“The Defeat of Little Red v0.3” Visual Novel Game Released!


Alright everyone, the newest version of the game is ready for play testing!

You can find the PC version HERE.
You can find the Mac Version HERE.
((A special thanks to the Hypnopics Collective for hosting the files))

Here’s the change log for this version:

– Added in all the typo/spelling corrections people have caught and told me about. Slight tweaks to some of the introductory dialog.
– Added in the first run through of a new section, with a hulking red sewer mutant. Eventually there will be options to be taken down or choose to go down into the sewer and face more of them. But that will require purchasing some new files.
– Added a new set of choices to The Gasser’s section.
– Added in a new choice during the IntelliTek ending.

As some of you may notice, there isn’t any changes to the white slavery ending. I had something planned for that that I worked on for a few days, but the files I had for what I was attempted looked awful. The idea will have to wait till I have the funds for some new sets.

And as always I want to hear any suggestions you have and please point out anything that needs fixing/tweaking. AND if you’re feeling kind you can always head to Patreon to financially support the project and get pretty frequent updates.

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