covered in curly hair. For a moment the flamed image of her stands still, seemingly staring at Fulthic.

Then she begins stepping forward, only she is not an illusion now. The massive flames part, revealing a flesh and blood woman standing in their midst. She takes a few steps out of the flame, and once free of them the fire behind her quickly dies down, returning to the barely burning fire it once was.

The being before Fulthic glows with power and pure unrestrained magical energy that lights the small clearing more than the bonfire had. He has no doubt that this is one of Allaria’s divine beings, a goddess who has taken physical form before him. He just knows not which goddess it is.

She looks like a Human woman, only with exaggerated and godly curves. Her ass is large and her hips wide. Her breasts are the largest he’s ever seen in his life, larger than even Adreh’s. Wide and heavy and thick and firm, yet naturally sagging down her front in a very motherly way. Her skin is pale and covered in red freckles, her hair a tangled mess of orange-red curls. Her face is beautiful yet strangely innocent looking, although that feel of innocence is slightly ruined by the predatory smile on her face and the way her eyes glow and spark with sinister magical red energy.

“Fear not, dear Fulthic, for I have come to answer your prayers,” the goddess says to the Dwarf. Her voice is kind and soft, yet full of power that makes the ground around him vibrate. Again, Fulthic is amazed that Adreh has not woke up.

“I’m sorry, your holy, but I know not of whom you are. I have spent my life worshiping only Ydrs and have remained ignorant of most other gods.” As Fulthic speaks his voice shakes and he stutters on his words. He is filled with awe and fear, yet he finds it impossible not to stare at the goddess’ gloriously large and perfect breasts.

She laughs, an enchanting sound that eases Fulthic and makes his muscles all relax. “It is alright. I am Ynara, goddess of fertility and large breasts. I’m appearing because you are a mighty paladin, a being full of more faith then ten average mortals. We gods reward the faith ones as you give us with great powers. That is why Ydrs showered you with such gifts.” She stops, looking down at him and giving him a sympathetic smile. “But you’ve lost faith in your former god, haven’t you?”

“Yes,” he says simply and without any emotion, admitting it for the first time. “I no longer feel any faith for Ydrs and as such receive none of his gifts.”

Again Ynara laughs. “Well then, perhaps it is time you gave your delicious faith to a new god, one more in line with your new found desires.” She flashes a glance to Adreh. “You want her tits again, don’t you?”

Fulthic nods, looking at Adreh’s exposed breasts with obvious lust in his eyes.

“Well then, I shall make you deal. Take me as your goddess and I shall return your paladin’s powers, even increase them. And unlike Ydrs I ask that your worship of me not be done through boring prayer and selfless deeds. Instead, I ask that you worship me by engaging in sexual activities and thinking of me as you do so. I particularly enjoy being worshiped through mammary intercourse; something you’ve recently discovered is VERY enjoyable. And with my blessing upon you, you and your partners will find it even more enjoyable.”

As she finishes speaking Fulthic gets up on his knees and begins crawling to her. “Oh yes, Ynara, yes please! Take me on as your loyal devotee; let me worship you in this way. I shall praise you and only you!”

“Goooooood,” the Goddess coos, walking towards the kneeling Dwarf with elegant ease. She leans over, hanging her huge breasts in face and placing a hand above his head. She begins to mutter in an ancient, long forgotten language. Red sparking energy starts to flow from her into the kneeling man. For a moment his posture straightens and his eyes glow red, then as the magical light fades from his eyes his body relaxes. For the first time since escaping the tower of Lord Pixyium
Fulthic seems truly at ease.

“Feel my blessing upon you, Fulthic the Dwarf. Feel the powers of a paladin returning to you. Feel that you are now more powerful than ever before. Feel my gifts then rise, loyal follower.”

He does as she commands, getting to his feet. As he does he throws off the filthy soiled cloak covering him, standing tall and proud in his full nudity. His large cock stands erect, hard and eager. He stares at the goddess, obviously wanting her.

She laughs at that. “Oh, mortal, you don’t get to fuck MY tits,” she says with a girlish laugh. “But I do demand you fuck SOMEONES tits in worship to seal your servitude to me. Luckily for both of us this one lays so near.” She points to the sleeping Adreh. “Prove your loyalty to me now: fuck this Silver Elf’s tits and even if she wakes and tells you to stop continue. Prove to me that worshiping me is more important now than this woman you once risked your life to save.”

As she finishes speaking she gives Fulthic a kind smile. A moment later a gust of wind blows through the area and the goddess blows away, as if made of nothing more than magical dust. Her form loses all shape as she blows away, becoming countless red specks of sparking dust that the wind carries up into the night sky and out of sight.

Fulthic feels as though he has been born again. He feels strong and clean and above all eager to fuck. He turns to the sleeping Adreh, his cock throbbing and demanding attention. Slowly he walks up to her, standing above her with a foot planted on each side of her body. For a time he simply stands there, looming over her sleeping form as he holds his cock and stairs down at her massive breasts.

Finally he spits into his hand, rubbing the moisture all over his raging erection. He then begins to go down on his knees, sitting on Adreh’s stomach and leaving his cock resting between her breasts.

As he rests the weight of his body on her Adreh begins to stir. Her eyes start to flutter. Then they shoot all the way open as she sees the naked Dwarf sitting on her, the tip of his large cock looming before her face. “What is the meaning of this,” she says angrily, starting to move to push him off.

Fulthic holds a hand above her. It begins to glow with red magical energy. A second later an unseen force presses Adreh’s body down against the ground. She yells in alarm, her arms forced to the ground above her head. She struggles against the force, trying desperately to lift any part of her body from the ground but she is unable to break free.

“What is the meaning of this,” she says again, her voice angry and afraid. “Get off of me and stop this madness, Fulthic! You’re not yourself. What would Ydrs think?”

“Ydrs is no longer my god,” he says calmly. He spreads the fingers of his glowing hand apart and lifts his hand up and away from Adreh. The glow remains where his hand once was. For a moment it hangs in the air but then it lowers into Adreh and disappearing as it locks her body against the ground. She still tries to struggle for freedom but all it achieves is making her massive, soft breasts move fluidly from side to side. And this is a sight that only pleases the Dwarf.

“I have taken a new goddess,” Fulthic continues calmly. “And Ynara has demanded that I worship her by fucking your tits. And that is something I am more than happy to do. I wish to please my new goddess. And I also wish to fuck these marvelous breasts of yours again. I shall now do both at once.”

“No,” Adreh says angrily. “Not like this! I refuse, I demand you get off me and stop.”

“And I,” Fulthic says as he grabs both of her breasts and moves them in around his raging hard cock, “do not care what you want or command. Through the power of Ynara and her control over all with large breasts I will keep you here, pinned to the ground as long as I am fucking your tits.”

As he speaks he starts to move his hips, sliding his large cock up through her breasts. “By the goddess,” Fulthic moans as he begins humping her chest.

Adreh moans too, but hers is a sound of surprise more than anything. “My breasts,” she declares, confused. “They… they are tingling so pleasantly. What are you doing to me? Why does this feel… so good?

“This is the blessing of Ynara,” he says, fucking her tits a little faster. “Now lay and enjoy, I must say the prayer to my goddess…”

But Adreh does not simply lay and let him enjoy himself. She continues to struggle against the invisible force holding her to the ground. She tries to wiggle free from it or simple push him off of her. But all she manages is a mere inch or two of movement from side to side on the ground. And she quickly realizes that her struggling against him is only making Fulthic enjoy fucking her tits all the more.

She starts to sob. “You’re not the man that saved me! By the gods, why has my life become such misery ever since taking on this mission?”

But even as she cries she has to face the fact that her life isn’t total misery, not in this moment. Through the magic of his new god Adreh is enjoying having her breasts fucked more than ever before. It feels so good, in fact that, she can feel her body rocketing towards orgasm.

“My breasts…” she mutters. “So sensitive! Ung… Making me… going to cum! By the gods, not like this, not against my will! Not from having my breasts fucked again!

Just as she is about to have an orgasm tittyfucked from her Fulthic begins muttering his new prayer. “Praise be to Ynara, goddess of the fat tits and bringer of all mammary pleasure. May she bless this coupling, may it please her and our faith manifest in our sexual pleasure flow into her divine being. May this please her, and allow our worship to continue…” As he says the prayer his eyes glow red.

As the Dwarf finishes the prayer both he and Adreh start to cum. Adreh moans and screams, feeling as if the orgasm is being forced from her in the ultimate physical violation. At the same time Fulthic is holding her large breasts tightly around his cock, his ample seed flowing out in between her pressed flesh.

When they are both done Adreh breaks down, sobbing loud and hard. Her body is now limp and she no longer fights against the force holding her down. She just wants it to be over. But it’s not. Fulthic is still hard, and he now uses his own seed as fresh lubricant to keep fucking her tits.

With his cock’s movements lubricated with cum things feel even better than ever. Her body has barely had time to lower from its orgasmic height, and now is already rising to climax again. Soon she’s cumming hard, the pleasure interrupting her tears. And now that her body is raised to this level of pleasure it doesn’t sink down. Orgasm after orgasm follows, with barely the time to breathe between each one.

Soon she’s thrashing under Fulthic, no longer trying to escape but instead her body alive with what feels like endless, overpowering pleasure from countless orgasms all tittyfucked out of her.

“By the gods above,” she howls through a shuddering moan of pleasure. “I can’t take much more, the pleasure is driving me mad!”

Fulthic shows no sign of hearing her words. He simply keeps fucking her tits with religious zeal. And as he does so he seems to be growing stronger, more substantial.

Meanwhile Adreh feels as though her very essence is being drained with each orgasm. As her body grows more tired she starts to feel her grasp on consciousness slipping. The last thing she thinks as she fades away is to wonder what she’ll have to suffer when she wakes again, for she’s coming to accept that there is no escape from what her life has become.


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