Poll Driven Story: “Wasteland Sluts: Episode One” Part Five

Alright perverts all, below the break you will find the fifth part of the first Wasteland Sluts story as well as the voting for what happens next. To find the story in its entirety head to HERE.


* * *


As Specter wakes the first thing she is aware of is something tight digging into her scalp. Shifting slightly and waking some more she realizes whatever the device on her head is wraps all the way around and painfully digging into her skin in many places, as if a ring of things are pressing in on her head.

Without opening her eyes she weakly reaches up to feel the device. It seems to be a series of metal circles connected with metal bands and extends all the way around her head like some kind of strange crown. She can also feel that the hair on the sides and back of her head has been shaved, she assumes so the metal device can have better access to her skin.

For a time Specter simply lays still, breathing slowly as she struggles to wake more. It feels like she’s lying on the ground of somewhere cold and sterile but she won’t know till she manages to summon the energy to open her eyes. She also now realizes that she’s naked, her massive breasts resting on the cold floor along with the rest of her bare skin. Eventually she tries opening her eyes again, but is only able to force them open for just a moment before exhaustion overtakes her again and forces them back closed.

The brief glimpse of the room around her reveals some kind of lab full of strange, high tech devices. She saw see a woman standing nearby, her back to Specter as she leans over a table full of electrodes and a menacing metal frame hanging from the ceiling with straps obviously made to keep a human restrained.

“Zero,” she rasps weakly, the one word as much a question as an accusation.

She can hear the woman placing something metal down on the nearby counter then turning around. “Yes,” the woman says. Her voice is familiar, sounding just like the identical women in the strange armor, although older and more mature. “And you are Specter, the nosy Wasteland Ranger trying to locate me and convince me to take my experiments to a different part of the wastes. I’m afraid you’ll find your mission was all in vain, I have no intention of leaving here.”

Specter tries again to open her eyes. This time she is able to keep them open, although they feel heavy and refuse to open all the way. The woman standing above her looks just like all the other women they’ve run into, only older. The other’s looked to be in their twenties or early thirties, but this woman looks as if she couldn’t be any younger forty although she seems as though she’s aged well.

Unlike the other woman she is dressed in a white lab coat. Strangely, though, the woman doesn’t seem to be wearing anything under the white garment. And if not for the stern, disapproving look on the woman’s face she’d be strikingly pretty.

“You came poking around at the worst possible time,” Zero says, glaring down at Specter. “As you might have seen, The Horde is in the middle of questioning my authority. We’ve spend years wandering the wasteland, driven from one temporary base to another. Driven out by women and men like you: people who think they are doing good.” She sighs.

“Many of The Horde of died in the struggle. And most of the clones don’t live for very long. We’ve had to move on often just to find new cloning supplies as much as because we’ve been driven out.”

She takes another deep sigh, leaning forward and grabbing her temples as she closes her eyes. The act makes her look decades older, and she seems weary of the world. “We had to come here. We’ve exhausted the supplies or been driven away from all of the other prewar cloning facilities we knew of. I didn’t want to come back here, not with this specific facility’s history, but we had no choice. The Horde has to continue, we must remain viable!”

“I don’t understand,” Specter rasps weakly. “Clones? Those women… are clones? Of you?”

Zero laughs, a weary jaded expression of a complicated world. “Well, in a sense. At this point we’re all clones of each other. The original must have died, oh, a hundred years ago at least? She had been alive before the world ended. She was the original Alpha of the horde, but in the end she was replaced.”

Again the woman sighs wearily. “All of the Alpha’s are, it’s just the way of things. They grow mad or obsessed or simply reckless or cruel. And I fear my time is coming to end, that it’s all happening to me.” Now she grips her hands into tight fists. “But there is so much research left! I’m so close to so many breakthroughs, I just need more time. And whoever replaces me might not continue my experiments, which means all my work would be lost!”

As the woman rambles Specter shifts, feeling awake enough now to try and sit up. She does so, using her hands to help lift her body up. But as she does the physically exhaustion in every inch of her body returns and before long she is leaning against a nearby counter, breathing heavily and fighting to keep her eyes open. And the worst part is the way her massive, heavy breasts way down on her. For the first time in years she wishes they were smaller, as their size and weight at the moment is only adding to her sense of physical exhaustion.

“What did you do to me,” she asks as she pants and fights to keep her eyes open.

“Oh, yes, your body. Well, I’m not the one responsible for it. I thought you Rangers were supposed to be smart. How could you wander into that armory and not expect all the prewar security measures to still be active? The electric rays your body was hit with will leave you feeling quite drained for the next few days at least.”

“But,” she says, suddenly looking and sounding far more interested, “what interested me was the way you and your friend reacted to the room’s defenses. I’ve gone over the security footage extensively: you were stunned, not knocked out at first. And your mutated body responded in a sexual manner. I could see your cheeks growing flush and your pupils dilate, all in a manner consistent with sexual arousal. And that strange friend of yours, she was put into an uncontrollable sexual rage!”

“All highly interesting,” Zero says. “That’s why you’re still alive. I want to run tests on your body, see if some of my theories are right about the way your mutations have affected your sexuality.”

“Wait, slow down,” Specter says. “Experiments? What are you talking about? And where is Bee?”

Zero laughs. “Your friend? She recovered faster than you did. Days ago in fact. I ran a few quick tests on her, uh, ‘unique’ mutation. Then put her to work pleasuring The Horde to keep them distracted. Over the decades we’ve found it’s not good for The Horde to keep men to pleasure us. The clones start to get possessive and start to care more about the men then the well being of the Horde, so doing so has been forbidden. But you’re friend’s not technically a man, so when The Horde demanded her as a play thing I couldn’t object.”

Specter shifts again, an angry defiant look on her face. “We’re not your play things,” she says, her voice sounding far weaker than she had hoped.

Zero laughs. “Oh? I beg to differ. You are, all of you mutated wasteland scum. Play things and lab rats, every one of you. The Horde, we are the only ones left unmutated and unchanged from before the war. We are the last pure genetic stock in the world and WE will be the ones that set the world to right. We just need more time to carry on our experiments…”

Her voice trails off, her eyes glassing over. For an awkwardly long time she says nothing. Her words from earlier come back to Specter, that all of the previous Alphas have gone mad. She suspects this woman is already mad, or at least well on her way there.

Finally the woman shakes her head. “Yes, experiments,” she mutters. “That’s why you’re in here. We’ve chatted enough, it’s time to begin.”

Specter watches the woman bend over a nearby counter and lean down towards a small communication box. “Twenty-Five, Twelve, I’m ready for you now,” she says into the device.

A moment later the door into the room hisses open and two of the identical clones step in, dressed in the same prewar armor with their breasts and crotches exposed. Specter looks at them, wondering if this weird garb is a sign that ALL of the clones are mad.

Together the two women easily pick Specter up and lift her to the nearby table with the metal frame. Specter is too weak to put up any kind of fight and simply lets them strap her into the strange device. When they are done Specter’s ankles and wrists are secured to the metal rigging in the air, her limbs twisted up and behind her torso. This leaves her massive breasts hanging halfway down to the floor. At first they rest on a counter, but the rigging is swung out from above the counter.

“I can handle the rest on my own,” Zero says to the two women.

They both nod. “As you wish, Alpha,” one of them says before they leave the room.

Once they are gone Zero begins connecting things to Specter. She straps some kind of monitor with a screen about the size of a hand onto Specter’s arm. After that she places two large metal circular plates that look a little like earmuffs onto Specter’s head, although the metal band connecting the two sections that cover her ears extends over the back of her head not over the top. On one side a small rectangle box is then connected to the metal plate covering the ear closest to the monitor on her arm, and a series of wires are connected between the two devices.

“What… what is all of this for?” Specter asks nervously as she hangs suspended in the air.

Zero doesn’t answer, she simple takes a metal bar and places it into Specter’s mouth, securing it in place with a leather strap that tightly fits around the back of her head. After that she takes a few more wires and begins connecting them to the strange metal crown-like device digging into her scalp, connecting the wires to the box hanging off the metal plate on the side of her head.

The woman takes a step back, picking up a small tablet form a nearby table and beginning to type something into its screen. She stops, smiling maliciously up at Specter, then touches a button on the screen.

A jolt of painful electricity begins throbbing from the metal crown on her head, each of the points digging into her scalp pulsing and buzzing. The electric pulses feel as though they are boring into her brain.

Her vision goes blurry for a moment, then as it clears her skin lights up with heightened sensitivity. She can feel the faint breeze blowing through the room with intense, almost painful acuteness. Her nipples respond almost immediately, swelling and growing hard. And her pussy, seemingly more sensitive than even her nipples, starts to grow moist as the slight breeze makes her grow aroused. Beyond that she feels suddenly wide awake, as if she won’t be able to sleep as long as the device is attacked to her.

Specter moans through the metal bar jammed in her mouth, looking at Zero with a confused and question look.

“Hush, now,” the woman says to her with an annoyed look. “The experiment hasn’t even begun yet. Give it a few more minutes, THEN you’ll have something to really moan about.”

Zero then picks up a small audio recording device and turns it on. “I am beginning the experiment now,” she says into it. “The subject’s body is primed and already shows a heightened susceptibility to sexual stimulation. The neuro-stimulator is working well, and I will now start testing her response to my various devices one by one.”

Specter has to simply watch in horror as Zero retrieves a metal operating cart full of what looks like high tech sex toys. Metallic and silicon vibrators and dildos fill the tray, along with what looks a collection of various nipple clamps. The scientist narrates what she’s doing, preparing each for use on Specter’s body.

She turns, holding up the smallest of the vibrators. “We shall start small and simple,” she says. “The goal is to see how the oversexed mutated body handles prolonged, endless forced orgasms. Will the subject be able to remain conscious thanks to the neuro-stimulator? Will her mind give out first, or will her body? Only time will tell…”


* * *


Bee feels guilty. She has no idea what the leader of The Horde has done with Specter, she knows only that Zero is conducting some kind of long term experiment on her. She feels guilty because instead of working to locate and save the Ranger, Bee is simply enjoying her new life.

Time is hard to measure down here in this strange prewar facility so she has no idea how long she’s been enjoying her new life. There was no hint of the world above and time quickly started to lose all meaning. Part of that was that she slept when her body demanded it, and was frequently woken before she felt ready.

There were a LOT of clones in The Horde, and the fact that they all looked identical made it even harder to count them. Sure, some looked a bit older or younger and few had scars, but other than that they were all… the same. And each one of them were cock hungry little sluts that were making sure Bee was kept busy fucking nearly every waking moment. And being she was frequently woken up to one of the clones riding her it was clear that the non-stop sex didn’t end once she fell asleep.

At first Bee had found being The Horde’s sex slave demeaning. But as time passed she had learned to revel in it. For the first time since her mutation came into being she felt truly at peace with her body’s constant urges.

And these clones were hardy: they all seemed to be able to take her full, inhuman size. If anything they seemed overjoyed by how painfully big she was. There were even times when a group of the clones would pin her down and see how many of their mouths they could fit on her cock at once, all of them moving their mouths back and forth as they licked and sucked at her.

Yes, Bee was in heaven, but she did feel guilty about it. For the time, though, she waited. Perhaps one of the clones would slip up and mention where Specter was. Or perhaps she’d stumble upon her as she wondered the facility. Although that was probably unlikely… she rarely left the section where all the clones slept.

As time passes her relationship with The Horde begins to change. As the identical women all become more and more infatuated with Bee and her massive cock they slowly start to grow more subservient to her.

One day Bee is laying in bed, surrounded by naked clones as they kiss and massage her body, two of them stroking her cock in an attempt to get her hard again. Bee realizes that she is no longer servicing these women, but that THEY are servicing HER.

From that moment forward things are different. She starts taking command, slowly at first, but more confidently as she finds the clones happily taking orders from her. Soon there are murmurs and whispers that Bee encourages. Perhaps, they whisper, Bee should be the new Alpha.

“And then,” Bee says to herself, “when I’m Alpha I can find Specter and free her from whatever terrible experiment Zero has been conducting on her this whole time.”


* * *


Specter hangs from the metal rigging, her body dripping sweat onto the ground bellow her. Her eyes are rolled up into her head as she moans in pleasure and pain. The neuro-stimulator on her head has kept her conscious these long weeks, ensuring she has been awake for everything Zero has done to her. The lack of sleep and endless orgasms have pushed her to her mental and physical breaking point and she knows if it doesn’t stop soon she’ll go mad or die.

“Good, good,” Zero says, watching as the hanging woman’s body begins to convulse as another orgasm is forced from her. Specter whimpers and whines, her exhausted body barely able to take the powerful pleasure flowing through her. Her muscles are so sore and tired, yet still they tighten with orgasmic release.

Her tits hang down towards the floor, huge and heavy. Glass tubes are attached to her nipples. Inside the tubes her nipples extend out, the suction inside the tube constantly stimulating them. Adding to this stimulation inside the tube are constant bolts of electricity bursting up the tube and jolting painfully onto her nipples. With each jolt Specter moans and shakes, wiggling weakly in a useless attempt to escape. But all this accomplishes is making her huge tits jiggle in a way that the perverse Zero obviously finds pleasing.

Behind and above her is a large mechanical rig, two large pistons extended out and down towards her body. The pistons pump up and down, inserting two large silicon dildos in and out of her pussy and asshole. They pound her body in a steady, robotic pattern: one ramming into her cunt, then as it pulls out the other pounding into her asshole.

Zero moves about the Ranger, taking notes and muttering to herself. “Yes, very interesting data. All of it useful, all of it revealing…”

The door into the lab hisses open, one of the clones walking in. “Alpha?” the woman asks nervously.

“Hmmm?” Zero says without looking up. “Not now, I’ve more tests to run on this mutated fat-titted cow. Come back in a few days.”

“That’s what you said a few days ago,” the woman says. “And a few days before that. And a few days before THAT! You’ve got to stop for a moment and listen to me. Things are… not right with The Horde.”

“What’s this,” Zero says, finally looking up at the woman. “What’s going on?”

“They… they are saying you’ve gone mad, like the last Alpha. That it’s time to replace you.” The woman speaks in a low voice, staring at the floor as she does. “And they have chosen a replacement.”

“Oh, have they now? Is it that little bitch Seventeen? I always thought it would be her that would try.”

“No,” the clone says, her voice growing ever lower. “They have chosen the cock-slave… Bee.” The clone looks up now, a sudden fire in her eyes. “They no longer treat her like a slave, they treat her like their master! It’s madness; the majority of the Horde have become obsessed with the woman and that… delicious cock of hers! We… I mean, they, can’t resist it. They think SHE should be the new Alpha!”

Zero lets out a long, weary sigh. “I guess it’s time.” She looks over at Specter. “And I was so close to finishing my experiments. Oh well. Come, Twelve, let’s go face The Horde. Maybe I can show them the folly of their choices. If not, well, then there will be a new Alpha before long.”


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