Poll Driven Story: “Mister Amazing Strikes Megatropolis” Part Two

Alright perverts all, below the break you will find the second part of the Mister Amazing story as well as the voting for what happens next. To find the story in its entirety head to HERE.

Also, there was a tie for his powers, and since they were both kind of similar I’ve decided to combine. So our protagonist/villain will have both pheromone powers AND be able to send blasts of gas out of his body that do whatever the story needs.

He thinks hard, wanting to choose well. He knows that the superheroines in sexy Megatropolis are all powerful but with the right powers every single one of them can easily be taken down. That’s the main rule in the Heroines Perilous World: Even the most powerful super being can be defeated in mere moments with the right power or tech.

But I need a power that can help me defeat ALL of them, the young man flying through the void thinks to himself. When I get to Megatropolis I want to be able to fuck all my favorite heroines, not just one or two. Hell, I want to be able to fuck ANY heroine, not just my favorites.

He thinks hard, trying to remember all the villains that have defeated the various heroines in Megatropolis. They always win in the end, but only after being defeated for a time. His favorite villain was always The Gasser, a man with no powers but armed with a suit able to spray potent knockout gas and countless high tech gas grenades able to do everything from dissolve a heroines costume to make her tits grow.

“I want that,” he thinks. “But… like, I want it from my body, not from tech.” He starts to feel energy flowing into his body, but just as he feels himself changing he screams out. “Wait! I want more though,” he yells into the void. The tingling in his body stops.

He bites his lip and closes his eyes, picturing his other favorite villain from Philo Hunter’s stories: Cape Crusher. The villain was nearly unbeatable with powerful mind control pheromones. The only reason he didn’t come out on top at the end was because the villain was stupid and overconfident, but he’s certain he’ll not make the same mistakes.

Thinking about the pheromone powers AND gas attacks that could do whatever he needs them to the scrawny man calls out. “THAT’S what I want!”

Again, energy begins to flow into him. At first it tickles, but as it grows more intense the feeling grows more uncomfortable. It feels as though every inch of his body is being altered, not just outside but inside as well. His body starts to glow with purple energy as the feelings of change inside him become overwhelming.

He screams out, his body twisting in pain. A moment there is an explosion of blinding purple light and a rush of air. With a loud thud he lands on a hard surface, the impact dazing him for a moment.

Slowly the young man comes back to his senses. The purple void is gone and he now finds himself lying in a long, dark alleyway. Dumpsters and garbage cans line the brick walls up and down the alley overflowing with trash. In the distance he can hear the cacophony of a large city: honking horns and heavy traffic with the buzz of city life and countless distant voices.

As he rises to his feet he looks down to see he’s no longer naked, although he’s not really fully dressed either. He’s covered in strange rags that wrap around his torso and limbs and remind him of the loose fitting wrappings of a horror movie mummy. But the wrappings don’t cover his whole body; they leave certain sections open to the air. His mouth and eyes are uncovered and there are gaps in the coverings on the palms of his hands and his armpits and his ass and crotch are too.

He holds his hands up, looking at them. They seem… strange. Not his own. He feels taller and although he’s still rail thin he fills more fit, stronger. Looking at the uncovered palms of his hand he can see small dots on his skin. Staring at them they all open slightly, hissing and expelling a thick white gas. “Awesome,” he mumbles. The gas smells strong, gross and sweat and musky all at the same time. It reminds him of strong body odor, but more enticing like sexy cologne as well.

He realizes the wrappings around him must be his supervillain “costume” and that the areas left uncovered must be where his gas and pheromones can be expelled from. Sniffing he can tell that there’s now a strong smell to him, one that he imagines would be impossible to ignore the closer one got to him. That makes him smile as he imagines what his smell will do to the heroines of Megatropolis.

Looking down at his crotch he gasps. He had expected to see his cock hanging free from his outfit, but the dick hanging limply between his legs is most definitely not the one he is used to seeing. After a moment he remembers that his body has been changed. “Thank you,” he mutters, staring down at the significantly longer and thicker cock hanging between his legs. “I can’t wait to try this beast out.”

“That so,” a terse female voice says.

He jumps back, startled by the sight of a woman walking down the alleyway towards him. She’s a young white woman looking to be in her mid twenties but dressed like some kind of dystopian goth-biker gang member. She has on torn and ripped jeans and large black army boots and a black leather jacket. The jacket is zipped halfway up, showing off plenty of the woman’s impressively large breasts and leaving no doubt that she isn’t wearing anything on under it. She has a shaved head and is covered in piercings and tattoos. Around her neck is a leather collar covered in spikes and her face it accented with black eye makeup and lipstick.

“I know who you are,” the boy says, pointing at the glowering woman as she advances on him. She has a large metal pipe in one hand and is menacingly slamming it into an open hand. “You’re a member of one of Megatropolis’ themed gangs. What are they called…” he says, trying to remember the name.

“BTD,” the woman says with a smirk. “The Big Tit Dykes.”

“Yes! God, yes, exactly. Shit, that means I’m REALLY here in Megatropolis!”

The woman stops a few paces away from him, looking him over. “What are you, some weird new supervillain come to town to make a name for yourself? What you call yourself, Raggedy-Man? Ha! Well, if so screw,” she says, thumbing down the alleyway behind her with her pipe. “This is BTD territory and we don’t want anyone muscling in on our turf.”

She then looks at his exposed penis and smirks. “And don’t think you can take over the BTD. We’re a bunch of women that aren’t going to be into whatever weird shit you’re selling with your ugly dick hanging out. The name of the gang should tell you that. Now get the hell out of here, you freak, or I’m going to beat your ass no matter WHAT powers ya got.”

“Oh really,” he says, raising an eyebrow at the woman. His eyes lower to her exposed cleavage and he starts to think about how great it would be to use his new powers on this self proclaimed “dyke”. Maybe show her what she’s been missing all this time.

“Quite staring at my tits,” she snarls, lifting her pipe threateningly at him.

“Or what,” the man says, defiantly staring at the woman’s breasts and ignoring her weapon. He’s confident in his new powers and wants an excuse to use them on this woman.

“Or THIS,” she growls, lunging forward and swinging her pipe at him.

With speed that surprises him he ducks out of the attack’s way, lifting his hands and spraying two thick jets of gas into the attacking woman’s face as she stumbles pass him. She lets out a surprised groan then collapses onto the ground at his feet, her face looking dazed and her eyes rolled up into her head as her body lay limp and unmoving.

“That was amazing,” he mutters, looking at the woman lying at his feet. “Huh, amazing…” he mumbles. “That should be my name: Mister Amazing!”

He looks down at the woman again. Her leather jacket has come unzipped and her large breasts have fallen out the front. “Mmmm…. Those are some nice tits you’ve got there,” he says, staring down at them and feeling his cock begin to swell. “If I recall correctly no one is allowed to join your gang unless they can fill at least a double d bra, and from the looks of things you exceed those minimums by a couple of cup sizes.”

The woman shifts slightly on the ground, turning to look up at him. She seems to be struggling to keep her eyes focused and open and she wears a confused expression. “What did you… gas… can’t think straight… so weak.”

“You were about to get up on your knees and suck my big cock till it’s nice and hard,” he tells her, hoping the gas attack did more than just stupefy her.

“What?” she asks, looking up at him and furrowing her brow. “Yeah… yeah, I was doing that.” Slowly she gets up on her knees, her jacket open and her large tits hanging pleasingly down her front. By the way they sag pleasantly down her front there is now doubt in his mind that they are one hundred percent real.

She gets close to Mister Amazing and tentatively reaches up to grab his cock. As she wraps her fingers around it she turns away, a disgusted look on her face. “Why am I doing this? I fucking hate cock.” Before Mister Amazing can say something takes a deep breath in. He can see her pupils dilate slightly and her posture soften. “But its smells… so… good.” She turns back to his cock, holding the semi-erect shaft in one hand and lifting it up to her face.

Slowly, as if unsure if she is doing things right, she leans in with an open mouth and takes it into her mouth. She then wraps her lips tightly around the spongy cock meat and starts moving her head up and down. It’s clear she’s never sucked a man off before, but at least has the general idea of how it’s done. But how skilled she is doesn’t matter to Mister Amazing since the act of using his powers to make this lesbian gang member suck him off is kink factor enough to quickly get him hard.

He reaches down and grabs hold of her head with tow hands, leading her movements. “Good,” he mutters. “And suck in; make a vacuum with your lips around my shaft. Yes, like that. And press up against the bottom of my cock with your tongue. Oh god, yes, just like that! You’re a fucking natural at this… You just need a little more practice.”

Once she gets a better hang of things he lets go of her head, simple standing tall and staring down at her as she works his cock with her mouth. His eyes are constantly drawn past her face down to her large breasts as they sway and bounce as she sucks him off.

“So big,” he mutters. He’s always loved big breasts but all the girlfriends he’s had have had barely any. He’s always loved watching pornos where they fuck women’s tits, always wanted to try that. Staring down at her breasts now he realizes he CAN try it. While here in Megatropolis he can do whatever he wants to ANY woman!

He places a hand firmly on her bold scalp and pushes her head away from his cock, grabbing it with his free hand as it falls from her mouth then slamming his spit covered shaft down between her tits. It lands with a wet, meaty “thwap”.

The woman looks down, swaying slightly as if suddenly dizzy. “What… what are you doing?”

“I’m going to fuck you’re tits,” he tells her as he grabs her breasts. He gives them each a gentle squeeze, enjoying the feel of them in her hands. He loves the way her flesh is soft and his fingers sinks into her breasts bulk, yet the way the center mass feels thick and full and so solid. After groping her tits and pinching at her hard little nipples for a few moments he then presses her breasts in around his hard cock; shivering from how good it feels to have his cock enveloped by her firm, soft breasts.

A moment later his hips start moving as he holds her tits in place around his cock, starting to tittyfuck her. “Oh fuck, yes, this is even better than I imagined it would feel. It’s like being inside a pussy, but I can control just how tight it is.” He squeezes her tits tighter around him, humping faster.

The woman’s head is turned away from him, a look of utter disgust on her face. “You hate this, don’t you?” he asks her.

One of her eyes twitches. “Yes,” she snarls. “It’s disgusting and degrading. But… I can’t pull away. I feel compelled to let you do this to me. I…” she stops, biting her lip. “I want you to cum. When I was sucking your cock I could taste your foul precum and it was… I don’t understand but it was amazing. I want more. I’d do anything to have more of it. Even let you fuck my tits! And god… the way you smell, the way your cock smells. I never want to leave your side again.”

“Very interesting,” he says as he keeps humping her chest. “So my cum is highly addictive, and so are the pheromones I give off. Looks like I chose my powers well and I still have so much left to explore. But now,” he says with a grunt, “now I need to finish this. I don’t think I’m going to… Ugh… last much longer!”

A moment later his body tenses. With one final thrust up into her tits he feels his cock quiver and a moment later a blast of semen comes shooting out the tip. It rockets up, slamming into the woman’s chin then dripping back down onto his cock and her tits. Looking down at it he’s stunned by just how much there is. It’s by far the biggest load he’s ever released. It looks more like three men’s worth of cum not just one.

He lets go of her tits and moves to take a step back, his breathing heavy after his orgasm. But the woman doesn’t let him back away. Instead she doubles over, grabbing his cock with needy greed and lifting it to her mouth. With animalistic speed she starts licking and sucking it clean, getting every drop of cum off his softening shaft. She then pulls back and using her fingers to scoop up all the cum on her chin and tits, licking her fingers clean each time she puts them in her mouth.

The whole time she moans in pleasure and at one point even jams her free hand down her pants so she can finger herself while eating his cum. “Sweet Christ… so fucking good,” she mumbles between fingers full of cum.

Mister Amazing is staring down at the affect his cum has had on the former lesbian with a wide grin on his face. “I am going to love things here in Megatropolis,” he says happily.

“I wouldn’t count on that,” a woman’s voice says from behind him. Our supervillain spins around to see a tall Latina woman standing behind him, her hands on her shapely hips and an angry look on her face. She’s dressed in a skimpy outfit that reminds him of a stage magician’s assistant: a tight white corset that leaves her large plump tits pressed up and small black jacket with long tails that hangs open. She wears a pair of tight booty shorts with fishnet stockings covering her long legs and tall high heel shoes.

Instead of being horrified at the sight of a superheroine standing so close by Mister Amazing is overjoyed. “You’re Psychia, of the Megatropolis Amazons,” he says as if recognizing a favorite celebrity.

“Yes, I am,” she says. Psychia glances past him towards the woman kneeling on the ground still moaning and licking her fingers clean. “And that is the member of the Big Tit Dykes that I’ve been searching for all morning.” She looks back to Mister Amazing. “I take it you’re some new supervillain here to make a name for yourself and you decided to test your powers out on some stupid gang member before taking on a heroine?”

Mister Amazing starts to answer, but she holds her hand up. “No, don’t speak your denials and lies to me. I’m Psychia and I can get to the truth of the matter without any of your help.” She then places two fingers on her temple and leans her head forward as she furrows her brow. “Just need to read your mind real quick and I’ll be able to find out exactly who you are and what your powers are…”

Her voice trails off and then her eyes shoot open in surprise. “From another… world? One where we are all just part of some badly written jerk-off fiction? Impossible! Yet… I can see it in your mind. You… you know all about us, all about our weaknesses and all the filthy things that have happened to us!”

“That’s right,” Mister Amazing says, taking a step closer to her. “And I especially know all about you, Psychia. I know that the reason you barely leave the safety of Freedom Tower is that you’re as perverted as the supervillains that fuck your teammates. You’re addicted to being defeated and sexually humiliated, and when it can’t happen to you, you use your telepathic powers to make it happen to the other Megatropolis Amazons.”

As he speaks he advances even further on her. She slowly backs away, a look of horror on her face. “No… you can’t know all of that! What I saw in your mind can’t be true. Our world is REAL, not some masturbatory fantasy!!!” She starts looking all around her now as if searching for an escape. “I have to get away. Get back to Freedom Tower and warn the other Amazons.”

Mister Amazing laughs. “Oh really? THAT’S what you want to do? Not let me spray you with my gas so I can fuck you? Cause if you REALLY wanted to get away you would have already used your powers on me. Even now as I draw ever closer you could reach into my mind and make me stop moving or make me fall asleep, or nearly anything you could think if. But you’re not using your telepathic powers, are you? No… look at you. You’re just a horny stupid slut waiting to be fucked because you’re addicted to it.”

He takes another step towards her, lifting a hand towards her and spraying a cloud of gas into her face. With a grin of deep satisfaction the heroine breaths in deep, shuddering with joy as her eyes close. A moment later here yes shoot back open in surprise and her body begins to convulse, the gas having forced her to have a powerful orgasm. Her legs give out from under her and she starts to collapse but Mister Amazing moves forward and catches her.

“This is what you wanted, admit it or I won’t fuck you,” he tells her as he holds her up and starts groping her breasts through her costume.

Her body is still shaking as her orgasm continues. “Yessssssss,” she hisses through clenched teeth. “I wanted you to fuck me. I want more time to read your mind and see a world where me and my teammates exist only so perverts can jerk off to us being defeated and fucked. Oh god, I never imagined anything as deliciously degrading as that!”

Once she is done coming he grabs her, spinning her around and bending her over a nearby garbage cane. “Oh!” she squeaks as he grabs her shorts and rips them open with ease. Under them is just her fishnets, no panties. He rips those open too, leaving her asshole and pussy fully exposed.

She’s totally free of hair down there as all women with powers are in Megatropolis. The folds of her pussy lips glistening with the moisture of arousal. But it’s the sight of her puckered little asshole that draws his attention and makes his cock start to swell. “Never got to fuck a woman up the ass,” he says staring at her small, tight hole. “But I can do anything I want here. And I need to enjoy it while I can because I don’t know how long it will last!”

He grabs Psychia’s ass and spreads her cheeks wide open then spits down onto her asshole. She groans appreciatively. “You’re going to fuck me up the ass,” she says, her voice quivering with anticipation. “You’re going to fuck me up the ass while I’m bent over a filth filled garbage can. And you know how much I’m going to enjoy every moment of it.”

“Yes, I do,” he says as he grabs his cock and starts rubbing his hard cockhead on her puckered hole. He can feel it tighten under him then loosen as he starts to press into her. “And yes, if all the stories about you I’ve read are accurate, I am certain you will love every degrading moment of it.”

She moans in please as he forces his large cock into her far-too-small hole. He’s never tried to enter something so small and tight. He presses in a little, then pulls back out slightly letting her hole stretch to accommodate his size. Leaning into her and pressing her into the garbage in the can he slowly enters her further, inch by inch, till his cock is balls deep in her. Once there they both moan in pleasure at the feel of his large, long cock filling her insides.

He then grabs her plump, perky ass and starts fucking her hard and fast. She’s so tight… he never imagined an asshole would feel like THIS. The tightness is totally different than he imagined, tighter and oh so good and smooth. Every inch of his cock inside of her is being squeezed. And the inside of her ass feels just so right to his cock. Women were obviously meant to be fucked this way, of that he is now certain.

He doesn’t last long. Before long he is groaning and filling her ass with his cum. When he pulls back away from her body his cock practically pops out of her tight hole, a torrential fluid of cum pouring out as soon as his cock is free. Again he’s amazed by just how much semen he’s ejaculated, especially after having just gotten off so recently.

As he takes another step back Psychia’s body begins to shake again. It’s clear that as his cum has trickled down over her taint and onto her pussy she’s cum, moaning about how degrading and humiliating it feels.

“I want to lick the cum from her ass,” a voice says. He turns to see the gang member scrambling towards Psychia, licking her lips hungrily. He had totally forgotten about her.

Alright, Mister Amazing thinks, now I have to decide what to do with the two of these sluts.


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